In Me All That Fire Is Repeated In Me Nothing Is Extinguishe

[15:31] <Raphael> The streets of Paris-2 were beginning to show signs of life once again (Even if most of them came in the form of repair crews), but compared to the crowded Geofront it may as well been a ghost town. On the other hand, this meant that finding a carpark wasn't too much of a hassle as he pulled into the garage of a certain apartment building.-
[15:31] <Raphael> A few minutes later he was exiting the lift on the usual floor, treading the now familiar path to Rei Ayanami's apartment. With his uniform jacket abandoned back in the car he's looking as close to relaxed as one is ever likely to find him outside the comfort of his home, and there's a small smile on his face as he reaches his destination and raises a hand to knock.
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[15:46] <Ayanami‘Rei> "I’ll get it~" Cried a familiar voice. A second later, the door would open to reveal Ayanami Rei, dressed in a yellow turtleneck sweater and long white skirt.-
[15:47] <Ayanami‘Rei> "I thought it’d be you, Raffy-kun~" She said cheerfully. The tempting scent of cooking bacon and garlic butter reached his senses.
[15:53] <Raphael> "Your powers of foresight are as strong as ever, Rei." Raphael says with a smirk. "How's your day been? Suzie didn't give you any trouble?"
[15:55] * Ayanami‘Rei beamed proudly. "She never does, Raffy-kun! And my day has been lovely. Why don’t you come in for a bit?" She stepped to the side. "Suzie-chan~ Raffy-kun's here!"-
[15:56] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne looked up from where she was sitting on the couch, a video game controller in hand. Sitting next to her was a vaguely familiar head of blonde hair. Game console was dropped- and she craned up. "Hiya, Raffy~"-
[15:57] <Ayanami`Rei> [The owner of the blonde head stood up now, revealing himself to be none other than Alphonse Wellesley. "Ah. Group Captain Guillory!"]
[16:08] * Raphael accepts Rei’s offer with a nod, stepping in and giving Suzanne a fond smile. "Hey there, kiddo. Sorry to be a little la-" It's only then that he really notices the other guest, and he has just enough time to curse his momentary uniform complacency. "… Captain Wellesley. It's nice to finally meet you, sir."
[16:11] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Fortunately, Alphonse isn’t in uniform at all, wearing a very neat black button-up shirt with a collar and a pair of jeans. He walks around the couch and offers Raphael his hand. "The feeling is mutual, Sir Guillory."-
[16:12] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Aw, Al-chan, there’s no need to be so formal~" Says Rei, beaming. "Just call him Raffy-kun like everyone else. Today is Al-chan's last day here in Paris-2, Raffy-kun."
[16:26] * Raphael takes Alphonse's hand and gives it a firm shake, shooting Rei a sidelong glance as the issue of names crops up. "Ah. My timing seems to have worked out well then, sir - I never got a chance to thank you for all you did during the battle with the Sixteenth. And while we're on the subject… my sincere condolences about the loss of Colonel Lachapelle. He was a good man."
[16:29] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Alphonse’s face grows troubled for a second as he returns Raphael's shake. "… Yes. He was. I'll miss him dearly…"-
[16:30] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Oblivious to this, Suzie has managed to climb into her wheelchair. She quickly wheels her way into the central area. "Why were you late, huh, Raffy? I bet you were smooching someone~" She crows delightedly.]
[16:36] <Raphael> "… Where would you get that idea, young lady?" Raphael says flatly, even as he releases Alphonse’s hand to give Suzanne's shoulder a squeeze.
[16:42] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Misa-bachan was over earlier…" Says Rei apologetically.-
[16:42] <Ayanami`Rei> ["She says you’re always smooching ladies, Raffy. I bet she's lying though." Says Suzie with a frown. "Otherwise you'd let me meet them, right?"]
[16:50] * Raphael lapses into a very small scowl for a split-second before his neutral expression manages to reassert itself. He should have known. "There's no need to listen to Captain Katsuragi, hon. NERV is full of terrible gossips. And yes, of course I would."
[16:51] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Agreed. Oh, the stories that witch spreads…" Mutters Alphonse darkly.-
[16:52] <Ayanami`Rei> [Suzie, however, simply giggles. "Ok~ Hey, Raffy-kun?"]
[16:53] * Raphael tries to hold back a smirk at Alphonse’s mumbling, not taking his eyes off Suzanne. "Mmm?"
[16:53] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Reirei’s cooking up a biiiig dinner because Alphonse is going home. Can we stay for dinner too?"]
[16:56] * Raphael frowns at that, glancing up at Rei with a raised eyebrow. "Well, I think it would be a little rude for you to just invite yourself. What do you think, Rei? I wouldn't want to get in your way."
[16:58] * Ayanami‘Rei giggles. "It’s ok, Raffy-kun. I don't mind! Al-chan even prepared extra food just in case this came up~"-
[16:58] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Yes, well." Alphonse coughed. "You have to plan for all eventualities. Like hungry little girls."]
[14:22] * Raphael snorts, glancing over at Suzanne. "Yes, I had to learn that quite quickly myself. Well… so long as we’re not intruding, I suppose."
[14:25] * Ayanami‘Rei smiles. "You’re fine, Raffy-kun. Although, is it ok if you help me set the table?"
[14:29] <Raphael> "Of course, Rei." He says, and for a moment his eyes linger on that smile before he returns it with one of his own.
[14:32] * Ayanami‘Rei heads off to the kitchen, grabbing the placemats and handing them off to Raphael before grabbing a set of knives and forks. Raphael would quickly notice that there were five placemats, and five sets of cutlery… And only four people.
[14:39] * Raphael frowns as he glances at the cutlery so carefully counted out… it seems odd that she could have done all that and yet have still managed to miscount. "Rei… there’s only four of us."
[14:40] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Five, Raffy-kun. You’re forgetting that Ban-Ban eats too!" She says seriously.-
[14:40] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne and Alphonse are out of earshot at this point, both of them being in the kitchen- Alphonse cooking, and Suzanne acting as assistant (and unofficial tastetester).]
[14:44] <Raphael> "…" He only manages a blank stare for a few long seconds, before trying to shake it all off with an awkward laugh. "Ah-ahahaha. Of course, Rei. My mistake."
[14:46] * Ayanami`Rei simply gives him a forgiving smile. "It’s ok, Raffy-kun." She says. "This is going to be the first time Al-chan will meet Ban-Ban. I hope it goes well… Do you think it will?"
[14:53] * Raphael eyes the plates long enough to try and find his way to a diplomatic answer. "I'm sure the Captain will give him a proper chance, Rei. He cares about you enough for that, I think."
[14:56] * Ayanami‘Rei beamed pleasantly at that, a light flush coming to her cheeks. "I’m glad, Raffy-kun. It's important to give Ban-Ban a chance. Even though he was made a monster, he doesn't have to be one. That's what mama always says- that it's what we become that makes us, not where we came from."
[15:05] * Raphael has to look away again, but this time it's to hide the flash of anger he can feel rising in his face. "She… would know, yes." He mutters, trying to keep his voice neutral. "Rei… may I ask you something?"
[15:08] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Of course, Raffy-kun. What is it?"
[15:11] <Raphael> "Are you ever angry for all that’s happened to you?"
[15:15] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Angry?" She cocked her head to one side, curiously. "Raffy-kun… What should I be angry at?"
[15:27] <Raphael> "That…" His lip twists as he suddenly wishes he’d said nothing at all. "That they took away your choice. Or at least tried to. That they toyed with you as though you were a science experiment instead of a child worthy of love and protection. If… even if you're not angry at that, Rei, I think I'm angry for you."
[15:36] <Ayanami‘Rei> Her expression changed- she frowned thoughtfully, staring down at the table. "Are you saying that mama and daddy don’t love me, Raffy-kun?"
[15:41] <Raphael> "…" A long, long pause at that. "… I don't know. I think they do, I just… I don't think what they chose for you was fair."
[15:43] <Ayanami‘Rei> "What would you have done, Raffy-kun?"
[16:02] <Raphael> "… I don’t know, Rei." He says finally, looking her in the eye now. "I've been trying to decide that ever since I spoke with Misato. If I had never known you, I'd have said it was wrong to bring you back and choose a life for you the way they had… but I /did/ meet you. And it's something I can't regret."
[16:13] * Ayanami‘Rei met his gaze, and gave him a warm smile. "Raffy-kun… I remember dying." She said quietly. "I remember how it felt, and what I thought at the time. I was scared. And I was very upset, Raffy-kun, because it didn’t seem fair that I should die." She gave him a little smile. "But lots of people die and it's never fair. It's not fair that I of all people should have been given another chance." Her smile grew brighter. "To help people, to protect people, to see what I want to see, and feel what I never had the chance to feel. I've become so happy, and met so many good and wonderful people. I've felt things that I never had the chance to feel before. And all of that is thanks to mama and daddy. They do the wrong thing sometimes. Even to me… But… Everything I have, I would never have had without them. So I love them very much, Raffy-kun, and no matter how angry I might get at them, I'll always forgive them."
[16:19] * Raphael considers that in silence for a long while, watching Rei's face closely for any signs of doubt or sadness or anger… and finding nothing. Eventually he sighs. "They don't deserve you, Rei." Raphael mutters levelly, before giving her a gentle hug.
[16:22] * Ayanami‘Rei hugged him back, beaming. "Maybe they don’t, Raffy-kun. I'm not sure. But I do know one thing…"
[16:23] <Raphael> "What's that?"
[16:23] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Everyone is deserving of love, Raffy-kun." She said, stepping back.
[16:26] * Raphael just shakes his head slowly, chuckling. "Maybe…" He says quietly, glancing back towards the kitchen. "We’d better get back to work, hmm? Captain Wellesley is waiting."
[16:29] <Ayanami‘Rei> "You’re right." She beamed. "Oh, can you go ask him how the food's coming along? I need to fetch Ban-Ban."
[16:31] <Raphael> "… right." Raphael says, and for a moment it looks as though he's going to say more. But then he simply turns and heads for the kitchen.
[16:35] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Within the kitchen, Alphonse is hard at work, dishing up the food. Tonight’s dinner is fried rice, with a fat crumbed chicken breast fried in garlic butter- which drips and spreads below onto the rice- and wrapped with bacon. It's utterly unhealthy.-
[16:35] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["That’s odd. Suzanne, why are there five plates…?"]
[16:38] <Raphael> "Uh… Ban-Ban will be joining us, Captain." Raphael says from the door. He does eye the dripping butter with a little bit of worry, though - he's beginning to get a little nervous about Suzanne's diet.
[16:39] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Ah."-
[16:40] <Ayanami`Rei> [Alphonse shoots Raphael a quizzical look. "This -is- going to go alright, isn’t it?"]
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[16:42] <Raphael> "Of course, Captain." Raphael says with a reassuring nod. "It can be a little unsettling, but the creature… well, it hasn't shown any signs of being dangerous. Yet." There's an odd emphasis on that last word that Raphael probably didn't intend.
[16:43] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Well, I’m sure Rei will be able to handle it. She's quite tough, you know." He says sagely.-
[16:43] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Doesn’t dinner look amazing, Raffy~?" coos Suzanne. "Look at it~ <3 Come on, let's go, let's go!"]
[16:46] <Raphael> "She certainly is." He says, moving deeper into the kitchen and assisting the other two in whatever needs to be done. "And you," he says, smiling at Suzie, "Settle down, hmm? You're not wasting away to a shadow just yet, I'm sure."
[16:48] <Ayanami‘Rei> [There are plates to be carried! Alphonse grabs his own and Rei’s- Suzie takes her own, leaving two more for Raphael and Ban-Ban.-
[16:50] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne eyeballs him, before grinning sheepishly. "Sorry, Raffy~ It just smells so good!"-
[16:50] <Ayanami`Rei> [And it certainly did…]
[16:55] * Raphael picks up the two plates and followed along behind the other two, setting them down on the table and taking a seat. "It really does look excellent, Captain."
[16:56] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Ah, thank you, sir. A man learns a thing or two when he lives mostly by himself, yet is required to entertain guests with… Slightly unrealistic expectations." He mumbles.-
[16:57] * Ayanami`Rei isn’t sitting just yet- but she's fussing at one of the tables. There sits Ban-Ban, a pink bib tied around its neck, its energy claws dangling to the side and its human hands flat on the table.
[17:03] * Raphael eyes the bib for a moment, the corner of his lip twitching, before glancing over at Suzanne.
[17:05] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne is trying to hide her giggles and not entirely succeeding.-
[17:05] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Here it… Uh." Alphonse coughed, staring at Ban-Ban with an expression of barely-concealed horror mingled with incredulousness. "H-Here it is, Rei."-
[17:06] * Ayanami`Rei looks up, beaming. "Thanks, Al-chan! Raffy-kun, can you set one of those down here for Ban-Ban?"
[17:14] * Raphael leans over and slides one of the plates to sit between Ban-Ban’s hands, still smirking. "That's a lovely bib, Rei."
[17:18] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Thank you, Raffy-kun! I bought it back when I was out shopping with Meimei for baby clothes." She leans down and gives Ban-Ban a peck on the top of the head, before taking her chair directly to Ban-Ban’s right.-
[17:19] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne takes up a spot at the far end of the table, putting her plate on the mat. She politely refrains from demolishing it just yet.-
[17:19] <Ayanami`Rei> [Two more chairs are free for Raphael. Will he sit next to Ban-Ban, or opposite him?]
[17:20] <Raphael> Opposite, of course. It’s easier to keep an eye on him that way…
[17:21] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Which leaves Alphonse to take the last seat on Ban-Ban’s other side.-
[17:22] * Ayanami‘Rei eyes Raphael’s spot for a second with a glance that looks just the tiniest bit disappointed. But it's quickly gone as she turns back to her plate. "Thank you for the meal, Al-chan. Alright! Let's begin!"
[17:45] * Raphael takes a moment to make sure Suzanne is taking the time to do things like chew as she gets going, before digging into his own meal at a slightly more leisurely pace. "You were talking about your own entertaining, Captain?"
[17:50] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne is, thankfully, progressing at a healthy pace.-
[17:51] <Ayanami`Rei> [Ban-Ban, meanwhile, picks up his knife and fork and, flicking his eyes up towards Raphael for a second, looks down at his chicken and rice. He cuts a corner of chicken off, impales it, then slowly pops the morsel into its mouth. It chews for a second, then swallows, and licks its lips with its disturbingly long tongue.-
[17:52] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Ah, yes. That’s right. In my role as the Operations Director for Boston, occasionally I need to entertain… Either people I trained with, or officials, or people I work with."]
[18:05] * Raphael stares right back at Ban-Ban, stabbing one of his own pieces of chicken in response. "That's quite a task for a man of your age, sir. I guess that explains those 'unrealistic expectations'."
[18:08] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Yes." Alphonse nods. "In reality, the main problem is that my training never really covered how to prepare meals. Caterers are so -expensive-, and buying from a fast food outlet is a mistake you make only once."-
[18:09] <Ayanami`Rei> "Misa-bachan did that once."
[15:08] <Raphael> "… that doesn’t surprise me, somehow." Raphael says, hiding his smile with another mouthful of rice. "But you seem to have done rather well for yourself, Captain, training or no."
[15:10] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Hasn’t he? He had to learn from a cookbook and the internet but he's already really good. He's very talented, isn't he, Raffy-kun~?" Cooed Rei, a light flush coming to her cheeks.-
[15:10] <Ayanami‘Rei> [From the end of the table, Suzanne was trying very hard to hide a sudden fit of giggles and doing a poor job of it.-
[15:11] <Ayanami`Rei> [Alphonse looked nervous for a second before continuing. "Well, thank you, Sir Guillory." He shot a glance down at the end of the table at Suzanne before back at Raphael. "You seem to be acquainted with Captain Katsuragi, if you don’t mind my asking?"]
[15:32] * Raphael is certainly not giggling, of course. He throws Suzie a look that manages to be both stern and entirely sympathetic. "That's right, sir. We met through Colonel Amatore-DeForest."
[15:34] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["How is the good Captain these days? I’m afraid I'm not quite well enough acquainted with her…"]
[15:43] * Raphael gives the boy a curious glance. "Well, she's still recovering from the battle. And the changes to the chain of command in Tokyo-2 have required some adjustments, I'm told…"
[15:50] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["I see…" Says Alphonse, taking a little nibble of his chicken.-
[15:53] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Raffy and I are gonna stay with her for Christmas. Aren’t we, Raffy~?"]
[15:55] <Raphael> "That's right. So long as the Colonel agrees."
[16:00] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Really?" Asked Rei in wonder. "That’s really good, Raffy-kun~ I'll be able to show you around, and we can spend Christmas together too!"-
[16:01] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Rei has invited me to Japan for Christmas as well, you see." Said Alphonse. "Since Boston is a limp fish right now, I really won’t be needed."-
[16:01] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne was eating, but she was nevertheless smirking.]
[16:13] <Raphael> "I admit, part of the reason I’m going is because I'd like the three of us to be together for the holidays, Rei. I think it'll be good to keep Captain Katsuragi company, though…" He says, falling silent as he eyes his meal thoughtfully. "Have you been to Japan before, Captain?"
[16:17] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Oh, that’s a good idea, Raffy-kun!"-
[16:18] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["No, I haven’t, sadly enough." Says Alphonse. "I… Haven't had much chance to travel until very recently."]
[16:24] <Raphael> "Well, this is as good a chance as any, then." Raphael says with an easy smile. "To be honest, I'm glad you two are getting along so well. Rei's a very strong girl, but I was worried about her leaving for Boston…"
[16:29] * Ayanami‘Rei let out a shy giggle. "Raffy-kun worries about me a lot. I told you he would, Al-chan. He looks grumpy sometimes, but he’s actually a very cuddly person."-
[16:29] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["He really, really is." Said Suzanne with an evil little grin.-
[16:30] <Ayanami`Rei> [Alphonse smiled, giving both Rei and Suzanne a glance. "Well, you needn’t worry, Sir Guillory. I'll take care of her as best I can."-
[16:31] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Baaaaaan." Ban-Ban was clumsily scooping rice onto his fork, before popping it into his mouth. He turned to stare at Alphonse.-
[16:31] <Ayanami`Rei> ["…" Alphonse stared back nervously, breaking out into a cold sweat.]
[16:48] * Raphael chuckles, pointedly ignoring the girls. "That’s all I ask, sir. It makes me feel better to know there'll be someone there who cares about her."
[16:55] <Ayanami‘Rei> [The distraction Ban-Ban provided to Alphonse quickly evaporated at that. He turned to look back at Raphael a little too quickly, taking a sip of water to hide his suddenly glowing cheeks. "… So I hear the Superheavy Regiment is getting its third Dreadnought by Christmas. Have any idea who’s going to pilot it?"-
[16:57] * Ayanami‘Rei was oblivious to this sudden shift; instead she was rubbing Ban-Ban’s head, causing the Banshee to purr pleasantly. "Who's a cute little Ban-Ban? You're not as cute as a kitty, but you're cute all the same~"
[17:03] <Raphael> If Raphael notices the blush then he doesn't show it. He just continues digging away at his food, watching Rei out of the corner of his eye with a smile. "Well, we've got another three operators trained and ready, but at the moment it looks like the spot will go to Chief Sergeant Hugues Monette. He's served with me for years, and he seems to be our strongest candidate."
[17:10] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Alphonse nods. "You performed well during the last battle. In all honesty, I’m a little envious of Colonel Amatore-DeForest for having such a force to back up her Evas. Of course, it'd be nice if I had any Evas at all, but what can you do?"-
[17:10] <Ayanami‘Rei> "Al-chan is a little upset that EVA-08 isn’t working." Adds Rei, still patting Ban-Ban on the head.
[17:21] <Raphael> "Technical issues?"
[17:24] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Yes. It refuses to synchronise with any of the test pilots." Said Alphonse.-
[17:24] <Ayanami`Rei> "That was the Eva made for Zaizai." Added Rei to Raphael.
[17:28] * Raphael makes a thoughtful noise at that, spearing his last slice of chicken. "So what’s Technical doing about it?"
[17:29] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Badgering the Marduk Institute for more test pilots, mostly." Said Alphonse.-
[17:30] * Ayanami`Rei was quiet at that, frowning slightly down at her chicken, before looking up at Raphael. "Raffy-kun?"
[17:33] * Raphael is about to respond when Rei speaks up, and whatever he was about to say is left aside for the moment. "Mmm?"
[17:33] <Ayanami`Rei> "Please don’t tell Zaizai about 08."
[17:36] <Raphael> "…" There's a slow tinking sound as Raphael taps his fork on the edge of the china plate. "Of course not, Rei, but there's a chance someone else will tell him. You know how fast rumours spread here."
[17:53] <Ayanami‘Rei> "I do. Raffy-kun, is it true you kissed Misa-bachan?" She asked with big, sincere eyes.
[17:54] <Raphael> "…"-
[17:54] <Raphael> "… No?"
[17:55] <Ayanami`Rei> [Alphonse quirked an eyebrow.-
[17:56] <Ayanami`Rei> "Aw." Said Rei. "I think you and Misa-bachan would be cute together. She’s really nice to me, and a lot of fun, and when she was here she took me out to the shops." She said happily. "We had a look at clothes and we visited a pet shop, and I said hello to my favourite kitty~ but, Raffy-kun, if you kiss Misa-bachan, that means you're going to have to get married and have lots of kids, you know." She said seriously.-
[17:57] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Suzanne dissolved into breathless giggles.]
[17:58] <Raphael> "Is… is that so?" Raphael says, trying his best to maintain a neutral expression even in the face of Suzanne’s hopeless laughter.
[18:06] * Ayanami‘Rei nods. "Isn’t that right, Al-chan?"-
[18:07] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["…" Alphonse gives Raphael a look that is both deeply sympathetic as well as desperate for assistance. "B-But of course." He employs his unmatched conversational skills to deflect this awkward situation. "I-ah, I hope we’re all enjoying the food? Come on, let's not let it go too cold."]
[18:10] <Raphael> "Good idea, Captain." Raphael says, glancing over at Suzanne. "You too, young lady."
[18:11] <Ayanami‘Rei> ["Heehee- y-yes, Raffy~"-
[18:12] <Ayanami`Rei> [The rest of the night passed pleasantly. The company was good and dinner was delicious and satisfying- too satisfying, perhaps. By 9 PM Suzanne was fighting a losing battle to simply stay awake.]
[18:16] <Raphael> And Raphael had noticed. Once dinner was done, the plates washed and put away, he wasted no time in collecting her things from around the lounge room and packing them away in her satchel. "I think it might be time we got going, Rei. Thanks again for having us - and for the lovely meal, Captain."
[18:16] <Ayanami`Rei> Rei nodded, giving Suzanne a deeply fond look. "She had a lot of fun today. And so did I. Thanks for staying, Raffy-kun~"-
[18:17] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Yes- thank you, Sir Guillory." Alphonse gave him a handshake. "The next time we meet, it’ll be in Japan, no doubt."]
[18:23] <Raphael> "So it would seem." A firm handshake as Raphael looks Alphonse in the eye. "Keep her safe until then, alright?"
[18:23] <Ayanami‘Rei> [Alphonse nods seriously. "You have my word, sir."-
[18:23] * Ayanami`Rei watches the two of them with a little smile.
[18:27] <Raphael> "Good." He lets go of Alphonse’s hand and gives the sleepy Suzie a gentle pat on the shoulder, guiding them both towards the door. "Let's get you home to bed, hey hon?"
[18:28] <Ayanami‘Rei> [She nodded groggily, trying to stifle a yawn. "…’Kay…"-
[18:28] * Ayanami`Rei beamed. "Goodnight, Suzie. Have a good night, Raffy-kun."
[18:30] <Raphael> "Same to you two. Have a safe flight, Captain."
[18:31] <Ayanami`Rei> ["Thank you, sir." Alphonse gave him a nod. "Stay safe until Christmas."]

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