Idris Adil Hafiz El-Hashem

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Posthuman Studios/Will Nichols

Full Name: Idris Adil Hafiz El-Hashem
Position: Starship Evangelion, FSS Valletta
Gender: Male
Date of Birth/Age: 2023/25
Place of Residence: Media, Zoroaster/FSS Valletta

Physical Details
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Red (originally dark blue)
Height: 6'1
Handedness: Ambidextrous/Formerly right

Personal Notes

Notes from Evangelion Corps dossier
Idris Adil Hafiz El-Hashem. Born 2023 in Kassala, Sudan. El-Hashem's parents maintained fruit orchids. They signed onto famous Sudanese young entrepreneur Ali bin Ahmad Wazir's colonial charter company in 2030, where they migrated to Zoroaster as part of the first major migration wave. El-Hashem was set to join the family business, but a long fascination with the founding heroes of the Federation led him to demonstrate interest in joining Starfleet. Basic physical and mental exams suggested potential as an Evangelion instead, a rare outcome. Further checks and exams confirmed his suitability as a candidate, and he joined the Evangelion Potentate Corps, Class of 2039. He was finalised for empowerment in 2044, one of only three in his class (of 200) to do so. After a three one-year stints apprenticed to Evangelions Brianna McIntyre, Wu Liao and Chiisana Ayanami, he was elevated to the Ahura class and permitted independent operations. The FSS Valletta is his first independent assignment.

Psychological profile outlines El-Hashem as being gentle, soft-spoken and very honest. He has an inherent respect for authority and is by-the-book as they come. He seems to grow fond of others very quickly. He is quietly assertive by himself, although quick to defer to authority if present. His loyalty to the Federation is beyond any question.

Notes from Rora Mist
A most discerning and hospitable host, I would say. To describe him as calm would be…true, but also woefully inadequate; it is more as though he lives and breathes a patient confidence, one that both takes in the world and responds to it in measured pace. unshakable, solid ground As I have never before met an Evangelion, I cannot ascertain whether or not this is, perhaps, part and parcel to such an existence…but it stands to reason that this is part of Idris' character - there had to be, after all, a time before his ascension to his current state. I choose to believe in his ownership of this "calmness", at any rate.

…Though he may also harbor a mischievous streak, if I accurately recall - from through my own turbulent lens, admittedly - those first moments of our meeting.

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