In The Apartment Of A Pilot

[19:33] <Sept> [February 16th, Paris-2 Geofront. A red three-story apartment building with glass balconies overlooks a fountain-and-tree-ridden park. Both have been designed with the utmost care to recreate scenery from the city's predecessor.-]
[19:35] <Sept> [EVA Pilot Sera de Pteres has been assigned an apartment in this building, despite him insisting he was fine where he was, and expressing a dislike of such dwellings. It was almost — almost — as if NERV just didn't care.-]
[19:37] <Sept> [The apartment itself is in quite simplistic shape, with most household utilities in place, but littered with boxes containing Sera's belongings, which he had previously stored in caches around the city. It had taken the better part of the previous day to gather all of it, and it bothered him to have it all in one place.]
[19:40] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> [NERV cared, of course. In fact, the pilots were their top priority. Which is why, at the end of the day, it was better to have them somewhere safe and sound. And besides, wouldn’t Sept rather his goodies be in a safe snug apartment instead of in caches, littered around a city dangerously prone to exploding?-
[19:40] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> [Nevertheless. On this fine day, in an apartment building that’s almost empty… Sept receives a knock on the door.]
[19:43] * Sept pulls himself over the edge of the balcony and re-enters his apartment. This was one of the problems with apartments. Anyone could just walk up and knock on his door.
[19:44] <Sept> "Hello?"
[19:45] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Hey! Sera de Pteres! I’ve got a delivery for you~!" It's the familiar, friendly voice of one Frédéric Gosselin.
[19:47] <Sept> "Oh. Hello, Frédéric." Here he opened wide the door.
[19:47] <Sept> [Frédéric there, and nothing more.]
[19:49] * Frédéric‘Gosselin is standing there! Surprise. He’s wearing off-duty clothing. That is to say, he's wearing a pair of jeans, and a white shirt, over which he's sporting a leather jacket. Two strange packages sit over his arm. "Hey, Sera. How's it going?"
[19:54] <Sept> "Mysterious noises from the apartments to the west and below, sprinklers in the park all go off every few hours, and I think there might be something living in the rafters. I'm more or less surrounded. Was just starting to investigate the former."
[19:57] * Frédéric‘Gosselin chuckles. "Oh yeah. Probably best not to look into those apartments too much, eh?"
[19:58] <Sept> "Oh?"
[20:00] <Frédéric`Gosselin> "I mean, just saying. What if you end up looking through a window and finding one of your fellow pilots changing or something, hm? We can’t afford to replace you in the event of your horrible demise, you know."
[20:04] <Sept> "Hm. You're right. Maybe I can ask them to tell me when they're in so I can make sure..?"
[20:04] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "… Geez, you really want to know that bad, huh?"
[20:08] <Sept> "I would -like- to be able to sleep, too, Frédéric." Sept rolled his eyes. How could he be that dense? "You wouldn’t be able to get Section 2 to lend me some cameras, could you? The smaller, the better."
[20:10] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "You say that as though there aren’t already cameras in there." Said Frédéric with a grin.
[20:12] <Sept> "Oh. They've really thought this through then, haven't they." he concluded, with a smile. "So what's this about a delivery?"
[20:12] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Oh right. Might I come in?"
[20:13] * Sept turns around and looks at the apartment, and then back at Frédéric, his face betraying some confusion. "Uh, yes?"
[20:14] * Frédéric`Gosselin steps in over the threshold. "I like what you’ve done with the place." He says totally deadpan.
[20:16] <Sept> The only thing that had been "done", except for some signs of rummaging through the boxes, was a vertical slash in one of the walls. Sera had found nothing suspicious there. "Thank you."
[20:20] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Yeah. I hear the ’unpacked box' look is very avant garde now." Says Fréd, grinning to himself. He heads over to the sofa provided by NERV (NERV Furniture Division: Peg's In It's Hole, All's Right With The World) and sits down. "These are for you, and your friend Freya." He puts the two packages down next to him. "They're school uniforms."
[20:27] <Sept> "Huh." Sera opens one package, spreads out one set on the floor and stands up to examine it. "What are they for?" He had a fairly good idea, but…
[20:30] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> [It’s pretty classy. It's a crisp, white shirt with little white buttons, long clean navy blue trousers, with a shiny black leather belt. Over this was am impressive bright red blazer, a red tie, and two hats- a navy blue hat with a wide brim, and a red beret.]
[20:30] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "They’re for your school, of course."
[20:35] <Sept> "No", he interjected urgently, eyes wide. "I mean I don't think that's a good idea, Frédéric."
[20:36] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "You can’t go naked, Sera."
[20:37] <Sept> "But… why?"
[20:38] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Because that breaches public decency laws, Sera."
[20:39] <Sept> Stalemate. Sera finds no retort, and simply stares at Gosselin, blinking.
[20:40] * Frédéric`Gosselin stares back at Sera. Finally, he sighs and rubs his hands. "You want to know why you have to go to school, huh."
[20:43] <Sept> "I’ve been alright so far… haven't I? And, and…" His mouth opens, and closes.
[20:45] * Frédéric‘Gosselin smiles a little sadly, and reaches into his jacket, pulling out a brown bag. … Did he learn this from Freya? He offers it to Sera. It’s a chicken burger, in a little cardboard box with a decorative picture on it- from some fast food outlet.-
[20:46] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "I can give you the official, legal explanation, Sera. Or I can give you a more realistic one. Take your pick."
[20:51] <Sept> The food ruse is….. a suscess. Sera calms down a bit, and finally takes out a chair to sit on, holding the bag for comfort. "The realistic one."
[20:59] * Frédéric`Gosselin rubs his hands together again. "Alright. When you decided to work for us, Sera, when you decided to put on that plugsuit and immerse yourself in LCL, and decided to protect the human race in your Evangelion… You made a commitment to us, to NERV. To protect us, to fight for us. To never back down. To fulfil NERV’s inviolate duty.-
[21:00] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "You haven’t realised it yet, Sera, but you're one of the most important and most powerful people on the planet. A single Evangelion is capable of matching the entire military forces of France or more. You're irreplaceable, and if you get hurt- if something happens to hurt you, it is we, NERV, who are responsible, for not trying hard enough to help you.-
[21:01] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "But. We also have to think about the future. About your life beyond the Eva. It’s going to be a part of you from now on, you know that, right? Until the day you die, you're always going to be known as an Eva pilot. But the Evas aren't something that might be kept around as long. They're too expensive, too frightening.-
[21:02] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "What’re you gonna do, Sept? When the world no longer needs an Eva pilot?"
[21:05] <Sept> "I don't know. I've, never needed to know. I have Freya, she makes the plans, and we survive. We always have."
[21:06] * Frédéric‘Gosselin gazed at the boy with a sense of odd pity. "So if Freya decided to go to school, you’d go too, right?"
[21:09] <Sept> A weak point revealed. "I… I guess. But it's not just… I'm not good with people like that, I don't know how I'd manage."
[21:10] * Frédéric‘Gosselin nods slowly. "So you know what you do, Sept? You rely on Freya to guide you. And you rely on your fellow pilots. They’re your sisters-in-arms, you know. Friendship is firmest when forged in fire." Fréd winked. "If you're afraid of managing, let them help."
[21:20] <Sept> "Y-you think so?" A sigh of acceptance, or just surrender. "When?"
[21:22] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Oh, the 18th."
[21:35] <Sept> "O…kay. But you have to make sure she’s alright with this."
[21:37] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Oh, don’t worry." Fréd grinned, leaning back. "We've taken care of that already."
[21:45] <Sept> "Ah. Well, that's that, then."
[21:46] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Yeah." Fréd grins. "You’ll be in the same class as my little brother! I've told him to look out for you. So don't you worry." He tilts his head. "Why don't you go try it on?"
[21:51] <Sept> "Hm. Sure." Sera collected the clothing off the floor, and disappeared into an adjacent room, but only after peeking back at Gosselin for a moment. "Keep watch." There was just a hint of a grin on his face.
[21:53] * Frédéric‘Gosselin nods his assent. He does not steal Sera’s chicken burger.
[22:07] <Sept> Time passes. Finally, Sera emerges from the room, clad in the uniform. The tie is slightly crooked, but otherwise everything seems to be in order. "It fits pretty well."
[22:09] * Frédéric‘Gosselin stands up and walks over to Sept, and straights his tie a little. Like a big brother! "You look good, man. You think your, er…" He gives Sept a roguish nudge. "Your harem’ll appreciate it~?"
[22:15] * Sept laughs. "Not everyone's like you, Frédéric. I could never have something like that."
[22:16] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> Damn this kid and his nerves of steel! How was it that he could handle such frank discussion yet freak out over stuff like rats in the walls? "We’ll see, yeah? I bet you being a pilot'll bring all the ladies." Fréd stretched. "But… Hey, when was the last time you went to school?"
[22:21] <Sept> "Oh, depends. Which school? I was at Saint-Denis just the other week with Freya. They've got the greatest view of Seine-2 in the city!"
[22:23] * Frédéric‘Gosselin blinks. The boy actually- oh, whatever. "Saint Louis. Heard of it?"
[22:29] <Sept> "It’s… pretty new, I think. Oh, yeah! I tried to go there when they were building it, but the site was -guarded- around the clock. The city really seems to take those places seriously."
[22:33] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Of course. Saint Louis is a recessive building- meaning it slides into the Geofront during attacks. Couldn’t have that wonderful toy be compromised." Fréd grinned. "But either way. You have any concerns or questions, you let me know, alright? If the teacher asks you for a guardian or something, direct them to me or Lieutenant Amatore-Deforest."
[22:39] <Sept> "I'll do that. Thanks."-
[22:39] <Sept> "Anything else?"
[22:40] * Sept began the task of devouring the burger.
[22:41] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Yeah, actually. I was wondering if you and Freya’d like to have dinner with me and my little bro tonight?"
[22:44] <Sept> "That sounds g— wait. Where?"
[22:47] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "I actually live pretty close- in one of the Geofront apartments, near this one, actually." A vaguely misleading name- the "Geofront apartments" were simply those apartments who recessed down during emergencies. "I can give you the address if you want, or I can come pick you up."
[22:51] <Sept> "That sounds fine. I can’t guarantee I'll be here, so I think I'll just find my way down when it's time."
[22:53] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "Alright then." Fréd stands up, stretching a little. "I’ll see you when I see you then, alright?" He asks, already heading for the door.
[22:56] <Sept> "Yeah, I'm pretty sure you will. See you, Frédéric."
[22:56] <Frédéric‘Gosselin> "See you!" He’s out, out the door… Close. His footsteps fade after awhile.
[22:58] * Sept decides, some time later, to go for a run and see how the uniform works in an emergency.

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