Ikari Rei
Name: Ikari Rei
Position: Japanese Elementary schoolgirl
Sex: Female
Age: 6
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Residence: Tokyo-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Green
Height: 3'2" (95.6cm)
Build: Tiny

Personal Details
"[Is Zaizai… Here? I want to… See him…]"

The young daughter of Ikari Yui and Ikari Gendo, Ikari Rei took after her mother in more than a few aspects- looks being the most obvious. But like her mother she was affectionate, cheerful and kind- and very protective of her big brother, who is the sort of person to simply inspire that instinct in people. Rei could be shy at first; but quickly warmed up to people if they were kind and non-threatening.

Rei was a casualty of the September 10 Covenant of Light attacks; taken hostage, her kidnapper panicked when Lieutenant Amatore-DeForest tried to disarm him; Rei was killed in the misfire.

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