In The Court Of Justice

[17:23] <Mazarin> [The 26th of May, 2015; an ampitheatre in the International Hall for Justice, the Hague. A busy, bustling room overlooks the stage where this particular drama will take place. The banner of the United Nations hangs against the back of the wall.-
[17:24] <Mazarin> [Sitting in the front row of this galley are two people. The one on the left is a man; tall and gaunt, wearing a fairly typical black suit and white shirt, with a blue tie. His legs are crossed and his hands folded placidly in his lap, and he turns his head to look at the woman next to him.-
[17:26] <Mazarin> "Quite the turnout, Ginevre. I do believe I can see the Representative of Australia there in the galley. His eyebrows are as bushy as ever."
[17:27] <Ginevre> [The woman is, of course, Ginevre Containe, Director of NERV. She is dressed, as she most often is, in her NERV uniform, buttoned right to the collar, giving her a far more military appearance than her companion. She has black gloves on, and black shoes.-
[17:29] <Ginevre> "I wonder why he's here." Said Ginevre; a statement as opposed to a question. "I do wish they would refrain from turning these things into spectacles."
[17:31] <Mazarin> "Come now, Ginevre." Said Mazarin, his tone amused. "You and I both know that we are relying on that very same spectacle." He gently brushed an imaginary speck off of his suit. "Let them see."
[17:33] * Ginevre frowned slightly. "I know. But I would prefer to be at home."
[17:35] <Mazarin> "Home? For the rebuilding?"
[17:35] <Ginevre> "No." Said Ginevre coolly. "Home for my children."
[17:36] <Mazarin> "Ah." Said Mazarin. He paused for a moment. "I've always found that disconcerting, dear Ginevre, you -are- aware of that."
[17:36] <Ginevre> "Find what disconcerting?"
[17:37] <Mazarin> "That a woman like you applies your maternal instinct to the nasty little bundles of terror and dismay you hide in your basement."
[17:37] <Ginevre> "I was not referring to the Evangelions this time, Mortimer." Said Ginevre coldly.
[17:39] <Mazarin> "Indeed?" A delicate raising of an eyebrow. "Do you mean to imply that you are actually feeling warmth for another human being?" Asked Mazarin, perpetually amused.
[17:40] <Ginevre> "Do not taunt me, Mortimer."
[17:42] <Mazarin> "My apologies, Ginevre. I had no intention to cause offense." He pattered her gently on the leg. "Although I reserve the right to reap amusement from any offense I unintentionally cause."
[17:43] * Ginevre turned slowly to look him in the eye. "I am going to eat you alive out there. You -are- aware of that, Mortimer."
[17:43] <Mazarin> "I would not have it any other way." Said Mortimer, his eyes twinkling- then suddenly, his gaze turned to somewhere else. "Ah, the good judges are here. Shall we give our audience a show?"
[17:44] <Ginevre> "Very well." Sighed Ginevre, standing up.
[17:46] <Mazarin> [The judges that sat upon the Interational Justice Court numbered ten; five from the New Security Council nations (Germany, the UK, France, Russia and the United States) and five others chosen on a rotating basis. Today, the five other nations were Japan, Algeria, Italy, China and Canada.-
[17:49] <Mazarin> [The galley was brought to attention by a sharp gavel smack, as the head of the Court (Germany) opened the hearing. Mazarin and Ginevre now stood opposite of each other, each of them in their stands.-
[17:52] <Mazarin> ["President Mazarin. Please state the allegations for which you have, in the name of France, brought against the UN organisation known as NERV."]
[17:59] <Mazarin> "Certainly." Said Mazarin smoothly, turning to face the judge. "Your Honours." He bowed to them. "Guests from all corners." He bowed to the galley, then, back to the judges. "May it please the Court to know that, on the 6th of May, at approximately 9:32 PM, the Commander of NERV's Paris-2 division implemented Extraordinary Action Imperative One. After the events of that crisis had been dealt with-
[18:01] <Mazarin> "I believed it prudent to hold the Commander to task regarding her actions, which I fear were done in haste and without the authority to do so, as is laid out in the NERV Charter. Specifically, regarding the situation in which Imperative One may be activated."
[18:08] <Mazarin> ["Are they the entirety of the allegations?"]
[18:09] <Mazarin> "No, your honour. It will also please the Court to know that I feel it prudent to question the Commander on other actions and events that took place during that period, including NERV's security policy in regards to the Geofront."
[18:10] <Mazarin> ["Very well then. Proceed."]
[18:11] * Ginevre stares at Mazarin impassively. She is ready to take his barrage of questions.
[18:12] * Mazarin turns toward Ginevre, and smiles. "Commander Fontaine. My first question is this: is it true that, on the 6th of May, at 9:32 PM, you executed the Extraordinary Action referred to as Imperative One?"
[18:12] <Ginevre> "That is correct."
[18:12] <Mazarin> "Please inform the court what Imperative One does."
[18:15] * Ginevre sighed. "Imperative One is a response to a situation considered to be extremely dangerous. It grants NERV complete control over a predetermined administrative region of the country the department is based in. This includes the suspension of all civilian governments, the imposition of martial law, the evacuation of all civilians and the acquisition of control over all military forces, both national and UN, in the area."
[18:16] <Mazarin> "And how does one determine that a situation is 'extremely dangerous'?" Asked Mazarin. "Gut feeling?" He added smugly.
[18:19] <Ginevre> "No." She narrowed her eyes. "The situation is taken into account by the department's MAGI Supercomputers. If the MAGI Supercomputers calculate that the likelihood of NERV's destruction within that situation breaches a threshold of 90%, then Imperative One is authorised."
[18:20] <Mazarin> "Ah. So you leave it up to an unthinking machine?"
[18:20] <Ginevre> "I would hardly call the MAGI unthinking, President Mazarin."
[18:20] <Mazarin> "Would you deem the MAGI Supercomputers to be more intelligent than, say, yourself?"
[18:21] <Ginevre> "More intelligent than any one human being, easily." Said Ginevre coolly.
[18:22] <Mazarin> "Indeed." Mazarin idly drummed his fingers against his stand. "Your honours." He turned toward the judges. "I have organised a number of experts on this matter to give evidence and opinions on the situation. May I call one such expert?"
[18:23] <Mazarin> ["You may."]
[18:23] <Mazarin> "My first choice for this role was… Unavailable." Mazarin smiled. "But I have found another of equal talent. May I please call Dr. Akagi Ritsuko to the fore?"
[18:32] <Mazarin> [A woman walked across the open floor, a frown on her face. She had blonde hair, and green eyes- an unusual combination for a woman from Japan. Nevertheless, a NERV ID badge was pinned to the shirt she wore, and she took up a third stand- that of a witness.]
[18:33] <Mazarin> ["State your name and occupation." Said the German judge.-
[18:34] <Mazarin> ["Akagi Ritsuko. I hold the position of head of NERV Japan's Technical Division. In essence, I'm the head scientist there." She said, flicking her eyes toward Ginevre.]
[18:34] <Mazarin> [The judge nodded to Mazarin.]
[18:34] <Mazarin> "You're the head scientist of NERV Japan. Does that mean you understand the workings of the MAGI?"
[18:35] <Mazarin> ["Of course." Said Dr. Akagi in an almoft affronted tone. "NERV divisions practically -run- off the MAGI."]
[18:37] <Mazarin> "So, in your opinion, the MAGI at Paris-2 could not've been malfunctioning?"
[18:38] <Mazarin> ["Not without the scientists knowing. The MAGI is a resilient machine when it comes to malfunctions or viruses in any case. Its self-adapting programming allows it to combat such threats anyway."]
[18:40] <Mazarin> "And did the scientists at Paris-2 record any such malfunctions?"
[18:40] <Mazarin> ["No."]
[18:40] <Mazarin> "So we can guarantee that the calculations of the MAGI were completely correct, and not due to malfunctions or error."
[18:40] <Mazarin> ["That is correct."]
[18:41] <Mazarin> "Alright. How easy is it to tamper with the MAGI Supercomputers?"
[18:42] <Mazarin> [Dr. Akagi's eyes narrowed. "What do you mean?"]
[18:42] <Mazarin> "Is it possible for someone to manually enter the calculations by hand without leaving it up to the MAGI?"
[18:45] <Mazarin> [Dr. Akagi frowned. "No. At least… It would have to override the MAGI's inherent programming and corrective subroutines, which would require -work-."]
[18:45] <Mazarin> "Would Dr. Riel of Paris-2 have the capacity to do so?"
[18:45] <Mazarin> ["… Not at will. I estimate she would need at least three days to override that."]
[18:46] <Mazarin> "Couldn't the Doctor have prepared the override ahead of time?"
[18:46] <Mazarin> ["The MAGI recalibrates its systems every week. From the schedule, her override would have been purged by the recalibration, and there would be a record of that."]
[18:46] <Mazarin> "Was there a record?"
[18:46] <Mazarin> ["No."]
[18:46] <Mazarin> "So the MAGI was not tampered with."
[18:47] <Mazarin> ["No."]
[18:47] <Mazarin> "So it was completely and perfectly accurate when it gave its reading?"
[18:47] <Mazarin> ["Yes."]
[18:47] * Mazarin was silent for awhile. He tapped the edge of his stand. "That's all, Doctor."
[18:48] <Mazarin> ["Do you wish to ask any questions of Dr. Akagi, Commander Fontaine?"]
[18:48] <Ginevre> "I do not."
[18:49] <Mazarin> ["You are dismissed, Doctor." Said the Judge idly. Dr. Akagi nodded her head slowly, stepping away from the stand. "Thank you, your honour." She crossed her gaze with Mazarin as she walked.]
[18:49] * Mazarin beamed at her.
[18:49] <Ginevre> "So now you have proof that the MAGI recorded a legitimate reading without tampering or human hands involved. Is this farce done?" Asked Ginevre coolly.
[18:50] <Mazarin> "Not yet." Said Mazarin, beaming. "Commander, tell me. Who does NERV answer to?"
[18:54] <Ginevre> "… NERV as a whole answers to the UN Human Instrumentality Committee." Said Ginevre.
[18:54] <Mazarin> "So they are your superiors?"
[18:54] <Ginevre> "You could call them that, yes."
[18:55] <Mazarin> "And is it not true that NERV requires permission from the entirety of the Instrumentaliy Committee before implementing -any- Extraordinary Order?"
[18:55] * Ginevre was quiet. She stared at Mazarin.
[18:56] <Mazarin> "Answer the question, Commander."
[18:56] <Ginevre> "… Yes, it is correct."
[19:05] <Mazarin> "And did you have express permission from the Committee to implement Imperative One?"
[19:06] <Ginevre> "Yes, conditionally."
[19:06] <Mazarin> "Conditionally? Elaborate."
[19:07] * Ginevre glowered. "You are trying to make me reduce a complicated situation down to a few simple, small things, President. I understand your preference for small and simple, considering your own person, but this is something that refuses such treatment."
[19:08] <Mazarin> "On the contrary, Commander. Handling you and your ego has given me plenty of ability to handle large things." Said Mazarin sweetly. "Let's discuss this 'complicated situation', shall we? Did you decide you were not in need of permission? That it was 'assumed' based on your own erroneous misjudgement of your ability?"
[19:11] * Ginevre glared at him openly. "I have it in good stead that the Committee automatically grants me authority should a NERV division be destroyed."
[19:11] <Mazarin> "Why's that?"
[19:11] <Ginevre> "What do you mean? Is it not obvious that the destruction of a NERV division is a cause of extreme alarm? Or do I have to spell it out for you?"
[19:12] <Mazarin> "Pardon, Commander." The President bowed. "I was merely trying to apply logic to an organisation greatly bereft of logic. Tell me, why is it that the destruction of a NERV division automatically grants -you- authority to do whatever you please?"
[19:13] * Ginevre bristled. Her left hand twitched once. "Because it is assumed that after the destruction of a NERV division, the next target will automatically be Paris-2."
[19:14] <Mazarin> "So, if an Angel destroys NERV Japan, it is assumed that it will ignore NERV America, NERV China, NERV Germany and NERV Britain and go -straight- for NERV France."
[19:14] <Ginevre> "Yes."
[19:14] <Mazarin> "Why is that?"
[19:15] <Ginevre> "Our understanding of Angel psychology dictates that any attacks it makes against other branches is intended to act as a probe of NERV's defensive capacities. Since all of the branches have a single Evangelion, except for Paris-2, which has three, the Angel will automatically proceed to the next most dangerous target."
[19:17] <Mazarin> "Angel psychology? Do you sit them down and ask them about their mother?"
[19:18] <Mazarin> [Laughs from the galley. The judge smacks his gavel down. "This is a court of justice, not a chance for the two of you to exchange insults."]
[19:19] <Mazarin> "My apologies, your honour." Said Mazarin, turning to the Judge. "But it may please the court to know that I requested another expert for this situation. May I call her in?"
[19:19] <Mazarin> ["Feel free."]
[19:19] * Mazarin smirked. "I call Dr. Mary Caine to the fore?"
[19:20] <Mazarin> [There was a quiet murmur amongst the galley as a woman entered. She was shapely and tall- and much like Ginevre, rather coolly beautiful. She had pale long blonde hair and blue eyes, and she quietly took up the stand.-
[19:21] <Mazarin> ["State your name and occupation." Said the Judge.-
[19:21] <Mazarin> ["Mary Caine." Said the woman. "Representative of Germany in the Human Instrumentality Committee and head of that organisation."]
[19:22] <Mazarin> [The judge nodded to Mazarin, who stepped forward.]
[19:22] <Mazarin> "Dr. Caine. As the head of the Human Instrumentality Committee, you are essentially Commander Fontaine's superior?"
[19:23] <Mazarin> ["… Yes." Said Dr. Caine, staring at Mazarin.]
[19:24] <Mazarin> "So, can you corroborate my claim that the Commander requires your permission before using an Extraordinary Order?"
[19:24] <Mazarin> ["I can. It's written in the opening paragraph of the Extraordinary Orders section of the Charter."]
[19:25] <Mazarin> "Did you give express permission to the Commander to use Imperative One on May the 6th?"
[19:26] <Mazarin> ["No. I did not." Said Dr. Caine coldly.]
[19:26] <Mazarin> "Aha. So the Commander acted without authorisation?"
[19:27] <Mazarin> ["She did not."]
[19:27] <Mazarin> "But you just said she did -not- have permission."
[19:28] <Mazarin> ["I said she did not have express permission to use Imperative One. That implies that she asked me specifically for permission to use Imperative One, which she did not do. She did, however, have permission to use any Executive Order should a NERV Branch be destroyed, such as with Berlin-2."]
[19:29] <Mazarin> "…Ah." Mazarin frowned, momentarily wrongfooted. "So she had your permission?"
[19:29] <Mazarin> ["Yes."]
[19:30] <Mazarin> "… Why wasn't I informed that she was going to implement Imperative One?" Said Mazarin, glowering.
[19:30] <Mazarin> ["You were."]
[19:30] <Mazarin> "I was?"
[19:31] <Ginevre> "You should have received a message on your office computers, President Mazarin. Surely one of your receptionists would have communicated that fact to you?" Asked Ginevre coolly.
[19:31] <Mazarin> "They had fled by the time I returned to my office."
[19:31] <Ginevre> "All of them?"
[19:32] <Mazarin> "Yes." Said Mazarin, with a frown that clearly contemplated whether he was getting his money's worth when it came to his staff.
[19:33] <Mazarin> ["We cannot be held accountable for your lacklustre staff, President." Said Dr. Caine coldly.]
[19:34] <Mazarin> "No. No, of course not. You're perfectly right." Said Mazarin, quickly progressing. "Tell me, Dr. Caine. What is NERV's procedure on dealing with a security breach by an individual or individuals?"
[19:39] <Mazarin> ["… The individual is held for questioning and interrogation to ascertain the reasons behind their intrusion."]
[19:39] <Mazarin> "Are they ever released?"
[19:39] <Mazarin> ["They are either held indefinitely until they are tried by the ICC, or executed."]
[19:40] <Mazarin> "Have any of the instigators behind the five security breaches that occured on the 7th of May been arrested?"
[19:40] * Ginevre glared, leaning forward. This… Was not what was expected. "What's the meaning of this, Mazarin?"
[19:41] <Mazarin> "Surely you -know-, Commander." Said Mazarin silkily. "On the 7th of May, there were five security breaches into the Geofront. Tell me, Commander, is it not true that the Geofront is the single most fortified military installation on Earth?"
[19:42] <Ginevre> "Barring the Flammenschwert installation in Tasmania, yes. What's your point?"
[19:44] <Mazarin> "How is it that such an important installation can be so easily breached? By fifteen year old children?" Mazarin took out a list from his jacket. "Is it not true that the five breaches happened over two periods of time: the first by a Mr. Isaiah Gabriel-Wei, who stole a pilot's ID and slipped inside? And furthermore, by four other people: Evangeline Marchand, Lillian Durand, Emile Olivier and Patrice Gosselin? All of them fifteen
[19:44] <Mazarin> years of age?"
[19:44] <Mazarin> [Expressions of outrage amongst the galley.]
[19:45] <Ginevre> "You exaggerate, Mazarin!" Snapped Ginevre. "Of those, four of them were given express permission by the Operations Director."
[19:45] <Mazarin> "And the fifth? Mr. Gabriel-Wei. Has he been arrested? Has he been -executed-?"
[19:45] <Ginevre> "No." Said Ginevre coldly. "Dr. Caine, is it not true that the Commander of a NERV branch has the complete right to -not- incarcerate supposed security breaches?"
[19:46] <Mazarin> ["That is true, providing justification can be offered."]
[19:46] * Ginevre turned and glared at Mazarin victoriously.
[19:46] <Mazarin> "Then provide your justifications!"
[19:47] <Ginevre> "President Mazarin! Each and every one of those children just listed were all under NERV surveillance. They are all listed on the Marduk Report as potential Evangelion pilots. They could not possibly be a threat."-
[19:47] <Ginevre> "Secondly, of those, one of them- Evangeline Marchand- is already a member of NERV, due to her successful completion of the NeoSpartan Education Project.-
[19:48] <Ginevre> "Thirdly, each and every one of them was acting out of concern and compassion for their friends, who were pilots. In Gabriel-Wei's case, he not only infiltrated the Geofront, but attached himself to a damage control team and -personally- saved Pilot Zhang Yanmei's life, at great injury to himself.-
[19:49] <Ginevre> "Fourthly, I am, on my name, a pragmatic woman but I am not heartless. The day I execute fifteen year olds for acting out of love and selflessness is the day I am no longer fit to work as the Director of NERV."
[19:52] <Mazarin> [A silence in the room.]
[19:52] <Mazarin> "… I see." Said Mazarin, giving Ginevre an apologetic look. "Then I acquiesce to your superior judgement."
[19:54] <Mazarin> ["I believe we should adjourn for a period whilst the judges discuss this situation." Said the German Judge. "An hours' recess for the court."]
[19:55] * Ginevre barely waited for the 'procedure' to end before she turned on her heel and stormed out, moving so quickly that she inadvertently knocked the Australian representative over in her rush.
[19:55] * Mazarin watched her go quietly. He stayed a little longer, but before long he, too, left.

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