In The Confidence Of An Attache

[12:49] <Yanmei> Before taking her leave from the press conference, Yanmei somehow found herself back in her chair clutching a glass of lukewarm water. Marianne had abandoned her for what looked like a drawn out business discussion with Dorian… although not without a bit of fussing first. Yanmei sighed, pushing the glass away. After all that talk of being a capable pilot and all, here she was still being treated like a baby.-
[12:51] <Yanmei> Nevermind the other thoughts floating around in her tired head. Like if hesitating for those 25 seconds during the battle of the Angel really did prove that she wasn't cut out for this job. Stupid Alexandre…
[12:53] * Leon‘Freeman approaches the table where Yanmei is sitting. A rather tall man in a very professional business suit, with short, black hair (with a grey curl at the front), he exuded an aura of business and professionalism. "Miss Zhang?"
[12:55] <Yanmei> "Sir?" She recognized him from before, but it took a few seconds for the name to filter back to her. "Mr… Freeman, correct?"
[12:57] <Leon`Freeman> "That is correct. Leon Freeman- I’m the Evangelion Attache for the US Diplomatic mission here in France." He said formally. "Might I have a word?"
[13:00] * Yanmei gestured lightly toward a nearby chair, drawing up another smile. Looked like she wasn't done here just yet. "Is there something I can help you with?"
[13:04] <Leon‘Freeman> "Actually, I was wondering if I might be able to help you." Said Mr. Freeman, sitting down. "Have you ever considered a career as a diplomat, Ms. Zhang?"
[13:10] * Yanmei stared blankly. "Ah… I’m… actually not quite sure which career path I'll take," she admitted. Judging from how hot her face felt, she was certain that the fact that she had been caught off guard was manifesting pretty obviously.
[13:15] * Leon‘Freeman smiled indulgently. "Of course. You’re still young, after all. You have plenty of time to think about that sort of thing." He said. "Some of us find our calling more naturally than others. But let's stick to the present. You're a person of influence now, Ms. Zhang. And more importantly you're a person who seems mature enough to handle it. So- what I want to do is help you.-
[13:16] <Leon‘Freeman> "Put some of our resources at your disposal, so to speak. You might need a friend in the diplomatic mission at some point or another- who knows, really?- And I’m that sort of person."
[13:19] <Yanmei> "You're certain, Mr. Freeman?" She tilted her head a little. It was a very odd thought that anyone other than NERV would want to help her… and even they were just using her with their own goals in mind. "Free of cost, so to speak?"
[13:22] * Leon‘Freeman chuckles. "More or less. We would, of course, appreciate your assistance with some things- there’s not a lot you can do, since the law is sort of restrictive in that regard. But if you were to work as a sort of informal go-between for us and NERV, it'd be appreciated."
[13:26] <Yanmei> "Informal… I see." That meant there would be no contracts involved, didn't it? And if there were, the favors Leon was asking for didn't seem so terrible. "The Americans are interested in NERV. Well, yes, I suppose they would be? I'll see what I can do."
[13:27] <Leon‘Freeman> "Thank you very much, Ms. Zhang." He slid a card over to her, with contact details. "I hope this will be a mutually beneficial relationship."
[13:29] <Yanmei> "Those are my hopes too," she smiled, accepting the card. She wished she had one to give him in return. Maybe she could ask Marianne about that later. It would be so sophisticated! "Thank you. And I hope you enjoyed the press conference tonight."
[13:30] <Leon`Freeman> "It was rather intriguing." A dark little smile. "Mr. Fontaine was in -rare- form tonight. I haven’t seen a person so hotly scathing since my last family reunion."
[13:33] <Yanmei> "Mr. Fontaine has some issues to sort out." She shrugged, oh so innocently, and heaved a little sigh. "If he was trying to prove something, I don't really know what it was?"
[13:35] * Leon‘Freeman chuckled. "Maybe he’s just jealous? Ah…" He looked down at his (shiny, silver) watch. "Ah, unfortunately, I do believe it's time for me to go. Thank you again, Ms. Zhang." Said Mr. Freeman, standing up and offering her his hand.
[13:36] <Yanmei> "I see. What a shame." She stood with him, ignoring the stiffness in her leg, and shook his hand. "It was a pleasure, Mr. Freeman."
[13:38] * Leon‘Freeman inclines his head. "Until next time." He said, and started to make his way out, briefly stopping to greet a few other people on the way.-
[13:39] <Leon`Freeman> ["I believe the good Attache was rather impressed by you tonight, Yanmei." Said a familiar voice. Dorian wheeled himself over, looking, all in all, like a rather satisfied cat.-
[13:40] <Leon`Freeman> ["Of course. You were brilliant~" Said Marianne, who’d followed Dorian over. She put an arm around her treasured little charge. There was obvious pride in her voice.]
[13:44] <Yanmei> "If you guys say so?" she mumbled. The careful diction that she had been keeping up with the past few hours started to slip. She was pretty tired, after all, and important attaches and such were leaving the building. No reason to keep it up any more. "He said he wanted me to be a diplomat, and he gave me a card. Can we have business cards too?"
[13:46] <Leon‘Freeman> ["I don’t see why not." Said Dorian. "You're mature enough to handle that sort of thing, and you wouldn't be the sort to hand it out to just anyone. Marianne can have a few made up for you." He said, nodding to Marianne. "But a diplomat, huh? … Yeah, I guess I can see that. Speaaaking of diplomacy!" Dorian grinned. "I know this is sort of sudden. But-
[13:46] <Leon‘Freeman> "Your school was looking for ’student ambassadors' to guide a few new kids around the school. Y'know, that sort of thing. It ain't a press conference, but… Hey, it sounds like fun to me."]
[13:51] <Yanmei> "Ambassadors. I think you mean 'tour guides'?" She managed not to let any distain creep out around her smile. She could think of better ways spend the days leading up to school. Still… she had a feeling she knew where they were going with this. "I understand, though. I would be happy to help out, Dorian."
[13:53] <Leon‘Freeman> ["Thanks." Said Dorian, nodding his head.-
[13:53] <Leon`Freeman> ["Now, I think it’s time to get home." Said Marianne, stretching a little. "C'mon, Yanmei. We can grab some dinner on the way home, if you're hungry."]
[13:56] <Yanmei> "Certainly." She tucked the card away, and paid her respects to Dorian with a slight nod. "Have a good night, Captain."
[13:57] <Leon`Freeman> ["Same to you, Yanmei." He gives her a nod, then he is wheeling off!]

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