In The Mind Of A Scared Young Girl

[20:47] * Aline had woke up on a… seemingly routine day. Seemingly. After getting up, she went about taking her morning shower, taking enough time to get her hair nice and clean (certainly a lot of it!). Since becoming one of the pilots, Aline vaguely wondered about that whole Section 2-watching-them business… and while she wasn't quite tearing into the apartment's walls, it did leave a brief
[20:47] * Aline feeling of paranoia for the first few days. By -now- she was ignoring the possibility of being on tape, though, and was even humming the melody of some obscure-ish classical piece that she had been working with to keep in practice while school was out of session~
[20:55] <GM> [It's important to keep that hair nice and clean after all! The piping in Aline's apartment is fairly top notch- a good water pressure, and the water's nice and hot… Well. It's actually getting a little cooler now.]
[20:58] * Aline blinked, if only briefly… and tried to adjust it a little! She just had to soap up a liiiittle bit more. Just a bit. Likely after a bit of wrestling with it, though, she'd probably succeed in getting nice and squeaky-clean. Victory!
[20:59] <GM> [That seemed to work! The water's warmth returned, and whilst the pressure started to falter a bit… It remained strong enough for Aline to do what she needed. Perhaps describing the plumbing as 'top notch' was a bit hasty.]
[21:03] <Aline> Indeed! It was quite hacky. But… that didn't prevent Aline from getting out after turning it off, and starting to dry up with the (naturally logo-emblazoned) NERV-issue bath towels. And wrapping one around herself so she could get to the last thing before getting dressed - brushing her teeth. The toothpaste was a smidge bland, but possibly better than a Riotous Mint Explosion flavor or
[21:03] <Aline> somesuch. Just turn on the sink, squeeze the tube onto the brush, work up to a nice pace… so routine.
[21:06] <GM> [NERV Issue toothpaste, from NERV Hygiene Division. Germ's in the Sink, All's Right with the World. But… No, today isn't a good day for this sort of thing. Aline's faucet isn't working.]
[21:08] * Aline proceeded to futz around with the faucet! Pull it all the way, shift it from hot to cold to hot to cold… even club it with her hairbrush a few times, just in case! Work, damn you!
[21:10] <GM> [The faucet -finally- starts to work, a little dribble of water coming out. About bloody time.]
[21:15] * Aline muttered wordlessly to herself, and started going on with the process -as intended-. Toothpaste: GO. Brush: READY. Water: ON. Brushing systems: AT MAXIMUM. Finally, Aline was able to brush her teeth like a normal person! Shoosh-shoosh-shoosh pap shoosh-shoosh pap spit rinse-rinse… Okay, Teeth: CLEAN. She put down the brush, and looked up into the mirror, opening her mouth wide to
[21:15] * Aline check her handiwork~
[21:16] <GM> [Her teeth are fine, and clean. But Aline's eyes would undoubtedly be drawn to the door of the bathroom, visible despite the steamy condensation on the mirror. It was open. Which… She didn't leave it open. And furthermore, there was someone in the doorway…]
[21:17] <Gazardiel> [Red eyes beneath reddish slits. A bony-white chestplate. A long tail. Scythes. A glistening red core.]
[21:19] * Aline …twitched. Then twitched again. Then slowly drew the used toothbrush from its holder, as if she were piloting an Eva and just drew a prog-knife. Aline slooooowly turned around. "Okay, if this is some kind of elaborate prank then I'm gonna…" Turn-around: COMPLETE.
[21:20] <Gazardiel> [… The room smelled of blood. No- not blood. Aline could smell LCL.-
[21:20] <Gazardiel> "You killed me." Toneless. Stating a simple fact.
[21:22] * Aline paused. …and paused. And continued to pause. "… …Aren't you supposed to… Uh…" The grip on her weaponized hygenic device tightened. "…be a whole lot of things? Like exploded? And multiple stories tall? A-and not in my bathroom door… doorway?"
[21:25] * Gazardiel slides forward, the tail contracting and expanding like a snake's. It's all in all about a metre away from Aline. It tilts its head to the left, as if unsure what to make of Aline's questions. "Why did you do it?" … That voice sounds a tiny bit familiar…
[21:28] * Aline backed against the wall, holding that toothbrush out menacingly! "Y-you're coming in and killing everything. Even w-with the res… recesses… recessive! buildings hundreds of civilian casualties… like a whole t-tank squadron's crew d-died… but just one you! Isn't it… the right thing t-to do? Self defense! Sssself d-d-defense!" She waved the toothbrush in the air randomly.
[21:29] <Gazardiel> "But now… We will be able to find you… Again. And now you are much more useful… Pilot Aline Blanc." … That voice.
[21:34] * Aline was twitching enough that her next toothbrush-wave was enough to send it flying into the ceiling! "Hey! Hey! That's… you aren't the same goddamn people! Th-tha-that doesn't even make sense! S-some kind of religipolitistupidshit thing is got nothing t-t-t-to do with giant monsters that we just call angels for some… some weird reason! You're not even fucking real! You're both dead
[21:34] * Aline anyway! Go away go away go away goaway goway goway!
[21:37] <Gazardiel> "I will never go away." Sliding yet closer- one of those scythes has been raised to point at Aline, now. "I will be there. In the dark corners of your mind. You will see me when you close your eyes and you will hear me when you fall asleep. You will never end me."
[21:40] * Aline shook her head frantically, and tried to hold back the tears that were starting to drip down. It was starting not to matter. Who cares if this thing was even real or not? Who cared at all? It just had to stop. Had to stop right now. She had to make it stop. "N-n-no you won't. I can. I can… I can if I TEAR YOU APART WITH MY OWN HANDS!" …and sure enough, Aline charged at the
[21:40] * Aline hallucinated alien monster, hand reaching out to where the core gleamed. She intended to do exactly what she said she would!
[21:42] <Gazardiel> [This Gazardiel wasn't a massive monstrosity… But Aline wasn't an Evangelion either. With unnatural reflexes, a scythe swings up, removing her arm at the elbow- a spurt of blood suddenly flicking across the otherwise clean white tiles. Aline's next- and last- sensation would be incredible agony in her stomach… Before everything started to darken.]
[21:46] * Aline could feel the dull pain resonating through her body. even as she kept going. Even as she kept wrestling… Wait. How could she keep wrestling with only one arm? Why was the angel so warm and fuzzy?… She… was… fighting with her bedcovers. On the floor. "Ggghhaaaa… The hell was that…"
[21:47] <GM> [… Safe. No angels here. Obviously not. That would be impossible.]
[21:57] * Aline would have to agree with that impression. Though on the other hand… falling onto the floor wasn't that healthy either. Nor was having vivid dreams about losing limbs to hybrid abominations. "Nnn… where's that medical division phonebook…" Her hand wrestled with the covers a little bit more, ending up with the (dissheveled, what with how she woke up) girl finally bursting out
[21:57] * Aline of the ball of covers she had wrapped herself up in like she was the One or something - though not quite with an acrobatic fucking pirouette. She just wasn't qualified for that.
[22:02] <GM> [NERV Medical Division phonebooks had, naturally, been given to all the pilots upon their employment. Luckily the books had rarely been used, since most 'accidents' occured on-site anyway. But once Aline found it, it wouldn't take long for her to schedule an appointment with a certain department- after all, pilots had priority and it wasn't like the med division had much to do.]
[22:04] * Aline was definitely happy to have made said appointment. Also happy that they -seemed- to be relatively accepting of the 'uh I had nigh-hallucination-level dreams about being taunted by dead monsters and getting myself painfully torn apart and I'm sorta freaking out here.' bit, too.
[22:06] <GM> [Timeskip! 11:45 AM, NERV Medical Division, Psychiatric Department. It was, like much of NERV Medical, white, clean, sterile, and hauntingly empty. In Aline's nervous state, it wouldn't be hard to imagine her being spooked by noises or movement- real or imagined- in the corner of her eye.-
[22:06] <GM> [Luckily, the waiting room itself is nice. Pale blue carpet, white walls. Gentle music playing to break up the silence, and a nice looking young man on reception.]
[22:09] * Aline had very very quietly made herself known to the receptionist, and just sat down quiiite calmly and quietly. So quiet. At least the black blouse and red skirt were fairly normal-looking. She hadn't totally snapped yet. That's good. Good not to look like she was liable to tear someone's throat out. Good.
[22:15] <GM> [The young man looks up and smiles a little at Aline. "Good morning. Aline Blanc, right? You made an appointment for 11:50?" … Ordinarily he'd ask her who she was, but he -knew- that, and she was like, the only person to make an appointment that day.]
[22:16] * Aline nodnodnodded. "Yes… I… did."
[22:21] <GM> [He smiles a little wider. He really rather was a handsome chap. "Dr. Castillo Delgado is waiting for you."]
[22:23] * Aline smiled… softly. Very softly. "Alright. Thank you." …And so, Aline made her valiant quest to Dr. Delgado's office. VALIANT I TELL YOU. Because seriously, she was in need of courage right now…
[22:24] <GM> [A hallway! There were a few doors, listed with little plaques. But one of them was the one she was looking for. FELIX CASTILLO DELGADO, and his credentials.]
[22:25] * Aline made it a point to knock first. "Ah… he… hello?"
[22:26] <GM> [The door opened! Revealing a man.-
[22:30] * Felix‘Delgado wasn’t a particularly tall man. He was all in all only an inch or two taller than Aline. He had a lined, aged face, with a white stock of (well-groomed) hair. a pair of kindly green eyes peered out at Aline. He was dressed in a professional, yet welcoming outfit: black trousers with a neat blue button-up shirt. "Ah. Aline Blanc, yes? Please, come in." He stepped back and opened the door fully.-
[22:32] * Aline did so, maybe a bit nervously… and looked for a chair to sit down in - and promptly did so as soon as one was found. Surely, she could be excused for not waiting for him to offer, right?
[22:32] <Felix‘Delgado> [The room within was rather spacious, and comfortable looking. A pair of squishy, soft-looking armchairs sat at one end of the room, next to what looked likea potential fireplace. Also- there was the required couch, of course.]
[22:34] * Felix`Delgado followed on, sitting in a chair close to wherever Aline was. He peered at her warmly, a clipboard in hand with what looked like a notepad or the like. "My name, as you know, is Felix Castillo Delgado, but please, just call me Felix. Do you mind if I call you Aline?"
[22:35] * Aline shook her head. "No, no, it’s alright if you call me that. I'm not that stuck on proper… uh… name… use? Name use, anyway. Not really at all, no."
[22:43] * Felix‘Delgado nods. He offers Aline a bowl of what looks to be candies. He probably picked it up from his desk. "Why don’t you take one of these and tell me what happened, Aline?"
[22:54] * Aline went ahead and took the candy, unwrapping it (if needed) and chewing slightly. "Well… okay. Apparently I was dreaming the whole time, but… it was almost like I wasn't. Really realistic. Anyways… So there I was, taking a shower, and then brushing my teeth, and all those things I do every day to get ready. By the time I got to brushing my teeth, the water wasn't working right for some reason… Odd, but I guess it's got some kind of symbolic meaning or something. Once I was done there, I was about to check to make sure I did a good job in the mirror… then uh. I thought I saw something." She was surprisingly good at spacing her words between chews of the candy, interestingly enough.
"Turned around carrying a toothbrush, and… uh… the angel, the one we just fought… it was in my doorway! Like, normal human-size and stuff, which immediately made me sorta question things, but I guess not quite enough to go lucid or wake up or whatever. Said I killed it, and I was like yeah I did, and what the hell were you doing here. And it kept yammering at me and-and then I waved the toothbrush at it and then it sounded like the uh… the… you know, the Covenant of Light guy, those uh guys that did that… you know, it's… in my record." Aline was sweating by then.
"And uh I was all that that was impossible and it wasn't right and it couldn't be real but it kept -taunting me- so I… I just… flipped out. I tried to rush it and tear it apart with my own two hands and it was really freaky and I wouldn't do that but I guess it looking like the angel made me confused for a bit like I was in one of those things so I would be able to do that anyway but then it cut off my limb and it hurt and and and then I woke up 'cause I fell off the bed or something and that's when I set the appointment and then I just kept seeing shadows but nothing big like hallucinations or something it's just like being watched more than I already know I am 'cause of the security detail but like that they were stalking me but that they weren't there and and and… uuuu, I should stop 'cause I said it all anyway." She had, during her little ramble, apparently ripped the candy in two with her teeth.
[23:05] <Felix‘Delgado> "I see…" Felix said, his face sympathetic, and he started taking notes- only to stop. "Before I go on… Normally, these interviews and sessions would be confidential. And I will endeavour my hardest to maintain that. But, unfortunately, NERV is, ah… Well. There’s a fairly high chance that the Commander might read this. For your own good, of course." Said Felix in a sort of disapproving manner. "I would understand-
[23:05] <Felix‘Delgado> "If you preferred not to meet me. But I believe it might benefit you. So… If you continue with me, I want you to know that I’ll try my hardest to make any written records as vague as possible."
[23:07] * Aline slowly… -very- slowly nodded. "…Right, right… Could just… report the vague facts… then? I guess. Maybe she'll actually change her mind and care?"
[23:11] * Felix‘Delgado chuckles a little. "The dear Commander cares about you and the pilots, Aline. She’s just very bad at showing it. She's an emotionally distant individual, you know. But let's not worry about her right now." Felix leaned back in his chair. "I have a fair hypothesis for what might be ailing you, Aline."
[23:12] * Aline tilted her head, looking rather curious. "…Yes…? What do you think it is, then?"
[23:14] <Felix‘Delgado> "Well… Before I say that, I would like to ask a few more questions. Just to keep things simple for now." He pauses for a moment. "Have you been dreaming about the Covenant of Light often?"
[23:16] * Aline frowned. "Only… sometimes… but more than I should. It’s usually flashbacks to those big speeches… or like… the sound of the bullets or… things like that. Reenactments in my head?"
[23:18] * Felix‘Delgado nods gravely. "Have you had any unusual stimuli? Certain images or perhaps sensations triggering flashbacks or memories?"
[23:23] * Aline scratched her chin… "I remember asking them to get different chairs for my apartment… too familiar. Too familiar. I just turned off news stories about the whole… incident, so I dunno if those really had an effect."
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[23:27] * Felix`Delgado nods slowly. "Back when I was a young man, I talked and aided many soldiers who had fought in the Second World War. Many of their experiences had been traumatic and horrifying, and they would often dream or have flashbacks at strange stimuli. I once recall a Japanese prisoner of war go berserk when presented with rice pudding, because it reminded him of the camps.-
[23:27] <Felix`Delgado> "What I believe you’re suffering from right now, Aline, is a -hopefully mild- form of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder."
[23:29] * Aline nodded. "…Ahh. Let's… hope that doing my 'job' doesn't make that worse." She pursed her lips together a little. "…But there are things you could do to help, right?"
[23:34] <Felix‘Delgado> "Hopefully. The obvious solution would be to limit your exposure to traumatic experiences. But…" Felix bit his lip a little. That obviously wasn’t an option. "There are certain exercises we can do in order to help you manage the symptoms, and if necessary, I can prescribe some medication to take the edge off some of the more disturbing effects, like sleep loss or the like. But first… Let's discuss your support network."
[23:38] * Aline seemed a little confused at that phrase. "Support network…? Well I guess I have Sophie in charge of me I could tak to, and there's Dorian… I do really like Yanmei. I wish I knew more people at school but they changed all the assignments so I'll have to meet them all anew when school starts again…"
[23:42] <Felix‘Delgado> "I see…" Felix nodded. "A few of my friends have left the city, actually, so I know how that feels…" He knew about the girl’s familial status. No hope there… " He tapped his chin. "Most young people your age usually have some sort of social group they can rely on, or at least a close friend or romantic partner. But… I think your best bet, Aline-
[23:43] <Felix‘Delgado> "Would be to try to make friends with those people you can. Especially with the other pilots- those will be the people who know what you experience the most. Allow yourself to discuss your experiences with them, no matter how frightening or scary it might be." A strange gentleness came to his face. "I read the AAR. You were… Quite frightened during that fight, weren’t you?"
[23:48] <Aline> "Y-yes. Not as much as Yanmei was… Er, not that I need to compete over that, but… It… shot me with that… thing. I could feel its… something. Something touching me. In a like… uh… mystical way, if that makes any sense."
[23:51] * Felix‘Delgado nods slowly. "I think I understand. What you experienced was incredibly intimidating and frightening- and furthermore, your experience was probably an utterly unique sensation. Nonetheless, you willed yourself to fight on and win the fight. You’re a very brave young lady, Aline."
[23:54] <Aline> "Th…ank you, Felix." She looked pretty down - or scared - even as she said that, so it was probably good enough at this point that she acknowledged the compliment.
[23:58] * Felix‘Delgado nods his head in acknowledgement slightly. "Well then. Now we have a goal. First and foremost- make friends. Miss Zhang is someone who might benefit you- and someone you could benefit- by discussing your feelings with her. Mr. de Pteres is also someone to turn to in that sort of situation. Don’t be afraid to talk to the dear Operations Director, either; Dorian and I go way back, and he might know a bit more about the problem than he lets on."
[23:58] <Felix‘Delgado> - and he might know a bit more about the problem than he lets on."
[00:01] * Aline pondered what the doctor had said. "…I suppose so… Should try not to be too bothersome, especially if he has his own problems there. But… right. I should talk to all of them."
[00:03] * Felix`Delgado nods slowly. "If I may deviate slightly? For a moment- to a related yet slightly tangential topic."
[00:04] <Aline> "That’s fine. To what?" Curious expression was curious! It was a little open-mouthed surprise~
[00:05] <Felix‘Delgado> "How are you feeling about school?"
[00:08] * Aline knitted her hands together. "A bit anxious for it to start, really. It’s weird to have nothing big to do every day… but know that you're only a phonecall away from… you know… that. If I'm not thinking about that all the time then I might be a bit more comfortable day-to-day, you know?"
[00:11] * Felix‘Delgado nods sagely. "I agree. School will give you a reinforcing normalcy to your life, I think, which could be very helpful." He said approvingly. "Of course, I don’t need to tell you that the dynamic will be different, at least at first. Once students start understanding that you're one of the pilots of an Evangelion… Well, if you're-
[00:11] <Felix‘Delgado> "Natural and don’t let it affect you too much, you'll find that just sliding away eventually."
[00:13] <Aline> "Ah. I'm… gonna have to watch out for that, won't I?" She drummed two fingers together. "I hope nobody's mad about their house getting blown up or something. That'd suck…"
[00:17] * Felix‘Delgado chuckles a little. "Yes, that might be a problem, but I think you’ll have far more admirers than you will malefactors. You are, after all, piloting what amounts to a giant robot and fighting… 'aliens'… To their benefit." A peculiar thought- how would this rather wispy girl deal with her newfound celebrity status?-
[00:17] <Felix‘Delgado> "Have you ever wanted that sort of acclaim, Aline?"
[00:18] * Aline gasped, at that. "…Acclaim…? I really really don’t know… I'll… I guess I'll find out… soon enough?" She looked -very- nervous about that. It was hard to tell if it was only nerves or what, though.
[00:21] * Felix‘Delgado smiled indulgently. "Indeed. Hopefully, Miss Zhang will soak up much of the attention. But you should at least be prepared to handle a few… Fans, as well as the attentions of a boy or two." Or three or four. What a mess that would be.
[00:21] * Aline nodded again… "I’ll… try to prepare."
[00:23] * Felix‘Delgado nodded slowly. "Of course, coming back to the original issue… How do you feel about the pilots? You said you liked Miss Zhang, and I would be surprised if you didn’t feel a sense of kinship with her, but what about Mr. de Pteres?"
[00:31] <Aline> "…Sera…" She looked off into the distance. "I can't tell. He's sort of a mystery. Very quiet to us both, kinda edgy… distant… I don't feel like I know him at all. I'm a bit worried about that, really. Has he been coming in for something even worse than what I am? I hope not…"
[00:34] <Felix‘Delgado> "Well, he’s been in for a checkup or so. The results of that are confidential." A pause. "To everyone but the Commander, of course." Mumbled Felix slightly. "She's somewhat intrigued by the boy… But, it's nothing too serious, at least. I would, however, ask you to grant me a favour- ah, try to take him on board, will you? He might feel somewhat awkward at school, so…"
[00:38] * Aline blinked at that. "Awkward at school? I'll… try. I'm not sure what his problem would be, anyway, but I guess I can try to help regardless?"
[00:39] <Felix‘Delgado> "That’s for him to talk about. You understand, of course."
[00:40] <Aline> "Right, I do. Confidentiality and all."
[00:41] * Felix‘Delgado nods and smiles. "Right then. So you know what you have to do?"
[00:42] <Felix`Delgado> "Regarding everything we’ve discussed, I mean."
[00:45] * Aline nodded curtly. "Yes! Make friends, try to avoid triggers, and help out the other pilots especially. Also talk to Dorian because he's familiar with this."
[00:51] * Felix‘Delgado nods slowly. "Yes. We’ll see if this helps you out- with any hope, it will. And now. Perhaps you should go and have a nice cup of hot chocolate somewhere warm and snug, hm?"
[00:53] <Aline> "Yes!… Or something like that, yes yes. good thing I still have a little bit left…" She patted the small little strappy-backpack she was wearing, maybe implying her money? "Cafeteria has surprisingly good cocoa, then I can take it home~"
[00:54] * Felix‘Delgado nods happily. "Yes. These sessions of course are free, since I’m being paid by NERV. So I hope you have a good day, alright?"
[00:56] <Aline> "Alright~" …It seems like the mention of cocoa lifted her spirits. Hmmm… Either way, though, Aline nodded once more, and then walked on out!
[00:56] * Felix‘Delgado smiled, keeping up a warm appearance until the girl was out of his room. His warmth lingered for a moment as he moved, settling down on that couch with a small sweet.-
[00:57] <Felix`Delgado> "What’re you doing, Ginevre? You're making us all sinners…"

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