In The Gathering Of The Music Club

(15:05:53) Viviane: [The Date: 26th of February. A Thursday.-
(15:07:04) Viviane: [Another school day has come to an end as the bell chimes 3 PM. Students begin filing out almost immediately, and to what must be Sept's great relief, before long much of the school is dead quiet.-
(15:07:22) Viviane: [Of course, there are still a few people around…]
(15:08:05) Viviane: "Hey, um… Excuse me, Sera?" Asked Viviane, approaching the boy in the classroom. The sky outside was a lovely amber.
(15:08:35) Sept: "Hello, Viviane."
(15:09:12) Viviane: "Are you good today?" She asked hopefully. She was genuinely hoping he was in a good mood.
(15:11:27) Sept: "Better every minute." He leaned back in his chair and idly gazed at the people filing out into the streets.
(15:12:22) * Viviane let her gaze flit towards the window before turning back to Sept. "That's good." She said cheerfully- cheerfully in the sense of trying to hide her nervousness. "I just- well, today's music club day."
(15:12:33) * Aline leaaaned over, from where she was - sidling behind Sera's chair - and nodded. "Yes, it is~"
(15:14:49) Sept: "Oh. Really?" The nervousness shone through his usual nondescript tone a bit too clearly.
(15:15:51) Viviane: "Hey, Aline." Said Viviane warmly as the girl chimed in, before turning back to Sept. "Yeah… Yeah, that's right. So… So I figured maybe you and I could look around and pick your instrument today."
(15:16:57) * Aline raised a finger. "I can help, too! I certainly know enough about him from all the training together and his girlfriend trusting me to watch over him, so I might be able to give pointers for personality bits!"
(15:19:09) Viviane: "Yeah… Yeah! Actually, you might be able to help." Said Vivian quietly, turning to Aline.
(15:20:03) * Sept looked at Viviane, then Aline, then glanced outside, and then both in turn again. There weren't many choices here. "I, I guess so. Thank you."
(15:22:19) * Aline nodded happily. "You're welcome~"
(15:22:25) Viviane: "Hehe. It's okay!" Said Viviane, blushing slightly. "We should go take a look at the orchestra room, then. The orchestra isn't playing yet, so it's pretty good for us to look around."
(15:26:08) Sept: "That sounds good." Sera nodded, and tentatively got up from his chair.
(15:27:10) * Viviane nods happily! She turns to Aline. "We're good to go, right?"
(15:30:36) * Aline began to move forward, actually! "Yes, quite."
(15:35:04) * Sept followed, at times quickening his pace to walk side by side with the girls, but always somehow gravitating to the tail end of the party.
(15:40:53) * Viviane seemed, at times, like she was going to try conversation, but seemed to think again at the last moment. She mostly seemed to spend her time looking around to ensure the pilots were still following.-
(15:42:49) Viviane: [Before long, they reached one of the campus buildings, a wide rectangular structure that seemed to be built into the ground- moreso than most Geofront buildings. The inside led to a very, -very- large ampitheatre, big enough to accomodate the 3,200 students Saint Louis once boasted; and of course, a dais for performers or speakers.-
(15:43:30) * Viviane led Sept and Aline through the empty building, to the back behind the stage. The area was 'busy', in the sense that it had a lot of things back there, but there were only one or two people milling about. This wasn't where music club practiced, after all.-
(15:44:15) Viviane: Before long, they'd reached where the orchestral ensemble was kept, in a side room to the far back of the backstage. "Well… This is it, Sera."
(15:47:27) Sept: Sera's reactions so far were fairly single-tracked so far, mostly consisting of open-mouthed admiration. The array of instruments was no exception.-
(15:47:59) Sept: "Any of these? …where do we start?"
(15:49:24) Viviane: "Well, um…" She blinked. "Um." She turned to Aline for help.
(15:49:43) * Viviane fidgeted slightly with her collar, her discomfort apparent on her reddening face.
(15:50:53) * Aline thought. "Well, first things first, we should think of what you like to do… Now, I play the violin." She gestured to one such instrument on the rack. "Stringed instruments like that need you to know how to use the bow and move it across the strings. It's a lot about paying attention to your motions and how they flow."-
(15:52:03) * Aline then started to head around the racks. "Percussion, like the drums? Is pretty easy, you just have to keep in time. Though we do mostly classical music, if ever we were to do a rock song you'd be pounding the life out of those drums! They're a bit clamorish so I'm not sure it's your thing."-
(15:53:26) * Aline passed by where a variety of… tubes? Were kept. "Woodwinds like the clarinet and oboe are about learning first how to blow through them, and then the proper fingering to use each of its holes to make different sounds. Some of them have a sort of low tone, others are middling-ish. Not very jarring, though, once you get used to it."-
(15:56:14) * Aline then settled near the last -major- section. "Aaand the wind and brass instruments. They're like those woodwinds, but without as much complications trying to blow them. A lot more fingering though, at least comparatively. Especially on big ones like the saxophone! Their tones are strong and a bit -blasty- so I'm not sure if you'd be comfortable with them either. Flutes are sorta more
(15:56:14) * Aline like the woodwinds in how you handle them, but without… well, the wood. They're pretty light and high, though. Dunno if you'd like them but they probably wouldn't hurt your ears either." She did pause. "It's not here, but we also have a concert piano… if you want that."
(15:57:31) Viviane: "… Yeah." Said Viviane, nodding, looking pleased that Aline had explained it well enough, yet seemingly a little disappointed at not doing so herself.
(16:13:01) * Sept seemed satisfied with the explanation as well, wandering about fiddling with the various instruments. He tapped some of the drums with his fingers, felt the texture of the cello's strings, tried the weight and feel of the trumpet, but finally seemed to settle on the less ostentatious wind instruments. "I think I like the idea of the flutes. Most sounds in the city, natural and otherwise, are so low… a high instrument is easy to separate from that. And they're light and small enough to be held and carried effortlessly."
(16:15:18) * Aline clapped her hands lightly. "There you go! That's as good a reason as any. I'll admit I sorta wanted you to pick something different from me and… yeah, from my section."
(16:17:14) * Viviane nods! "I think it suits you, Sera. Light and high, hm…?"
(16:26:15) Sept: "You really think it'd be good?"
(16:26:38) Aline: "Yes, she does!"
(16:28:22) Viviane: "Y-" Vivian turned to look at Aline for a moment, before turning back to Sept. "I really do."
(16:30:57) * Sept turned to examine his choices once more, comparing the sound of a few different ones before settling on a specific flute with a smile. "Then… I guess that's it?"
(16:32:24) * Aline had responded to Vivian's words with a rather simple smile and sort of… flourish? Like she shifted her body in one direction and imitated a dancer. But after a few seconds, to Sept… "Well, I forget now what else we do. Viviane?"
(16:34:26) * Viviane nods to Aline before turning to Sept. "Well, now that you've made your choice… You can rent this one out from the orchestra for main sessions and any shows we do. But you can't take it off the campus grounds, so if you want to practice you probably have to buy one of your own, or just come to school a lot after hours. But you need permission from the Club teacher, and to be accompanied by a club prefect, too."
(16:38:51) * Sept nodded. The terms were accepted. "I think I'll have to get one for myself. Although I'm not sure what I should be looking for in something like that, so I imagine I'll need some advice with it."
(16:40:18) * Aline shrugged. "Well, really it's just construction. Better not be gummed up or really fragile or mis-tuned, is all. I could probably help you shop sometime then!"
(16:40:47) * Viviane nods slowly. She walks over to the flute and picks it up. "W-well." She turns to Aline. "I mean, you're probably really busy, Aline! I wouldn't mind showing him."
(16:42:58) * Aline waved her hand. "I sorta thought you were busy, actually. But if you have time, that's good too~"
(16:44:26) Viviane: "Well, not -that- busy. No busier than any other student!" Said Viviane quickly, placing the flute back down on its stand. "Besides, I'm happy to take some time out to help Sera." She turns to him. "You don't mind, right?"
(16:47:18) Sept: "No, no, I wouldn't mind at all." Blissful ignorance of any social implications.
(16:48:39) Viviane: "Right then." Said Viviane warmly, picking the flute up again. "Well, um. I guess we should go to practice?"
(16:50:12) * Aline nodded! "We should!~"
(16:50:32) * Sept nodded as well, almost enthusiastically.
(16:57:54) Viviane: [And so, they headed off! The music room was in fact in another building entirely- in a class room, in fact.-
(17:00:19) Viviane: [There are so far about 20 people in the room, all of them bearing instruments! Well, most of them. Some of them were just observers. The leader was a rather short-looking brown-haired man, bearing a baton in his hand (potentially out of habit). He turned as Viviane opened up the door. "Ah, Viviane! It's about time, girl, about time…" He said, his words somewhat scolding but his tone gentle. "And Aline-
(17:00:36) Viviane: ["Hello again, Aline. It's good to see you can still put a bit of time aside for us. And… Who might this be?"]
(17:02:25) * Aline smiled softly. "Ah, it's Sera de Pteres. I'm not sure who gave him the idea to join, but I am happy he did."
(17:04:07) Viviane: [The teacher turned a gentle gaze towards Aline. "I'm sure the young Mr. de Pteres is quite capable enough of introducing himself, Aline. He certainly seems mature enough, don't you think?" A quiet chuckle.]
(17:04:09) * Sept was in the process of clearing his throat, and was about to introduce himself when Aline cut in. In reality, of course, the long and arduous clearing would have taken much longer. Sera instead just chimed in with a "Yes. Hello."
(17:06:48) Viviane: [The teacher waves a hand at them. A clear invitation to enter! "Come in, come in. We're about to start. My name is Augustine Bourgeois, but everyone just calls me Augie. You can call me whatever you want."]
(17:09:12) * Aline walked in, and… well, tilted her head a bit at what Mr. Bourgeois had said about Sera. She might have to tell him about the situation later. Or something. For now, though, she'd take her violin and start to warm up for the practice session!
(17:11:17) * Sept enters with a polite attempt at a bow. "Thank you, Augustine." He then heads in, carefully surveying the people gathered in the room in his usual SUBTLE manner.
(17:12:12) * Viviane sort of slips in afterward! Her cello was pre-emptively stored here earlier, for ease. Cellos are objects where placement for ease is -serious business-. -
(17:15:46) Viviane: ["So polite, huhuh." Mr. Bourgeois turns toward the assembly. There are, as noted, around 20 students, more girls than boys. Aline is on violin, as is another girl and a boy; Viviane seems to be the only cello player. There're a few other people on woodwind, including a boy on piccolo and another flute player- a girl.]
(17:23:27) * Sept finds his way slightly awkwardly through the classroom, and takes a seat. No particularly visible symptoms of tripping yet, nervous ratio is still within acceptable levels.
(17:25:07) * Viviane takes up position! Sept could sit wherever he wanted, since he was only observing for now.-
(17:25:31) Viviane: ["Hey!" Said the girl on flute, turning to him suddenly. "Hey- what're you gonna be playing?"]
(17:26:26) * Aline was continuing to ready. Craning the neck right to brace the violin, holding her bow at ready~
(17:26:27) Sept: "Hm? Oh, ah. Flute. I think. Yeah."
(17:27:03) Viviane: [Meanwhile. Aline was able to observe her fellow violinists! The girl was busy, reading a sheet. She was familiar to Aline from last year- her name was, perhaps somewhat ironically, Eva.-
(17:27:32) Viviane: [The boy was new, though. Instantly noticeable from his violently -violet- dyed hair. It was obviously dyed. At least Yanmei's hair looked natural!]
(17:30:11) Viviane: ["Another flutist, huh?" Said the girl, looking at Sept. "You're new to it, right?"]
(17:32:22) Sept: "Y-yeah. But I'm really looking forward to learning."
(17:35:07) Viviane: ["Uh-huh." She nodded. She eyeballed him appraisingly. "Well I hope you're up to scratch, de Pteres." She said, before abruptly turning back to her flute.]
(17:35:42) Sept: "I hope so too."
(17:36:06) * Aline looked around a bit, wondering perchance who dye-job-boy was. She knew herself and Yanmei had some weird hair colors, but this was a little too blatant. Not that that distracted her too much from producing more sweet harmonies~
(17:36:24) Viviane: "I think you'll do very well, Sept." Said Viviane.
(17:37:25) Viviane: [The boy kept glancing over at her. Obviously he knew who she was! But he seemed to be busy setting up his own violin, too.]
(17:40:11) Viviane: ["Hemhem. Alright, boys and girls." Mr. Bourgeois stepped forward. "Obviously we have some new people this semester. Always good, yes? Do try to make them all feel comfortable. Remember- this is music! Together! We need to be -friends-. We need to be welcome to make welcoming music!"]
(17:42:23) * Aline nodded cheerily! It was a bit too speechy at times from him, but at least he was nice~
(17:46:32) Viviane: [And so, time passed! Obviously the group were a little discordant. After all, they were only in their first lesson. But… When Mr. Bourgeois stepped back and let the people play by themselves, they showed plenty of competency, talent or at least enthusiasm. Everyone was here because they wanted to be.-
(17:50:09) Viviane: [Two hours passed. By then, the class had had the chance to demonstrate their talents and abilities, and even their aspirations. Those who had come to observe had been given quite a day!-
(17:50:38) Viviane: ["Well. I think… Huhuh, yes. It's pretty late." Said Mr. Bourgeois, eyeing the clock, which was now at a nice and solid 5:15 PM. "Well. Did we all enjoy ourselves today?"]
(17:50:49) Viviane: "Yes!" Said Viviane enthusiastically.
(17:52:12) * Aline nodded with a big bright eyes-shut smile. "Yeah~"
(17:52:24) * Sept nods along with the others. He really seemed to be able to get more comfortable as time went by!
(17:54:41) Viviane: ["Well, I'm all well and glad for that. Now- you'd best be running along, lest I give your mothers and fathers a conniption, hm? See you the same time next week, I hope!"]
(17:54:46) Viviane: [And with that- club dismissed!]
(17:58:40) * Aline got to putting her violin in its case, and putting away its bow and so on. Yes, it was -her- violin. Father insisted on it, as a Christmas gift. Not that it was a bad one by any means. She did, though, wait for Sera to get ready to go….
(18:02:50) * Sept seemed equally interested in the post-playing part of music as well, and continued observing the players keenly. When most of them had finished packing up, however, he got up and joined the others in leaving. He was practically -bouncing-.
(18:04:02) * Viviane was, of course, leaving as well! But before that… "Hey, uh… Sera?" She said quickly.
(18:04:26) Sept: "Hm?"
(18:04:58) * Aline was rather surprised by that development. Seeing Sera act… not shifty and restless was a big shock! "…You look like you enjoyed yourself~" …She did try to rein things in, though. She could tell already where Viviane was going. Yanmei might be the Great Negotiator, but Aline was canny enough to be the Shipper On Deck.
(18:06:23) Viviane: "Yeah." Said Viviane, chiming in. "You look pretty enthusiastic! So… So I was thinking, well, we should start organising practices, and that sort of thing. I don't do the flute, but Lena does the flute, so… Well, I'll be there to, since I'm a prefect, but I was wondering if it- it would be better if I could grab your number, too."
(18:13:34) * Sept blinked. "Didn't we already… nevermind." No, Sera de Pteres would not let the ensured awkwardness ruin this moment! "Yeah, sure!"
(18:15:08) Viviane: "D-" Viviane paused. She opened up her phone quickly, her hands moving with the alacrity of someone in dire fear of embarrassment. "O… Oho, oh right." She lifted the phone up to the space between their faces- all the best to try to hide her suddenly flaming red face. "W-well maybe, erm… I mean, maybe Lena needs it? Y-yeah. Or maybe I should just give it to her… Is that ok?" She said very quickly.
(18:16:03) * Sept just smiled. "That is ok, Viviane."
(18:16:22) * Aline cradled her chin over her hands. The setting sun reflected a glint off of her glasses, briefly concealing her eyes in a ruddy amber glare. "I wouldn't worry too badly. It's enough that you have it. Isn't~ that~ right?~"
(18:17:05) Viviane: "H-heh! Okay!" She lowered her phone, slipping it into her pocket. "Well, y-yeah, I guess." Mumbled Viviane, looking down at her shoes for a moment. "Anyway, s-sorry for the mixup! I'll see you tomorrow, ok? Er, both of you tomorrow!"
(18:21:32) Sept: "See you, Viviane!" … "So, where did you learn to play that well, Aline?"
(18:22:24) * Aline grinned. "…Here. Started it two years back, you see! Got a lot of practice in."
(18:22:47) Sept: "…that fast? But, but…"
(18:22:58) * Sept baffled.
(18:25:10) * Aline held out her hand, waving it up and down semi-dismissively. "I really worked at it. And two years is a long time to learn something! I'm still just a kid, I'm no concert player yet."
(18:43:31) Sept: "But it must still be great to be able to do that… even if just for yourself!"

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