Ikari Yui
Name: Ikari Yui
Position: Head of NERV Japan Science Division
Sex: Female
Age: 40 (Born 1977)
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Residence: Tokyo-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Dark green
Height: 5'6" (169cm)
Build: Slim

Personal Details
"I'm not so sure it -is- that complex. Sometimes, finding heaven is as simple as wanting to survive. You believe your life is worth preserving, and that makes you happy, right?"

One of the early scientists who worked on the Evangelion Project back when NERV was still known as Gehirn, Ikari Yui is now the head of NERV Japan's Science Division. A highly brilliant thinker as well as a very compassionate, optimistic woman, Dr. Ikari is someone who has somehow managed to maintain high, lofty notions of humanity's worth despite having lived through Second Impact.

Dr. Ikari works closely with NERV bases all over the world when it comes to the Evangelions. She had a rather big hand in developing and creating the project, after all, even if part of her primary duties now are managing EVA-03, stationed at Japan.

Dr. Ikari came to know Aline when the good doctor attended the first press conference after Gazardiel's defeat. With the pilots on showcase, Dr. Ikari focused mostly on asking Aline scientific questions, such as the mechanics of the AT Field or the like. After the press conference she approached Aline to exchange contact details.

She is the daughter of Yutada Ikari, a colleague of Jeremiah Caine.

Ch.   Rating  Bonus
WS:     25    2                
BS:     25    3        
S:      30    3                
T:      30    3        
Ag:     30    3                
Int:    40    4        
Per:    30    3                
WP:     30    3        
Fel:    30    3 

Wounds: 9

==Basic Skills==

==Advanced Skills==
Scholastic Lore (Evangelions), Scholastic Lore (Angels), Scholastic Lore (Metaphysical Biology), 
Speak Language (English), Literacy, Speak Language (French), Speak Language (Japanese)

Peer (NERV), Talented (Evangelions)
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