Codename: Iadiel
ID: Fourth Angel
First Detected: Ardennes Forest
Date of Attack: 7th of March, 2015
Status: Defeated
Damage Bill: $1.8 Billion US Dollars
Casualties: 56 Military Casualties, 0 Civilian Casualties

Physical Details
Height/Length: 56.5 Metres (185.3 feet)
Mass: 1,600+ Metric Tons
Maximum Speed: 865 kilometres per hour (537.4 miles per hour)

Personal Details
""Hnng… This work for you? Keeping it busy enough?" "Sept, can you move at all? Try to get free." "Y… Yanmei, I designated that tentacle, get it, please!" "Roger that!"

The second Angel engaged by the Evangelions, Iadiel didn't attack Paris-2 but instead took up position in the heavy forests of France's Ardennes region. There, it awaited the EVA units, which moved to engage instead of waiting for Iadiel to attack.

Iadiel was a bipedal Angel, standing at 185 feet tall- taller than an EVA unit- and possessing two arms, two legs, and two long, electrified tentacles. Its body was heavily armored in a thick, chitinous mail, especially around the chest and head. Using its tentacles, it would ensnare and shock an EVA unit, using its arms to finish it off. Finally, it had the ability to spew flame from its mouth, using its AT Field to focus the attack. The Angel showed a unique talent for tactics, working to disable the defenses of an EVA unit, then moving to sever its Umbilical, before closing in for the kill.

Its AT Field was weaker than Gazardiel's, but apparently was capable of using it to achieve ridiculous speeds. Some of its tentacle lashes moved close to the speed of sound.

The battle was chaotic. Pilot de Pteres moved to draw the Angel out into the open, but was immediately snared and nearly crushed to death by its tentacles. Only the timely intervention of a VTOL wing, along with Pilot Zhang's targetting markerlights, prevented such a catastrophe. Pilot de Pteres was able to take his revenge by ripping apart Iadiel's head, but was then immediately defeated by a jet of flame. The Pilot was recovered safely.

After that, Pilot Blanc and Pilot Zhang worked in tandem to wear down the Angel's defenses. The Angel seemed unable to act with the same alacrity as before, and mostly relied on its wide-area flame attack. The end of the battle came with Pilot Zhang, who moved in close, only to run out of power. Before power could be restored, the Angel attacked EVA 04- which went berserk. EVA 00 fled the area as 04 reduced the Angel into a broken, bloody paste.

Iadiel, Battle 2

Difficulty: Introductory (+1 to all wounds)
Specialisation: Frontal Assault
Locomotion: On the Ground
Size: Average

WS:   50 +5
BS:   25 +2
Str:  30 +3
Tou:  30 +3
Agi:  40 +4
Int:  50 +5
Per:  40 +4
Wil:  20 +2
Fel:  30 +3
SyR:  80 +8

-Body- (Bipedal)
Location % to Hit AP Wounds
Head     01-10    7  3
R. Arm   11-15    1  5
R. Ten   16-20    1  1
L. Arm   21-25    1  5
L. Ten   26-30    1  1
Core     31-40    7  14
Body     41-70    7  13
R. Leg   71-85    1  5
L. Leg   86-00    1  5

Half Full Charge Run
8    16   24     48

-Standard Attacks-

Name     Damage  Penetration Properties
Claws    1d10+8R 4           Unbalanced

Name     Range   Damage  Penetration Properties
Tentacle 10dm    1d10+2e 3           Flexible
Name      Range     Damage  Penetration Properties
Firespray 15dm      1d10+6e 4           Angelflame
* Angelflame: Has Recharge (1), and can only be used whilst ATS is at least 1. But does not jam

Silent Move

1/1 Fate Points

-AT Powers-
Deflective Field
Neutralize AT
AT Blast
Accelerated Territory
Massive Momentum

-Special Abilities-

-Traits and Talents-
Angel (TB 6)
Dark Sight
From Beyond
Fear (1)
Swift Attack
Furious Assault
Regenerative Tentacles- the tentacles act like arms, but are destroyed upon reaching 0 wounds. After 1d3 rounds, they
grow back with 1 wound each. Any hits on destroyed tentacles are transferred to the appropriate arm instead.
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