In The Hope Of Love

[22:00] * Aline had made the trip from apartment to apartment rather quickly, all told. She hadn't been… sprinting, per se, but the girl -had- been jogging quickly. She had a lot to get done, and had set schedules for it, and and and had to make it in time to finish drafting the plans because she knew what was going on and aaaaa a whole lot to deal with. Her mind was racing so fast that it was
[22:00] * Aline still going even when she'd make it to Lillian's door!
[22:05] <Lillian> [The moment Aline'd arrive and knock, the door would open. The Roleplaying Group looked… Well, honestly, they looked scared and shaken, with the exception of Patrice (who was trying and mostly succeeding and putting on a brave face) and Eva (who was merely pensive).-
[22:06] <Lillian> "Aline…" Said Lillian quietly. She ushered the girl in, biting her lip slightly.
[22:13] * Aline slowly walked in, closing the door behind herself. When she had set up the meeting, she had indeed said that she wanted to make a final message before this fateful, hopefully-not (but possibly) final battle. So in a sense they already knew somewhat the tone she was going for. "I know this is not the best of moods, but… I have to do this. As you probably already got the impression…
[22:13] * Aline If we lose, it won't be some kind of thing where we have to regroup and try again. I don't know how much the news was allowed to show, but… what happened when… they lost in Berlin-2… I'm not sure anything will survive if it gets a chance to do that. More than any other time, there's a real chance of me dying. I want you to know that, before anything else I might say."
[22:19] <Lillian> [This eroded Patrice's brave face. He looked down at his feet, suddenly very pale.-
[22:20] <Lillian> ["D-dying…" Mumbled Emile, shaking slightly. "But you… Can't die."-
[22:21] <Lillian> "… I-I think we have to a-accept that before we can really b-be here for Aline, though." Murmured Lillian. "C'mon, Emile. Just because she says she might doesn't mean she will. We know she'll pull through." Lillian gave Aline a little smile.
[22:26] * Aline nodded. "Yes. Yes! That's just it. It's that it's possible. I would rather you all know how much is at stake… than for me to lie to you and say I'm not afraid. That I won't ever die. I have a plan, I have everyone else behind me… But it's the greatest courage to be ready to die at the same time that you are fighting to live." …From the little tear starting to form on one of
[22:26] * Aline Aline's eyes, 'courage' may be something of a relative term. "Are there any questions you need answered? I… I knew it'd be quick to just say what I have already, but that probably isn't enough to do what I have to do for you all to feel at ease."
[22:30] <Lillian> ["Can you protect the soldiers?" Said Eva quietly.]
[22:37] <Aline> "As best I can. 00 is highly mobile, and Sera's very good at shielding others from harm. From there we just have to keep the Angel distracted… Of course, we'd have to do that for our own safety, too. But it can be done." Aline said this neutrally and steadily, suggesting she was trying to hold her emotions in check.
[22:40] <Lillian> ["I-I see." Said Eva. Her voice was unsteady.-
[22:41] <Lillian> ["W-what's going to happen?" Murmured Patrice. "I saw them laying down long cables over by the Bois de Boulogne."]
[22:46] * Aline paused, trying to think of what that might mean… But then snapped her fingers. "Ah, right. They're bringing out a prototype weapon for us to use. I think it has very very large energy requirements, so they're probably drawing off power from elsewhere, too. I haven't gotten the full briefing, though." Aline sighed. "I only know that much because a much smaller and weaker, but more
[22:46] * Aline self-contained, version of the same gun is assigned to my unit. Positron weaponry."
[22:49] <Lillian> ["It must be pretty big if it needs that much." Said Emile quietly.-
[22:50] <Lillian> "Berlin-2…" Lillian trembled a little. "I just… It… Why…?"
[22:55] * Aline shook her head. "…I don't know. I don't know why they have to destroy us." She sounded more upset, now. …Again. "I lost people there, you know. I had vowed to treat all the other pilots like family…" Aline's lip quivered. "…So I had to watch my 'sister' boil alive in EVA-02 during the first attack. I had to listen to her commander begging us to stop the Angel right before
[22:55] * Aline he died. I had to see Berlin-2 reduced to a crater when I knew my dad was in there! I'm doing my best to figure out the truth behind all of this, but I can't stand how long it's taking!"
[22:58] <Lillian> There was a silence after that comment. A painful and scared silence indeed.-
[22:59] <Lillian> [Eventually, however, Eva stood up, heading over to the window. She stared out of it.]
[23:00] * Aline wasn't seeing completely clearly, but… shakily, she looked at Eva. Wordlessly, for now. She had said something too painful to follow right away with words.
[23:03] <Lillian> ["Mum's out there." Murmured Eva.]
[23:05] * Aline slowly raised one hand… "I hope she's getting out of here. Even a victory is probably going to be… messy. I don't want to hold back now."
[23:05] <Lillian> ["S-she won't be."]
[23:06] * Aline blank-stared. "W… why not?"
[23:07] <Lillian> ["The soldiers don't want to leave." Said Eva quietly, clenching her hand together. Her voice took on the razor sharpness of someone desperately trying to hold onto their emotions. "They were asked, and refused."]
[23:09] <Aline> "… …Th… that's…" Aline had not been told that. "That's… I don'
[23:11] <Aline> *'t know whether to call that brave or suicidal! No matter what we do, if that thing fires on them, they probably won't make it through a shot!" Her head shook wildly! "But… but but they… they're going to do it anyway. I'll do everything I can to keep them where they can help at lower risk. I have to. I don't want to be the one who slipped up and let your mom die."
[23:14] <Lillian> [Eva nodded, shakily. "Thank you." She mumbled, but bowed her head. If she was going to cry, she didn't want anyone to see.-
[23:14] <Lillian> "W-well, this is all very well and good." Said Lillian, trying to maintain a calm attitude and keep control. "But what should -we- do now?"
[23:20] * Aline turned towards Lillian, practically snapping in her pivot. "Leave the city. I don't care if you go with the escorts, or run into the woods, or -what-. But you can't be here. You aren't soldiers-" Her eyes turned in Eva's direction, though her head remained fixed on Lillian. "-even if that is your dream. I said I don't want to hold back, and I mean that. Buildings will crumble.
[23:20] * Aline Stray shots will go everywhere. To stay inside the city will mean being in the middle of a rain of concrete and steel! And…" Aline clenched her fist. "It'll mean I'll be worrying about you. And if I'm worrying about you, that part of my mind won't be focused on winning. The less I'm focused on winning, the less I'll be able to do to protect you. And this city. And every last person on
[23:20] * Aline the Earth. That the fate of so much is in the hands of three people puts an unimaginable burden on the shoulders of their spirits, so forgive me if you feel like you should stay for me or for someone else or for your own reasons. I'm just trying my hardest to stand under that burden."
[23:23] <Lillian> [Another silence at that.-
[23:23] <Lillian> [Emile spoke up now, explaining the gloom that fell on the group: "We… We wanted to stay and help you." He said, shaking. "We really did. We didn't know how, but… We wanted to help. We wanted to cheer you on…"-
[23:25] <Lillian> ["I-I think I speak for us all when I say that… That we feel so powerless." Said Patrice, a note of anger in his voice- not at Aline, but at the situation. "This is -our- home, and we want to help protect it… But… Even I know we can't do anything."]
[23:32] * Aline frowned, but… Thought deeply. "…I… I understand. You want to put some of that on your shoulders, too… That…" She thought, even more. Briefly, her head turned off a bit to the side, looking towards the direction of the HQ elevator. "…Maybe there's something you can do. I'm not sure if I'll be granted permission, but. There's at least something I can try to do." Aline
[23:32] * Aline turned back to the others. "NERV HQ, as you might know, is underground. While you will still be at risk from the final shot of the Angel, the battlefield damage won't reach you there. Every mission, I'm connected to operations support personnel. They talk to me during the battle. I… might be able to ask if you can speak with me during the fight. As long as you swear to give me silence
[23:32] * Aline when I ask for it, you can cheer me on for real. If command doesn't allow it, then… again, leave. But… maybe, just maybe, I can argue morale reasons and they might listen." She smiled a bit, towards Patrice. "Surely, we might have an edge there because your older brother does that very job for Sera."
[23:36] <Lillian> [Another silence, but this one… Had the air of anticipation in it. Of -potential-. Even Eva looked up now, surrepticiously wiping her eyes.-
[23:36] <Lillian> ["That… That might work." Said Patrice, daring to hope. "I can try to get my brother to vouch for me, and… Well, I bet NERV wants -any- advantage it can get."-
[23:36] <Lillian> "… Imagine that. Actually being allowed into the Geofront itself." Murmured Lillian, her eyes lighting up.
[23:38] * Aline nodded, herself starting to gain a little more resolve. "And as I said, the battlefield damage won't be a trouble to you, so I won't have to worry about you. That you're at risk if we lose is immaterial, because… so is all the Earth. It won't matter. This might work. I'll do my best, even with all the rest I have left to do! Because if it means you'll be safe without losing your
[23:38] * Aline hope… then so be it!"
[23:42] <Lillian> "Right!" Said Lillian, nodding, given a little bit of hope, a little bit of resolve. "And if that falls through, we can just evacuate. But…" She turned to Aline.-
[23:43] <Lillian> "How're you feeling, Aline? Is there anything we can do to help you out right now?"
[23:48] * Aline looked on, towards Lillian. "…I'll be okay. I'm sad. I'm angry. I'm scared. I'm all of those things. But I must be calm. Anger in the face of the Angel will only lead to failure. I must be calm, I must be calm. All you need to do is as I said. I have one last person to talk to, but that's something I have to do over the phone. They don't even live on the same side of the world,
[23:48] * Aline so I have no other places I have to go. So we can leave for HQ now. In what you need to do, you can… walk with me. That'll be enough."
[23:53] * Lillian nodded slowly. "Alright. We can do that." She stood up. "We're with you, Aline."
[00:00] * Aline had never sat down, but… she seemed to be more 'in position' to do things now than before, her body tensed a little in preparation. Aline's hand reached behind her to open the door. "I hope you made sure to be ready for this." She would wait for the others, but after that… it'd be a march on HQ. Together.
[00:03] <Lillian> "I have to call my dad." Said Lillian, but she was already reaching for her phone and making the call. The others nodded.-
[00:04] <Lillian> ["Grandpa'd prefer me to be underground, anyway." Said Emile, standing up. "I don't have anyone else except my brother, so…" Said Patrice, shrugging.-
[00:04] <Lillian> ["I'm ready." Said Eva quietly, heading over towards Aline.-
[00:05] * Lillian made her phone call… And a few minutes later, turned to Aline and nodded. "He thinks this is a good idea. Ready when you are, Leenie."
[00:11] * Aline nodded again. "Alright then! Let's go!" She kept the location of her own phone in its nearby purse in mind… and started to head out the door!
[00:14] <Lillian> [The others followed her out- with Lillian being the last. With a sort of wistful slowness, she turned off the lights and closed the door- and wondered if she'd ever see the place again.]
[00:18] * Aline wasted no time in getting to marching, though. She wanted to at least get them inside before she tried to call the Ikari residence. She'd still have time. Surely she would, right? No matter. For now, all was centered on the way forward. Through the streets, on the fastest, safest route to the HQ elevator.
[00:20] <Lillian> [The NERV entrances were on high alert during the Imperative One situation. When Aline and her posse arrived at one such entrance, she was confronted by a pair of guards guarding the turnstiles.]
[00:24] * Aline held out her security card prominently, showing her own proof as to who she was. "Pilot Blanc, reporting. These are Patrice Gosselin, Lillian Durand, Emile Olivier, and Evangeline Marchand. I intend to bring them for special morale duty. If this will be a problem, please let me speak to Major Lachapelle on the matter, first."
[00:27] <Lillian> [The guards turned to look at each other. The policy for these things was fairly clear-cut: no civilians. But… This might count as a special situation. So, they did the right thing and delegated what amounted to a low-security civilian issue to a man who was busy putting the finishing touches on his plan to save the world.-
[00:27] <Lillian> [A guard held out a corded phone to Aline. "The Major wants to speak to you first regarding this situation, Pilot Blanc."]
[00:31] * Aline took the phone, having already a sense of what she wanted to say. "This is going to be extremely quick. I have four people, including Frederic's brother, that I want to provide morale support for me during the battle. After that, and one more phone call, I will be heading directly for planning and calibration. I'
[00:32] <Aline> *I've already gone over my end of the plans in my head while I was topside. All we need to do is compare notes. Do you assent?"
[00:36] <Lillian> ["Hum." There was a pause- quietly, Dorian checked a few files, went through a list, nodded. "Alright, they can be brought in. They're to leave when I tell them to leave, though, even the Gosselin boy. But I understand the strength of moral support."]
[00:39] * Aline smiled. "Understood. Thank you very much, sir." Rather than ask if there was anything else to be said, she just passed the phone over to the guard that gave it to her in the first place.
[00:41] <Lillian> [The guard listened to it for a moment, then nodded curtly. "Understood, sir." He hung up. "Alright, you're free to go."]
[00:47] * Aline smiled widely, and turned to the four accompanying her. "Onwards! Let's make sure to behave, so the Major won't be seen as having made a mistake, alright?" She had a small knowing tone in that, though. Aline knew these were some of the better-behaved students of the school. "That also means tryyying to keep any little squee moments for getting to be here to yourself, or at least
[00:47] * Aline low-key-sounding. This is -serious business- after all!" …Ah, it was good to see her with her energy back. Now to make way to somewhere where they can hang out for a while.
[00:49] <Lillian> "Right! Keep that in mind, guys- no acting like overexcited geeks!"-
[00:49] <Lillian> ["Awww." Groaned Emile. Although it was notable at how their spirits seemed to be increasing considering all of this. But, nevertheless, they started to follow her in.]
[00:54] * Aline went through the motions of activating the elevator, and having them on their way down. She thought… maybe the cafeteria would do for now? Packing them into the command center -now- would be a little bit awkward. That, or… well, they could at least follow her around until she needed to make it to the planning room. Something.
[00:57] <Lillian> [The cafeteria was… Well, a lot of people were going through it, but despite that there were plenty of empty seats around- few people were staying. They could probably be fairly easily settled down there.]
[01:00] * Aline would do so then, standing there calmly. "I think you can still buy something to eat or drink while you're waiting for the big moment. And that monitor…" She gestured over to the prominent screen. "Will be at least something to watch while I get everything in order. Sorry to just leave you hanging for a few hours, but, duty calls~" She'd bow politely to them, then head off to go
[01:00] * Aline find a semi-private nook of HQ. It didn't -really- matter where, just anywhere people weren't milling about in. That'd do.
[01:02] <Lillian> "We understand, Aline. Make sure you come back so we can send you off!"-
[01:05] <Lillian> [But despite the business of NERV HQ… There were plenty of such nooks if you knew where to look. At Aline would soon find herself in such a place- quiet, and empty.]
[01:09] * Aline carefully reached out into her purse, to take out the phone hidden within. She had spent some time looking up the right number quite a while back, but hadn't had the courage to just call it yet. Until now. …Or maybe it wasn't courage? Maybe it was just desperation? Fingers shifted over the buttons slowly. Each one entered in time, until the complete number was displayed. She
[01:09] * Aline reached slowly towards the 'call' button. Slowly…
[01:18] <Lillian> [The phone rings. And rings. A minute or two passes, before eventually a voice answers- feminine, familiar. The voice of Dr. Ikari Yui. "Moshi moshi?"]
[01:20] * Aline scrambled in surprise… and ended up producing a crazy linguistic mix, simultaneously interspersing a 'konbanwa' and an English 'hello' before finally slipping into French. "Ah, ah, hi! It's me, Aline, Aline Blanc. C-c-can I speak with Shinji-kun?"
[01:26] <Lillian> ["Ah, Aline…" Dr. Ikari slipped into Japanese for a moment- most of it incomprehensible to Aline. But she could hear Shinji's name be mentioned a few times… "One moment."-
[01:27] <Ikari‘Shinji> The sound of a phone exchanging hands. Then, a voice- a slightly apprehensive- or perhaps anticipatory? Voice, in English- a young, male voice. "… Hello?"
[01:29] * Aline immediately instantly switched to speaking in English. Time to put all that practice writing to him and talking with Tsubaki to good use. "Hi! How are you doing? This is a sort of weird time to call but it’s sort of important… It might get a little odd later on but it's still important!"
[01:33] <Ikari‘Shinji> "A-ah… I’m… I'm fine." The boy's hesitation was partly from him trying to parse the words, and his own nervousness. "I was wondering if you would call…"
[01:36] <Aline> "Right. I had other things to do, before I was ready. I had to make sure my mom was getting out of here. I had to make sure my friends from school were safe. But now… Now only my job is in front of me - I can do this with a clear conscience." Aline paused, trying to dredge up the words herself. "…How much have you heard about what's happening?"
[01:38] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Everything, Aline… Aline-chan." He said quietly. "There isn’t any choice but to hear, here- it's everywhere. Lots of people are scared." … The light quiver in Shinji's voice suggested that he was one of them.
[01:42] * Aline slowly nodded, even though she knew damn well it meant nothing on a phone call. "Right… Ah… That leads me to the odd, or, uh… depressing part of the call. I wanted to make sure, no matter what happened, that you knew. We… the cost is higher this time. If we don't make it through this fight, we might not get the chance for a pickup to try again. We'd all die. Just like
[01:42] * Aline Berlin-2. Just like Asuka. Like my dad. I wanted to have a chance to say… to say… to…" She stopped cold, her breath quickening out of sheer nervousness and fear.
[01:54] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Aline-chan…" Murmured Shinji- his voice quiet, tremulous. He was scared… But Aline… He knew she would’ve been a lot more scared, too- she was right there. She was the one with the burden. "I am listening. You… You might be afraid, but I am afraid with you, right…?"
[01:59] <Aline> "…Yes, yes, you are. I just wanted to… to… to you know… to…" Something in Aline's voice /snapped/. "To say that I love you! In-in-in-in case I don't ever get the chance to again!"
[02:04] <Ikari‘Shinji> A sharp intake of breath on the other end of the phone. And… A pause. Agonising, agonising moments ticked by.-
[02:05] <Ikari`Shinji> "I-I-I… I… Ah…"-
[02:06] <Ikari`Shinji> "I…" It seemed he was having trouble forming a response, but… Eventually, maybe he came to the same conclusion Aline did. "Y-You shouldn’t say such things like 'In case I don't ever get the chance to again', Aline-chan. Y-you s-shouldn't s-say that to s-s-someone who… Who loves you too…!"
[02:12] * Aline shook her head frantically, actually slumping against the (cold. Metal.) wall she was leaning into. "B-b-but if I don't I'll… I'd feel terrible if you didn't know that there was that risk! And uh…" Wow, the embarassment was reeeeal strong. "I sorta… uh… well I tried to trick myself. I couldn't put it into words before, I always would just stare at the phone with the number
[02:12] * Aline typed in, wanting to say it to you with my own voice, but I… I kept getting scared. I couldn't do it. So I… made myself do it like this. I needed to actually say it, even if I had to trick myself into only getting the courage to because I was afraid of something else! I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I should have said this earlier… Funny how just three words terrify me, even though up until
[02:12] * Aline then I'd been all over the city telling people I was about to die. Even though I was getting ready to go after a monster that could stop Asuka-san, even though she was as good as she said. All of that, all of that wasn't even as scary as just telling you that!" …A nervous chuckle. "I guess it's sorta… funny?"
[02:18] <Ikari‘Shinji> "W-well… I understand." Said Shinji, embarrasedly. "I… I’ve been trying to ring all day, but I never managed to finish putting the buttons in… Sort of like you, huh?" He let out his own little, nervous chuckle. It was even worse for him because his mother was watching. He could die in a puddle of embarrassment.-
[02:20] <Ikari‘Shinji> "E-Even though I knew how dangerous the situation would be… I… I still could not bring myself to call. I’m a little ashamed." He admitted, and he certainly sounded like he was. "… But I'm glad you did, Aline-chan. I'm… I'm really, really glad… E-even though this won't be the last time we'll speak. It -can't- be."
[02:28] * Aline tried to develop an air of serenity. She wasn't doing terribly well, but… she tried. "I know. I only said there was a risk. I don't intend to fail. I have you to think about. I have some of my friends from school there to help. I have Sera and Yanmei to back me up. And… even… All of France will be giving me power, literally, to make this happen. But you have to know that this
[02:28] * Aline is a… a… a dire moment, that you have to put all your hope in me into!" She pondered… "If… If you have a way of watching the battle as it's going, please take it. I'm not sure whether or not I'll feel it, but… if your hopes and prayers come while I'm still fighting, they might actually work. It'd… be…" Aline's mind flashed back to watching Asuka boil inside her plug. And that
[02:28] * Aline scream. That scream. "…Cruel to you to have you see it after the fact, in a recording. It sounds silly, but… Try to, for me?"
[02:34] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Alright." Said Shinji, a quiet determination filling his voice. "I’ll ask my mum to take me to the mini-Geofront and watch it in there. I'll… I'll be praying. And I'll be giving you all the support I can, Aline-chan. I… I want you to -live-. I want you to win, because… Because we have to meet, and… And everything else. If you're scared, or weak up there… You… You -know- I'll be with you."
[02:43] * Aline now got a bit of her serenity back in earnest. "Thank you, again. I'll know it, I think. I'll feel it and I'll be ready to stand strong." She let her tone carry, and the peacefulness included a bit of honest happiness. "Thank you, too, for bearing with me being all gloomy about it. I feel better, much better, now. And? I'll talk to you again when it's over. Once everything's sorted
[02:43] * Aline out and back to normal." …Suddenly, a silence. "…Aheh, now I don't really know what else to talk about. This is such an un-casual call…"
[02:49] <Ikari‘Shinji> "I don’t mind bearing anything for you if it makes you feel better." Said Shinji, a little bit of cheer in his voice. "But… Ah… It… It is! It would be weird if you were to ask 'How's school' or something…" A silence. "…Aah, my mother's watching me…"
[02:53] * Aline giggled. "Ah, I bet she'd think it was cute~" Then… IDEA. "Oh, how about that! The rest of your family is doing fine, aren't they?"
[02:55] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Aaa, aaa…" A pause. "Yeah, they’re fine. Father's at work… He has to be, since this is really important. My mother is here watching me still… Rei is in her room. She's scared by what's going on but she's pretty easy to cheer up."
[02:59] <Aline> "Ah! I see, I see. Of course your dad'd be at work. Not to be too imposing, but losing the French base would mean he's next in line for all of NERV anyway, so I imagine he -really- has to be ready!" Though then a bit of curiosity. "Is it just me or are most of the times you tell me about Rei involving her doing something cute?~"
[03:01] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Well, she’s a very cute sister." Said Shinji. "It's the role of girls her age to be adorable as possible, so they can cause mischief for their big brothers and get away with it."
[03:03] <Aline> "Ohhhhhh. I guess then I just did it for fun, since I was an only child~" Ah, enjoying it. "You really do have a nice family, though, between your mom and sister, and I guess your dad some too. He probably cares, but he's too busy."
[03:04] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Yeah… He’s busy a lot." Said Shinji, a distant note in his voice. "I wish he was home more…"
[03:09] * Aline sounded a -small- twinge sadder. "My dad was like that, too. He was in Berlin-2 on an architectural contract, and… I told you, he was gone for a month or more each time. He was only home a few times each year, though he tried to make up for it with trips." Aline sighed deeply. "…And with my mom's disorder… mm, I sorta envy you."
[03:10] <Ikari‘Shinji> "…" A pause. Sadness, pity and a little bit of guilt ran through Shinji’s voice as he spoke. "I'm sorry." He mumbled. "But… I'm sure my family would be happy to be yours as well… Ah, is that insensitive…?"
[03:12] <Aline> "No. Not at all. I've learnt to live with it as best I can… Besides." The humorous tone was… maybe a bit strange. Rueful? Bittersweet? "I've made it a habit of collecting familymembers, it seems. I hope Tsubaki's been getting better, because she counts as a 'sister' too."
[03:16] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Ah… I’ve been trying to help her, like you said. She certainly seems to be a little more talkative these days, so maybe she -is- getting better after all…!"
[03:19] * Aline smiled. Even her voice sounded like it was smiling. "Right, right! That's good. Project Gemeinschaft is proceeding according to plan~" A pause. "Oh, oh, that's my nickname for my little effort to help everyone close to me out of their troubles and worries. Sorry if it sounds weird."
[03:21] <Ikari‘Shinji> "Project Gem… Gemeins… Hrm." Shinji was having trouble with the word. "I might need to practice on that. But… Well, that sounds like a good idea, but is it wise to take on more responsibility?"
[03:30] <Aline> "I already have all the responsibility in the world - except for what Yanmei and Sera have. What’s a little bit more?" Then… "Ah, but look it up, I made it a reference to something to be witty. I mean, all this NERV stuff has German references in it, why not make more? I'll drop you an email with the spelling later. Anyway…" She bit her lip briefly, and looked out into the hall near
[03:30] <Aline> to where she was. "…It's getting closer to planning-time. I should probably go. But… …Yeah. Thanks for picking up~"
[03:32] <Ikari‘Shinji> "I-it’s ok." Said Shinji nervously. He didn't want her to go! "Ah… Just remember. I'll be watching, ok? So… So you are not alone. Not in this fight."
[03:45] <Aline> "I'll remember. I'll remember! Okay, going~" …Bloop. Connection closed.

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