In The Morning Before School

[12:13] <Isaiah> [It's a sunny and early Tuesday morning on the 10th of March, 2015. In one particular Geofront Apartment, a young lady is stirring to life…]
[12:16] * Yanmei went through her morning routine more quietly than usual, since she was certain that Marianne was still sleeping. Shower, hair, subtle facepaint. She shrugged into her clean uniform and buttoned it slowly. Her head was still buzzing a little from the previous night, and it wasn't exactly from the wine, either.
[12:20] <Isaiah> [There had certainly been much to think about yesterday, at least. But, in the present, Yanmei would be interested to note that she could hear the sounds of habitation from the main apartment room- footsteps, the clink of plates, quiet voices.]
[12:22] <Yanmei> "That's odd?" She hefted her bag from where it sat by the foot of her bed, and started in that direction. Did Marianne invite someone over? What was she doing up, anyway? A disapproving tsk!
[12:29] <Isaiah> [The door opened, revealing that the living room was indeed occupied, with sunlight streaming through the balcony doors. Marianne was indeed awake, looking a little tired but happy, walking around in a white nightgown and a purple dressing gown, putting a plate of bacon and eggs down in front of someone sitting at the table- a blonde-haired, uniform-clad someone.-
[12:31] <Isaiah> "A-are you sure this is okay, Miss Marianne?" Said Isaiah uncertainly. "All this effort is making me feel bad, I mean, I woke you up and everything…" He hadn't seemed to notice the door opening yet.-
[12:32] <Isaiah> ["Aw, don't you worry about it." Said Marianne cheerfully, giving the boy an affectionate hug that only exacerbated his awkwardness and enflamed his cheeks. "I don't mind! You eat up now. Yanyan'll be awake soon, I think I heard the shower going…"]
[12:34] <Yanmei> "Ahem!" She took that as an inadvertent cue, now striding past the kitchen doors properly. "Good morning everyone! Enjoying breakfast, I see?"
[12:37] * Isaiah suddenly looked up, startled. "Oh! Oh, good morning, Yanmei." He said quickly, fidgeting slightly with the knife and fork.-
[12:38] <Isaiah> ["Gooood morning!" Said Marianne cheerfully, dancing over and giving Yanmei a quick hug. "I'm making breakfast! Sit down and I'll bring it over, sweetie."]
[12:40] <Yanmei> "Ah… sure!" Taken slightly aback, she did as told, sliding into the seat next to Isaiah's. She couldn't help but glance at him, eyes just a little too innocent. "Having fun being spoiled today?"
[12:58] <Isaiah> "Ah…" Isaiah shifted slightly in his seat, his face reddening a little more. "It's… It's certainly very surprising. But it -is- pretty fun, if embarrassing."
[12:59] <Isaiah> [Around this time, a plate full of delicious bacon and eggs would be placed down in front of Yanmei, before Marianne would join them, sitting at the far end of the table with her own plate. "Eat up~"]
[13:02] <Yanmei> "Yes. Thank you!" Yanmei didn't need to be told to dig in. Marianne wasn't a half-bad chef! "Did Isaiah tell you that he's in the drama club? He's also the at the top of the class when it comes to math-based subjects."
[13:04] <Isaiah> ["Ooh, is that right?" Said Marianne, glowing in that sort of adoring fussing way. Her eyes twinkled at some hidden thought. "A mathematician! A very respectable skill, very useful- I bet you've got a good head for science, too?" She leaned forward, grinning. "And a sensitive, dramatic soul…~"-
[13:05] <Isaiah> "Er… I, well. Science is good. I… I'm not very good at drama. I try but it's… Hard." Said Isaiah quietly, looking extra-awkward at… This. He gave Yanmei a half-pleading look.
[13:08] * Yanmei for her part, seemed to be enjoying herself. But she did step in when silently asked. "Drama is hard," she agreed amicably. "It takes lots of practice. You'll come to see the shows we put on, won't you Marianne?"
[13:16] <Isaiah> ["Naturally." Said Marianne gleefully. "What shows will you two be putting on~?"]
[13:17] <Yanmei> "We don't know that yet. The club is still deciding. I hope it's a comedy, though. Something fun! Don't you?" She glanced at Isaiah.
[13:19] <Isaiah> "Yeah!" Said Isaiah, suddenly being brought into the conversation. "I-I'm not very good with comedy, but it'd be fun to do…"-
[13:20] <Isaiah> ["A comedy, huh…?" Marianne nodded slowly, nibbling on a bit of bacon. "Something fun would be nice. A lot of bad drama going around on the movies. It sucks."]
[13:26] <Yanmei> "Oh…?" Yanmei's eyebrow rose a little bit. "Have you been going to movies with someone lately? I bet it's one of those technicians from the repair team at work~"
[13:56] <Isaiah> ["Huh?" Marianne stared, uncomprehending for a moment. Then it clicked. Her eyes widened for a moment, before she started to laugh. "Hahahaha. Oh, no. No no. No dates for me! If I see any movies these days its when the Bunnies go out together. Besides. Everyone knows that if you want a good movie date, you see a horror movie." Marianne leaned forward, winking at them both. "Idly…-
[13:56] <Isaiah> ["There's a pretty creepy movie in cinemas right now: 'Unremembered'. Maybe the two of you can go see it this weekend…~"]
[13:57] <Isaiah> "Huh? Oh, er, I'll keep it in mind." Said Isaiah, uncomprehending.
[14:04] <Yanmei> "Tsk." No fair trying to turn the tables like that! Yanmei tried to resume eating with dignity. "You first. Horror movies aren't very lighthearted?" She glanced at the kitchen clock, and tried to rush her food down a little faster.
[14:07] <Isaiah> ["Awww. Is poor Yanyan scaaaaared?" Said Marianne teasingly. "Anyway. You two had best eat up! Isaiah, you're nearly finished, sweetie- would you be a dear and go fetch today's newspaper?"-
[14:08] <Isaiah> "Alright!" Said Isaiah, blinking and standing up. "Be back in five minutes." He said, heading toward the door and slipping out, leaving Yanmei and Marianne alone for the time being.
[14:10] <Yanmei> "You're going back to bed after this, right?" Yanmei paused in eating. "You'll be exhausted later if you don't."
[14:11] <Isaiah> ["We'll see." Said Marianne, stifling a bit of a yawn. "Probably go down for a few hours at least. How're you this morning?"]
[14:12] <Yanmei> "I'm okay. Looking forward to class, of course." She smiled the happy smile of a good and attentive student.
[14:13] <Isaiah> ["Uh-huh." Said Marianne, smirking. "Not thinking of skipping or anything~?"]
[14:14] <Yanmei> Uh oh. Yanmei blinked. "What do you mean by that? I would never cut class! It's far too important."
[14:15] <Isaiah> [Marianne simply beamed, and with a theatric flourish, took out her NERV phone, pressing a few buttons on it and placing it on the table. There was a click.-
[14:17] <Isaiah> ["Good Morning?" Came a sleepy recorded voice- Marianne's. "Lieutenant, this is Head of Security, Jeanne Simon. Are you aware that Pilot Zhang was not present at school yesterday?" "…No." "Our agents were able to handle the deviation, of course. But nevertheless, it caused an unnecessary strain on our agents in the field, who would prefer the pilots to remain true to the routine." "… Alright, I'll let her know." -click!—
[14:17] <Isaiah> [Marianne closed up her phone, peering at Yanmei with an admittedly mischievious grin.]
[14:19] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei looked down at her plate of mostly-finished eggs. "Well…" she finally said, "it was just for one day! I'm surprised they bothered to complain about it."
[14:21] <Isaiah> [Marianne chuckled. "It's alright, sweetheart. I'm not angry. I can't blame you. You had other things on your mind, and… Well, it's not like I didn't skip a day or two myself back then…"]
[14:24] <Yanmei> "Oh?" She raised her eyebrow again. "I thought you would have been a model student, Marianne~ And you can tell them not to worry. I intend to go today, as usual."
[14:27] <Isaiah> ["Good girl." Said Marianne, beaming. She waved a hand idly. "Even model students have the occasional day off, Yanyan. I was like you- I had other things to worry about."]
[14:29] * Yanmei nodded. Not spotting a punishment on the way, she made a quick attempt to finish off the rest of her meal. "If… I just so happened to skip with someone, do you think they'll inform the parents of that person too?"
[14:32] <Isaiah> ["Section 2 won't. The school might, but I don't think they bother unless it becomes a common thing."]
[14:34] * Yanmei relaxed then. "Right! I'll make sure that it won't." Pushing her plate away now, she started to stand. "We'll get out of your hair now, OK? See you later tonight?"
[14:39] <Isaiah> ["Hopefully, sweetie. I get off at 8 tonight." Said Marianne, getting to her feet. She held out a 20-Franc note to Yanmei. "Use this to pick up some groceries for dinner, ok? Maybe you can bring Isaiah back too~"]
[14:41] <Yanmei> "Maybe!" She agreed. The 20 fracs went into a pocket on the front of her school bag. "I'll make something tasty tonight, since you did us the honor of making a good breakfast. Thank you for that!"
[14:44] <Isaiah> ["Not a problem! He was such a sweet boy, and he said he hadn't eaten anything, so…" Yanmei was quickly embraced. "Have a good day, sweetie."-
[14:44] * Isaiah opened the door, holding a rolled up newspaper. "Here you go, Miss Marianne."
[14:50] * Yanmei hugged back before pulling away as Isaiah reappeared, nodding to show that it was about time to high-tail it to St. Louis.
[14:52] <Isaiah> [Marianne walked over, taking the newspaper. "Thank you. Now, you look after Yanyan, ok?" She said sweetly, ruffling the boy's hair.]
[14:52] <Isaiah> "Alright." Said Isaiah, a little self-consciously, gazing up at that hand. He took a single step back outside, waiting for Yanmei to lead on. "Thank you for dinner, Miss Marianne."
[14:57] * Yanmei …led on! With a last parting wave and a smile, drifting the way Isaiah had just come from - the front door.
[14:58] <Isaiah> [Marianne waved. "See you both later!" … And with that, Yanmei and Isaiah were outside, and… Free.-
[14:59] <Isaiah> "… Whew." Isaiah said, running his hands through his hair. "Your mum's really nice, but is she always so… Cuddly?"
[14:59] <Yanmei> "More or less," Yanmei sighed. "Today she was in an especially good mood. I'm not sure why, since she was kinda down yesterday? Some bad things happened at work."
[15:01] <Isaiah> "Oh." He scratched the back of his neck. "Did- was everything ok?"
[15:04] <Yanmei> "Maybe," she said uneasily. "No one was hurt, at least. Just shook up a little? I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to talk about."
[15:05] <Isaiah> "Oh. Right." Isaiah nodded awkwardly. Secret NERV stuff! Images of tall men in suits murmuring 'You know too much' filtered through his mind. "… Uh. Anyway… Anyway. Um, I'm happy to see you today." He said, making an admirable attempt to sweep away those awkward worries away with cheer and a grin.
[15:06] <Yanmei> "Yeah, the same! I wish we could take another day off, though."
[15:07] <Isaiah> "Yeah? Well…" Isaiah scooted a little closer, coincidentally further away from the apartment. "I would like to as well. But I really think it might be better to go in today, because I kind of think your mum knew."
[15:09] <Yanmei> "Yeah, she made that clear, didn't she?" Yanmei smiled. "Well! It can't be helped. We'll just have to endure it." She wondered if she should correct him about the 'mum' thing.
[15:12] <Isaiah> "Yeah…" Said Isaiah, smiling back. "Until the weekend! Then we can go out again. I'm starting to look at what's playing in theatres. That's okay with you?"
[15:15] <Yanmei> "Sure it is? Remember, no horror, okay?"
[15:16] <Isaiah> "Alright! I don't like horror either…" Said Isaiah, his eyes wide. "I don't like being scared."
[15:17] <Yanmei> "I can take fear. In smaller doses, anyway? But any way you look at it, it's not fun." Yanmei shook her head.
[15:19] <Isaiah> Isaiah nodded. "I wonder why people do it, then."
[15:22] <Yanmei> "Who knows? For that, we'd have to find someone who likes that stuff and ask them. I'm sure someone at school would know…"
[15:26] <Isaiah> "Someone in drama, I'm sure." Said Isaiah, his shiny black shoes clacking as he stepped. He glanced at her. "So, er…"
[15:26] <Yanmei> "Yes?" An encouraging smile. Why did he always pause like that?
[15:30] <Isaiah> "You look, er… B-buh." He reached up and pushed some of his hair out of his eyes. "Beautiful. I-I mean, you look b-beautiful today." He said nervously. He wasn't very poetic at all.
[15:33] <Yanmei> "I do?" she tried to think of anything she had done differently while pulling herself together that morning. Nothing jumped to mind. "Why, thank you," she said anyway. "You look nice today too."
[15:34] <Isaiah> "Y-yeah?" Isaiah blushed a little. "W-well. T-thanks. I, er. I…" He paused. "I was thinking of doing something with my hair. But I don't know what."
[15:37] <Yanmei> "What, like dying it?" She scrutinized him, trying to picture a different color. "Uh, I don't think that's a good idea? It looks fine blonde."
[15:43] <Isaiah> "Y-yeah?" Said Isaiah. "Well, I hope so. I… Yeah." He sort of trailed off. "… H-hey. Your mum works for NERV, right?"
[15:44] <Yanmei> "That's right. Ah… you don't have to keep calling her that? Her name's Marianne." Her pace was slowing a little. Sharp twinges through her leg this morning. Maybe insisting on walking wasn't the best idea in the world?
[15:45] <Isaiah> "O-oh. Sorry. Did I… Er, did I say something wrong?" He said helplessly. She was walking a little slower, and he didn't quite know what that meant.
[15:47] <Yanmei> "Hm? Ah, not at all!" she smiled at him again. "She really is like a mom, but even I don't call her that. Maybe it's strange?"
[15:49] <Isaiah> "Oh." Isaiah nodded. "W-well, I think it's only expected. If my dad married someone, I wouldn't call her mum, no matter how nice she was…"
[15:51] <Yanmei> "Oh. You see what I mean, then?" she nodded briskly. "But what were you going to ask?"
[15:51] <Isaiah> "W-well. Um. I was just wondering if she was happy working for NERV."
[15:56] <Yanmei> "I suppose so?" she said slowly. "It's stressful, but she's pretty dedicated? Most people who work there seem that way."
[15:56] <Isaiah> "Ah…" Isaiah nodded slowly, scuffing his feet slightly.
[15:58] <Yanmei> "What's wrong?" Limping a little now. Damn it.
[15:59] <Isaiah> "Oh, it's just, my dad… Er…" He paused. "… Yanmei, what's wrong?" he asked, frowning, looking down at her leg. Worry was written on his face.
[16:02] <Yanmei> "Old piloting injury. Here, let's stop a moment?" She paused by the side of a building, touching it with her fingertips for balance. "It's weird? It was bothering me last night too, a little. Ah… what about your father?"
[16:05] <Isaiah> "Ah…" Isaiah's frowned deepened as Yanmei paused. The urge to help somehow was strong, but what could he do? "Er… Right. My dad. He works for NERV, but he really hates it."
[16:08] <Yanmei> "He does? Why?" Sure, he didn't seem like the happiest guy in the world when she'd met him, but…
[16:12] <Isaiah> Isaiah shrugged. "He's a pacifist. He's a scientist who is really famous in some circles because of his work, especially with things like positrons or other particles. But NERV is making him develop weapons, and… Yeah…"
[16:16] <Yanmei> "Oh, I see. That sounds difficult." she almost frowned. Why was he with NERV if he didn't like fighting much? "They keep saying that sacrifices have to be made to stop the Angels. Maybe this is just another way of doing that?"
[16:16] <Isaiah> "Yeah. That's what he keeps saying to himself. 'Killing Angels is different', but I think he's afraid of what'll happen to his weapons afterwards… I think some people are the same with the Evangelions."
[16:19] <Yanmei> "…" She didn't reply at first. "They're pretty powerful," she said with some difficulty after a moment. But then her voice grew smoother, more confident. "Aside from what you've probably seen, people have been hurt just by being around them, even outside of battle. Accidents, of course. There is a lot we're still learning about them."
[16:21] <Isaiah> "Just by being around them…?"
[16:29] <Yanmei> "You can think of them as mechanical malfunctions. Some months ago, Aline's unit-00 had something like that. I was unfortunate enough to be around it at the time, and unprotected." She gestured to her leg, her voice carrying a very matter of fact tone. "Moderate nerve damage. Multiple bone breaks and fractures. Four surgeries later, and it still isn't what it used to be. I suppose that's another unfortunate sacrifice?"
[16:32] <Isaiah> "…" Isaiah stared, his wide eyes growing ever wider. For a moment, his expression was one of horror- and a sort of sympathetic sadness, before… He blinked. "I'm sorry, Yanmei… I had no idea." He said quietly. That explained her limp. "Is… I, mean, I know how I'd feel. You must hate the things after that."
[16:34] * Yanmei smiled. "Don't be silly. I don't think I could force myself be much of a pilot if I hated them. And anyway, that's in the past?"
[16:36] <Isaiah> "Oh… Well." He rubbed his neck. "It would be bad for the best pilot to feel like that, I think." He said, giving her a hopefully-cheering-up smile. "D-does it hurt much?"
[16:38] <Yanmei> "It's getting better." She took a few steps forward to demonstrate. "I'll take a few painkillers when we reach school. That'll take care of things for now."
[16:41] <Isaiah> "Ah… Okay." Isaiah nodded, following on. "Y-you know, my mother was a doctor. S-so if it ever hurts too much and you have to stay home, I can come over and look after you. I bet Miss Marianne works a lot, after all."
[16:43] <Yanmei> "Hm? So you're a medic-in-training and a mathmatician too? Not bad~" She chuckled. "Thank you for the offer."
[16:46] <Isaiah> "It's alright." Said Isaiah cheerfully. "But don't, er… Don't…" Isaiah frowned. "Don't -not- let me know if it hurts, though." He said. There was a better way to say that sentence but he couldn't grasp it at that moment. He was aware that time was still ticking on, and whilst they probably wouldn't arrive late, Isaiah liked to be early just in case. Nevertheless he never actually stepped ahead of Yanmei, either.
[16:51] <Yanmei> "Yes sir!" Not quite the voice she used for her commanding officers, but close enough. She tried to hurry up. "Let's see if we can make up for lost time, hm?"
[16:52] <Isaiah> "Right!" He said, nodding… The smallest hint of a little mischievious smile on his lips. "W-we could go faster if I carried you, maybe…"
[16:56] * Yanmei laughed. "I'm not as light as I look, I'm afraid. And it's not like it's that far…"
[17:03] <Isaiah> "Aww. Well, your choice…" Said Isaiah, shrugging lightly, but smiling nevertheless.
[17:10] <Isaiah> [And thus, the young pair walked off to school, through the quiet morning streets of Paris-2, unaffected by the city's eerie quiet. Before long, they had entered the vicinity of the school, that area where uniformed students became common, yet the school itself was not quite in sight.]
[17:13] <Yanmei> "Almost there." Despite her discomfort, she was still keeping up appearences relatively well, her usual smile forming as more and more student became visible.
[17:14] <Isaiah> "Yeah! H-hopefully it'll be a quick day…"-
[17:16] <Isaiah> ["Ah, well well." Same a sudden silky, lovely voice behind them. "It's Miss Zhang herself… Good morning." Once Yanmei turned, she'd find… The unmistakeable form of Niles Windsor-Yamato, walking along with none other than a smirking Malachi Ansel.]
[17:20] <Yanmei> For the love of… She flashed a shining smile to hide her irritation. "Ah, Mister Windsor-Yamato. It's a pleasure to see you this morning. You too, Ansel."
[17:20] <Isaiah> "…" Isaiah turned as well, quietly.
[17:21] <Isaiah> [Malachi nodded. Niles gave Yanmei a respectful half-bow. "May we walk with you?"]
[17:23] <Yanmei> "If you'd like." She glanced at Isaiah briefly to see how he would take it, and resumed a somewhat slower pace. Must… not…limp. "I trust you two had a wonderful weekend?"
[17:25] * Isaiah was obviously not sold on the idea. His face was blank, but Yanmei'd known him enough by now to pick up on his less obvious signs of discomfort.
[17:26] <Isaiah> ["Splendid." Said Niles, sweeping in with all the sudden swiftness of a gale. Much like a gale, he practically swept Isaiah aside. "I've just been talking with dear Malachi here regarding the Student Council elections. They'll be decided by May the 5th, you know."]
[17:29] <Yanmei> "Yes, I'm aware of that. I'm your competitor, after all." What the hell was he up to? And why was this other snake walking along with them? She smiiiiled at Malachi Ansel. "Does this mean that you'll be running as well? How exciting for you."
[17:30] <Isaiah> ["Hahaha." Malachi laughed, sliding smoothly in to take up Yanmei's other side. She was now flanked on both sides by Niles and Malachi, with Isaiah having been carelessly pushed off to the side. "Of course not.-
[17:31] <Isaiah> ["Malachi has pledged his support to me and has joined my staff- the committee of assistants to me, I mean. He's my second-in-command, my vice-president, if you will."]
[17:31] * Isaiah was glowering, ignored, at Niles and Malachi.
[17:34] <Yanmei> "How interesting! I'm certain that his interpersonal… talents will come in handy for you."
[17:35] <Isaiah> ["Hmm, yes. I'm hoping so." Said Niles, smiling like a cat. And not a nice cat, either. Malachi snickered. "What about you, Zhangy-zhang? Have you got an assistant yet?" He said.]
[17:38] <Yanmei> "Isaiah, here, was my first choice for the position, as a matter of fact," she smiled, ignoring the nickname. "I'm quite confident in our chances."
[17:38] <Isaiah> "T-that's right." Said Isaiah firmly, trying to push himself in between Yanmei and Niles.
[17:40] <Isaiah> ["…" Niles was silent for a moment, turning to look at Isaiah- and, of course, continually blocking him. "I hate to sound, well, presumptious, but are you sure that's a good idea, Miss Zhang? It's well known that Gabriel-Wei is something of a… Well, an inept boy."]
[17:41] <Isaiah> "I'm not inept…"
[17:45] <Yanmei> "Tsk. As I said before." She threw all her confidence, feigned or otherwise, behind a single superior smile. "I am *quite* comfortable with our chances. Although I'll thank you for your… concern."
[17:47] <Isaiah> ["You misunderstand, Miss Zhang." Said Niles sweetly. "All life is a challenge. Indeed, all life should be a challenge, a chance to hone our skills and abilities. Simply put, Miss Zhang, I fear for my political talents in the future, considering how I will have learned nothing from this inevitable cakewalk of a campaign."]
[17:58] <Yanmei> "How terribly sad for you," her smile was just as sweet. "But is there any particular reason why I should be focused on your political future outside the usual encouragement of a fellow classmate? In any case, your words don't quite match up with your actions, do they?"
[18:02] <Isaiah> ["No, of course not, Miss Zhang. I would never ask you to pay undue attention to anyone else." Said Niles, with a (pseudo?)respectful nod of the head. "Although I do wonder what you mean by that. My words and actions are in perfect harmony."]
[18:09] <Yanmei> "Are they? A truly peerless candidate would be less concerned with seeking out information on others in the running. And… perhaps less invested in controlling information as well?" She turned her smile to Ansel again. "Isn't that right, Mr. Editor of the school paper?"
[18:12] <Isaiah> ["Technically, I'm only the Co-Editor." Said Malachi cheerfully, shrugging his shoulders in an infuriatingly innocent manner. Niles merely chuckled. "Please, Miss Zhang, you're making me depressed. A truly peerless candidate would be one who knew -everything- about the others in the running. If you cannot master even that simple tenet… Maybe Miss Zhang should stick to her robot, don't you agree, Malachi?" "Indeed, sir. Indeed."]
[18:30] <Yanmei> "Is that so?" She blinked innocently. "Then… you're suggesting that I thoroughly investigate you and Mr. Fontaine? Well, either that or drop out. And I don't believe that someone as self-assured as you claim to be would suggest the latter to a less-experienced political rival?"
[18:35] <Isaiah> ["Of course not. I would never advise you to quit, Miss Zhang." Said Niles, stepping forward now and turning around- he was now walking backwards. Malachi soon joined him, smirking. "But I would advise you revise your actions thus far, starting with your choice of help. Choose someone of value, Miss Zhang. Time wasted on this shut-in is time you cannot afford to spend."]
[18:37] <Isaiah> "Y-you just keep saying the same things." Muttered Isaiah. "Inept this, shut-in that…"
[18:39] <Isaiah> ["The truth, my socially maladjusted little pigeon."]
[18:53] <Yanmei> "I will give your advice the consideration it deserves," she said pleasantly. A beat or two passed. "And I have decided that I will determine what is or isn't a waste of my time, Mr. Windsor Yamato. May the best team win, and all that."
[19:13] <Isaiah> ["Very well then." Said Niles smoothly. "In that case, I shall see you later. Thank you for the well wishes." He smiled, gave Yanmei a bow, and then promptly turned on his heel and walked off, Malachi not far behind him.]
[19:15] <Yanmei> "I hate to say it," she muttered under her breath as the pair left earshot, "but there's someone in this school that's actually worse than Alexandre Fontaine. Maybe." Alexandre was pretty bad. "Are you okay Isaiah?"
[19:18] * Isaiah was busy, staring daggers into Niles's back. When Yanmei spoke, he slowly turned to look at her, the anger fading into a sort of pleading, upset feeling. "… Yeah. It happens."
[19:23] <Yanmei> "…" Yanmei studied him carefully for a moment, and then looked off. She bet it did. "Let's get one things straight, Isaiah." Her voice was low. Very, very low. "I'm not really interested in winning the election. It doesn't matter whether I make it to student council or not. But… I do know that I want to mess that guy up. Fontaine too."-
[19:25] <Yanmei> "That may not be a good enough reason for getting involved in all this, and dragging you along for the ride too. I'll leave it to you to decide? It's only fair. I won't hold whatever you decide to do next against you."
[19:29] <Isaiah> "…" Isaiah looked down at his shoes for a moment. There is a wonderful little pathway in the human mind, somewhere, that looks at a goal, and decides the success and failure parameters for that goal. For example, 'winning the student election' would see Yanmei as President.-
[19:31] <Isaiah> However, there is another, equally wonderful pathway designed for moments like this, that takes a preestablished goal and tweaks the parameters. Suddenly, what would once be considered a failure becomes as appealing as a success. Suddenly, winning the election didn't matter nearly as much as ensuring that Fontaine and Windsor-Yamato walked out of it blooded, ruined, and deeply regretting ever entering.-
[19:32] * Isaiah looked up once more, a sort of sudden eager, defiant enthusiasm in his face. "Fontaine and Windsor-Yamato have tried to make my life hell from the very first day. Messing them up sounds like a perfectly good reason, Yanmei. I was always going to try to help you anyway, but if we can really screw with them, all the better…!"
[19:35] * Yanmei blinked in surprise. "Well, that was easy! I… don't suppose you know of others who might feel the same way?"
[19:36] <Isaiah> "Um…" Isaiah's fiery expression died down, replaced instead with thought. "Well, there are bound to be other people who've been targeted. Fontaine doesn't bother most people, but he does bother some, and uh, I think he's had personal problems or something with some people…" A pause. "Windsor-Yamato though is pretty hated by the Mathematics team, though. There might be other people too. If he treats others like he treats me, it's no surprise…"
[19:39] <Yanmei> "Well, then, the Mathematic's club would be an excellent place to start campaigning, then. Maybe pick up a few additional people for our crew?" She tapped an index finger against her chin. "When do they meet?"
[19:41] <Isaiah> "Wednesdays. I bet it'd be really easy to get them to join you, too…"
[19:44] <Yanmei> "All right, then! I plan to visit the NERV Fanclub at some point as well, for obvious reasons. Drama and fencing may be a fight, but I will try anyway. The science club… maybe I can get Aline to put in a good word for me?" She looked a little doubtful at that. "In any case, please keep my motives quiet for now, won't you? Those boys are cruel, but they're also well known and influencial."
[19:46] * Isaiah nods firmly. "I promise, Yanmei." He said. He felt a lot more eager to today's Fencing Club meeting, too, for some reason- oh right. The chance to pretend to stab Alexandre Fontaine.
[19:48] <Yanmei> "Let's go. We can talk some more about it after class. Someplace secluded." And she led the way.
[19:52] * Isaiah nods faithfully! He follows onward. He is full of a warm, safe feeling. And he's also rather aware of who to thank for that, too.

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