Idraley Percir

Name: Idraley Percir
Occupation: Freelance information broker
Age: Unknown: estimates 150+.
Birthday: Unknown: celebrates on New Years Day.
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 148lb
Physical Description:
A very tall, slender Eladrin man, often wearing flashy or showy clothes; especially fond of cravats, scarves and a fedora he always wears. Very pale with extremely light blonde hair and grey eyes.

There are not many people who are aware of Idraley Percir, and of that minority, even fewer who can boast that they truly know him. Indeed, to know Idraley Percir is a feat that not even the man himself would claim to have achieved.

Thirty years ago, the Eladrin known as Idraley Percir awoke in an upscale hotel room in Paxia. Who he was, no one knew, not even Idraley himself- he knew only that his name was Idraley Percir, and that he possessed some arcane ability. Everything else he couldn't remember. He didn't know the name of his parents, or his birthplace, his profession… He didn't know anything about himself at all. He was, essentially, a blank slate in many ways.

From that day onward, Idraley clung to the one facet of his identity he possessed: his arcane power. He worked to develop and hone his powers, collecting esoteric information and knowledge. He travelled far and wide across the world, seeking what information he could.

In reality, Idraley had no set goal; instead, he followed every opportunity he found. Rumours of a kidnapping in a rural town… Stories or folklore of a vampire-owned castle… Magic artefacts in an ancient temple… He investigated everything he could, giving him a reputation as someone rather thoroughly whimsical. After all, he would one day be caught up in an incredibly dangerous journey into a pit of undead, then the next day be spending his efforts trying to find a family pet.

A side effect of his extensive travels is a network of contacts. Indeed. Idraley had connections from Agnesia to Youan, and everywhere in between. This in itself sort of formed a new shade of an identity for Idraley. Using his connections, he realised he could pluck information from areas and people that no one else could- and his role as an information broker was born.

Just where or who Idraley has been or knows in full remains a mystery. According to his own tales, he has fought Illithids in Darkling fortresses, conversed with phoenixes in Anorleth, snuck a glimpse into the Great Library of Elinda-Macha and bedded the Princess of Arcolia, amongst others, but just how much truth is in these claims remains a mystery.

It was during his travels, however, that Idraley realised the reason for his lack of memory- a powerful seal known as the Seal of Anathema- the act of angelic magic. Also during this time, he discovered his curious 'knack' for getting himself involved in the business of angels. Indeed, if there was an angel involved in something, Idraley usually had the 'luck' of picking the exact course of actions that would lead to him meeting said angels- creatures he would, despite his seal, treat with an almost self-deprecating deference.

He continues to act in this manner- following tasks whimsically to their end, gaining information and acquaintances in the oddest places and, perhaps, creating a tale he can exaggerate gloriously later.

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