In The Company Of A Scientist

[19:30] <Ikari‘Yui> [The 16th of March! Central Dogma, NERV HQ, the Geofront. An hour and a half ago, 04 and 00 were successfully activated and tested, without hassles or problems. The two pilots involved showered and cleaned, with one heading home. The other…]
[19:32] * Aline had, after waiting for Yanmei to leave, decided to go ahead and make good on Dr. Ikari’s offer to talk. Not entirely sure where she may have gotten off to, Aline's first task was finding the elusive scientist!… By asking for directions, and following them wherever they took her, whether it was to an office, or back to the control room at Central Dogma. She still had her swimsuit
[19:32] * Aline bag with her, but wore her school uniform with far more comfort and ease than the plugsuit she had just been wearing earlier.
[19:37] <Ikari‘Yui> [Aline would, in fact, be directed to a semi-office in a particular part of NERV HQ that Aline probably hadn’t been to before. Central Dogma operated a series of rooms with their own bed, shower and desk for other NERV officers, directors and VIPs to use for short-time purposes. It was to one of those offices that Aline was directed.]
[19:39] * Aline made it a point to very politely knock on the office's door~ "Ah, Dr. Ikari, I'm here, if you were still willing to talk."
[19:45] <Ikari‘Yui> "Eeto…" A few moments later, the door opened, revealing the form of Ikari Yui- on a mobile phone. She winked at Aline, opening the door fully and directing her inside. For a moment she took the phone from her ear, bowing as she did so- "I’m sorry, Aline. I'll be free in a second." Before returning to the call. Aline's Japanese knowledge was, sadly, probably nowhere near good enough-
[19:46] <Ikari‘Yui> To decipher the entire conversation. But she did, at least, catch the word ’Aline' a few times before the end. Dr. Ikari closed the phone up, placing it on her desk. "A call home. My husband was discussing a project- Shinji says hello, by the way." Dr. Ikari smiled, and pulled out a chair. "Please, sit."
[19:48] * Aline nodded quickly, and sat as directed! "Sorry, for interrupting when I did. But I suppose that cannot be helped!" But… she did scratch her chin in thought. "It's good that he said so, as well. But, ah. Was there anything you had been waiting to say, before I get to my own questions?"
[19:51] * Ikari‘Yui sat down in her own chair. "I have the sensation that your questions might very well answer anything I wish to say, so I think I will leave what I wish to say until you have said your part." She smiled.
[19:58] <Aline> "Ah! Wise." Aline took, though, a few seconds to try to word the first one. "Alright… First of all, this last test had made me somewhat curious. How, exactly, had the mental capabilities of the Evangelions been created, anyway? It’s always rather strange to be in there with them, and I figured that maybe as one of the scientists involved in the original project, you might have enough
[19:58] <Aline> insight to lay to rest some of that strangeness."
[20:04] <Ikari‘Yui> "Well, let me ask you a question. Is it true or not true that an Evangelion is unlike a human being?"
[20:07] * Aline narrowed her eyes - not out of anger, but out of a ’reach out to the truth' sort of grit. "True." Intentional pause. "Mostly."
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[20:18] <Ikari‘Yui> "Ehehe." Dr. Ikari let out a little giggle. It… Was perhaps a little more girlish than one would expect. "Right, Aline! Strictly, logically, scientifically speaking an Evangelion is nothing like a human being. It is not even a tiger-to-cat relationship. Evangelions have different organs, their biomechanical ’wiring' is different…" Dr. Ikari leaned forward a little. "But, philosophically-
[20:18] <Ikari‘Yui> "Speaking, you have synchronised with 00. Does 00 -feel- inhuman to you?"
[20:23] * Aline snapped her fingers, realizing that that was maybe more of a test than an attempt to dodge the question, and calming down from her game-face mode. "In many, many ways… No. Only the distance, and the feeling of being in someone else’s mind entirely made things remain 'alien'. But everything else… More human than some of the people I meet in my day-to-day life."
[20:30] * Ikari‘Yui nods. "The mind of an Evangelion remains steadfastly human. Or, at least, starts off human. A human mind like yours needs that common link, that ’template' in order to synchronise. The Evangelion's 'personality', one might say, its 'mind', is not in its head, but rather in its core. The actual process of creating that is similar to the MAGI, but on a different scale."
[20:34] * Aline evaluated what she heard, but… knew something was adding up wrong. So she began to have a bit more of that edge return. She almost bridged her hands, but the gesture came out oddly - knuckles pushed together, with index fingers tapping against each other rhythmically. "And what of the memories?" Keep it simple for now. You're tipping your hand, but don't tip too far.
[20:40] <Ikari‘Yui> "It’s…" Ikari put on a thinking frown. "We know the Evangelion has memories. We assume, similarly, that the Evangelion -retains- its memories from whoever infused their personality into it. However…" A pause. "There's a vested interest in NERV ensuring that those memories remain mostly dormant. Memories empower identity, and an Evangelion with an overly developed sense of identity is too lucid for a pilot to handle."
[20:45] * Aline tap-tapped a bit more… and accidentally tipped her hand further with the 'aha!' grin she developed. "Is that soooo. Interesting enough, but… 00's been the most well-behaved unit in the whole group. And I asked Yanmei about it, and she says she hasn't gotten nearly as much of a sense of it from 04." She stopped the weird finger-tapping pose, to instead stretch her arms - hands
[20:45] * Aline still sort of joined. "01's a total mystery to me, though. Why it does the things it does… that can't be as easily explained, can it. I wonder why? 00's donor seems to be eminently calm, 04's appeared to have been… terrifying… so that leaves an odd one out, no?"
[20:49] <Ikari‘Yui> "It would probably be best to speak to de Pteres. From what I have heard, he feels rather bonded to his Evangelion. Even though there are only five units, he is not exactly unique in that. The pilot of 03 feels -very- close to her Eva." Said Ikari with a smile. "But I have noticed 00’s notable calmness. I wonder how much it has shared with you."
[20:56] <Aline> "…Much." She let that sit for a while. "I've seen and felt things. Like that it styles itself as an artist. Remembers painting… and having a child. Fascinating, actually, because of the nature of how communication works over the synchronization link." But… Aline pushed up her glasses, again thinking of something. "You know, that's almost enough for me to wonder who it was that gave
[20:56] <Aline> their personality to 00. I mean, a proud mother - or father, maybe? - and an artist, and someone that calm, serene, and well-mannered, has to be a wonderful person, right?"
[21:09] * Ikari‘Yui chuckled. "Somehow I imagine the person is probably far more congenial than 04." She paused. "00, the artist, the… Mother/father? Hm…" She paused yet again. "A gender-neutral noun that means those things…?"
[21:16] * Aline pondered. "…Parent? Though really, the gender of the donor should be the gender of the Eva unit, since otherwise they just uh." Aline struggled with words. "Look like, uh. Humanoid and uh. Brightly colored… big teeth… Er… yeah, but what’s inside should trump~"
[21:19] <Ikari‘Yui> "Hahaha. That is true." Dr. Ikari tapped her fingers on the desk. "I don’t know who the donor of 00's personality was. But whoever it was seems very compatible with you."
[21:22] * Aline frowned. "Aww. I had hoped you would have known. Oh well. I was just wondering, really. It'd be nice to know two people like that~" …Suddenly, in spite of that happy tone, she whiplashed -again-. "But I worry about 04. That's not healthy for Yanmei at all. How could we possibly help her?…"
[21:24] <Ikari‘Yui> "What has Zhang Yanmei told you about 04’s personality, if anything?"
[21:28] * Aline bit her lip, just for a moment. "Little that I can go off of. Seems… to be abusive, and very very angry. Apparently hates everything about NERV, and might be so angry to, at the worst of times, hate -everything- period. I can't begin to fathom what that's even like, and it's only that Yanmei does all those weird social manipulation things that she can probably even stand it as
[21:28] * Aline long as she has. But…" That look of concern Aline developed was overly genuine. "…That kind of personality is just going to tear Yanmei apart. I think it doesn't like her, either. I… shudder to imagine what being in it when it went berserk was like. I think I would've just broke, if how it acts normally is any indication."
[21:36] <Ikari‘Yui> "I see…" Dr. Ikari tapped her fingers together. "No, being exposed to such an immense hatred over long periods of time is not healthy. But… I have the feeling that 04’s hatred and anger is not a natural thing. That is, I do not think NERV would have taken a donor like that." A long pause. "It's possible that 04 is angry because 04 is in a lot of pain…"
[21:39] * Aline looked on, curiously. "Pain? From what? Emotional pain? Something about the consciousness awakening in an unfamiliar body?… or something else?"
[21:42] <Ikari‘Yui> "Emotional pain is possible. There are many… Limits, placed upon an Evangelion, to keep them controlled. To keep them as puppets. If everything goes to plan, an Evangelion is never its own master… Imagine how that would feel to a strong-willed or independent person?-
[21:43] <Ikari`Yui> "You say sometimes, 04 hates everything. I wonder if it includes itself in that or not? I think hating everything- hating the universe, hating yourself, would be very sad. Very lonely. If you can’t see reason to preserve your life, you will never be happy." Dr. Ikari let out a sad sigh.-
[21:43] <Ikari‘Yui> "I bet 04 feels very lonely."
[21:48] * Aline nodded, very solemnly. "…I can imagine… I don’t know if Yanmei will even be able to help, though. It's… used to her. But someone has to try to help! We have to!" She clenched her fist. "I won't let her keep getting hurt like that! I'm supposed to be the broken one here! Yanmei doesn't need that!…" Aline went pale, only seconds after. "I…" She shook her head very heavily,
[21:48] * Aline trying to clear it. "…I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made such an outburst."
[21:50] <Ikari‘Yui> "…" Dr. Ikari reached over and patted Aline tenderly on the head. She smiled in a very motherly, forgiving way.
[21:51] * Aline for her part just froze in place. She still felt mortified for doing that, and… okay, just would like comfort now.
[21:56] <Ikari`Yui> "Helping Zhang Yanmei is important. We all have to help Zhang Yanmei, and, if we can, 04. But…" Dr. Ikari leaned forward, her eyes on an equal level with Aline’s. "No one is going to be broken, alright, Aline? Not Zhang Yanmei, and not you. How would I ever tell my Shinji that precious Aline had broken? He would try to put you together again and that would be a very difficult thing to do." She said warmly.-
[21:57] <Ikari‘Yui> "You don’t have to worry about outbursts or anything here. I really don't mind, Aline. I feel it helps enrich the air."
[22:01] <Aline> "A… ah… Alright…" She looked up, starting to calm down again. "I'm sorry, after everything the doctors told me, I felt like… like Yanmei just had troubles, Sera was just weird - so I was the one that had to have been hurt before. But I guess that's not very fair to me -or- Shinji, is it?" Aline attempted a little smile. "Too selfish, anyway. I'm trying to help people - not hurt
[22:01] <Aline> myself. But… yes. Thanks, at least, for the talks… I was afraid nobody would either understand my worries, or want to allow me to talk about them. I mean, the fact I had to go and ask you about the personalities of the units… made me scared I wasn't supposed to know."
[22:03] <Ikari‘Yui> "Well. To be honest, there are a few things we talked about today that NERV is a little cagey about. But." Dr. Ikari learned forward and winked. "You’re a Pilot, so I feel justified. It can be our little secret."
[22:05] * Aline let that little smile grow into a grin. "Right. I'll make sure of it. Trying to help people, not hurt me - or them… so, or you, either. I'll just have to work in my own ways, then! Thank you, though. Really."
[22:07] <Ikari‘Yui> "It’s alright, Aline. Thank you, too." Said Dr. Ikari. "Was there anything else you wanted to ask, though?"
[22:08] * Aline tilted her head left, then right… "Well… I guess one more thing! Something lighter. Any little tidbits about what Shinji might have been saying about me that didn't get into those emails we've been sharing?~"
[22:11] <Ikari‘Yui> [On the other side of the world, a young Japanese boy suddenly woke up, sneezing, and he had no idea why.-
[22:14] <Ikari`Yui> "Aaaah." Dr. Ikari’s eyes twinkled. "Many things. It is rather impressive how well he manages to slot you into conversations. He almost seems to use you sometimes as a good luck charm- before he went in for his final exams he said 'I know Aline-sama wants me to do well, so I'll do well!' … He did quite well, actually. His scores for science were a little better than usual, too." Dr. Ikari winked.-
[22:16] <Ikari‘Yui> "He obviously cares deeply about you, Aline. He was very worried when he heard a battle had taken place, and shook me and my husband up most vigorously for information. When he found out you were alright he was very relieved. And…"-
[22:16] <Ikari`Yui> "He’s been quietly trying to figure out ways to ask me to take him here for a few weeks on his birthday. He hasn't said anything to me, but I know~"
[22:20] * Aline nodded, and then kept doing so for about a second or two. "Ah, ah, I seeeee. Very interesting! I guess it makes sense now how he compared my teasing him to you doing the same. Same insight~" She chuckled a little. "If you can manage it and afford it, I wouldn't mind at all. I've been sort of thinking about it, myself, but I'm not the one in control of where he is in the world, now
[22:20] * Aline am I?" In fact, a -lot- of life came back into Aline's face at all of that. "But thank you again, that was nice to hear indeed~"
[22:21] <Ikari‘Yui> "That is alright." A pause. "I somehow feel like I’m going to be asked that question in reverse when I return home."
[22:24] * Aline winked. "I don't doubt!"
[22:26] <Ikari‘Yui> "Ehehe." Dr. Ikari chuckled, leaning back slightly. "Well then. I wonder if you have anything else to ask?"
[22:27] * Aline sat briefly… "Ah… Well… I can’t -think- of much more. Got my two worries squared away, I think."
[22:27] * Ikari‘Yui nods. "Then, may I say a few things?"
[22:28] * Aline looked a bit surprised, but nodded! "Ah, certainly!"
[22:28] * Ikari`Yui nodded in return. "How is your master of the AT Field progressing?"
[22:39] * Aline smiled, relieved it wasn’t anything too… abnormal. "Rather well! I've managed to get the hang of that trick Gazardiel used, and I can expand the field faster than any of the other pilots can. I know I have a long ways to go, but it's starting to show usefulness." She… giggled, thinking back to the one amusing-in-hindsight moment of the Iadiel fight. "I've even used field control
[22:39] * Aline for sillier things. Did you read the part in the reports where I shot a flaming tree at Iadiel? Yeah, that was my field control there."
[22:43] <Ikari‘Yui> "Ah yes. I saw a few technicians watching the recorded battle report replaying that part over and over. One of them took a recording of it and put it to rock music." Said Dr. Ikari dryly. "But I’m glad that you seem to be progressing well. Have you learned to sense other AT Fields yet?"
[22:45] * Aline found that intensely amusing, if only for the psychological impact of herself being meme fodder. "Ah… er…" Sheeeeepish look. Maybe a bit catlike. A primo nyoro~n moment if there ever was one in this story. "04 can sense them for Yanmei already so I've sorta been focusing on physical manipulation instead?"
[22:46] <Ikari‘Yui> "Ah. I see." Dr. Ikari nodded, smiling a little. "How many fields did Zhang Yanmei detect again?"
[22:50] * Aline scratched her chin. "I don’t recall her explicitly saying, but I think she registered mine and Sera's… presumably her own… then the last, in the forest. Iadiel's, of course, since it -did- turn up where she said she got the data."
[22:52] * Ikari‘Yui nods slowly. "I see… Hmm." She pondered. "Do you know that, if she’d focused a little more, she would've detected a lot more?"
[22:54] * Aline blinked rather astonishedly. "…Really? From what? Some kind of background 'radiation'? Is this actually like 'the Force' from those movies? Are we piloting giant Jedi?!" …She stopped. "I'm joking, I'm joking. What would it have been?"
[22:55] * Ikari‘Yui reaches out and lightly pokes Aline in the shoulder. "That."
[22:57] * Aline resisted the deep and powerful urge to suddenly start yammering about AT fields all up in her shoulder bones. …Because, thanks to restraining that urge… "…So… humans… generate their own? Obviously… weaker ones, but…" She blinked even more. "And only now, with these strange biologies, can we even realize it…"
[23:01] <Ikari`Yui> "That’s right." Said Dr. Ikari. "Humans produce AT Fields. So do Evangelions and, of course, Angels. Our AT Fields are incredibly weak, as you said. They are enough to do the one thing AT Fields are -required- to do: define us." Dr. Ikari smiled. "The AT neutralisation you do on the battlefield cancels out the obvious manifestations of an AT Field, but it doesn't -completely- null it.-
[23:02] <Ikari‘Yui> "Within these fields, an individual, a person, a -thing- can exist." Dr. Ikari smiled. "Pretty exciting, don’t you think? So long as a human being has an AT Field, they exist- they -demand- to exist. So long as that keeps going on, a person can be strong- a person can be happy. Without the AT Field, we're… Nothing."
[23:03] * Aline tried to picture that nothing. "…But… what about our material reality? Cells, atoms… what happens when that breaks? Is it… actually the fabric of the universe? Iyaah, this is pretty heavy…"
[23:06] <Ikari‘Yui> "Hahahahaha!" Dr. Ikari started to laugh- a very full laugh. "Dr. Riel spent a week drunk after she realised the full breadth of the AT Field." Dr. Ikari leaned forward, giving Aline a conspiratorial wink. "For a non-drinking woman, that was quite a feat. But, ah… Let’s say, the atoms remain, but the AT Field gives them shape and cohesion? We're discussing a phenomenon-
[23:06] <Ikari‘Yui> "That ignores most science. In fact, if science is the study of the natural universe, the AT Field is best described as a product of the -artificial- dimension."
[23:08] * Aline nodded, ever so slowly. "…I suppose that may be why my developing skill in using it seems so intriguing - I’m literally learning how to twist the definition of reality." Her awe was only tempered by her excitement with the blatantly nonsensical amount of power she -truly- realized she had.
[23:12] <Ikari‘Yui> "How else does a 70-metre tall, 1,200-ton beast like Gazardiel exist without collapsing into a puddle under its own weight? If the laws of science stop you from existing the way you like, -ignore- them~"
[23:15] * Aline nodded. "Aaaah. That makes it make more sense, then! I had sort of been ignoring that little paradox whilst in the process of trying to help the others blow it up, I suppose~"
[23:16] * Ikari`Yui nods. "Priorities. If you spent your time focusing on scientific accuracy over practical matters, you would probably not be suited in this line of work. There’s only so many times the Head of the Technical Division can yell "Impossible!" before she decides to just go with it."
[23:20] * Aline nodded. "Too true. After all, if the experimental data -and- the experiential data are saying 'yes, it is true'… Who are we to question reality? To do otherwise is just unscientific. But yes, yes. It's a very weighty matter, but at least I know not to carry it myself, as it were."
[23:22] * Ikari‘Yui nods. "I think that’s wise, yes. Best to at least let Dr. Riel bear that."
[23:23] <Aline> "Yes. Besides, I'm not a certified professional, I have no place doing the real science… in that way, anyway." A small wink. "I'll just make it happen for her instead~"
[23:23] <Ikari‘Yui> "Ehehe. No doubt, she’s already writing papers on you and what you're doing."
[23:24] * Aline hummed a little light note. "I'd expect no less!"
[23:27] * Ikari‘Yui nodded… Letting out a light yawn. "Ah. I’m a little tired, but there is one last thing I want to show you."
[23:28] * Aline tucked in her arms a little, anticipating. "What? What is it?~"
[23:30] * Ikari‘Yui picked up a leather brown briefcase, putting it on the desk… She opened it, pulling out two paper folders. She placed them on the desk in front of Aline. "I technically can’t let you read the files. But I can let you see the folder names."-
[23:30] <Ikari‘Yui> [Both of them were marked "TOP SECRET: MANUFACTURE AND CONSTRUCTION PLANS", followed by, respectively, "PRODUCTION MODEL EVA-05" and "PRODUCTION MODEL EVA-06".]
[23:33] * Aline staaared. "…Ah, so there are two more in the works… That might mean two more pilots… Well, unless one of the other Eva units is totally defeated with pilot surviving. I guess if it loses its… core…" For the slightest moment, she seemed to be -pondering- that, but then winked. "Either way, I wouldn’t mind having more quasi-friends-in-arms, since they're probably not going
[23:33] * Aline to be put in France."
[23:35] <Ikari‘Yui> "No, they’re not. I'm not sure where they'll be assigned, but the United States is demanding at least one Evangelion to protect North America. The other one… Well, probably China, Germany or Japan." She smiled. "The Marduk Organisation is starting to go through the list so it can pick two pilots for them. Let's see how it goes." She said, then… Blinked. "Ah, that reminds me!-
[23:36] <Ikari‘Yui> "Shinji said you’ve been showing interest in another of your friends-in-arms- Asuka Langley-Soryu?"
[23:37] * Aline nodded. "I was, a little. Tsubaki Akagi, from what he told me, was pretty antisocial, but I… know very little about Asuka, so there was some chance I might have been able to speak with her on level terms. Though from what I heard… I'm not sure if she's going to… have a… sedate attitude?" Embarassment at revealing that!
[23:38] <Ikari‘Yui> "A sedate attitude?" Asked Dr. Ikari curiously. "Like 00?"
[23:39] * Aline nodded. "Right! Or at least without many swings of emotion, or a lack of care about talking to others."
[23:41] <Ikari`Yui> "Haha… Well, I’ll just say that Asuka Langley-Soryu should probably be experienced as opposed to 'described'. She can be rather full on, but I think she's endearing in her own way." Said Dr. Ikari warmly. "But, she does have a certain… Ah, she is quick to anger and a little careless with what she says. Although…-
[23:42] <Ikari‘Yui> "All of the NeoSpartan Children, well… They all became a little erratic, at least."
[23:44] * Aline nodded. "That’s what I was worried about. I didn't really… think it was a healthy upbringing. But I guess I can try to talk to her normally. Or, write. Whichever. Can't be nearly as bad as, well, 04."
[23:45] <Ikari‘Yui> "No, I’d imagine not." Said Dr. Ikari, standing up. "It… Wasn't healthy, the NeoSpartan Project. Do you know much about it?"
[23:48] * Aline stood up, as well. "Only enough to know that it's not a name that bodes well."
[23:51] * Ikari‘Yui nods slowly. "It’s not. The NeoSpartan Project… started out as a far less organised idea. After Second Impact, countries were swamped with orphans, and many countries faced military threats. They decided to fix both problems and train their children in war. Some countries took it further, establishing incredibly harsh 'schools' for the children… Schools with attrition rates." Said Dr. Ikari sadly, her voice grim.-
[23:53] <Ikari‘Yui> "After the United Nations managed to restore order, however, the schools were dismantled. But…" She frowned. "The UN secretly set up its own schools. At first, it was intended to be a mass-scale thing. There were even moral justifications- these schools would be less dangerous, the students would have lives, food, friends…" She shrugged.-
[23:54] <Ikari`Yui> "One way or another, the project was immensely scaled down, and married to NERV and its predecessor, Gehirn. From there, NeoSpartans were trained to be pilots for the Evangelion. Many, many failed. Some of those who failed died. Others had their memories edited or removed- and a few were released back into society, in areas where NERV could control them.-
[23:54] <Ikari`Yui> "Asuka Langley-Soryu was the first graduate. Tsubaki Akagi was the second."
[23:57] * Aline frowned… "And yet, here we are… with the three guardians of the geofront in the hands of complete wildcards. So they don’t even really live the life they had been forced to prepare for." A looooong sigh. "I'll… try to see what I can do about it. Not too gentle, not too hard. Everyone needs help, it seems. Such scars, the Impact left - if not directly, then in the hearts of
[23:57] * Aline those who'd decide the future for its children."
[00:00] <Ikari‘Yui> "Yes." Said Dr. Ikari sadly. "Everyone really does need help. Everyone needs each other. Even the cold, angry people of the world need someone else." Dr. Ikari looked up at Aline. "Don’t hesitate to help others, Aline. But be sure you do not find yourself carrying an overlarge burden. The weight of protecting the world falls partly on your shoulders, after all."
[00:01] <Aline> "I think of those two burdens as one and the same, really." A sort of weak smile, after all that sorrow.
[00:03] <Ikari‘Yui> "Ah…" She nodded. "In a sense, they are…" Dr. Ikari paused, eyeing Aline appraisingly. "You’re a good girl, Aline."
[00:04] * Aline beamed. "Ayup~"
[00:05] * Ikari‘Yui let out another yawn. "Ah, I’m sorry, Aline. I sleep early when I'm travelling, and it's starting to come close to my bedtime…"
[00:07] * Aline bowed. "But of course. Thank you for your time…" She began to move towards the door.
[00:10] * Ikari`Yui returned the bow. "Thank you as well, Aline. You have given me something to think about. Do sleep well- you have school tomorrow, after all~"
[00:11] * Aline nodded. "Right~" …And out she goes!

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