In The House Of Blanc

[15:48] <Sept> [Late afternoon in Paris-2. Sera de Pteres is awkwardly climbing a set of stairs outside a NERV-approved apartment building. Under his left arm he is carrying several boxes of varying size, which he promptly drops trying to balance toward the last step. Sera sighs, picks up his belongings and continues on his way. Eventually, though, he would arrive at the door he was searching for.]
[15:49] * Sept knock knock
[15:53] * Aline sliiiid over to the door, a slice of toasted bread in her mouth - or, rather, a whole sandwich which included that piece, but… a testament to the rather gummy mustard she used in its fixings, the whole thing stayed intact in a mouth-hold, while she peered through the crack of the door. "Hmmmmm?"
[15:57] <Sept> Sept was struggling with keeping the boxes in balance again. Still, he managed to establish eye contact, if only for brief intervals. "Hello, Aline. May I come in?"
[16:03] <Aline> "Mmphii." …Wait no. that's not right. She reached with one hand to grab the sandwich. "Yes. …Is this a delivery of some sort?" Aline -did- open the door, though. This time, she had a more simplistic outfit on - white blouse, black jacket, khaki skirt. Simple.
[16:09] <Sept> "Uh. No. I was just… shopping? I guess. Thank you." Sera entered, sidling through the doorway as to not disturb the delicate equilibrium of the boxes. Some of them bore logos, some more familiar than others. They seemed to all be some manner of military supplier, however. As mentioned, Sera was carrying it all with his left hand, his other one seemingly content to let the left one do all
[16:09] <Sept> the work. "Could you help me put these down? They're getting kind of heavy…" He nodded toward his burden.
[16:13] * Aline quickly set down her sandwich on a nearby table, and rushed to hold onto the other side of the boxes! "Wow, why didn't you drop it off at your place first?" She didn't seem to much care that they were clearly military, for the most part. "…So I guess this isn't all for me. What's up?"
[16:18] * Sept stretched his arm. "I thought, with what you said on the roof back then… you'd like to know about 01. Ginevre told me wha- who it was. Is. I'm not sure how much help it'd be but."
[16:22] * Aline … looked around. …And thought… and… just openly shrugged her shoulders. "Ah, you really should have put away all that stuff, but…" She maneuvered around him a bit. "Well, at any rate… might as well say it. Are you comfortable here, or would you want me to set up a part of the apartment, or…?"
[16:25] * Sept shook his head. "I'm comfortable enough. I just want to talk. To someone."
[16:28] * Aline nodded, scratching at her side a bit, grabbing her sandwich again (in her -hand-), and making a few swift motions to close the door and head over to the nearby couch. "Alright then. Talk!"
[16:32] <Sept> "It's El, I mean Ginevre's, I mean. E-Elisha Caine. He's 01. In 01? I don't know. And… and the last fight… it was -different- when I knew it."
[16:34] * Aline …okay, even without refreshing her Who's Who of NERV, she got the sense that that was her husband. "…Okay… how different is different? I mean, like, did it react to you knowing the original donor - that is, who /he/ was and is?… Or do you mean something else?" She was sitting, now, and for now just waited. She didn't know which position Sera would be more comfortable with.
[16:40] * Sept thought it best at this point to take a seat as well. He pulled up a chair (left hand again) and sat down. "…Both. It.. he knew I knew and, and seemed glad. But… when Yanmei was. You know. It felt easier, all of a sudden. Like, like it was both of us, piloting 01." … "I don't know how else to explain. I'm afraid Freya wouldn't understand at all and Yanmei… we should let her
[16:40] * Sept rest."
[16:42] * Aline nodded… and slowly started to get an idea of what Sera was talking about at the second point. "…Did his voice seem… closer to you, then?"
[16:46] * Sept nodded. "Yeah. I guess. It was really… comforting. Even back then." A smile snuck up on the boy.
[16:48] * Aline held her chin slightly for a second, then… "Your sync ratio was rising. Very high, even. I'd have to look up the telemetry from operations to be sure, but… that's one of the things that happens when it goes up."
[16:53] <Sept> "Oh? So that's how it is.. That's why it's better to have a higher ratio?"
[16:57] * Aline drummed her left hand on the couch's armrest. "Seems to be. I know, on the other hand, I got thrown away from contact with 00 during that fight. It… it felt very weird to have to struggle without the voice there, without the feeling of being -awake- to everything I can do…" She sort of thought. "…You haven't been using your AT Field that much, have you? You know I've been
[16:57] * Aline flying everywhere this way and that in 00 lately… And things like that. It's… indescribable, but wonderful all the same. I know being more in sync makes that easier, too." She closed her eyes, actually, at that point… "I can still feel it…"
[17:04] <Sept> "Yeah… Even before I knew, I think it was why, the reason I could do all this. Despite everything. That there was something in 01 that I'd never had… Tsubaki said the same thing. I'd never felt like that."
[17:08] <Aline> "…Interesting… Was it the… same thing?" Aline looked curious, maybe even /too/ curious. "00 is always so calm. I don't even know if it even brings anything new to my feelings… though it does still tell me things, don't get me wrong."
[17:29] <Sept> "I… think it could have been the same thing. Maybe she knew, maybe it was why we got on so well..?"
[17:35] * Aline …stared. She didn't really know if Sera actually understood what she asked, but if he had… "…So… Then…" Aline bit her lip. She wasn't ready to say this yet. "Interesting. So that's two units down. Three to go. More, when they build them. 02 and 04 really evade me, and I have some guesses about 00 but I can't… quite pin it down with as much certainty. All I know is that
[17:35] * Aline whoever it is, they were involved in the original planning for Paris-2 and the Geofront." …Only say what you need to say, Aline.
[17:44] * Sept thought for a few moments. "For them to be involved in both the design and creating the Evangelion… wouldn't that limit it to Gehirn personnel, then? They wouldn't just pull in someone from the government or contractor sides of the team… would they?"
[17:52] * Aline scratched her chin. "…Probably… Since the Geofront -does- have its secrets, even in design. But… Mmm. Frustrating. Dr. Akagi and Elisha are accounted for. I've met Yui and know that her personality doesn't match what I feel from 00 - and she's involved with Japan. Who else, who else… I don't really -know- that much about Gehirn, save that it exists, and what they did. But
[17:52] * Aline there has to be some kind of rhyme and reason to all of this! Tsubaki's mother is in hers. Asuka says that hers 'feels like her'. I don't even -know- what the deal with 04 is. 01 and you have this… strong bond. And I was especially picked for 00 over any other unit. All of this seems too much to be a coincidence."
[17:57] * Sept looked lost for a few moments, before replying. "I'm sorry, Aline. But… I think you might be thinking about this too hard. NERV never sought me out or anything. So they couldn't have planned for it."
[17:59] * Aline shook her head. "But even… but maybe there's -a- coincidence and it's still by design… maybe… Agh, I might be overthinking things but I can just /swear/ there's always another layer, always another chamber to unlock, hidden under the things we already see!" Aline was trying to keep her breathing level - she was actually starting to breathe a little faster! "I… …Am I going
[17:59] * Aline crazy?"
[18:02] <Sept> "No no no I didn't mean it like that. I… I know you're better at these things than I am, so I have to trust you, but… It was just me and Freya on the square that day. You might be right about the others, but… You just made on small mistake, right?"
[18:07] <Aline> "…Or it's just more complicated than that… or less… or, aaah, I don't know. Sorry." Aline sighed, drumming her fingers again. "Even with you, though, things look more than they do on the surface. I just need time to figure out why." She was… quite glad that Sophie was out still. She didn't need to see this. "Whatever the case. It's… another step closer to the truth, that you told
[18:07] <Aline> me this. I just wish I hadn't dropped sync with 00 - I might know more than I already do, for it."
[18:10] <Sept> "If it's just that… maybe… Ginevre would let you. If you asked her..?"
[18:12] * Aline suddenly widened her eyes. "Wait. What? Let me what?" …The girl looked -shocked- at the notion. Like the very idea of Ginevre being involved in this process was unheard of.
[18:16] <Sept> "Let you sync. I… After Belgium. When 01 was… you know." Sera rubbed his forehead instinctively. "That was the first time it, he, showed me things. Memories of Ginevre. Of the project. Maybe you could figure out some of those problems?"
[18:19] <Aline> "…Oh." She shook her head. "I can't ask 00 what its name was, at least not that easily. It's not just that I'm in there at all. I have to be -close-. No… what I need is more information from outside, too." Aline frowned. "But that's pushing into top-secret information, that I think only the commanders are allowed to know. Or I -guess- that's how sensitive it must be. The name isn't
[18:19] <Aline> that, but… other things. Questions left unanswered,"
[18:35] <Sept> "Oh. I'm sorry. It must really bother you to be so close to finding your truth. I hope you find it soon."
[18:41] * Aline …almost looked away. Her eyes were still on Sera, but she seemed to not be as focused on him as before. "It must. I'm not sure if you can know. Know how deeply it bothers me. It's… something you don't seem to share. Something Yanmei ignores to worry about other things. But it still bothers /me/."
[18:48] <Sept> "You're right, I… don't. Maybe I should, but I just never had a reason to do it, I guess… never learned to think like you do, the way I grew up. But you'll get there, I know it. I have faith in you, Aline." Sera got up. "I should probably be going…"
[18:49] <Aline> "…Probably. Good luck with your…" She eyed his box stack. "…arsenal." Let us ignore the zweihander hanging on the far wall.
[18:51] <Sept> "Yeah." Sept started picking up his boxes. How hard it was with just one hand. He hadn't been able to truly appreciate how easy everything had been before… "Good luck, Aline. And see you."
[18:54] * Aline stood up, and did help with the door, at least! …Though she almost looked sulky. Hmm.

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