In The Midst Of An Angel Attack

[23:51] <Dorian> [[SESSION 1: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Date: 3rd February, 2015. Location: Paris-2. Episode Title: In the Midst of an Angel Attack.-]]
[23:53] <Dorian> [[It was 11 AM in the city of Paris-2; a city currently in the last throes of one of its coldest winters on record. Snow had been industriously cleared from its wide streets and boulevards, but the river Seine- jokingly nicknamed the River Seine-deux by the locals- remained stubbornly frozen. The schoolkids slept in, for school had not yet begun- it started on the 21st, when winter's grip would hopefully have lessened.-]]
[23:54] <Dorian> [[Unfortunately, not everyone would have the excuse for leisure. There were, in fact, three people- three special people in the city of Paris-2 who would receive special notification, by phone, email, or by MIB spook approaching them out of nowhere- bearing a message. "You're needed at HQ. Come."]]
[23:58] * Aline had been woken up rather soundly by the phonecall… and while her hastily-dressed self (still tweaking a sleeve here and there!) looked pretty disheveled as she arrived on base… the other two pilots thankfully missed the point where she was nearly juggling the phone in the midst of her post-wakeup freakout.
[00:01] * Yanmei gloomily fired off a few text messages in rapid succession as her cab pulled up to the armed gates of the base to let her off. "Change of plans. Maybe next time. :(" It took a few minutes longer for her to throw on her usual smile and to arrange herself in a more fitting posture. After slipping the poor bewildered cabbie a few francs-
[00:02] * Yanmei emerged, smoothed down her already-neat pigtails, and headed inside.
[00:03] * Sept arrived, panting, slowing his run down to a brisk walk. Somewhere further behind him, Freya followed at a much more relaxed pace. She had interrupted his daily spacing out with the message, and, despite her repeated requests to slow down and that there was no great hurry, he had taken every shortcut and climbed every fence he had faced. As he reached his destination, his breathing
[00:03] * Sept had stabilised and he was wiping the sweat off his brow.
[00:06] <Dorian> [Through one way or another, the pilots would have to undertake the overly dramatic task of crossing a large escalator down through the Geofront- the escalator went on seemingly forever; which was of course a necessary NERV defense precuation (NERV slang for 'dramatic misuse of funds'). Before long, a voice would come over the loudspeaker: "All Eva pilots, this is Operations Director Lachapelle. Report to the Command Centre immediately."]
[00:07] <Dorian> immediately."]
[00:11] <Sept> Sera's figure appeared in the doorway, face blank. His body language, however, betrayed a sort of excitement not uncommon to his visits to the facility, even if the nature of that excitement had changed dramatically after his introduction to Eva piloting. "Hello, Dorian. Plans?"
[00:14] <Dorian> [The Command Centre, it must be noted, is in the middle of an incredibly active state. People are rushing to and fro, and, most notably, there's a series of 'ALERT' hexes flashing across the walls.]
[00:15] * Aline on the other hand practically dove and slid into the room (…stopped only possibly by Sera providing an obstacle to doing so!), breathing rather heavily. Obviously she had seen fit to dash as much as she could. Not that we could blame her. "Pilot. Blanc. Reporting. In!"
[00:15] * Yanmei arrived not long after, calm as usual, and undoing the shiny buttons on her paid wool coat. "Good morning everyone." She smiled, a very, very stark contrast with the panic around them.
[00:17] * Dorian turned his head, smiling curtly. Much like Sept, his body was sort of vibrating with excitement. "You could say that, Sept. Pilot Blanc, Pilot Zhang. I'm glad you're all here." Dorian wheeled back away from the frontal consoles, towards the pilots.-
[00:19] <Dorian> "At 0905 today, NERV detected a Pattern Blue signal approaching from the English Channel." Dorian smirked a little. "The entire military districts of every department in northern France have been mobilised to stop it." He grinned. "You guys know what a Pattern Blue signal represents, right? We have ourselves the biggest of the big.-
[00:19] <Dorian> "The one enemy Evangelions were made to fight."
[00:21] <Sept> "Angels" Sera said, sounding surprised, like hearing about something from a story he'd heard long ago.
[00:22] <Dorian> [If the pilots were to look up at this point, they'd see, in the top command tower, the navy-uniformed, sharp-eyed, cold form of Commander Fontaine, watching the going-on impassively; her frowning second-in-command, Vice-Commander Thomas, at her shoulder. A trio of generals wearing the uniform of the United Nations military forces sat at a desk built into the tower itself- two of them were stony-faced-
[00:22] <Dorian> [The third was breaking out into a sweat.]
[00:22] * Aline raised a hand as if to snap her fingers. She… stopped at that. There was a boundary between 'I told you so' and 'ohhhhh shiiiit'. She just crossed it. "…I knew it… I knew it…"
[00:23] <Yanmei> Pattern Blue… Yanmei's smile receeded a little bit. No wonder they were all in this state. And they had *guests* too. She lifted her shoulders a bit, resigned. "How soon until we launch, Captain?"
[00:25] * Dorian 's smile waned a little. "Not sure, Pilot Zhang. The military haven't transferred authority to NERV yet- the Angel hasn't yet crossed into Paris-2's jurisdiction. But… I think you guys, more than anyone else, have a right to see this." Dorian wheeled back a little and nodded up at the massive holographic viewscreen.-
[00:25] <Dorian> [[The viewscreen showed what looked to be a small mountain. Maybe more accurately, a large hill. A throng of VTOL aircraft hovered around it, as well as tanks at its feet… And then, something… Appeared.-
[00:26] <Dorian> [[From over the top of the mountain. It was… A head. Or at least it could be construed as a head. It was thin and wide, a pale, fleshy red, with two slits for eyes on the front and a thin line for a mouth. A glowing red orb sat in its forehead.-
[00:27] <Dorian> [[It kept rising. And rising. And rising… Revealing a torso. Red like the head, with a whitish… 'armor plate' covering its chest, giving a bony appearance. Two arms, ending in long, devastating-looking bony scythes. And… No legs. Only one long tail.-
[00:27] <Dorian> [[A series of words flashed across the top of the screen: "Object: Third Angel, Codename: GAZARDIEL".]]
[00:29] * Sept stared, mouth halfway open.
[00:30] <Yanmei> "That's…" Yanmei's voice has gone flat. This was…so joke, right? What the hell was she looking at?! "That's an angel." She glances to Dorian, half-hoping for some correction.
[00:30] * Dorian nods gravely.
[00:33] * Aline nodded curtly, her turn to be a bit less terrified… sounding. "…Has to be."
[00:33] <Dorian> "We're gonna have to engage it when it comes. Make sure you're-" A commotion!-
[00:34] <Dorian> ["Captain!" Cried one of the operators at the consoles. Lietuenant Gosselin. "The Angel is accelerating- it's ignoring the defense forces…" "Speed?" "F-five hundred kilometres an hour!"-
[00:35] <Dorian> [And indeed, the angel had… Moved. At a speed that something that big should -not move at-, creating an almost boom in the air as it suddenly shifted completely off the screen.]
[00:36] * Aline could almost -feel- her eyes widening. It was a weird sensation, for sure. "…I… don't… think we have time to even make sure…"
[00:37] <Dorian> [("Nuke it. Dear God in heaven, nuke it!") A general, maybe? ("We can't nuke it, it's moving too fast for an N2 strike…")]
[00:37] <Sept> "How is it doing that..?"
[00:39] * Yanmei closed her eyes briefly, collecting herself and trying not to let any more of what she really thought manifest on her face. "I think we'll be okay? Even if it's quick, it's hard to imagine it being as strong as our Evas."
[00:40] <Dorian> "That's the spirit." Said Dorian encouragingly, nodding to Yanmei.-
[00:42] <Dorian> ["The Angel's entered Paris-2 Jurisdiction!" Said Gosselin. One of the generals sighed. "We have no choice. Commander Fontaine- we hereby relinquish control of this situation to NERV." The Commander stood slowly, standing at the front of her little tower. "… Acknowledged."-
[00:42] * Dorian turned back to the pilots. And he just nodded. They hopefully knew where to go from here.
[00:42] <Sept> "No need to imagine. Let's find out."
[00:59] <Dorian> [Before long, the pilots would find themselves… Near the Evangelion cages. Either changing into their plugsuits (separated by curtains, naturally), or getting prepared to actually enter.]
[01:00] * Aline is rather likely to be at the 'naked and trying to get into her plugsuit' stage of this! Fortunately training made it somewhat easier to actually put on, but… her panic wasn't helping that at all, as she nearly jumped into the curtain trying to get one of the legs on. Poor clumsy panicky Aline~
[01:02] * Yanmei has suited up, and is watching the stumbling, hopping shadow from the other side of the curtain with a wry smile on her face. "Need a hand…?"
[01:04] * Sept , meanwhile, emerges from his compartment, stretching, and approaches the plug without paying the others much attention.
[01:04] <Dorian> [Sept's plug is waiting for him. Eva 01 is waiting.]
[01:06] * Aline waved her hand slightly through the curtain - coated in the blood-red of her plugsuit. "Fine, fine! Just a small delay!"
[01:08] * Sept eyes the plug. "I was thinking of taking a swim today. I don't think this qualifies."
[01:09] <Dorian> ["Hey, now, de Pteres. Nothing like a refreshing soak in LCL to soothe those nerves, am I right?" Came the voice of Operator Gosselin. Ah, plugsuits~]
[01:09] <Yanmei> "Oh, well… I guess that means I'll go ahead?" She doesn't really want to, but it seems like the sort of thing she should do. She's also smiling again. "Don't worry, Blanc! Everything will turn out okay."
[01:10] * Sept continues eyeing the plug. "Today's odds, Frédéric?"
[01:11] <Dorian> ["Odds are 9 to 1 you manage to win, but destroy the Louvre-2 doing it."]
[01:12] * Aline finally managed to get the rest on… and started to head over towards the plug. "Let's make sure of that, Zhang!"
[01:13] <Sept> The faintest hint of a smile. He'd never understood what people saw in Mona Lisa-2.
[01:13] <Dorian> [The Entry Plugs are ready for the girls!]
[01:16] <Yanmei> Ah, the plug. Yanmei headed over to hers now as well, peering into it with an unreadable expression. There was no choice, of course. It was easy to pretend that it was just another one of those dreadful sync tests. After all, it was a little hard to believe that this was happening at all, wasn't it?
[01:19] <Dorian> ["Hiya, Yanmei." Came the voice of Yanmei's Operator and Guardian, Marianne. "You doing alright? Get comfortable. The LCL's being pumped in soon…"]
[01:20] * Sept finally climbed inside, and prepared mentally.
[01:20] <Dorian> ["You have my confidence, de Pteres. If you win, I'll take you out for drinks, okay?" … LCL started pooling around Sept's legs.]
[01:20] <Yanmei> "Hello Marianne - I'm familiar with the drill. Hopefully we can can make it a short fight, hm?"
[01:20] * Aline approached her own plug with a lot less uncertainty… but a lot more terror. She hated the smell, but actually didn't -quite- mind floating around in the uh… whatever the hell 'LCL' actually was. That damned smell still made her wonder… And wonder just long enough to realize that she was standing there in a mild daze! …Which prompted very quickly getting aboard! Quickly
[01:20] * Aline quickly quickly.
[01:21] <Dorian> ["Of course." Came Marianne's calm tone. … The LCL started to fill into Yanmei's plug, as well.-
[01:21] <Dorian> ["Pilot Blanc!" Came the excitable voice of one Sophie Gagnier. "The LCL's gonna start now- but I want you to know I think you'll do fine!" … It starts to pump in.]
[01:23] * Aline smiled. "Aww, thanks Sophie. We'll kick that thing's physics-violating butt~" She even gave a thumbs-up!… and a wrinkle of her nose. Wrinkle, wrinkle.
[01:28] <Dorian> [… A sudden tremor shook the roof. Considering that the roof was the -ground-…]
[01:30] * Yanmei gripped her controls hard… not that anyone, hopefully could tell. Easy, easy. "You know, there was a party I was supposed to go to today? I was on my way there when I got the call." A pause. "If there's still time afterward, I could probably get a ride there from someone who works here, right? Someone with a car- ?!" She stopped feeling something rumbling beyond the plug, and gripped harder.
[01:30] * Sept breathed deeply. He didn't need many guesses to figure out where -that- sound came from.
[01:31] <Dorian> ["I'll give you that ride myself, Yanmei." The LCL was now reaching up to Yanmei's neck- then… Over her head. She was immersed- as was, by now, Sept and Aline.]
[01:33] * Aline instinctively looked up at the sound of the… massive tremor. Which sent a splash of LCL from her hair all over the plug! …Not that that would matter in mere seconds. "Come on come on come on…"
[01:34] <Yanmei> "Thank you, Marianne~" Is all she could manage before the LCL slipped over her head. She closed her eyes again, inhaling, waiting…
[01:35] <Dorian> ["LCL immersion complete. Begin first contact!" The experience was familiar for the pilots, though perhaps not perfectly -comfortable-. Their vision would burst into a flurry of light and shapes, before… Their view would change to a clear, unimpeded one.]
[01:39] <Sept> "Can't you get us there any faster?" came the irritated voice of Pilot de Pteres.
[01:40] <Yanmei> "Nngh." A groan from Yanmei was almost inaudible.
[01:40] * Aline shook her head… only a little, lest she make some kind of horrendous flailing movement on the macro-scale of Eva 00. "Nn… ETA to launch…?"
[01:43] <Yanmei> "…Shut up, shut up. I don't need this." She's whispering it to herself, it sounds like.
[01:43] <Dorian> [("EVA 00, reporting successful Synchronisation! SR at 64%!") ("EVA 01, reporting successful Synchronisation! SR at 55%!") ("EVA 04, reporting successful synchronisation! SR at… 42%.") ("Hm… 42%?") The fourth voice… The curious, clinical voice of Dr. Riel.-
[01:44] <Dorian> "ETA in 5 minutes! Start draining the bakelite and get those Evas to their pads!" … "Pilot Zhang, is everything alright? Your Synch Ratio is pretty low…"
[01:50] <Dorian> [The Evangelions started to be railed over to their launchpads. Each one was massive, as required for an Eva's frame- and each had a single weapon attached. They were all strapped in- locked down. Everything was ready. Everything was in place. He only had to say the words…-
[01:50] <Dorian> "Launch Evangelions!"
[01:51] <Dorian> [… And each pilot would feel a massive -lurch- as they accelerated upwards.]
[01:58] * Aline only briefly twitched at the first lurch from movement upwards… but then seemed to rest almost… serenely? Tense, yet relaxed. Only a few more seconds. Or minutes.
[02:00] * Yanmei opens her mouth to say something… perhaps give some formal-sounding acknowledgement. But it all happens so *quickly* that she doesn't get it out in time before the Eva lurches for the surface.
[02:03] <Dorian> [All across Paris-2, hatches in the ground would slide open… Three mechanical gods would emerge. One blood red, holding a flail… Another one green and orange, holding a solid-looking gun. And a third… Purple, with -bright- white details. The sight they saw…-
[02:03] <Dorian> [The city spread before them. And in the distance, the Angel. Gazardiel. Parts of the city were burning near it.]
[02:05] * Sept has all his thoughts cut short as he reaches the surface. Forgetting himself, Sera just stands, looking out at all of Paris-2. Eventually, however, his eyes drift towards the smoke rising from the battleground, and he grabs his weapon.
[02:05] <Dorian> [("The MAGI has information, Captain!" ("Let me- oh wow. … No wonder none of our attacks were getting through…")]
[02:09] * Aline could feel herself looming. looming. Still just as trippy as ever. "…It was pretty clear. Absolute Territory of a high order." She leaned forward, and you could almost feel the eyeglass glint. It was tangible. "I guess I've got my work all set in front of me."
[02:13] * Yanmei had gone silent in her plug. Concentration? It certainly may well be. The stillness only lasted a moment, however, before she's moving forward, quickly but… a little unsteadily? She'd never been allowed to pilot the thing with so much room about.
[02:17] <Dorian> [The angel jerked its head up. What was this? New presences? New… Its AT Field flickered, giving off an odd sort of rainbow tint almost…-
[02:17] <Dorian> [Before lifting into the air and hurtling through the skies at unbelievable speeds, its maw opening, fixating on Yanmei! ("Th… The angel is flying?!")]
[02:21] * Yanmei screeches to a halt, "Wh-wh…" Flying? FLYING? She cowers behind her blade - ah, she'd forgotten she was carrying that thing. "I can do this. I c-can…"
[02:21] <Dorian> [Angel maw is successfully batted away by the sword- but now it's there. LOOMING over Eva-04, stretching out to its full height…]
[02:22] * Aline turned her gaze over towards Yanm- I mean, Eva 04… "…Gah! I'm coming, hang on!" …And she tried to balance jogging across Paris-2 with focusing on raising her AT-field. She failed at the former, only moving a sort of sad trot as she got hung up on concentrating on the field.
[02:25] <Yanmei> "…can. C-can…can…" Her mind is a whirl. Her hands twitch, knowing they're supposed to be doing something, and in her plug, her eyes glaze over, unblinking.
[02:25] <Dorian> ["Yanmei?" The voice of Marianne. "YANMEI?!" The woman's composure is cracking— "Calm down, Lieutenant. Zhang, can you hear me? It's me, Dorian."]
[02:30] <Sept> "Just keep it busy, we're almost there!"
[02:31] <Yanmei> It was…staring straight at her… She doesn't even register Dorian's voice.
[02:38] <Dorian> [The angel… Suddenly reacted to one of the fields! Aline's field! It turned its head- and there was an odd twinkle, a sort of prismatic light from its eye, causing a split-second rainbow effect…-
[02:38] <Dorian> [Before another highly powerful beam of energy burst forth, forming a Christian cross straight over poor Aline- and wiping out half of the Louvre in the process.]
[02:39] <Dorian> [("Ha! You all owe me-") ("NOT THE TIME, GOSSELIN!")]
[02:40] <Sept> "We still have to… win, Frédéric. And that's…" Sera's voice faded.
[02:46] <Sept> "Exactly what I'm going to do. DIE!"
[02:46] * Aline cried out in shock at the hit, almost reeling in her plug's seat… and for the briefest second started to freak out… but then? RESOLVE! And she was back in the running, moving foward, but more importantly, shimmering with the full(ish) glory of her AT Field!
[02:51] <Dorian> ["Yes! They're rallying!" Came Dorian's cry. "Status on 04?" "Yanmei. Yanmei! Can you hear me? Please…" Marianne's voice…]
[02:56] <Yanmei> There is a taletell twitch from the unit 04. And then it moves fully, adopting a crouch, and spreading its own shining AT field. THIS was what all that training was for! "Hurry up… h-hurry up and just die!"
[02:57] <Dorian> ["?! Unit 02's Synch Ratio just jumped to 54%!" "Yanmei?! Yes!"]
[02:57] * Aline could actually be heard cheering Yanmei on! "Come on Yanmei, just a little more and I'll start bringing its field down~"
[02:58] <Dorian> [The Angel seemed… Almost insulted by Yanmei's sheer impertinence. It swung its scythes at her, but they just skimmed right off the AT Field!]
[03:03] * Aline then grinned wide, letting herself break past the terror… "Alright! Here we go…" She thought of a powerful forward gesture, and Eva-00 responded, thrusting out its palm and radiating AT-field energy… which crashed into Gazardiel's field, causing it to flicker. "One of you needs to finish the job on its field, but when you do…" That grin grew even wider. "I have just the spot
[03:03] * Aline for you." …and like that, a small light flickered on on one of the unit's wings… and painted a mark onto the angel's head. "That's the core, I checked with the MAGI data, and I'm designating it now!"
[03:03] <Dorian> [("The Angel's AT Field is weakening! 00 is neutralising the phase shifts…!") ("Yes, that's what I want to see. Keep at it!")]
[03:06] <Sept> It takes all of Sera's concentration not to run at the Angel with everything he has. Only the fact that he could help the others with the field while still fishing for his knife allowed him to keep himself in check.
[03:07] <Dorian> [("The AT Field is down!") ("Zhang! Hit it now!")]
[03:08] * Yanmei is already on the move, lifting her weapon and angling it at the shiny read core!
[03:13] <Dorian> [Gazardiel's scythes came up, blocking the sword… And then with one -blindingly- fast move, brought the scythes around and cut them straight across 04's stomach.]
[03:19] <Yanmei> There's a strangled yell from the pilot of 04! But she's still holding her ground, at least, after a split second drop and spike in her Eva's responsiveness
[03:24] * Aline moved forward, and in a moment of sudden anger… "Damnit, she can't hold it off alone. Yaaaaaaaa!" And Eva-00 sprinted across the battlefield, its large, truck-sized flail flinging at Gazardiel!… and soaring into dead air before Aline could pull it back into position.
[03:24] <Dorian> ["Damnit. VTOLS! Move in to support!" A host of missiles and weapons flashed into Gazardiel's back… Maybe distracting Aline? Either way, no damage was actually scored.]
[03:25] <Dorian> [("VTOL Wing Bleu breaking off…")]
[03:31] * Yanmei tries another strike, not unlike her first one… but her aim is way off this time, even without the pesky angel parrying!
[03:32] <Dorian> [The angel smoothly leans back, and proceeds to unleash a devastating flurry of blows on Aline…!]
[03:32] * Sept finally charges down the street and leaps at the Angel's head, only to have his hand thrown back by the sheer toughness of its hide(?)
[03:32] <Dorian> [Sept does damage, but it just regenerates too fast…]
[03:33] * Aline tucks back slightly… and whips out the flail to briefly entangle the incoming limbs! "I'm not gonna go down that easy!"
[03:33] <Dorian> [The Angel's attack is blocked… And with a sense of frustration, it rears back.]
[03:37] * Aline turned from her defensive parry, and segued into an immediate strike, as the markerlight system turned on again! "Why won't you die already?!…"
[03:37] <Dorian> [The flail smacked the core… And nothing seemed to happen…]
[03:42] <Sept> Continuing his assault, Sera throws himself at the head again, this time aiming closer to the core. This time there's a definite reaction, and having the blade connect with his quarry felt, more than anything, satisfying.
[03:43] <Dorian> [The blade -digs- into the Angel's core- and the Angel shudders, a psychic wave of -hate- spreading out.]
[03:48] <Yanmei> "Keep it up!" Yanmei flails wildly, her own anger taking hold of her. Damn NERV for making them fight this thing in the first place! By sheer luck, the blade bounces hard on the creature's core!
[03:50] <Dorian> [The Angel reels back from Yanmei. It's eyes flash… And it turns to Sept. It -hurls- itself forward, it's mouth opening up- and clamping on 01's left arm. Rip. Rip. Crunch. It's -pulling the arm out of the socket-.]
[03:52] <Sept> A scream as the pilot writhes, trying to free himself from the Angel's grip… but in vain, having overextended lunging at the monster earlier.
[03:58] * Aline shook her head again. "I-I'm not going to lose to this damn thing!" She kept her markerlight system trained on its core… and made a rather poor, rage-addled swipe at it!
[04:03] <Sept> His other arm hanging limp, Sept learns nothing from the Angel's merciless attack and keeps. Going.
[04:05] <Dorian> [The Angel jerks its head violently as the prog knife penetrates into the core. It's so close- cracks are spreading out as a shower of sparks fly from the meeting between knife and core.-
[04:05] <Dorian> [("Yes. Yes! GO! GO! FINISH IT OFF!")]
[04:05] * Aline fist-pumped. "Almost there! Come on Yanmei, you've got an opening!" …Eva-00 ended up fist-pumping too. Such enthusiasm.
[04:10] * Yanmei lifts her weapon once more. Even that cute enthusiasm isn't enough to dampen her anger! "Leave" She brings it down on the core with a sharp crack. "Us" CRACK "ALONE!" CRACK
[04:11] <Dorian> [Crack! Crack! Crack! The sword pierces deeper into the core. Deeper. Deeper. Then- it cuts -straight through-, cutting the core in half and smashing straight through its head and into its body.-
[04:12] <Dorian> [The angel… Shudders, as the core starts to glow. Brighter… And… Before anyone can stop it, -explodes-. Sending a massive purple cross into the air- heralded by a massive, bright split-second rainbow.]
[04:13] <Dorian> [The angel's body is mostly blown into chunks, ripped apart by the sheer force… Except for a ragged body, still impaled on Yanmei's sword.]
[04:15] * Aline is just… staring fowards. It's impressive. Quite impressive indeed! "…You did it."
[04:17] <Yanmei> "We did…" Yanmei is breathing hard. Between that monster's earlier attacks and the explosion… ah, her vision's throbbing now.
[04:17] <Dorian> [Most amazingly, however…-
[04:18] * Sept relaxes in his plug, holding his left arm, shuddering from the phantom pain.
[04:18] <Dorian> [Is a banner, sitting on the top of Yanmei's left wing dock. A symbol made by the elementary schoolkids of all of Paris-2, it was gifted to Eva-04 to commemmorate its dedication to protect the world, even if the kids didn't even know what from.-
[04:18] <Dorian> [It stands, a little burned…-
[04:18] <Dorian> [But undestroyed.]
[04:21] <Dorian> [… "Well done, kids. Well done. Come on home." The plaintive, proud words of one Dorian Lachapelle.]
[04:33] <Dorian> [… "Alright, you guys. Time to pay up."]

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