In The Craft Of The Commander

[00:15] <Sept> [-Meanwhile.-]
[00:21] <Sept> [-and a few minutes after the defeat of Unit 01, in the midst of the Forest of Sudden Defeat. The unit's pilot climbs out of the ejected entry plug, confused, angry and scared. He kicks the plug on his way out, and falls onto the grass, whining and clawing at the soil.]
[00:22] <Dorian> [He falls into a puddle of still-hot LCL. He can feel it near-burning in his lungs, as well.]
[00:23] <Sept> But only near-burning. It's nowhere near what -he- will have felt. It doesn't begin to compensate for his failure.
[00:26] <Dorian> [It's… Quiet. Sept can hear, faintly, the sounds of the battle raging a kilometre away.]
[00:33] <Sept> He thought of running back - it was, after all, a relatively short distance - but soon realised that without a plug, he was useless for the fight.
[00:35] <Dorian> [The body of 01 was still burning. The connection had been cut, but Sept could still feel it… Or could he? It was so difficult to separate the two.-
[00:35] <Dorian> [But as he knelt there, and listened, and grieved, in a sense… He'd soon hear a different sound. The whine of a VTOL's engine.]
[00:44] * Sept concentrated on his surroundings for a moment, but returned to his Puddle of Failure and Self-Pity after recognising it.
[00:45] <Dorian> [A few minutes later, he'd feel his air being swept back as a VTOL landed…-
[00:46] <Dorian> [The door opened. Two Section 2 guards stepped out, followed by perhaps the last person one would expect- Commander Fontaine herself.]
[00:49] <Sept> "…Ginevre. D-don't you have a battle to, to oversee?"
[00:50] <Dorian> "That's Dorian's job." She said softly. She started walking- then running forward, across the field. Within seconds she was kneeling by his side, her hand on his head. "Are you alright, Sept?"
[00:57] <Sept> Sera's first reaction would've been to pull away from the undemanded display of emotion, but… something was different. Likely the simple fact that he needed something, anything, for comfort then and there. "I… am. But 01's not. I couldn't…" He looked at the Commander pleadingly, practically in tears. "It's my fault!"
[00:59] <Dorian> "Shh." She whispered, pulling him closer, stroking his hair. "It's alright, Sept. It's alright. You did -very- well. Your teammates are going to win because of you. We are going to win. EVA 01 is very proud of what you did, and is glad you're safe."
[01:07] <Sept> "You… really mean that?" *sniff* "Thank you, Ginevre."
[01:08] <Dorian> "It's alright, Sept." She said, smiling dotingly down at him. "I brought something for you to drink on the VTOL. Can you walk, Sept?"
[01:15] <Sept> "…yeah. It's not my legs, it's my… or its… It's not my legs." He seemed to be feeling better, emotionally, at least for the immediate future. Supporting himself on the Commander, Sera got up and walked, slowly, to the VTOL. He glanced toward the sounds of the battle once more, and boarded the vessel.
[01:17] <Dorian> [Ginevre was quite happy to half-carry Sept, or whatever it took, to get him back to the VTOL. Once there, he was handed a thermos of something cold and refreshing. "Drink it slowly." She said, smoothing down his LCL'd hair.]
[01:22] <Sept> The smooth liquid brought unimaginable relief to the weary pilot, washing away both the heat from his lungs as well as the horrors of battle - for now.
[01:30] <Dorian> [… A sound. A horrible roar.]
[01:31] * Sept choked on the liquid for a few seconds, then settled on looking outside. Even though no discernible sound came from his lips, the question was clear in his eyes.
[01:33] <Dorian> "…" Sept would find whatever free hand he had gripped by that of Ginevre. Fear was written in her face. "Pilot! Get us out of here!" "Yes, ma'am!" The VTOL would quickly be moving, ascending.
[02:08] <Dorian> [… An explosion lit the sky. An Angel Cross split the air- the sign of an Angel being defeated. Slowly, as the VTOL crested a hill… The sight came into view. The scarred, burning forest. The Angel, dead. EVA-04… Going berserk.]
[02:12] <Sept> "They did it… but, why is, oh. Oh, no. Can't we do anything? Ginevre, you need to help her!"
[02:13] <Dorian> ["There's nothing we can do." Said Ginevre quietly, staring at the carnage. "We can't expect 00 to defeat that. The best we can do now is wait for 04 to calm down, then we can collect it. I'm sorry, Sept."
[02:13] <Dorian> ]
[02:32] <Dorian> [Finally, 04 goes limp and still.]
[02:38] <Sept> "Is she… is she okay?"
[02:39] <Dorian> "I'm not sure. She should be alive. Probably very shaken up." … A call came over on the radio, and Ginevre moved to state a response before returning to Sept's side.]
[02:50] <Sept> "…right. She's strong. She'll pull through… I hope."
[02:51] <Dorian> [Ginevre nods. She looks at Sept with concern. "Are you feeling alright, Sept? Maybe you should sleep for awhile if you feel tired."]

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