Introduction to Implants

Implants are additions to a character's physical form designed to correct deficiencies, restore functionality to lost limbs, or augment an individual's natural abilities. They come in two broad styles- Cyberware, which is mechanically based, and Bioaugments, which are biological implants.

The Implantation Process

The Implantation process is involved. It requires the character undergoing Implantation to not be deployed for a turn- injured characters are eligible for implants. During this time, a character selects an implant. The Implantation process itself is undertaken in Step four: Medical Debriefing. As it is a medical procedure, it requires a Medical Officer and also uses up one of that Officer's Capacity. That Officer then makes a Medicae test, applying the penalty as listed. On a success, the procedure is successful; from the start of next turn, the character may use the implant's benefits. If the procedure is a failure, then nothing happens and the character must try again. If the procedure fails and has a greater number of degrees of failure than the patient's TB, then the character takes Critical Damage equal to the number of Degrees of Failure, ignoring AP or TB, to the general location where the implant was supposed to go. The character also gains a level of fatigue for the duration of the next turn.

Characters may have multiple implants installed at once. In this case, use the most difficult implant modifier, then add a further -10 penalty per extra implant.


Augmented Cyberware

Name Effect Special Effect Prerequisites Test modifier Available?
Booster Module You may, as a free action, gain the Hoverer (AB) and Flight (AB) traits for ten minutes. Furthermore, you may make a jump that counts as a Run for movement and talents, ignoring Difficult Terrain, as a half action. However, whenever you use either of these actions, you must expend a charge of your Internal Energy Reservoir. - Internal Energy Reservoir Medicae-10 No
Cyber-Mantle This foundational augment bolts into ports on your body. It provides no benefit, but is required to help anchor and connect other Augmented Cyberware. A Cyber-Mantle may be removed or installed in 15 minutes. - - Medicae+0 No
Cybernetic Charge Module You may, with ten minutes of concentration, use a charge from your Internal Energy Reservoir to charge an energy-reliant object. This is a Tech-Use test between +10 to -50, depending on the energy needs of the item. You may expend extra charges to increase your test modifier by +10. Furthermore, whenever you strike an enemy with a natural weapon, including as part of a grapple, you may deal a 1d10+IB energy attack with the Shock (3) quality that bypasses AP. It always deals maximum damage to cybernetic or mechanical targets. This attack uses a single charge from your Internal Energy Reservoir. - Internal Energy Reservoir Medicae-10 No
Infrasonic Module As a Full Action, you may activate the Infrasonic Module. All living creatures now treat you as having Fear (1). The effect lasts two minutes, and requires a charge from your Internal Energy Reservoir. - Internal Energy Reservoir Medicae-10 No
Internal Energy Reservoir This cyberware contains electrical energy that is required to power advanced implants. It has a number of charges equal to your TB. If you run out of charges, you may voluntary take a level of fatigue to return a charge to the reservoir. The reservoir otherwise recharges after 24 hours of non-use. W/S2 Organ You gain unlimited charges. Internal Energy Reservoir Medicae-10 No
Mechadendrite: Combat This Mechadendrite is outfitted with a frame that can equip a Pistol weapon or a Compact melee weapon. You do not need to possess weapons training in this weapon. You may fire the Mechadendrite's weapon as a half action or reaction, which doesn't count towards your one-attack limit per turn. You may possess a number of Mechadendrites equal to your TB at any given time. If you possess the Multiple Weapon Wielder (Melee) or (Ranged) talents, you may attack with all of your Combat Mechadendrites as appropriate as part of the same Reaction. W/Internal Energy Reservoir: You may expend one charge of your Internal Energy Reservoir to reload an energy weapon Mechadendrite as a reaction. Cyber-Mantle Medicae-10 No
Mechadendrite: Manipulator This Mechadendrite is outfitted with heavy claw that can lift heavy equipment. Manipulator Mechadendrites grant you a +20 to strength tests when used. As a Free Action, they may tether you to gantries or other heavy objects. If necessary, they may, as a half or Reaction, be used as a melee weapon, dealing 1d10+2 Impact damage. You may possess a number of Mechadendrites equal to your TB at any given time. Manipulators are not subtle, and attempting to use them for precise work such as typing, handling data pads etc. will only end in them being dropped or damaged. Cyber-Mantle Medicae-10 No
Mechadendrite: Medical This Mechadendrite is outfitted with a suite of medical equipment. When used, it grants a +10 to Medicae (and interrogation) tests, which stacks with other medicae bonuses. It comes with six injectors, which may be fitted out with a single dose of a drug or liquid each, including biogel. It may staunch blood loss as a half action, and reduces the penalty to Amputation tests to +0. If required, it may be used as a melee weapon, where it counts as possessing the Balanced quality and deals 1d5 rending damage. You may possess a number of Mechadendrites equal to your TB at any given time. - Cyber-Mantle Medicae-10 No
Mechadendrite: Optical This Mechadendrite is long and flexible, extending out to 3m, and grants a +10 to vision-based perception tests. It may examine objects at microscopic levels, and may be used as a telescopic sight. It contains advanced sensors with a range of 40m- in this range, you ignore penalties due to poor vision or darkness. You may possess a number of Mechadendrites equal to your TB at any given time. - Cyber-Mantle Medicae-10 No
Mechadendrite: Utility This Mechadendrite contains a variety of useful systems and tools, and counts as a combi-tool. It may be equipped with one of three tools: a precision manipulator (letting it hold a single object, no larger than 10kg), a one-use grenade launcher, or a fusion cutter. You may possess a number of Mechadendrites equal to your TB at any given time. - Cyber-Mantle Medicae-10 No
Optic Weapon This is a specially fitted weapon that is built into a bionic eye and runs off an internal energy reservoir. This weapon counts as a Teleforce Pistol, only it may be fired without the use of hands and uses up a single charge of your Internal Energy Reservoir per shot. Optic Weapons are unnerving, and grant you a +10 bonus to intimidate tests. If you roll a Jam on this weapon, you lose eyesight in the eye for a number of rounds equal to the degrees of failure on the test. Bionic Senses (Eye), Internal Energy Reservoir Medicae-40 No
Servo-Arm This huge crane-like arm extends 1.5 metres from your back, and is perfectly capable of lifting the bottom of a tank to allow easier access to repairs. The Servo-Arm counts has having a Strength and Toughness of 75, plus Unnatural Strength (7), for a total lifting capacity of 21. It may be used to lift heavy objects or tether the user to an appropriately sturdy object as a free action. In combat, you may make an attack with the Servo-Arm as a Reaction or Half Action, although you may only make one such attack. It counts as a 2d10+14 P10 Unwieldy weapon. The Servo-Arm counts as being two Mechadendrites for the purposes of your Mechadendrite TB allowance. - Cyber-Mantle, Reinforced Spine Medicae-20 No

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Bionic Cyberware

Name Effect Special Effect Prerequisites Test modifier Available?
Angelic Silk Synthesiser As a Full Action, you may equip yourself with a suit of Angelic Silk Armour or regenerate an existing suit, removing all damage from it. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-40 No
Bionic Arm Replaces one arm. If you have lost an arm or suffered a permanent arm injury in the past, a bionic arm will restore functionality. W/Reinforced Spine: Grants Unnatural Strength (1) when using this arm. Does not stack with multiple bionic arms. - Medicae-10 No
Bionic Heart You gain a permanent +1 AP to the body which stacks with all other AP. If you possess any heart conditions, a bionic heart will fix them. Bionic Hearts grant bonuses when combined with the following implants: Bionic Respiratory System, Nanohealth System. - Medicae+0 No
Bionic Leg Replaces one leg. If you have lost a leg or suffered a permanent leg injury in the past, a bionic leg will restore functionality. W/Reinforced Spine: If you have two Bionic Legs, gain Unnatural Agility (1). - Medicae-10 No
Bionic Respiratory System If you have suffered a permanent injury related to the pulmonary or respiratory systems, this implant will restore functionality. W/Bionic Heart: Increases your Fatigue Threshold by one. As a half action, may switch to internal life support, allowing you to live without breathing for up to 30 minutes. - Medicae-30 No
Bionic Senses Replaces either eyes or ears, gaining Heightened Senses (Hearing or Sight) as appropriate. If you have lost an eye/ear or suffered a permanent eye/ear injury in the past, bionic senses will restore functionality. - - Medicae-20 No
Cybernetic Senses You always count as possessing a SENTINEL Headset and AT Scanner, which you may use as a free action once per turn without requiring a test. - Bionic Senses Medicae-20 No
Nanohealth System You gain the Regeneration (1) trait. W/Bionic Heart: Increases your Fatigue Threshold by one. You regain the Regeneration (2) trait instead. - Medicae-30 No
Reinforced Spine You gain a +20 bonus to the 'Heft' use of the Athletics Skill. - - Medicae-40 No
Respiratory Filters You gain a +20 bonus to tests to resist poisonous gases, atmospheric toxins or gas weapons. - Bionic Respiratory System Medicae-20 No
Subcutaneous Armour Adds permanent +2 AP to the body, arms and legs. Stacks with all other AP sources. - Toughness 40 Medicae-20 No
Synthetic Body Any injuries or drawbacks related to your body are removed. You gain the Machine (5) trait, a +20 to resist emotional effects, and automatically count as possessing the Bionic Arms, Legs, Heart, Respiratory System and Senses upgrades with a Reinforced Spine. You also gain the Integrated Weapons trait. However, you no longer benefit from the Medicae skill; Tech Use tests are required to heal you. You may no longer take Bioaugments, but all further Cyberware upgrades take a +20 bonus to the test, and you no longer suffer penalties from a failed test unless it's Cerebral Cyberware. - Medicae-50 No
Vocal Implant Your voice can be amplified to be heard by entire crowds. Furthermore, when using the Command skill, you may issue commands to a number of people equal to 100 times your Fellowship Bonus. W/Air of Authority: You may issue commands to a number of people equal to 1,000 times your Fellowship Bonus instead. - Medicae-10 No

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Cerebral Cyberware

Name Effect Special Effect Prerequisites Test modifier Available?
Cerebral Implants These cerebral implants are required to use Cerebral Cyberware. Furthermore, they may be applied to paralysed or brain-damaged characters to restore them to functionality. However, unless the Medicae Test gains 3 or more Degrees of Success, the character permanently loses 1d10 WS, BS, Agility, Intelligence and Fellowship. - - Medicae-30 No
Cogitation Implant You gain Unnatural Intelligence (2) and gain +20 to Lore and Logic tests. Furthermore, as a Full Action you may discern your global position, altitude, facing, time of day and other such useful data. - Cerebral Implants Medicae-20 No
Data Port You may connect to computerised machines via a data port, which connects to the machine through a data cable. Tests to use the machine take half as long to execute, and you may be granted a +10 bonus to Lore, Inquiry and Tech Use tests depending on the type of machine you're accessed to. - Cerebral Implants Medicae-10 No
Mind-Machine System This allows you to connect to advanced computerised machines in greater, more intimate ways, through spinal and wrist ports. When interacting with linked systems, you gain a +10 bonus to Tech-Use, Operate, Logic, Inquiry and Ballistic Skill tests related to that system. You may also substitute Intelligence for Agility when piloting a Superheavy unit. - Cogitation Implant, Data Port Medicae-30 No
Mind-Ballistic System This involved system includes a large arm-based weapon harness. You may connect the MBS to a single weapon, placed within the harness. You may fire the weapon as a Free Action once per turn. Note that you may still only take one attack action per turn. - Mind-Machine System Medicae-20 No
Precision Targeting Matrix Full Aim actions now only take a half action; half aim actions now only take a Reaction action. W/Bionic Senses (Eye): You may treat any ranged weapon you wield as having every type of scope. Cerebral Implants Medicae-20 No
Psy-Monitor This mental monitor is designed to protect you from mental interference and shield you from traumatic events. Whenever you take Insanity, you may activate the Psy-Monitor, halving the amount of Insanity Points you take, rounding down, to a minimum of 1. However, you may only take Half Actions on your next turn. Furthermore, you may now spend 50 XP instead of 100 XP on removing Insanity, so long as the removal comes immediately after a battle, and you only remove points you gained in that battle. Finally, if you are ever mentally subverted- mind control, domination, AT suggestion etc- your Monitor kicks in. For the duration of the mind control, you are stunned. However, extremely subtle forms of suggestion or mind control might baffle the implant's scanners. - Cerebral Implants Medicae-30 No

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Name Effect Special Effect Prerequisites Test modifier Available?
AT Field Amp An addition to the Bioaugment Core; this powerful and dangerous implant can shape powerful wills into reality. You gain the AT Field (WPB) trait, and may now purchase AT Field Powers from the 'AT Field' Kits; you also gain the Deflective Spread and the Neutralise power as a free. However, the human body's natural systems are inadequate to meet the power-hungry needs of the AT Field. You may sustain an AT Field for three rounds without problem; past that, you must test Toughness every turn or take a level of Fatigue. If you reduce your ATS to half and use no powers, you may sustain a Spread Pattern for a number of hours equal to your TB before you begin testing against fatigue per hour. Furthermore, in any day where you use an AT Field, you are required to eat at least three times as much. W/S2 Organ: You may sustain an AT Field indefinitely without energy problems. You also add your full ATS to any Synchronize Field actions you are a part of. Willpower 50, Bioaugment Core Medicae-30 No
Bioaugment Core This tiny red core, no larger than a walnut, is placed within the chest cavity. It possesses few of the qualities typically assigned to 'angelic' cores- destroying the core will not kill the wearer, for example. Instead, the Bioaugment Core contains all the information needed to force the body to accept, adapt to and integrate other bioaugments. It has no effect beyond enabling bioaugments. - - Medicae+0 No
Chameleomelanic Organ This organ has the ability to secrete an ink that has chameleonic properties. As a Half Action, you may activate Chameleon Mode- you take a +30 to Stealth, and attacks against you take a -30 penalty. If you move more than a Full Move or make an attack, the Stealth bonus drops to +10 and the attack penalty is reduced to -10. Unfortunately, the body can only produce so much before it has negative effects. If you are wearing armour with an AP value of 5 or less, then you may use this organ constantly. Otherwise, this organ only works with armour possessing the 'Light' quality, and even then only for TB/2 rounds. The organ is also able to change the pigment of your skin automatically to adapt for harsh light or radiation; you gain the Resistance (Light, Radiation) qualities. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-20 No
Cleansing System This small black bean-like organ releases special advanced antibodies and fluids into the body, greatly improving its resistance to toxins. You gain a +20 bonus to tests to resist poisons and toxins, including the 'Toxic' attack quality. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-20 No
Damascutaneum This implant permanently alters the composition of the body's flesh, giving it properties similar to damaskite, making it more resilient to damage. You gain the Unnatural Toughness (1) trait. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-20 No
Ego Membrane This membrane stretches over the Bioaugment Core. It works to reinforce your ego barrier- you reduce all Ego Damage taken by one, minimum zero. W/AT Field Amp: You reduce all Ego Damage taken by two instead of one, minimum zero. Bioaugment Core Medicae-10 No
Hyperadrenal System This implant augments and to an extent replaces the natural human adrenal system. If you take Critical Damage during a battle to your person, you gain Unnatural Strength and Toughness (1) until the end of the battle. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-30 No
Osteoplate This implant alters the composition of human bone to an extent impossible without Bioaugment Cores. The bone becomes much harder, taking on qualities often found in Surovite and other metals. Bony growths extend from the ribcage, turning it into a solid, thin plate of reinforced bone. You reduce all Critical Damage taken by 1, to a minimum of 1. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-10 No
Pulmonary Sheath This small covering acts as a filter for the lungs. So long as you possess it, you take a +20 to tests to resist toxic or maladaptive toxins, and you may breathe underwater. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-10 No
Redundant Heart The secondary heart is designed to operate in conjunction (and not as a replacement, although it definitely can) with a natural or bionic heart. You gain +2 wounds, and increase your fatigue threshold by one. - Bioaugment Core Medicae+0 No
S2 Organ This extraordinarily complex, powerful organ- the fruit of life- has the ability to change a person's life, even though this Organ is nowhere near as comparatively potent as an Iron Guard or Angelic one. You only need to eat twice a week, and lethal critical damage no longer kills you unless it's to the head or body. Furthermore, by making a -10 Toughness Test as a Turn Personal Action, you may regrow or rejuvinate a missing limb or other such body part. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-40 No
Somniobsolesis Node This pea-sized implant sits nestled within the brain, and regulates your body's sleeping patterns, adapting and amplifying the effects of sleep. From now on, you only require four hours of sleep a night, and may ignore fatigue tests due to extended wakefulness for up to one week. The node also keeps enough of your mind awake at all times that you are, in some way, always alert. You gain the Light Sleeper talent. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-20 No
Statodermic Organ This organ sends special cells throughout the bloodstream, where they seek out open wounds. There, they form a thin, crusty layer over the injury. You automatically recover from blood loss after a single turn. You also gain a +20 bonus to tests made to resist the Crippling weapon quality. - Bioaugment Core Medicae-20 No
Synthetic Muscle Graft This ropey, elastic mush, made from organic and advanced synthetic components, is designed to complement natural musculature, greatly improving strength. You gain Unnatural Strength (1). - Bioaugment Core Medicae-20 No
Twitch Fiber Graft A combination of strong yet flexible ligaments and nervous system alterations, this process improves your reaction times and speed. You gain Unnatural Agility (1). - Bioaugment Core Medicae-20 No

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Bioaugment Special Combination Bonus

If you possess certain combinations of Bioaugments, then you unlock special bonuses as the synergistic effect of multiple implants creates a product superior to the whole.
Name Effect Required Components
Angelic Regeneration You gain Regeneration (1). S2 Organ, Redundant Heart, Statodermic Organ
Angelic Strength You gain the Unnatural Strength (1) trait. Hyperadrenal System, S2 Organ, Synthetic Muscle Graft, Redundant Heart
Angelic Toughness You gain the Unnatural Toughness (1) trait. Damascutaneum, S2 Organ, Osteoplate, Redundant Heart, Statodermic Organ
Frenetic Grace If you take Critical Damage to your person, you may spend a Fate Point; for the rest of the battle, you possess the Superior Action ability. Hyperadrenal System, S2 Organ, Redundant Heart, Twitch Fiber Graft
Hyper Nerve Pulses You gain an extra reaction that may only be used for evasion once per round. S2 Organ, Redundant Heart, Twitch Fiber Graft
Statossification You ignore the first amount of Critical Damage you take per battle, resetting yourself to zero wounds instead. Osteoplate, Statodermic Organ

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