In The Mysteries Of The Mind

[16:48] <Sept> It was May 7th, and it was some time after noon. The estimated arrival of the Angel drew ever nearer. A little surprisingly, Sera hadn't spent any time with 01 yet, and he was going to remedy that. The elevator took him downward in their trademark insufferably slow pace. When the doors finally slid open with a sharp 'ping', the pilot made straight for the Hangars (barring, of course, any
[16:48] <Sept> crowds in his path prompting a detour).
[17:05] <Ginevre> [There were a few detours to be made, of course. But eventually Sept would find his way to the cavernous hangars that held the three Evangelions. An army of technicians and crewmen were working on last minute preparations for the battle.]
[17:11] * Sept sat down somewhere sufficiently out of the technicians' way, but it didn't feel right. Everyone was fiddling and probing -his- 01. There was nothing wrong with him. Sera wanted to yell at them and drive them out. But… they were family too, weren't they? Instead, he just kicked over an empty barrel and retreated into the hallways.-
[17:13] <Sept> He had -tried- to wander aimlessly, but instead found himself quite soon to be standing by the elevator to the Commander's office. He pushed the button and got in.
[17:16] <Ginevre> [The elevator slowly trundled itself up the shaft. But, eventually, it came to its location. The doors opened.-
[17:17] <Ginevre> [The office was as it usually was- wide, open, dark. The glass windows glimmered with the artificial sunlight that illuminated the Geofront, and the roof shone ethereally with those strange symbols on the roof. And of course, in the middle of it was Ginevre Fontaine, sitting at her desk, reading something.]
[17:22] * Sept took a few steps into the room, and then stood still, looking at the ceiling. Eventually, a "Hello, Ginevre" was uttered, but his eyes did not let go of the symbols.
[17:24] * Ginevre looked up from the book, which she gently closed. She stared at Sept softly, and smiled. "Hello, Sept. I didn't expect to see you here."
[17:27] <Sept> "…why is it on the ceiling, Ginevre?"
[17:29] <Ginevre> "Because if it were on the floor, I wouldn't be able to see it."
[17:35] <Sept> "Oh. Of course." Sera rubbed his shoulders to relieve some of the tension from the uncomfortable position, and established eye contact with Ginevre for the first time. "Anything… new? With the Angel?"
[17:38] <Ginevre> "It crossed the border from Belgium into France 10 minutes ago. We should have about four hours until its arrival." Said Ginevre. "European air forces have been harrying it as best they can, but obviously nothing much has come of that, except data." A pause. "Authorities as well as the UN are starting to look into Berlin-2 as well. It looks as though there might be survivors."
[17:40] * Sept hesitated. He wasn't quite sure if he even wanted to hope. Still, he found the word slip through his lips. "…Asuka?"
[17:42] <Ginevre> There was a pause. Ginevre stared at Sept for a few minutes, then smiled slightly. "She's in a hospital in Hamburg right now. Critical condition, but alive. Although her injuries are grievous."
[17:48] <Sept> "…oh." No, he wasn't allowed to feel relieved for that. Berlin-2 was still completely and utterly destroyed. "That's, that's good?"-
[17:53] * Sept took a seat by her desk, and looked down at his feet. "Ginevre, I. I wanted to ask you something."
[17:55] <Ginevre> "What is it, Sept? You can ask me anything."
[17:59] <Sept> "Im… Imperative One. I, I want you to promise me… please don't use it again?" He looked up, carefully hopeful.
[18:02] <Ginevre> "…" Ginevre blinked, then frowned slightly. What an odd request. "Why don't you want Imperative One to be used, Sept?"
[18:07] * Sept fidgeted in his chair. "We've kept it safe before, you're… you're just hurting it more by telling everyone to leave even though so many of them can't…"
[18:12] <Ginevre> "I know, Sept." Said Ginevre quietly. "I would've wished for more time. 22 hours isn't enough to evacuate 200,000 people." She sighed. "Normally, in an emergency like an Angel attack, there would be a period where I would have to wrangle with authorities for clearance, equipment, rights, so on and so forth. Like the rights to access France's power grid in its entirety. I believed it'd require extraordinary powers in this situation, so I activated Imperative One."-
[18:14] <Ginevre> "But…" Ginevre tapped her hands together. "I'll see what I can do, Sept. I'll promise you that I won't use Imperative One again without your permission. Is that acceptable?"
[22:07] <Sept> "I… yes!" Sera nodded enthusiastically. "Thank you. I was hoping you would understand. It's really important."
[22:10] * Ginevre nodded slowly. "Do tell me why, Sept. I want to hear it from you."
[22:22] <Sept> "But if I… Alright." Sera swallowed. "If you empty out the city, it, they might not want to come back. And if they don't, they'll be putting Paris-2 -and- themselves at risk. And if that happens, they can't contin— no, I can't continue fighting. I, I need all of it to stay like it is. Please."
[22:24] <Ginevre> "I see." Said Ginevre, looking up at the roof for a few minutes. Eventually, she looked back down at Sept. "I expected as much."
[22:35] <Sept> "You did?" The tone sat squarely between statement and question. "I… appreciate it nonetheless. And I'll still do my best today. I want to show them that it's alright."
[22:39] * Ginevre nods solemnly. "You will have to do your best, Sept. Anything less will be a defeat for us, and the end of Paris-2." She said. Ginevre stood up from the desk, and started to walk, heading over to the window, staring out. "Do you feel confident?"
[22:45] <Sept> The reply came instantly, without hesitation. "Yes. As long as we can all be there, we'll win. We always have."
[22:46] * Ginevre nodded slowly. "I've seen the preparations. Dorian's plan met with two yesses and a conditional yes by the MAGI." She turned back toward Sept, beckoning him over. "I have confidence in you."
[22:57] <Sept> "Thank you, Ginevre." Sept returned, for now, to staring at the ceiling symbols.
[23:00] * Ginevre let her arm fall to her side. Instead, she turned back to look outside, at the Geofront.
[23:02] <Sept> Some time passed. "Do you think they'll finish the tests on 01 soon..?"
[23:04] <Ginevre> "They should." Said Ginevre quietly. "Dorian wants the Evangelions ready in 40 minutes." She turned back toward Sept now, and walked over to the desk, sitting back down again. "01…"
[23:08] * Sept gave Ginevre his full attention again. "Hm?"
[23:10] <Ginevre> "01 is an interesting entity, is it not?"
[23:13] <Sept> "I'm… not sure what you mean?"
[23:15] <Ginevre> "I mean that 01 is interesting. Surely you believe it is worthy of investigation? Worthy of thought?"
[23:21] * Sept nodded slowly. "Mmh. I've tried to figure it all out, but… Aline and Yanmei are much better at that sort of thing."
[23:22] <Ginevre> "What do you mean?"
[23:23] <Sept> "It's just that they know all these people and they know all about metasp— physical biology, and. You know."
[23:24] <Ginevre> "Enlighten me?"
[23:34] <Sept> "About the Evangelion having human personalities and how AT fields work. I don't really understand it, I mean I know 01 but not the others, and how Tsubaki calls hers 'mother' and how it's changed her and… I'm sure you know all about it..?"
[23:38] * Ginevre nodded. "Naturally, Sept. Although I've not taken an interest in how Akagi Tsubaki has been changed due to her occupation, I was, of course, one of the scientists who headed the Evangelion Project. I am aware of the souls and personalities of the Evangelions."
[23:46] <Sept> "But… how is it that you were the ones building, creating them but there's still things you don't know about them? About 01?"
[23:52] <Ginevre> "Easily enough, Sept. The technology and research required to create the Evangelions… It was developed on the fly, with one very specific goal in mind. However, because of the singlemindedness of that goal, we never fully managed to flesh out our information on what we were putting into an Eva. And besides, I myself am curious to see what and how an Eva thinks, now that it is what it is."
[00:02] <Sept> "Ah. Yeah, I think I understand… As I said, I don't know all that much about 01 yet myself… Just, maybe, the feeling that it wants to keep everyone safe."
[00:03] <Ginevre> "Like you, Sept?"
[00:06] <Sept> "Y-yeah. I guess."
[00:07] * Ginevre nodded, seemingly satisfied. "I think I understand."
[00:16] * Sept smiled. "…Ah. I'm glad I could help."
[00:18] * Ginevre smiled in return, and slowly lifted her gaze towards the glowing symbols on the roof.
[00:20] * Sept did the same, again. "…it's pretty, isn't it?"
[00:21] <Ginevre> "It is. It's very intricate, too. It was my husband's favourite symbol."
[00:25] <Sept> "You mean… El's- Elisha's?"
[00:25] * Ginevre looked down at Sept. "You know his name?"
[00:30] * Sept continued looking at the ceiling. "Yeah, I… heard his name, and then later I was talking with Alexandre… he told me the rest."
[00:30] * Ginevre looked back up at the ceiling. "He was very important to me."
[00:35] <Sept> "I'm sure he was, Ginnie. It must have been terrible for you."
[00:38] * Ginevre averted her gaze, now, away from the glowing symbols. A haunted expression crossed her face. "More terrible than you could probably imagine, Sept. He was very lovely…"
[01:02] <Sept> "Ginevre. I think… I think I heard his voice. In 01."
[01:06] * Ginevre turned her gaze towards Sept. It was… Very leaden. Heavy. There was an unstated momentum behind that gaze. "Is that so? And what did he say?" She asked sombrely.
[01:13] * Sept looked down. "It's… hard to remember a lot of it, but. There were names. Azariah, Mary. Eigenhart? Something about faces…"
[01:20] * Ginevre was very still at that response. She steepled her hands together, and nodded. "I'm familiar with those names. Azariah, Mary. They were his siblings."
[01:25] * Sept looked up at her. But instead of being relieved, he looked lost. "What does it mean? Why do I know those things?"
[01:31] <Ginevre> "Because he wanted you to know. Because he believes it's important that you know." Said Ginevre softly.
[01:39] <Sept> "He… does." Deep thought. "I see."
[01:40] <Sept> "Does that mean… you knew?"
[01:40] <Ginevre> "Knew what?"
[01:42] <Sept> "About Elisha."
[01:44] * Ginevre nods.
[01:44] <Sept> "Oh."
[01:45] <Ginevre> "It was what he wanted." Said Ginevre sadly.
[01:47] <Sept> "…" He looked up at the tree again. "I see."
[01:50] * Ginevre stands up, silently- walking around the table. Without a word, she stands behind Sept's chair now, and looks up at the symbols as well.
[01:52] * Sept stays there for a while longer. "They should be clearing out the hangar by now…" Without another word, he heads out to the elevator.
[01:55] <Ginevre> "Sept."
[01:56] * Sept turned around to face her. He looked… only a bit sad, but nothing more.
[01:58] * Ginevre opened her arms wide. "Aren't you going to give me a hug?"
[02:00] <Sept> "..?" Still, the prospect was welcomed. Sera took a few steps toward Ginevre, and embraced her.
[02:02] * Ginevre embraced him back, kissing him lightly on the top of the head. "Make us proud, Sept. Even in your role as the guardian angel of Paris-2, you are not alone."

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