In The Starlight Of Bistro L Etoile

[19:16] <Viviane> [March the 12th, 2015. School ended several hours ago- and now the music club is starting to come to a close.-
[19:22] <Viviane> [The sun is starting to sink lower into the western sky. It's a clear, orange sky, too- Spring is coming, albeit frostier than it once was and with a great sluggishness.]
[19:32] * Sept had gotten somewhat more comfortable with the club activities (at least relatively speaking), and had established some contact with other members. As they reached the end of today's session, he packed up his things with slightly more haste than usual - the weather seemed highly inspirational, and there was no time to lose.
[19:36] <Viviane> [The students started to filter out, saying goodbye to Mr. Bourgeois on the way. Sept, of course, would not remain unapproached.-
[19:37] <Viviane> "Hey, excuse me- Sera…?"
[19:38] <Sept> "Hm? What is it, Viviane?"
[19:40] <Viviane> "Oh, hello- you, ah, I was wondering what your schedule was looking like." She said with a bit of hope in her voice. "If you're free, well, and you'd like to hang out, that'd be… Well, really nice…"
[19:42] <Sept> "Oh." Sera glanced outside, and paused. "What did you have in mind?"
[19:47] <Viviane> "Well… I wanted to show you something!" She said. That note of hope increased. Her eyes grew wide.
[19:50] <Sept> She sounded pretty excited! What untold riches could she lead him to? "Well, I was just planning to see -something-, so no, I don't mind!"
[19:53] <Viviane> "Okay. Thanks!" She said, giving him a smile. It was a rather grateful smile, all told, like something was sort of hinging on his acquiescence. "But- do you want to go for lunch somewhere first?" She asked.
[20:00] <Sept> "Lunch would be a nice thing to see, yeah. Cafeteria, or would you prefer somewhere else?"
[20:00] <Viviane> Viviane clasped her hands together. "Let's go somewhere else! What do you like to eat?"
[20:07] <Sept> "Hmm. Simple, home-made sort of food, I guess? I haven't had much chance for that until recently, so there's still a lot of dishes I've never heard of, though…"
[20:12] <Viviane> "Home-made, eh… Huh…" Viviane scratched her neck, her momentum sort of ebbing out. It was poor form to bring a boy home and make lunch for him, right? Right. … Probably. But where else would she go? She started mentally checking off a map in her head. Let it be said that Viviane had a remarkable sense of spatial memory.-
[20:14] <Viviane> "Ah! Well… There's a bistro near by we could go to! It's called Bistro l'Etoile. They're on the river, and they love it when young people come in- we get discounts and everything… Which is pretty wonderful!"
[20:20] <Sept> "The river, hm? It does sound pretty wonderful. Shall we, then?"
[20:23] <Viviane> "Right!" She picked up her bag, slung it over her shoulder- and started to head off, with Sera hopefully in tow.-
[20:25] <Viviane> [Freya had gone home by then, of course.. She had a good deal of trouble justifying staying after school for two hours for Sept's sake, so instead settled on texting him around 5 PM to see if he'd left alright. The message would arrive, but after that it was quiet as they headed towards the Seine- and a bistro!-
[20:26] <Viviane> [The Bistro l'Etoile sat on the river, as Viviane had noted. It was stylish, in that it had a particular style- the inside was painted with dark, subdued colours like purple or dark blue, whilst the roof was home to a hundred or so tiny, twinkling lights, giving a sparkly star pattern.-
[20:28] <Viviane> [… There was of course an outside balcony that entirely bypassed that effect. "Ah- welcome to Bistro l'Etoile today! Where would you like to sit?" Asked a waiter, beaming at them both. The bistro was rather quiet, all-told.]
[20:32] <Sept> "I think… a view of the river would be nice. Is that alright, Viviane?"
[20:34] <Viviane> "Ah… Er, sure, that's fine!" Said Viviane, momentarily disconcerted. She'd been staring up at the pretty stars…
[20:39] * Sept allowed himself a moment of stargazing as well, before heading over to capture one of the tables suitably far from the middle, and promptly getting lost in rivergazing immediately afterwards.
[20:44] * Viviane followed out, sitting down opposite Sept. The table was round, with a little salt and pepper shaker, with two sets of cutlery in napkins. She turned to look out to the river. "It's a pretty river, isn't it? Clean…"
[20:47] <Sept> "A lot cleaner than the first one, I hear…" The implication, "maybe the Impact wasn't all that bad after all" sat awkwardly in the air.
[20:49] <Viviane> "Mmm…" Viviane sort of murmured at that. A shadow crossed the table- the waiter had arrived.-
[20:50] <Viviane> ["Here are the menus, young sir, young miss. I see you are both wearing uniforms- did you come here from school?" He asked.]
[20:55] <Sept> "Thank you. And yes, we did." Sera scanned the menu for anything that stood out as especially delicious.
[21:00] * Viviane nods, correlating that. She starts reading. "Well, to start, can I get a milkshake? Strawberry?"
[21:02] <Viviane> ["Certainly." Scribbling occurs. The waiter looks down at the pair and smiles. It must be noted that there is a particular niche given over to French waiters, and this French waiter was no exception. He gave Viviane a most mischievious wink and almost waggled his eyebrows in Sept's direction at the same time, trying to convey the obvious.]
[21:06] <Sept> "Oh, just water for me. And… I think, the Ancien Paris Poulet? It says here it's an authentic centuries-old recipe..?" The insinuations, sadly, had no effect.
[21:12] <Viviane> ["Ah yes, a most venerable dish, first concocted in 1670 with spices from the exotic orient, brought back by La Compagnie francaise des Indes Orientales! It is a most glamourous and romantic dish, destined to inflame silent passions…" The man beamed, enjoying himself far too much.-
[21:12] <Viviane> "Eh…" Viviane started to colour at that rather ridiculous statement. "I'll just have the Beef Bourguignon, if it's all the same to you." She said meekly.
[21:19] <Sept> "Sounds good. Beef Bourguignon, strawberry milkshake, oriental inflamed chicken, water." Sera handed his menu back to the waiter.
[21:36] <Viviane> ["Very well." Said the waiter, slipping off.]
[21:36] <Viviane> "Ancien Paris Poulet, huh? That's a pretty interesting choice." Said Viviane quietly.
[21:47] <Sept> "Interesting?" Sera seemed to be at a disadvantage here.
[21:49] <Viviane> "Oh, it's just… I've never had it before, that's all." Said Viviane, giggling a little.
[21:59] <Sept> "Hmm. If that's how we think of it, that makes you a very interesting person." A light, careless smile.
[22:02] <Viviane> "Ah-heh? How do you figure?"
[22:03] <Sept> "I guess I've never known someone like you before. That's all."
[22:05] <Viviane> "Ah…" Viviane looked down at the table bashfully. "Well, I… I think that's fantastic." She said, smiling. "I like being unique." She looked back up. "You're unique, too."
[22:09] <Sept> "Thank you, Viviane. Oh, I meant to ask. How do you know this place? Did someone show it to you, or..?"
[22:11] <Viviane> "Yeah. Eva- that is, Evangeline- blonde hair, blue eyes, pigtails?- took me here once."
[22:18] <Sept> "Evangeline… Don't think I've met her. Pigtails…" Sera's expression faltered for a moment as he remembered. He hadn't really been able to answer any of her questions properly. It was a good thing nothing like that had been asked of him in that conference… "Ah. Evangeline. But, it is a nice place!"
[22:24] <Viviane> "Yeah, it is…" Said Viviane.-
[22:25] <Viviane> [At this point, Monsieur Waiter returned, putting down a glass of water and a big milkshake glass of… Milkshake for Viviane. "Your meal will be ready in ten minutes."]
[22:26] <Viviane> "Thanks!" Said Viviane cheerfully. Almost instantly the conversation was replaced with Viviane enthusiastically sucking on the straw, eyes occasionally flicking over at Sept.
[22:31] <Sept> "Thank you." Sera took a sip from the glass and carried on with staring at the starry ceiling, and his companion.
[22:32] * Viviane just stared back, still sucking away. She seemed determined to drain the entire glass in one go.
[22:42] <Sept> Suddenly. "What got you into music, Viviane?"
[22:44] <Viviane> "Mmm?" Viviane suddenly had to pause, letting go of the straw. "Ahhh." She took a breath. "Well, my dad's a music teacher, so it was just always in my life." She said cheerfully.
[22:51] <Sept> "Hmmm." Was that how people usually figured out what to do? Through their parents?
[22:53] <Viviane> "What about you?"
[22:56] <Sept> "How I… got into music? I. Uh." He blushed. "Your Vivaldi."
[22:58] <Viviane> "Well, I mean." She grinned a little. "I -know- that." She gave him a half-kick. "But I still think it was pretty sudden- I'm not sure if you really explained it, you know? Not fully, at least."
[23:05] <Sept> "Well… it's still pretty simple, Viviane. I just hadn't really heard music before. I know I've missed out on a lot, and usually it doesn't really bother me because I am who I am and. You know. But I couldn't let that go. I knew there was something more to it, and I wanted to find out what…"
[23:06] <Viviane> "Oh… Well." She gave him a gentle smile. "That sounds like a pretty romantic answer."
[23:10] <Sept> "Oh? I-if you say so."
[23:12] <Viviane> "Yeah. Like it called out to you! Like… Tarzan meeting Jane for the first time!"-
[23:13] <Viviane> [Like a moth to the flame, French Waiter appeared after that amazing statement, placing two plates down upon the table- a delicious piece of chicken coated in spices and cooked in a pan of butter- a truly mouthwatering taste.-
[23:17] <Viviane> [For a while, though, the Ancien Paris Poulet wasn't able to be served in France, for one simple reason: cost. The days after Second Impact were chaotic, nightmarish days. India and Pakistan were nearly completely cleansed of life by nuclear fire and flood, and whatever pockets of people that remained clung to a life on a knife's edge. Most of the spices came from cash-crop communities in Indonesia, where impoverished farmers eked out-
[23:18] <Viviane> [an existence, trading their spices to distributors in what could be generously called an exploitative relationship. An existence that had grown far more difficult, recently, as the UN diverted resources from aid to Evangelion repair costs. Not that any of this would be known to Sera, of course.]
[23:26] <Sept> "Thank you." Sera savored the smell and sight of the dish for a while, before starting his lunch.
[23:34] <Viviane> "Thanks!" Viviane tucked into her beef, draining her milkshake first. "How is it?"
[23:36] <Sept> "It's…. 'interesting'. And delicious. Yours?"
[23:38] <Viviane> "Pretty good!" Said Viviane, nodding her head. "How're those secret passions going?"-
[23:39] <Viviane> [Time passes. The meal is demolished, and enjoyed by all! Conversation might even occur- and a bill is presented and paid for, with a discount. The sun sinks further into the West.]
[23:40] <Viviane> "Well. I still have that thing I wanted to show you, so…" Said Viviane eventually, letting the question hang in the air.
[23:42] <Sept> "Well, I enjoyed the lunch, so you're off to a good start."
[23:43] <Viviane> "Hehehe. Well… That's good!" She stood up. "Shall we go?"
[23:44] <Viviane> [("Here, look! What's up with the lights?") Came a sudden, familiar voice. ("They're stars, Edgar.") ("It's not nighttime yet!")]
[23:48] <Sept> "Yeah, let's— oh. Isn't that..?"
[23:51] <Viviane> "Hm- Oh, yeah." Said Viviane, looking over at Edgar with a sort of polite interest. The redheaded boy was sitting next to another familiar face- that of one Alexandre Fontaine. Alex nodded to the pair as they passed- Edgar settled for a steely gaze.]
[23:55] <Sept> "Hello, Alexandre. Hello, Edgar."
[23:56] <Viviane> "Yeah- hi."-
[23:57] <Viviane> ["Hello, Sera." "De Pteres, Fournier." Said Alex and Edgar respectively, before the two turned to make their order to a far less suggestive French Waiter.-
[23:59] <Viviane> [Viviane and Sept instead head off, into the streets of Paris-2 once more. Viviane seems to be in a bit of a rush at this point. But nevertheless, time passes, and the pair find themselves standing outside a particular store.]
[23:59] <Viviane> "It's… It's an instrument store." Said Viviane cheerfully.
[00:03] * Sept spent a moment admiring the storefront. "Ah. Is this where you got yours?"
[00:05] * Viviane shakes her head. "No. I got mine from my dad. It's his old violin." She opened the door, and headed inside. "Let's take a look around."
[00:10] <Sept> "Ah. Yeah, I don't mind that. Let's." He had, of course, walked by these stores countless times before, but never before thought twice about them. But now, as Sera entered, it was more akin to a house of wonders than an ordinary streetside store.
[00:13] <Viviane> "Hee." And it was a pretty well-stocked store! A lot of instruments, from all parts of the orchestra- from the smallest to some of the larger ones. Viviane headed off toward the counter, giving Sept a bit of alone time.
[00:18] * Sept soon disappeared into the organised mess of instruments, marvelling at every one in turn, imagining the kind of sound it might produce in detail, sometimes carefully trying the texture of the strings or the wood.
[00:22] <Viviane> [And what fine instruments they were. Many of them had the feel of brand newness to them, whilst some were second-hand, yet even they were in good condition.-
[00:22] <Viviane> "Seeeeeera!"
[00:22] <Sept> "?!"
[00:24] <Viviane> "Seeeeera! Come here!"
[00:25] <Sept> "Coming, don't scare me like that…"
[00:26] <Viviane> "A-ah, sorry." Said Viviane apologetically, up at the front counter. She was looking down at her feet- and coincidentally, at a long brown package in her hand. "This - this is what I wanted to show you."
[00:28] <Sept> "This? O-oh. Is that..?"
[00:29] <Viviane> "Ah…" She thrusts the package toward him.
[00:30] * Sept looks at Viviane, and takes the package. Cargo is, once again, carefully extricated.
[00:35] <Viviane> [It's a flute. It's long, clean- smooth and shiny. And very new. And even moreso, it's Sept's- obviously Sept's. It even has his name on it in gold filigree: 'Sera de Pteres'. It's calligraphic!]
[00:35] <Viviane> "I hope you like it…"
[00:37] <Sept> He stares at the flute. Then at Viviane. Back to the flute. And back to Viviane. Viviane is now in Sera's embrace. "Thank you, Viviane! Thank you thank you thank you"
[00:42] <Viviane> "A-aah…" Viviane is clearly startled and taken aback by the sudden gesture, and her face just lights up, but she does return it. "Y-Y-You're welcome… You are, really… You deserve it…"
[00:49] * Sept kept up the embrace for slightly longer than would've been appropriate in 'normal' circumstances, and then let Viviane go, flute still cradled carefully in one hand. "Thank you, Viviane. If you ever need help with anything… you know. You can ask me."
[00:52] <Viviane> "A-ah, that's okay! Really. But…" Viviane looked down at her shoes, then up at Sept, looking at him bashfully. "… I appreciate it."

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