In The Heat Of A Press Conference

[23:34] <Dorian> [[SESSION 2: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Date: 13th of February, 2015. Location: Paris-2. Episode Title: In the Heat of a Press Hall.-
[23:36] <Dorian> [The Paris-2 Civic Convention Hall was a fine building, built with the rugged modernist style so typical of Second Impact buildings. It was not a building that lent itself to ostentatious decoration or aesthetics; it was, first and foremost, functional, being basically a massive rectangle, attached to smaller rectangles.-
[23:38] <Dorian> [Yes, it was a building built for function. And that it did very well. Able to accomodate a crowd of about 60,000 as well as doubling as a potential bunker and bomb shelter, it was the natural place to hold civic events such as expos, conventions… Or big flashy press conferences.-
[23:39] <Dorian> [Three special cars currently made their way towards the Convention Centre, each one currently transporting one of the enigmatic pilots of the Evangelion, along with their Operator- Dorian rode with Aline.]
[23:40] <Dorian> [Also Freya rode with Sept.]
[23:46] * Aline stared out the window of the car, somewhat boredly. By this point in the ride she was tracing her finger up and down the glass of the window, listening to the slight scritch-scritch of the nail against the glass. Whee.
[23:47] <Yanmei> Presumably by herself, Yanmei lounged in the back seat of her car, sipping soda from a can with a straw. For now she looked a little bored, watching the streets and people they passed and occassionally lowering said can to toy with said straw. "Seriously? It's come to this," she muttered disgustedly. Wasn't it PR's job to answer questions at this sort of event?
[23:48] <Dorian> [Lieutenant Sophie Gagnier sat next to Aline, looking very fine and pretty in her neat NERV dress uniform. Unlike Aline she was rather nervous…]
[23:48] <Dorian> ["I -knew- this'd happen." Muttered Marianne, who was sharing Yanmei's ride.]
[23:49] * Sept exchanged idle, empty sentences with Freya about the past few days.
[23:50] <Dorian> [Lieutenant Gosselin also sat in on Sept's ride, watching Sept and his friend/guardian exchange sentences.]
[23:55] <Dorian> [And so time passes… The three cars would pull out into an esplanade, seemingly synchronised (they were, in fact. Section 2 demanded it). The Pilots and their hapless Operators and OD would be greeted with a veritable crowd of photographers. Snappy snap snap snap! Flash! They lit up the evening night, replacing it with searing flashes.]
[23:58] <Sept> "…Freya?" The tone was simple, unmistakable terror.
[23:58] * Aline audibly whimpered as they walked out… and, she was quite fortunate that many of the flashes just produced a ridiculous amount of glint off her glasses - because her eyes were forcefully clamped shut, her hand similarly clamped hard on Sophie's!
[23:58] <Dorian> ["Ah, son of a bitch." Muttered Gosselin, giving Freya a dirty eye. He owed her 50 francs now.-
[23:59] <Dorian> ["It's alright, Sept. They're only photographers! It's because you're so pretty, see?" Asked the girl gamely, smoothing at his hair.]
[23:59] <Dorian> [Sophie looked down at Aline pitiably. She too was pretty fearful as well- but what an odd sensation, for a pilot to rely on her… She gave Aline's hand a firm squeeze.]
[00:00] <Yanmei> "Showtime." Yanmei lingered in her car a moment longer, placing her can down before stepping out, her chin up. She watched Marianne for clues on how to proceed - or tried to - before settling into a faint smile that she hoped looked professional enough.
[00:01] * Dorian just rolls out the back of the car on his wheelchair. It's a special car, and he's in a special wheelchair. He's looking -very- suave in a highly impressive NERV dress uniform, his hair has been made somewhat neat, and he's not wearing his shades. His grey eyes glittered.-
[00:02] * Sept could not bring himself to look outside, his eyes instead steadily fixed on the girl, that expression frozen on his face.
[00:02] <Dorian> [Marianne nodded once, and coolly turned on her Game Face. She stepped outside smoothly- looking very attractive in a dress uniform of her own. "Smile and wave, Yanmei."]
[00:02] <Dorian> ["C-come on, Sept…" Freya grabbed his hand and tried to pull him out.]
[00:04] <Sept> "y-…you know I can't. I can find another way I'll meet you there just please don't oh god why are they all."
[00:04] * Aline vaguely glanced at Yanmei, as she began to walk forward, actually using Sophie as a seeing-eye security blanket of sorts - by her own mental guess it'd take another quarter-minute to actually get used to the piercing lights!
[00:05] <Yanmei> So Yanmei smiled an waved, pretending that she wasn't half-blind from this nonsense. Her own dress uniform is just about identical to Marianne's, unsurprisingly, although she's opted to wear a some nice colored beads instead of a professional looking tie. "Good evening everyone!" Ah, there was Blanc just ahead.
[00:06] <Dorian> ["It's because you're now more important than the President of France." Said Gosselin smoothly. "Yeah! S-so come on, Sept… Please?" Asked Freya, pleading.]
[00:07] <Sept> "The president of- oh noooooo" his voice had been reduced to a pitiful whine.
[00:08] <Dorian> ["Sept! Please… Don't be stupid, the other pilots are already out there…" Freya said, trying to keep the panic out of her voice. The door had opened and now the outside crowd sounded a -lot- more noisier.]
[00:13] <Sept> "PleaseyouhavetohelpmeIcan'tkeepthemallfrom-"*unintelligible muttering*
[00:13] <Dorian> ["Lieutenant, please-" "Sure thing-" And then, Sept's other arm was grabbed. And with an almighty tug, Freya and Gosselin tried to pull him out of the car.]
[00:15] * Sept covered his eyes from the sight and gasped for air, holding his breath with the will of a drowning man.
[00:16] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, Marianne had turned to Aline, smiling still. "Ah look, Yanmei. Hiya, Pilot Blanc, Sophie-" "Hi, Marianne!". Marianne tried to form the four of them (Aline, Yanmei, Sophie and herself) into a sort of formation line. "We should enter together."]
[00:16] <Sept> The sound of his pounding heart rhythmically covered the noise of the crowd, like waves covering the sounds of a cruel world.
[00:17] * Aline had by now finally adjusted to the light, and… turned completely around (slightly tugging at Sophie in the process). "…What's wrong with Sera…?" …Though at the same time, she quickly flitted her head towards Marianne. "Ah. I guess."
[00:18] <Dorian> [Gosselin and Freya had at this point more or less strongarmed Sept, pinning his arms to his sides and 'carrying' him forward.]
[00:19] <Dorian> [Freya, idly, was wearing a long dark green dress. Where did she get it from? Sept surely had no idea, since it wasn't very Freya -at all-.]
[00:19] * Sept slowly opened his eyes, the morbid curiosity of a dying man. His heartbeat covered more and more of the noise.
[00:20] <Yanmei> "Fine with me too." A glance back, following Aline's line of sight revealed the hapless Sept bein pulled forward by his compatriots… and she coughed a few times into her fist, trying not to laugh. "Aherm. Poor guy looks pale enough faint? Is this really okay?"
[00:21] * Dorian wheeled along, joining the formation smoothly. "He'll be fine. We'll get a few drinks into him; that'll calm him down."
[00:24] <Sept> Pictures after pictures after pictures, devastating him with their photographic artillery.
[00:25] * Aline twitched at the mention of alcohol. She remembered that one time her mom let her try the wine. Never again. Never again. "…It's… not really the best of times or situations anyway…"
[00:27] <Dorian> [Eventually, Gosselin and Freya would steer Sept into formation. "Well- I see that the fine mademoiselles of NERV are on fine form tonight. You all look lovely. You too, Dorian."]
[00:28] <Dorian> "I always look good."
[00:35] <Sept> Sera's vision was a blur. He couldn't have made a guess as to whether there were dozens, hundreds or thousands of people present.
[00:35] <Sept> …at least he would die by Freya, right?
[00:36] * Yanmei spun around once or so, eying the entrance to the Civic Convention Hall. "Well. Thank you for the compliment, I guess. But…" She paused, eying Sept curiously, resisting the urge to to poke him a couple of times to see if she could break him out of that glassy-eyed stare. "Maybe we should have gotten a bit more coaching for this…?"
[00:37] <Dorian> "NERV doesn't believe in coaching." Deadpanned Dorian.-
[00:38] <Dorian> [And so the group slowly made their way toward the front door, the journalists and photographers being kept back by a red rope. Standing in the doorway nonchalantly, looking rather handsome in a tuxedo, was the brown-haired bespectacled form…
[00:38] <Dorian> Of Alexandre Fontaine. "Ah. Punctuality. Mother will be -pleased-."]
[00:40] * Aline just… long-gazed at Alexandre. Hang out with Yanmei enough and you cannot but learn how much she hated him. Not that Aline liked the guy either…
[00:40] <Sept> The waves crashed on him ever louder, forcing him under into that dead silence. That blessed, blessed silence.
[00:41] <Yanmei> "… Filling in again, I see." Yanmei smiled at him pleasantly. "It's almost like a full-time job in itself. It must be difficult for you."
[00:42] <Dorian> ["Having the weight of the expectations of the Commander of NERV on your shoulders is a trying, yet nevertheless rewarding experience, Pilot Zhang. I must say, you scrub up half-well. Look at you, wearing nice clothes and everything. Your mother must be very proud of you."]
[00:45] <Yanmei> "Well, she has reason to be beyond shallow appearences." She ran a hand through one of her pigtails, still keeping up appearences with a smile, a slight, -sharp- twinkle in her eye. "I suppose other mothers aren't quite so lucky?"
[00:45] * Aline sighed. "Awful lot of talk about mothers." From the sound of it, she wasn't that amused by that. Given that her own mother could be pretty irresponsible…
[00:48] <Dorian> ["Luck is something that happens to other people, Pilot Zhang." Said Alexandre, stepping back and giving them a bow as they stepped inside. "When it comes to the Fontaines, -we- have the luxury of genetics and good breeding. We're raised just as planned, I guess you could say. Well, not -you-, of course… Haha." He bowed politely to Aline as well. "Madame Blanc."-
[00:49] <Dorian> [The inside of the Convention Centre is mostly fairly sparse. Not many decorations at all- lots of open, wide space. Since the pilots were only using a relatively small room- only big enough to fit 500 or so- most of the Hall was quiet… And empty. The photographers and journos had to wait outside for now.]
[00:51] * Aline stood silently in response. Not in the mood.
[00:51] <Sept> It took quite some time for Sera to notice the situation had passed.-
[00:53] <Sept> It was his chance to save himself from the tide. As he finally opened his mouth to give in to his lungs' demands, however, he was thrown into a coughing fit, and fell back down, down into the warm embrace of the waves. So warm.
[00:53] * Sept passes out.
[00:54] <Dorian> [Gosselin and Freya turn to look at Sept. A very awkward silence ensues.]
[00:55] * Aline blinked, as well. "…I trust he'll wake up soon."
[00:56] * Yanmei seethed beneath her smile. But the war was far from over, and she could afford a brief retreat in light of circumstances. It suddenly became harder to say things without being heard. "Let's -" and anything she was about to say died on her tongue as Sept went limp. "Let's… does someone have a glass of water?"
[00:57] <Dorian> "Uh… Yeah. We have half an hour until the thing's supposed to start, so… Gosselin, take him to the buffet table. We should go along too, actually…"
[00:59] <Dorian> [A small room adjacent to the currently empty press conference room was home to a buffet table, laden down with light hors d'oeurves and bottles and glasses of wine. A few people - well dressed, Interesting Individuals- were milling about. Gosselin went off to grab some wine as Freya carried the limp boy over to a wall…-
[00:59] <Dorian> [And slapped him once. Rather hard. Maybe she had experience.]
[01:01] <Dorian> [Sophie stared at the scene, her face reddening a little. Of course this wouldn't be normal. God no. NERV was involved so stuff had to get bizarre. It was why she loved her job. "Do you want me to get you anything, Aline? There's some nice little delicacies here, and a bit of wine if you're nervous~"]
[01:03] * Dorian had, at this point, helped himself to a glass of wine…
[01:03] <Sept> There was a reaction, if slightly delayed. "…piccolo, why…" came the weak, dazed voice of the pilot. For a few moments, his eyes wandered without purpose before his thoughts returned. Some color returned to Sera's face, even if it was only the red tint from the slap. He looked at everyone in turn, without a word.
[01:04] <Dorian> ["S-sorry, Sept." Said Freya guiltily. Bringing him here had really been an awful trick. "But c'mon, you should eat something to get your strength up."]
[01:05] <Yanmei> With Freya and Frederic handling things, Yanmei took the moment to mill around a little, eyes on those already occupying the room.
[01:07] * Aline looked at Sophie… "…Delicacies… might be fine but… Not the wine? I only want to have it if I'm literally forced to." She looked almost afraid, there. Not that Sophie really knew the full details of the Table Incident. Aline didn't really know, herself.
[01:08] <Dorian> [The people in the room- most of whom were looking over at the pilots and their entourage curiously- were a varied lot. There was a rather portly chap who Yanmei might recognise as the Mayor of Paris-2; A tall black man in a crisp suit, a very tiny lapel on his jacket flap (An American flag;); a -very- beautiful woman with black hair and blue eyes, wearing a red dress who she didn't recognise, sadly. The others were somewhat less notable.]
[01:08] <Dorian> notable.]
[01:09] <Dorian> ["Sure." Said Sophie cheerfully, grabbing a plate and loading it up with a few Choice Delicacies, from which she and Aline would probably share.]
[01:10] <Sept> Sera tried standing on his feet, and, after a few bars of swaying, succeeded. "Freya. I trust you." It was unclear if it was meant as a guilt trip or comfort. He let Freya take the lead to the promised land of snacks.
[01:10] <Dorian> [Freya's face burned, looking down at her shoes. Guilt? Or was it pleasure? "Don't say s-silly things like that here in public." She mumbled. But soon, snacks were to be had.]
[01:11] * Yanmei focused on the major in particular, trying to get a sense of how agitated he was. She knew what *his* station was, at least, although the others were a mystery. The American was perhaps from the embassy, if she had to guess. The others…?
[01:12] <Dorian> [A mystery indeed. The mayor seemed quite at home. Although then again, he was probably a very good actor.-
[01:14] <Dorian> [Nevertheless, once the pilots and their posse had their fill of drinks and food, it was time to head off into the actual press conference. two long tables; one of them to the left, with four seats for the pilots and Freya. Opposite that table, with four chairs for the NERV Officers. Alexandre had slipped off.]
[01:14] <Dorian> [Once the pilots would take their seats, the journalists and photographers would start filtering in; photographers at the front, in a seatless area, whilst the rest would sit down in the many, many seats provided.]
[01:19] * Aline gladly (okay, willingly) sat down at one of the center seats, hoping the vague familiarity of another pilot would somehow produce some kind of magic shield from stress. Likely not true. But one can dream…
[01:20] * Yanmei dropped into one of the seats as well, hands steepled and elbows resting on the table as the journalists filled the room.
[01:21] * Sept found his way to the seats, wearing a pair of rather large, dark shades.
[01:22] <Sept> …quite obviously borrowed, as they barely stayed on.
[01:23] <Dorian> [Freya sat down next to Sept. Boy would need some comfort. Also shades.-
[01:24] <Dorian> [Before long, the room was full- or rather, all the journalists had arrived. Only half the room had been filled- the cameras started rolling and pictures were snapped off.-
[01:24] <Dorian> "Let's begin, then. I will be the one choosing questions, so please act in a civil and cordial manner and-"
[01:25] <Dorian> [… A bunch of hands went up into the air, along with questions. Dorian chose one- a plain-looking man. "Ah, a question for pilot, uh…" He looked down at his notepad, where a small pamphlet sat, before looking up. "Pilot Zhang. Which unit is it that you pilot?"]
[01:28] * Yanmei leans back, dropping her suspicious pose to place her hands in her lap. Her smile had been brandished this entire time, but at least now it was more visible. "I pilot unit 04. It's distinguished by a purple and white color scheme, for those of you who haven't been briefed."
[01:31] <Dorian> [The answer seems to satisfy the man- in fact, it's fairly obvious that Yanmei's photogenic features have been pretty well received. The man now turns to Aline. "And what about you, Pilot Blanc? Which unit do you pilot?"]
[01:36] * Aline blinked briefly, and then slowly nodded. "Ah! Right… It's unit 00. The crimson one. Blood red? Deep red?… It's red. Some yellow detailings too. Used the big flail. I think you know properly now."
[01:38] <Dorian> [The man nods in a satisfied enough manner. Were they as fond of Aline's countenance as they had been of Yanmei's? Perhaps not. "And finally… What about you, Mr. de Pteres?"]
[01:41] * Sept had been fidgety, to say the least, for a while after he sat down. As he got a handle on the layout of the room and the crowd, however, he could calm down a bit, closing his eyes behind the glasses. He only opened them from time to time to glance around the room, mostly to the sides and behind. Now, he tried his best to envision the man alone without the crowd, and address only him.
[01:41] * Sept "…Unit 01. I would like to note that I had nothing to do with the color scheme of the Unit. Nor the ceremonies and p-parades the other month surrounding his unveiling."
[01:42] <Dorian> [There's a chuckle at that. The journalists are quite aware of 01's colour scheme. Sept is clearly nervous, but his joke goes down well.-
[01:44] <Dorian> [Dorian picks another individual, who stands up- a smart-looking, young man with a shocking head of white hair. He looks over at Aline. "Pilot Blanc. Can you tell us about the enemy you faced?"]
[01:50] * Aline tilted her head… and peers slightly at Dorian… but decides not to tap him for this. She could handle it. "Well… NERV terminology calls their kind 'Angels'. I don't really know, but if you've read about some of the more interesting actual biblical angels it is maybe a bit more appropriate than you might think… but ah, anyway, their nature is sort of relatively unknown. I
[01:50] * Aline remember being told the first wave was detected in space earlier." She was holding her chin, trying to keep the words at pace. Clinical in tone but able to fight to the surface of her depression to be able to -answer-. "Either way there's lots we don't know about their physiology, other than that they… well, can do really weird unnatural things like how that one went really really fast,
[01:50] * Aline and that they have special defenses and as uh… some of you may have realized… sometimes blow up once put down." She frowned at that. "Really sorry for those whose homes were caught in the blast… but at least it was stopped before it willfully blew up even more, right?" …cold sweat. That wasn't good.
[01:54] <Dorian> [Mutterings and discussions amongst the crowd at that! The man sat back down, and Dorian picked out another- this time, a woman with dark hair.-
[01:55] <Dorian> ["Hello, Pilot Blanc. My name's Ikari Yui; from NERV Japan." She said, fixing Aline with kindly, but focused eyes. "Can you describe to me the AT Field qualities possessed by the Angel in detail?"]
[02:07] * Aline blushed. "Ah, ah, another question so soon!" She attempted a light chuckle at that, but that cold sweat just kept going. "Anyway, I know you're NERV personnel and have knowledge on the AT Field itself, so please… allow me the brief moment to first explain what it is to those outside of the organization." She cleared her throat, and tugged on the collar of her uniform. "An Absolute
[02:07] * Aline Territory Field is a trait possessed by Angels and, thanks to our advance warning, able to be built into Eva units as well. It is literally on the bleeding edge of physics so descriptions are… maybe inadequate for why it exists - sort of like how for decades scientists knew how the electromagnetic force could be harnessed without truly knowing the subatomic roots of it. But the best guess
[02:07] * Aline right now is that it affects space and accesses its own energy to alter some of the behaviors of space-time and other forms of energy caught inside it. It's called Absolute Territory because the Angels use it as a defense shield that makes conventional weapon attacks in their 'territory'… almost impossible, without an opposed AT Field to break it down." She nodded. "Anyways, Ikari-san…"
[02:07] * Aline There was a brief 'am I doing it right' look when she used the Japanese honorific, but continued. "…From what our MAGI systems figured out, this Angel was capable of loosening the limits of gravity - that is to say, it could float on AT-field lines - had the defensive traits I just described, was capable of neutralizing AT-Fields just like our Evas did… though it never used that ability
[02:07] * Aline in battle… I think it had some kind of short-range kinetic repulsion ability that /also/ was never used successfully…" Aline then drooped, remembering the horrors of the battle. "And then there were the 'cross' attacks. The ability to manifest AT energy directly into explosive blasts. Why they burst into crosses, I do not know, but such a power was responsible for what ultimately lead
[02:07] * Aline to the loss of the fallen tank commanders… and it directly hit my own Unit 00, which I managed to partially reduce with my own AT Field defenses. It… was searing, powerful force." Droop more. -More-. "…I think most of the tanks would have been incinerated instantly or near-to. They… didn't… suffer."
[02:09] <Dorian> […-
[02:09] <Dorian> [The room is very quiet after that. "Thank you, pilot Blanc." Says Ikari Yui quietly, and she sits back down.-
[02:10] <Dorian> [… In fact, the flow of questions is stymied for a moment. Until one person stands up and is automatically given the floor. A warm-looking young lady. "Pilot Zhang? Pilot Zhang. You were responsible for the death of the enemy, right? How did it feel, to pilot such a powerful weapon?"]
[02:15] * Yanmei is… somehow still smiling, though Aline's explanations had made it more difficult. So many risks, and all those lost military guys… The question jerks her back to reality, at least, and she manages a split-second recovery-
[02:17] <Yanmei> "The three of us have been training for quite a while in anticipation of the enemy. As a result, we were all very prepared in facing the disaster, and our handling of the Evas in this situation was fairly routine. We have the capable scientists and officers at NERV to thank for that. And of course, our Operations Director." She winked at Dorian.-
[02:20] <Yanmei> "To be honest, I can't take full credit for landing the death of the Angel while we're on the subject. It was a collaborative effort between our pilots, and the brave men and women of the military who shall live on in our memories as heroes." She closed her eyes and bowed her head slightly in a brief gesture of quiet respect.
[02:22] <Dorian> [A quiet sigh from the crowd at that. There was certainly a feeling of sorrowful pride going on there…-
[02:23] <Dorian> [And then, there'd be a lot more questions on fairly mundane stuff. "How many clips does your rifle take?" "How long is your sword?" "How tall are the Evangelions?" Generally easy questions, minutiae spread across the pilots and the tech team.-
[02:26] <Dorian> [There were a -lot- of questions, and it was starting to take a toll on the pilots, at that point.]
[02:28] <Dorian> [A very lovely woman- in fact, the woman Yanmei saw before- stood up, turning her attention to Sept. "Pilot de Pteres." She began, her lovely voice floating across the room. "Are you happy working for NERV? Surely using such young pilots as yourself breaks the Geneva Conventions…?"]
[02:31] * Sept was very clearly not built for endurance publicity. Even during some of the simplest questions, he had gotten so caught up in his answer that he had made the mistake of looking straight at the journalist. It had gone downhill from there.-
[02:35] <Sept> Right now, he busied himself with excessively clearing his throat and fishing his fallen glasses off the floor. Under his breath, he repeated the words "Geneva convention" over and over, looking at Freya to help him out, until he finally realised what the woman had meant.-
[02:44] * Sept regained some of his composure, and, staring firmly at the table, spoke with an overly firm, maybe even aggressive, tone. "Tell me. Have you ever heard of the Marduk Report? Nevermind, you should have if you've done your research. The point is, I was doing fine before all of this. I enjoyed my life, and anything that could hurt or bother me, I could avoid at a moment's decision. I
[02:44] * Sept could never be a part of this society even if I wanted to. But still I learned to survive, I made an inseparable friend, and I've lived more than many people down on their streets could imagine. Now I'm told I have a an absolutely unique chance to give back for all I've had, and you're worried about -my- rights?" He put his shades on, and looked straight at the woman (his eyes firmly closed).
[02:44] * Sept "I believe you would do better not to give me excuses to quit now, even if you were in a position to do so."
[02:46] <Dorian> ["Eee, Sept~" Said Freya, hugging his arm gleefully.-
[02:46] <Dorian> [The woman nods her head gracefully, before sitting back down. The next person…-
[02:47] <Dorian> ["Alexandre Fontaine." He bowed. "Pilot Zhang, are you aware that your use of excessive force devastated most of central Paris-2 and caused over a billion dollars worth of damage, including the deaths of nineteen civilians?" He said smoothly. Muttering and murmurs broke out immediately.]
[02:48] * Aline didn't speak - it wasn't her question - but she did suddenly glare with a very powerful 'you do not belong here' look, coupled with a few worried glances back at Yanmei.
[02:53] <Yanmei> "Alexandre Fontaine. You should be aware that the damage resulting from the battle would have been significantly more catastrophic had the Evas not intervened. That includes Unit 04, for all of it's 'use of excessive force'." On the surface, she's calm. Beneath the table, she is twisting a spare napkin almost to shreds. -
[02:59] <Yanmei> "Furthermore, considering the defenses of the enemy, its ability to decimate -entire military units- in single split-second attacks, the use of such force was not only authorized by my superiors, including NERV Commander Fontaine, but required in order to stop it." She closed her eyes again. "The loss of life in this tragedy was a terrible thing,-
[03:01] <Yanmei> " and it bears a heavy, heavy weight on my soul, but I feel confident that my actions prevented many more deaths, and I am determined to prevent more of them in the future. Of course, if there are further questions concerning my resolve on the matter," she smiled coldly, "I would love to hear them."
[03:02] <Dorian> [Alexandre smirked coldly, and inclined his head. The journalists seemed however to be rather on Yanmei's side, especially considering her lovely demeanour.-
[03:04] <Dorian> [The next question from the man with the American Flag lapel. He turned to Sept. "Leon Freeman, US Diplomatic Attache. Pilot de Pteres, there are three Evangelions in Paris-2, yes?"]
[03:05] <Sept> "Y-"-
[03:08] <Sept> No way it could be that simple. Was it a trick question? What could he possibly be after? Sera turned the question around over and over in his head, but he couldn't figure it out. Even without any distractions, Freya was always the one interpreting people for him. "Yes, as far as I know."
[03:09] <Dorian> [Leon nodded. "To my knowledge, 00, 01 and 04 are here, yes? With 02 in Germany and 03 in Japan. Yet the Angel attacked here of all places, where resistance was strongest. Is it possible that the Angel was drawn -by- the Evangelions?"- the Mayor of Paris-2 let out a light squawk at that- "Or… Is it something else?"]
[03:19] <Sept> This had, like many things, never occurred to the boy. He had no answer - but he knew, or at least hoped, that she did. "If… you will allow me a moment, excuse me."
[03:19] <Dorian> [Leon inclines his head. Sept may have his moment.]
[03:20] <Sept> "Oh god what is he after help me"
[03:22] <Dorian> ["Shh. Calm down, Sept." Said Freya. "Think carefully. Look at it like this. Paris-2 is a wealthy city. It's like, the wealthiest city in the wealthiest country on earth! So that makes it -super- wealthy! And besides, NERV has all of its big assets here, like its commander and its resources, so if it were to be taken out, NERV'd collapse…"]
[03:23] <Sept> "But what if he's right?!"
[03:23] <Dorian> ["Then the Angels are stupid idiots."]
[03:30] * Sept managed a smile, and returned his attention to the microphone. Another excessive throat-clearing later (if this kept up, he would be liable to be coughing up lungs soon), he finally presented the table with his reply. "Look at it like this. You've… read the report of that fight, haven't you? The only way we could damage the stu- the Angel was to hit its core. Even if its d-…
[03:30] * Sept defenses, the rest of its body and all those abilities, were protecting it, destroying the core destroyed the rest of it. So… it'd be reasonable to think they might be able to do the same to the entire NERV defense network. Wouldn't it?"
[03:31] <Dorian> [Leon blinked. "A curious metaphor. I like it." He said, smiling and sitting down.-
[03:32] <Dorian> [The next individual to stand up brought a smile to Dorian's face. He was a tall, blonde-haired man, wearing a military uniform- the officer's uniform of a UN officer.-
[03:33] <Dorian> ["Colonel Maximilian von Leitzkau, UN Peacekeeping Forces, Europe." His accent was certainly German, but his French was fluent. "To Pilot Blanc. Firstly, let me express my gratitude to all three of you pilots for your efforts, and to that of the NERV command crew as well. But, in your personal opinion, Pilot Blanc…-
[03:34] <Dorian> ["Considering the ineffectiveness of conventional weapons and forces, would you think it prudent to deploy such forces- tanks, VTOL wings, and the like- in any further engagements with Angels?"]
[03:42] * Aline slowly nodded… "It's a sort of variable thing. A first wave force like the… tank squadrons intercepting it before the Eva units could even launch? Would probably end very, very poorly. We've already, ah, been over that." She thought, though. "…But there are times where it'll work. I think you saw in the reports that a VTOL crew managed to hit the Angel late in the battle and
[03:42] * Aline actually make noticeable damage." She wasn't exactly beaming now, but she did seem to sound like she was in a bit more control over her subject matter now. "As I said earlier explaining the AT Fields, it needs an opposing field to break it down. What I implied but didn't explicitly say was that… if it can be kept down, any weapon of sufficient power will function normally, less the Angels'
[03:42] * Aline regrettably powerful regeneration capabilities." Aline laid her hands on the podium. "I don't have a military background, but it looks to me that conventional forces could still help in the realm of hit-and-run attacks and artillery support for the Eva units. I don't think it would be prudent to deploy them /well/ before we, the pilots, launch… but shortly before, and behind more lines
[03:42] * Aline of safety… might be able to uh…" Finger snap. Looking for the word… "…Attrite it down with a bit more firepower. Maybe fewer conventional units and… uh… bigger guns?"
[03:43] <Dorian> [Maximilian nodded slowly, sitting back down. "Thank you, Pilot Blanc."-
[03:46] <Dorian> [Another man stood up this time, a rather thin man in a black suit, turning to Sept. "Nigel Shardlake, UN Human Instrumentality Committee. Tell me, what do you think of the potential for a post-Angel Evangelion-focused Arms Race? Wouldn't that be a devastating outcome?"]
[03:56] * Sept was definitely sweating and otherwise noticeably uncomfortable at this point. "I haven't really had time to think about that, but…" A pause. "As far as I know, I'm the only one who can efficiently pilot 01, right? So… an actual war between Evangelions would really be a war between the pilots. And the pilots are just people, I think the opposing sides would find it easier to just
[03:56] * Sept kill the pilots outside of their Units, you'd think it'd be much eas-"-
[03:56] <Sept> "n… next question, please."
[03:57] <Dorian> [… Nigel quirks an eyebrow at that. And then he sits back down.-
[03:57] * Yanmei stared at Sept in open alarm for a few seconds.
[03:58] * Aline frowned deeply, and even softly muttered. "Restrait, restraint…"
[03:59] <Dorian> [The questions turned slowly back into the 'meaningless filler' ones. "Are all the NERV girls as cute as you six?" "Are you paid well?" "Hey, can you guys drive a car? You can pilot a robot, so…"-
[04:03] <Dorian> [Two hours later, the shortly after a heated debate between two members of the crowd, the questions start firing up again. A certain individual stands up…-
[04:04] <Dorian> ["Pilot Zhang." Starts off Alexandre Fontaine, his voice silky. "At roughly one minute into the battle you stop suddenly despite the enemy flying at you. No discernible movement or action can be detected for about 25 seconds, during which the Angel attacks your fellow teammate with an energy blast, simultaneously breaching a NERV bunker and killing four people.-
[04:04] <Dorian> ["Despite your assurances as to your qualifications, I start to wonder if you were scared, Pilot Zhang, or merely maladapted to your role."]
[04:07] * Aline pauses, then opens her mouth, and almost fails to restrain herself. "Oh /come o-/"… And then she suddenly covered her mouth and sunk into a little heap of embarassment. "S-s-sorry please continue Yanmei."
[04:07] <Dorian> [Alexandre smirks just a little more smugly.]
[04:08] <Dorian> [Meanwhile, off to the side, pretty much all of the Operators are twitching or otherwise shaking with fury, especially Marianne. No one speaks to -her- Yanmei like that.]
[04:09] <Yanmei> "Such harsh accusations." She was still smiling pleasantly… or trying to. A combination of her leg pains and the jerk known as Alexandre were starting to form a little tension on the surface. "And from someone so -young- too. Which newspaper or television station are you representing again, Mr Fontaine?"
[04:11] <Dorian> ["Paris-2 Tribune." Said Alexandre smoothly, winking at a nearby reporter, who winked back. "Answer the question, Pilot Zhang."]
[04:15] <Yanmei> "Certainly." It's hard not to grit her teeth as her plan to have him kicked out crumbled around her! "I am trying to make a point. You too, certainly, must have experienced forms of prejudice aimed at you due to your young age. Especially given the nature of journalism these days."-
[04:20] <Yanmei> "'being scared' 'maladapted to your role'. Are these not the same descriptions that one would attach to a small inexperienced child attempting something out of her league? No, Mr. Fontaine, I was not frightened, nor was I caught unaware by the Angel. My demonstrated abilities during the battle should attest to that. However-" she sighed sadly, martyr that she was,-
[04:20] <Yanmei> "I do expect to hear this sort of criticism now and in the future, whether it's well founded our not. Such is the nature of our society."
[04:22] <Dorian> ["… And society makes you pause your war machine for twenty-five seconds -why-, exactly?"]
[04:27] <Yanmei> "Oh Mr. Fontaine." Yanmei shook her head. "I think that's a rather silly question, don't you? Please try to be serious the next time you are called on." She chuckled, half-expecting the audience to join in as well… "Next question?"
[04:28] <Dorian> [Alexander smirked. The crowd was sort of on Yanmei's side thanks purely to her charm, but they -did- note that she hadn't really responded.-
[04:33] <Dorian> [The next person was somewhat familiar as well- the dark haired figure of Ikari Yui. "For pilot Blanc. Pilot Blanc, I have a special question. Amongst the three of you, who has the greatest aptitude with the AT Field? I…" A smile. "I have a boy at home who would love to hear you answer that question, so please smile into the cameras~"]
[04:39] * Aline peered over to Alexandre briefly, as she nodded. "…Sorry, Ikari-san, but I must add first to the prior topic that… one pilot's problems are all our problems, and perhaps in the future Mr. Fontaine should remind himself of that. Anyway… to young Mr. Ikari, then, now that that's out of the way! I am, actually, currently the AT specialist of the Paris-2 team. My fellow pilots
[04:39] * Aline are more defined into the close-assault role and are in fact much better at it than I am - why do you /think/ it was pilot Zhang who was the one that made the final blow?" She tried to smile, and almost had it, but… just a little more. She could still feel her mind sinking. Must surface, must surface! "But I figure we'll all cover our specialties and expand into our weaknesses a bit too
[04:39] * Aline as time goes on and we get more actual battlefield experience. Just facing that Angel alone helped me learn more refined AT control, actually."
[04:42] <Dorian> [Ikari Yui bows politely. "Thank you for your time, Pilot Blanc." She sits back down.-
[04:43] <Dorian> [Another individual, this time the beautiful woman who questioned Sept. "Pilot Zhang, if I may- aren't you afraid about how you'll integrate into everyday society now that you're an Evangelion pilot? Surely that's going to be hard to balance."]
[04:52] <Yanmei> "Not at all." She's smiling genuinely again, because it is not the dastardly Alexandre hassling her this time. "I have been a pilot for the past year, and have managed to successfully juggle school, non-curricular activities, and piloting. It simply takes a little time management.-
[04:53] <Yanmei> "I'm certain Pilot Blanc would agree, as she was in the same situation. We have not abandoned our hopes of being productive members of everyday society because we were selected to pilot the Evas." She seems a little more tired than before, however. The toll of the long day and certain questions, perhaps?
[04:55] <Dorian> ["I think that's fair enough. Of course, you have been a pilot for awhile, so it makes sense." She sits back down.-
[04:55] <Dorian> [And last but not least, one more person stands up.
[04:56] <Dorian> ["Pilot de Pteres!" Begins… Alexandre Fontaine. "What is your impression of Commander Ginevre Fontaine? Do you think she's doing a good job?"]
[05:13] * Sept is caught entirely off guard by the question, being on the verge of passing out again. He makes a barely succesful attempt at fixing his posture, and takes his usual sweet time thinking the question through. He manages to speak audibly, and even recognize the 'journalist', despite his increasingly blurry vision and otherwise dull senses. "It… should be pretty clear that I have no
[05:13] * Sept personal opinion of Ginevre yet, as I do not-" *sweatwipe, swallow* "see her on a regular basis. I also didn't know her before… maybe you could h-help us out and make a statement here, Alexandre? How -is- she handling the pressure of all the" *breathe* "lives of Paris-2, maybe the world, on her shoulders? And… you, of course."
[05:16] <Dorian> [Alexandre tilts his head a little, seemingly taken off-guard by that point. He pauses for a moment. "… I don't know." He says quietly, before sitting back down. Awkward as hell.]
[05:17] * Sept is half asleep by now.
[05:17] <Dorian> ["And I think it's time to bring this to a close!" Says a very tired, worn out Dorian.-
[05:18] <Dorian> [Before long, the journalists are filtering out- after a round of applause of course- leaving behind a few notable people- less than ten- and of course the pilots and staff. Alexandre is gone.]
[05:20] * Aline leeeeeaned on her table once the last people left. Notable or not, she felt she was allowed to show her fatigue now, damnit!… Even if she was starting to come out of her funk. Ah, timing.
[05:25] * Yanmei stands up once the room has cleared of most people. Her leg is killing her, and it shows in the way she limps away from the table.
[05:25] <Sept> Warm embrace. -So-. -Warm-.
[05:25] <Dorian> [Marianne is at Yanmei's side in seconds. "Yanmei…" She says quietly, holding an arm out.]
[05:25] * Sept passes out/falls asleep, sliiiiides onto Freya.
[05:26] <Dorian> ["Ack!" Freya eeps quietly as she suddenly gets a Sept on her. … Then she allows a little ':3' to cross her face as she pats her boy on the head. "That'll do, Sept. That'll do."]
[05:27] * Yanmei takes it quickly, glad for somethin to hold on to. "Well… that wasn't so terrible?" She glances back at the other pilots. "We all did pretty well! Good work you two. Er…" Sept is out for the count. Is Aline still alive at least?
[05:28] * Aline waved slightly. "Still here~ Damnit, of all the days to have 'off'… I think I did okay though."
[05:33] <Dorian> "You girls did well." Said Dorian, rolling over. "It was your show, of course."

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