In The Start Of The Roleplaying Games Club

[20:49] <Lillian> [March the 17th, 2015. The dusky glow of a fading sun lights up the western sky as this Tuesday starts to fade into the dark hours- or rather, it's now 6 PM. After a month of date settings, 'school adjustment periods' and other such things, the Saint Louis Roleplaying Games Club is about to have its first meeting.-
[20:51] <Lillian> [Lillian Durand, aka the ADVENTURE QUEEN, had no qualms about holding the sessions in her apartment. She lived in the 11th Arrondissement, the most crowded and populated place in Paris-2; or rather, it was the only place in the entire city that actually came close to the vibrancy of a real city. Aline had been given the time and the address- the rest was up to her.]
[20:53] * Aline would, as always, make her way there by foot (and maybe some public transit). Fortunately, checking over the address multiple times would make it pitifully easy to get there. Naturally, she'd just politely knock at the door, and wait. "I'm here~"
[21:00] <Lillian> ["Oh, that must be Aline!" "I'll get iiiiit!"-
[21:03] <Lillian> [The door opened, revealing the somewhat familiar blue eyes and blonde pigtails of one Evangeline Marchand, who was wearing a light blue camisole and long, white trousers. She smiled. "Heya! You found the place ok, I hope? Lillian's inside with the boys, they're… Discussing something."-
[21:04] <Lillian> ["Do you think the bechamel sauce is a bit too… Cheesy?" The voice of Emile Olivier. "The what what what?" The quick voice of Patrice Gosselin. "The white stuff." "Oh. Er, no… Should it be?" "No. But it should be cheesy." "Well, that's alright…"]
[21:10] * Aline blinked in a bit of surprise at them talking so much about the… food. Especially their inability to decide what the food even -is-. But she tried to somewhat mask that, and only the blinking showed. "Well, that's fine, I can think of people who'd roll in their graves if she didn't help make sure it all was done correctly." Traditional saucier-hood was Serious Business. "But no
[21:10] * Aline no, it was fine. I more or less know the layout of the whole town by now!" …And so, Aline began to walk in.
[21:11] <Lillian> ["Ah. That's good!"-
[21:12] <Lillian> [The apartment itself was, like most apartments in Paris-2, built to a specific floorplan that Aline would probably find, at the very least, familiar. Nevertheless it had been given a most personalised facelift- the walls were a warm, friendly orange and the furniture was comfy and cozy; cushions aplenty!-
[21:13] <Lillian> [The boys, Aline could now see, were standing over a big baking dish, within which sat a full lasagna. Emile had cut a piece out to taste, along with Patrice. They both looked up as Aline entered.-
[21:14] <Lillian> ["It's Aline!" "Hello, miss Aline!" "Aw, Emile. 'Miss Aline'? She's not your tutor, man." "Shhh. Shhhhhh."-
[21:16] <Lillian> "I'm glad you could make it." Said Lillian, finally emerging from the… Din. She herself was wearing a comfortable-looking yellow sweater with white trousers. Her own ponytail was kept in place with a lily hairclip. "We're gonna be starting soon, and have dinner at the same time- ah, you want a drink? We've got some soft drinks, or some wine if you prefer that too."
[21:18] * Aline smiled as friendly-ly as she could… and even waved to the others. "Just my name is fine, really." Theeen turned to Lillian. "I'd love some soft drinks. I can't take even wine, sadly. Regular flavor'd be fine - I get enough of the fruity ones on-base as-is." An eye did tilt over towards the lasagna. "…Nice dinner, though~"
[21:20] <Lillian> "Sure thing." Lillian said, taking out a cola-flavoured drink and pouring it into a big glass. "Oh yeah, the dinner's great! Emile made it."-
[21:20] <Lillian> ["Ah, yeah." Said Emile quickly. "Yeah."]
[21:22] * Aline nodded enthusiastically, and clapped her hands rapidly, before taking her soda glass. "Aww, don't be shy about it~"
[21:25] <Lillian> ["Aheh…" Emile reddened slightly, brushing a bit of his fringe back at that. "I'll… Try." This earned him a clap on the back from Patrice. "There's a good man. Lillian'll get jealous if you out-cute her."-
[21:26] <Lillian> "Shan't." Snapped back Lillian, carrying over the large glass and handing it to Aline. "There you go, Aliney. Remind me- have you played like this before?"
[21:30] * Aline almost immediately began to take a few sips, and shook her head at the question. "Ah, uh, no no really. I remember reading one of the rulebooks in an old-books store a few years back, but I didn't think much of it at the time…"
[21:30] <Lillian> "Aaaah, a newbie." Said Lillian, nodding sagely. "Don't worry. You'll pick up the rules soon enough. Right guys?"-
[21:33] <Lillian> ["That depends," Said Patrice dryly. "On what system we're gonna use." "Third Ed DnD." Said Eva, who was setting out the dining/playing table. "Someone wasn't listening~"-
[21:34] <Lillian> ["Don't worry about them." Said Emile quietly. "I've not played too much myself, and even though Eva's gone and memorised the rulebooks, this is her first time too."]
[21:36] * Aline slowly nodded, looking this way and that. And… okay, resisting the urge to comment of Eva's name. Because damn she heard that collection of syllables a /lot/. But… she turned to Emile. "Mmm, not a problem. Besides, I like to think my specialty is getting used to new complex things, eh? It'll be fine~"
[21:43] <Lillian> ["Okay, good!" Said Emile, with a bit of relief. "It might look a bit complex, but… That's pretty much true. With that attitude you'll get it pretty quickly."-
[21:45] <Lillian> "Alright. Everyone's here, dinner is ready, drinks are poured- everything's going better than expected." Said Lillian cheerfully. "Start serving up, Emile! Aline, Eva, you guys can sit with me in case you need any help. Patrice and Emile can handle themselves." She said, sitting down in a middle seat at the table.
[21:48] * Aline nodded. "Alright then, I'll do that!" And that's precisely what she did, sitting on the opposite end of Lillian from whichever side Eva chose. And she made it a point to choose second. Politeness first, after all.
[21:49] <Lillian> [Eva sat down on Lillian's left side, pigtails bobbing. Which means Aline got the right side!-
[21:50] <Lillian> [A few minutes later, a plate full of delicious, hot lasagna would be placed in front of everyone- a very delightful, hearty dinner. The boys would then sit, opposite the girls- Patrice sitting opposite Aline, and Emile opposite Eva.-
[21:50] <Lillian> "Tuck in!" Said Lillian, who was also putting a set of… Rather large books on the table in front of her. "Thank you all for coming, too. I appreciate it."
[21:55] <Aline> "It's entirely our pleasure, isn't that right?" …Said Aline, judiciously between bites of lasagna. She did though, survey the field in front of her. Though she had read the membership list beforehand, she did know what she was getting - conveniently, both of the cute little geeky kids who -coincidentally- were the heart of the NERV Fanclub. This was a far nicer club context to meet them
[21:55] <Aline> in, for sure.
[21:57] <Lillian> ["Right." Said Eva cheerfully. "Mmm. Emile, this is really good." "Yeah…? That's great. I really did try…"-
[21:59] <Lillian> "Mmmhm." Said Lillian, who was munching through her lasagna slice with -gusto-. It was almost indecent, but not quite to that extreme. "Mmmhm… Alright. Eva, Aline- do you want me to start explaining the basic stuff? Tonight we're all gonna make our characters, so that's a good place to start."
[22:00] * Aline herself was taking her pasta a lot slower… but did acknowledge what Lillian said. "I think that'd be a good idea, then. Though I could maybe page through the book to get some of the really really basics out of the way?"
[22:01] <Lillian> "Yeah, that's a good idea. Eva… You already memorised it all, right? So yeah, we'll do that." A rulebook was pushed toward Aline!
[22:03] * Aline gladly took it, and tried to quickly go through the bits on ability scores, the rolling mechanics, etc, relatively fast-like! That'd save her some time. "If you want, I can sorta multitask to save us time?"
[22:05] <Lillian> "You mean, read-and-gen?"
[22:05] * Aline nodded. "Yes, yes, that's what I meant. Also the talking."
[22:06] <Lillian> "Oh, sure. If you can do it, that's cool!" Said Lillian, nod-nodding her head. "Here you go~" A character sheet and a pen was placed at Aline's side- the other players got a copy too. "When you're ready!"
[22:11] * Aline had proceeded to page through everything a bit thoroughly, and made it a point to flip between the class briefs multiple times over, comparing each one… And actually getting an amusing thought. Yanmei and Sera's style of EVA-battling sort of looked a bit like a fighter, ranger, or paladin kind of deal, actually… But she knew that her own talents weren't quite like that. No, her
[22:11] * Aline singular mastery of AT Field techniques (sorta) could mean only one thing. So with quite a bit of a smirk, Aline started generating the sheet for an unassuming, gentle - but terrifyingly brilliant - wizard.
[22:12] <Lillian> ["What's everyone making?" Asked Patrice, who was being rather slow on his sheet.]
[22:14] * Aline smiled softly. "Thinking of a transmutation-school wizard, myself~" Why hell, it even got mage hand as one of its school cantrips! It's so close to her treemissile shenanigans that it felt satisfyingly familiar.
[22:16] <Lillian> ["A wizard?" Patrice blinked. "Mmm. This is going to be fun…"-
[22:19] <Lillian> ["Ah. I'm picking a Paladin." Said Emile, nodding his head. "Dwarven Paladin. Nice and solid.-
[22:20] <Lillian> ["I'm going with… A monk. Human." Said Eva. "Is that going to be ok?"-
[22:21] <Lillian> "That should be fine." Said Lillian, who was peeeeeeking over at Aline's sheet.
[22:22] <Aline> "Aye, why wouldn't it be?~" …Aline seemed to have backed up her claim for getting systems right. There was nothing especially wrong with the sheet - those frantic lookups in the table of contents probably meant she was making well sure of it.
[22:25] * Lillian nodded slowly to herself. Everything seemed to be in order… She turned to Patrice. "What're you playing?"-
[22:25] <Lillian> ["An Elven rogue, of course." Said Patrice. "I do love my Elves."]
[22:27] * Aline smirked, at that. "Do you now?~ I'm playing just a normal human, but that's fine too. It -looks- like the party's balanced, no?"
[22:32] <Lillian> ["We might be a little weak on healing?" Asked Patrice.-
[22:33] <Lillian> "Hm… Maybe, but so long as you guys stay careful, it'll be fine, I think." A nibble of her nearly-finished lasagna. "We use stat points instead of dice, by the way, because rolling those endlessly is a pain. That should be fine for you, right, Aline?"
[22:36] * Aline nodded! "Right, it's totally fine! Having to roll all of it would make the gen so hard!" Her mouth was sort of wide in 'like, of course!' surprise. "So it's easier that way~"
[22:47] <Lillian> "Alright, good. Patrice especially hates the rolling- he always gets shafted." Lillian giggled. "Anyway. I'll let you guys work all that stuff out- remember, we're starting at first level. Whilst you're doing that, why don't we throw a few character concept ideas around?"
[22:53] <Aline> "Ah, of course…" She looked a little sheepish, though. "Well, I guess I can start out. I was thinking of playing a prodigy fresh out of an arcane academy… who's a bit quiet and soft-spoken, but knows a lot about a lot of things… and really is just very nice and idealistic and wants to help everyone, even if she doesn't always know how yet. Maybe a bit -too- naive at times, though."
[22:54] <Lillian> [There was a quiet murmur of "Interesting"s, "Aaah"s and the like. "Thought about family yet?" asked Emile.]
[22:58] * Aline was honestly surprised at that. "Oh! I… …not quite sure. Maybe she's an only child, her mom was in charge of the academy, and her father… hm… was an adventurer and is still out doing some big important quest or something and she never sees him?" …If anyone here had been reading Aline's files or something, this seemed like something of a self-insert. But that's to be expected
[22:58] * Aline for a new player!… Though again, they probably didn't realize that the reason Aline chose wizard was itself a self-insert.
[23:02] <Lillian> [Luckily, no one at this table had access to Aline's personal file. "Intriguing. Intriguing…" Said Patrice, nodded his head. "Alright, Emile. Spill it."-
[23:08] <Lillian> ["Right, right. My guy is… Well, he's this old, kindly Dwarf who used to be part of his city's militia, but has mostly become a stone-sculptor. He's started on a pilgrimage Dwarves at his age go on. He has a family at home- a wife, four kids, some of whom have their own."]
[23:18] * Aline smiled. "Oooh, a family man. I bet that's rare to actually play as your character!"
[23:21] <Lillian> ["Not as rare as you'd think." Said Patrice, cutting in before Emile could reply. "Emile's characters always usually come from big families or the like. Or love their families."-
[23:22] <Lillian> ["Aw. That's kind of sweet." Cooed Eva. Emile reddened. "It- Bah, shhhhh. Shhhhhhhhhh." He shushed Patrice. "It doesn't mean anything. I just think it allows for lots of backstory…"]
[23:36] * Aline cooed as well. "So cute~ full of love~" She was not going to lean over and pinch his cheek, though. Totally not.
[23:39] <Lillian> [Emile blushed ever brighter at that, hanging his head.-
[23:40] <Lillian> ["Right, right. I- Actually, I have an idea. Aline?" Asked Eva.]
[23:42] * Aline looked at Eva. "Yes?" An expression of 'ah, what is this?' on her face.
[23:47] <Lillian> ["Well, I was thinking. My character was going to be a sort of… A solemn warrior monk who travels the world, seeking worthy masters who she protects and 'learns' from, whether in a technical or, y'know, emotional sense." Eva grinned. "I was thinking- what if she picked Aline before the game starts as her first master?"]
[23:52] * Aline smiled slightly. "Ah, sure, I wouldn't mind that at all! I was going to play a really idealistic type so the emotional sense would work quite well!" …She almost thought there might be some kind of subtext. But she couldn't suss it out.
[23:56] <Lillian> ["Okay, good, good." Said Eva, beaming.-
[23:59] <Lillian> "What about you, Patrice?" Asked Lillian.-
[00:00] <Lillian> ["Well. I'm playing an Elven Rogue, as you know. He's going to be young, fairly impetuous, the sort of guy who learns how to sneak about and the like not out of malice, but because he's just -incredibly- curious. I bet he ends up following the party because he's intrigued by someone."]
[00:02] * Aline was, this time, listening quietly. She nodded thoughtfully once or twice, but didn't want to look like she was responding to -everyone-. That'd be awkward.
[00:04] <Lillian> ["Young and impetuous?" Asked Emile. "So… Basically, the opposite of my own." "Yes." "Just like Godfrey and Wilhelmina?" "Yes." "Patrice, what are you plotting?" "Plotting nothing- these things just happen…"=
[00:05] <Lillian> "So, we seem to have a pretty solid group. What goals do they all have? It'll help me figure out how you all meet."
[00:07] * Aline scratched her chin a little. "Well, I guess basically trying to go around developing her skills, maybe trying to make a living but a somewhat heroic one if possible? Nothing too complicated."
[00:09] <Lillian> ["As noted- travelling to learn!" Said Eva in a chipper tone. "Curious about the world- wanderlust. Typical Elvish stuff." Said Patrice. "And… Religious pilgrimage. He's supposed to go out and help people, and visit certain places, and record what he sees in a set of books." Said Emile.-
[00:09] <Lillian> "Uh-huh, uh-huh… Okay, that's about perfect, I think." Said Lillian cheerfully. "That fits together really well! I'm looking forward to this…"
[00:13] * Aline clapped her hands quickly in excitement. "That's good~"
[00:19] <Lillian> ["I'm excited too~" "Yeah, this looks like a cool group." "My first game…!"-
[00:20] <Lillian> [The rest of the evening started to whittle by, as various bookkeeping things were ironed out, backstory ideas were tossed about- and, of course, lots of lasagna was eaten. (Emile had made enough for ten people.) To help the newbies, Emile and Patrice discussed their previous campaigns, telling anecdotes and ideas that had appeared.-
[00:21] <Lillian> [Eventually, however, the clock had ticked over into 9 PM, then eventually 10 PM- where the idea of breaking for the night was raised.]
[00:25] * Aline had enjoyed a lot of the discussions, and definitely ate her fill of the lasagna, and… well, it's 10pm! Of course the idea of stopping would probably be a good one. "Mmmm… We probably should. 4 hours is a reasonable amount of time, right?"
[00:26] <Lillian> "Yeah. If we remain on track, most sessions usually wrap up in under 4 hours." Said Lillian.-
[00:28] <Lillian> [Eva stretched lithely, arms poised above her head. "Well, it was certainly fun." She said, standing up- and grabbing her coat. "Same time, same place, next week, right?"-
[00:28] <Lillian> ["Right." Said Patrice. "I had fun, too." Said Emile, beaming. "It was great to see you here, Aline- and you too, Eva."]
[00:32] <Aline> "Same here, same here~" She did make a sort of grin, at that as well. "And that's two clubs we share now. Me and Eva, that is. We're both violinists in the music club, too, you know. But here we'll be able to bond a little more than there, I think." She grinned at that.
[00:37] <Lillian> ["Agreed. It can get a bit impersonal in music club- we're on a schedule then, after all." Said Eva, slinging a bag around her shoulder.-
[00:37] <Lillian> "Well, I'm glad to hear it. Building friendships is almost as important as looting dungeons, after all!" Said Lillian with a wink.
[00:42] <Aline> "I'll say!" She smiled, there, even wider. "But I definitely look forward to the first actual session, then~." And Aline began to get her own bag in order, with her schoolbooks and such. Just about ready to head on home, and all. She -did- let a glance linger around slightly, to see if anyone else needed help with something or was taking longer to get going or something.
[00:44] <Lillian> [Patrice and Emile seemed mostly fine- Emile was cleaning off the lasagna dish, and Patrice was throwing things in the bin.-
[00:45] <Lillian> [Eva, however, turned toward Aline, and approached. "Patrice lives pretty close by, and Emile's getting a lift." She said. "Why don't we walk a bit of the way home together? I'll probably have to leave you at the train, though…"]
[00:48] * Aline sort of turned back towards Eva with a bit of a start. "Ah! Sure. I always walk to places anyway. I wouldn't mind…" Information [possibly] get?
[00:50] <Lillian> ["Great." Said Eva cheerfully, turning to the others. "I think we'll be off for the night, then. Thanks again, Lillian, for everything- and thanks for the lasagna, Emile. It was great."-
[00:50] <Lillian> ["No problem!"-
[00:50] <Lillian> "Thank you two for coming. I think you'll both be a great addition." Said Lillian happily. She did, however, look a little tired.
[00:55] <Aline> "Right!" She did look at Lillian, and patted her on the shoulder. "You should get some rest, Lillian. Anyway, good night!" So, Aline made her way towards the door, waiting a bit for Eva to follow~
[00:58] <Lillian> "G'night!"-
[00:58] <Lillian> ["Night!" "G'night."-
[00:58] <Lillian> [Eva followed Aline outside, closing the door behind her. The apartment hallway seemed colder, for some reason; maybe Lillian had a heated apartment. Or maybe it just -seemed- cooler…]
[01:01] * Aline wasn't really sure about the difference there, but… she tucked in her arms a little to stay warm, and turned towards Eva. "…Suddenly, it's cold… strange."
[01:04] <Evangeline> "I feel it too. Maybe it's just an atmosphere thing." Said Eva ponderingly. Then she grinned, and suddenly Aline would find an arm around her shoulders. "Well, you know what they say people should do in the cold~"
[01:07] * Aline blushed a little, surprised at the sudden contact. "…Stay close, right? Okay! I… I don't really mind?" She did try to get over her initial surprise, though, to look a bit more 'neutral', more comfortable.
[01:18] <Evangeline> "Heehee." Eva giggled a little. Perhaps on some level she sensed Aline's strive towards 'neutrality'.-
[01:20] <Evangeline> A few minutes later, of course, they'd emerge into the outside, where the drop in temperature was no longer 'mildly perceived' but 'achingly felt'. Spring was slow to arrive in France these days, and at 10 PM on a March night it dropped to near-freezing sometimes. Evangeline's action, perhaps performed jokingly, now seemed a lot more relevant.-
[01:21] <Evangeline> "Wish I'd worn something else." She muttered, looking down at her camisole as though it had somehow disappointed her. "'Oh no, I'm a big girl, I can tough out a bit of cold'. I'd forgotten how cold this city gets outside at night."
[01:27] * Aline shook her head a little… "Ah, I… I guess I've just gotten used to it. Though being in that nice warm apartment makes it all a lot more exaggerated!" She was being just plainly earnest, there. "But… ah, what can you do about it? Other than dressing warmer, that is."
[01:30] <Evangeline> "Not much." Agreed Eva. "Portable heaters haven't been invented yet- more's the pity, really." They walked on. "Say- is it hot in the Evangelion?"
[01:33] * Aline thought for a moment… "Ah, ah, not very. Sort of mild temperature, actually. In fact, if it got too hot it'd be dangerous, very extremely dangerous! They're… strange machines, obviously…" She was trying to see how much she was allowed to say, again. She figured it wouldn't be too harmful to say some stuff. "Among their weirdnesses is that they need a breathable-liquid suspension
[01:33] * Aline in the control, ah, area. So temperature control is needed or it'll… boil."
[01:35] <Evangeline> "A liquid suspension? Really?" Asked Eva, her tone suggested she found the topic… Quite enthralling. "What's that like?"
[01:37] * Aline perhaps now started to realize how much it interested the girl! "Hard to explain. It hurts at first until you've practiced… and whatever it is they need to use for the control system smells horrible! But once it's done, the nerve conduction stuff makes it not matter. I'm on the swim team anyway, so I think you can guess that I'm used to being in water, so I just sorta let myself
[01:37] * Aline float as much as one can do in the circumstance~"
[01:40] <Evangeline> "Oh…" She nodded. "So they sti- er, so they use something like that, huh?" Said Eva quickly. "Nerve conduction? So- that's how they do it? They kind of plug you in?"
[01:42] * Aline nodded in the affirmative! "Yup. Well, the liquid's a conductive medium, and it interfaces with special clips put close to the brain - like little hairclips of a sort, you know? It… some of it's sorta ambiguous to me, but that's what the tech documents said."
[01:44] <Evangeline> [The subway entrance was now in sight, a bright, glowing light announcing its presence to the world.-
[01:44] <Evangeline> "So you move- and it moves, then?" Asked Eva, in a peculiar voice- as though some long mystery had just been solved. "Then- I want to be an Evangelion pilot."
[01:49] * Aline frowned at that. "Yes, that's how it works, but… There's exhaustive sensitivity tests, and big funding going in… I mean, you'd have to go through a few months of training, and it's a one-to-one pilot-to-unit ratio. They're… not going to be hiring until they put out more." Her frown widened a bit more. "And on top of that, each unit is mind-blowingly expensive, and I hear the
[01:49] * Aline commanders say stuff like 'nations starve so that these things can operate'. I -think- that's exaggerating but I can't be too sure. …And that's only the things I -can- tell you without the security division probably taking me away to a little windowless room or something." She put on a smile, as if to imply it was a joke. But it was rather false. Almost as if she left a gap in the smile
[01:49] * Aline to imply the inherent fucked-up-ness Evangeline was unwitting wishing on herself.
[01:51] <Evangeline> "Hm…" Eva frowned at that. She seemed to dwell on that for awhile, before suddenly lighting up again. "How many are there?"
[01:55] * Aline tried to return to normal. It came out a bit more monotone. "Five. Numbers 00-04. 00, 01, and 04 are in Paris-2, so you should already know about them. 00's mine, in case you forgot. 02 is in Germany, and 03, Japan. I think they're not allowed to operate more than three out of one base, though. But otherwise, all five are in operation right now, though… I don't -think- 02 or 03
[01:55] * Aline have seen any actual counter-Angel combats yet. they keep going here."
[01:56] <Evangeline> "Aha!" Said Eva triumphantly. "France, Germany and Japan? That means there aren't enough Evangelions to protect the entire world- which means they're gonna build new ones. And that means, when they do- I can become a pilot!" Eva nodded happily. "I wouldn't even need to be trained."
[01:58] * Aline wagged a finger. "Actually… Did you remember mentions about the 'AT Field' from the press conference? That actually has its own training regimen, so I don't know." She still shook her head a bit. "…Though seriously, at least think very long and hard. You're likely to be disappointed to begin with… and possibly worse."
[02:05] * Evangeline let out a quiet whine. "B-But are you sure, I mean…" She hung her head, and pouted a little. "At this rate I'm just gonna end up in the infantry, or a tank commander or something…"
[02:11] * Aline looked increasingly concerned. "…Try to go into support positions. Really. I mean, without any conventional battles, the casualty rate - when you factor in unit-carryover - for non-Evangelion units in counter-Angel attacks is 100%. And the box won't be closed. Evangelions -exist- now, so maybe if in the future there are a lot more, there might be a chance, but until then… it'd
[02:11] * Aline be suicide to try to be in a front lines position! Moreso than it already was!" She was staaaarting to unwind. "I really really can't say enough, because there's so many things they don't want me to say, that the world isn't ready to hear yet, that you aren't ready to hear yet. Please, consider what you're asking for. Because I can't help you past this point."
[02:16] <Evangeline> "…" Eva's head remained hung. Her expression was… Shattered. She looked as though a personal dream had been rather shockingly dashed, which, well, wasn't too far at all from the truth.-
[02:17] <Evangeline> "Y-you're just trying to protect me, aren't you?" She said. Around them, the lights of the subway washed the area in an antiseptic glow.
[02:20] * Aline was shaking, now. "Yes! But… not just in the way a worried mom might! I mean, if you really really really think you can take it, then keep going. I'm just… afraid for you." She was shivering, not just from the cold, either… "I have to keep everyone together. I have to do the things that can't be done. Know what can't be known. It's just… You have to be ready for that. For
[02:20] * Aline more than you ever expected to be ready for when you were reading up on military hardware. Do you… understand?"
[02:32] <Evangeline> "…" Eva turned toward Aline, and… Put her arms around her, fully. Eva put her forehead to Aline's, the taller girl bending slightly to accomodate the awkward, yet deliberately confronting pose. "I really… Do understand. There are things that I don't really get happening here, but… I wonder if you understand where -I- am coming from."
[02:38] * Aline didn't hesitate to wrap her arms around Eva as well, continuing to shake a little. "O…okay… Just. Remember what I said. And I know, I know, if it's your dream… then I shouldn't take it from you. Just keep your eyes open, so it doesn't turn into a nightmare." She did sort of… breathe heavily. "North America's probably the next area to get Evangelion coverage, since I've heard
[02:38] * Aline command talking about how the US has been complaining about poor coverage. If you want your chance, start practicing English more." It looked like Aline was starting to settle down. "If, somehow, you do get tapped for it, let me know as soon as you can. The pilots in their units protect the world, but someone has to protect the pilots and their units - and that someone is me. Every pilot,
[02:38] * Aline I feel, is like my brother and sisters - I'd protect you just the same, but remember that you have to reach out to me."
[02:40] <Evangeline> [The sound of rushing metal and electricity as the train pulled in to the station.-
[02:42] <Evangeline> "Brother and sisters…" Eva stood there for a moment, unhearing the train, her expression unreadable… Then, suddenly she pulled back. "… Gosh. This is so silly, isn't it?" She said, letting out a… giggle. "Us getting all -clingy- and stuff. I think I'm just tired, you know? It's been a pretty long day." She tilted her head toward the train, her face a perfect tableau of a cheerful schoolgirl. "Should we get on?"
[02:45] * Aline seemed unreadable, herself… until she let out a small 'aheh'. "Y…es, we should." And she was beeeeet-red. Very embarassed from that outburst, even if her mind was whirling with other thoughts.
[02:46] * Evangeline stepped onto the train, sitting down quickly. The train was deserted, except for one or two other people.
[02:49] * Aline sat as well, next to her, but… did crane her eyes about, just to make sure it wasn't anyone else from the school, or someone who looked creepy-stalker-like. Though speaking of creepy… Ever since her talk with Yui, sometimes Aline's imagination added the slight glow of an active AT Field to people. It wasn't a -hallucination-, but it continued to make her think. At least once
[02:49] * Aline during her scan of the train, Aline even closed her eyes to try to imagine the little fields glowing around everyone in there.
[02:50] <Evangeline> [One of the person seemed to be a very scruffy-dressed half-comatose man. The other one was wearing a somewhat shabby business suit… He seemed a little familiar.-
[02:51] * Evangeline seemed to take in the train carriage with one sweeping look, before pausing for awhile. Then, abruptly she spoke up. "Say, those boys're pretty cute, aren't they…?"
[02:53] * Aline was sort of on the fence. "Ehhh… not quite my type." She -did- though, try to piece together her memory. Why was the one in the suit familiar? Why, oh why, oh why.
[02:56] <Evangeline> "Yeah?" Murmured Eva. "That's a shame. Patrice is a pretty nice guy- fairly dry. And Emile's like a big plush toy." She said, oblivious to Aline's train of thought.-
[02:57] <Evangeline> [The man's face… Obviously she felt like she'd seen it somewhere before. Perhaps in other clothes? Maybe it was just coincidence?]
[02:59] * Aline nodded. "I guess I like the sort that's like Emile, I think? I don't know why, it's just… nicer. Maybe I'm just too gentle?" …And her eyes focused even further, also wary for the possibility that he'd notice, so she could quickly look back. Come on, think, think. It's not Dorian, it's not one of the kids from school…
[03:02] <Evangeline> "Maybe." Said Eva, lowering her voice a little. A light blush came to her cheeks. "Say, ah, what do you think of- er, Alexandre Fontaine?"-
[03:02] <Evangeline> [The man turned his head towards Aline slightly…]
[03:04] * Aline suddenly averted her eyes, instead pretending to look at the half-comatose guy. "…He's a jerk who has it out for Yanmei for some reason. I… don't like him at all, really. Always so smug, too."
[03:07] <Evangeline> "Ah…" Eva looked a little crestfallen. "He's… He's always been really kind to me, though… He looks out for me." She said in a small voice.-
[03:07] <Evangeline> [The driver announced the next stop- Aline's stop. The man in the suit stood up.]
[03:08] * Aline nodded. "I'm sorry, the whole sister thing. If he's nice to you… then I guess that's okay. I just wish he'd be nice to more people, then…" She frowned. "But, ah, this is my stop. I should get going." …She seemed nervous, though, and waited a few seconds. What if he saw her looking at him? No, she'd let him go first.
[03:10] <Evangeline> "Ah… Okay. I'll see you at school. Thanks for the night." Said Eva, offering Aline a smile.-
[03:10] <Evangeline> [The train came to a stop, the doors opening. The man stepped off.]
[03:12] * Aline tried to tail him relatively precisely, waving slightly to Eva as she went - …and ending up looking a bit preoccupied. She didn't want him to get too far ahead of her until she was out of the train. If not he might be able to hide to the side of the door and grab her or something and… she didn't want to think about that.
[03:13] <Evangeline> [The man was, in fact, seemingly loitering in the subway station- lighting up a cigarette.]
[03:19] * Aline could -feel- the cold sweat building. Goddamnit, why won't he leave? …Wheels turned in her mind. Did… did she say too much? Was this an S2 officer? Oh god she was going to the windowless room where there'd be the bright light hanging from the ceiling and the piercing questions and the balloons and and and… Okay. Okay. Pace yourself, Aline. Just… sort of… quietly… sidle
[03:19] * Aline over to the ticket booth. Or the security station. Or wherever you think someone on-hire with the subway is. Surely they weren't bought off, right?
[03:20] <Evangeline> [There was, of course, a chap in a uniform in the ticket booth. He looked rather sleepy.]
[03:25] * Aline didn't really think far enough ahead to know just what she was going to do, but… Failing anything else, she tapped the booth glass. "Ah, mister… there's this guy… I… I hope not, but he looks suspicious… have you seen him before?…"
[03:26] <Evangeline> ["Hmm?" The man looked up disinterestedly. "… Hey, aren't you that pilot? You are!" He said suddenly, his sleepiness suddenly vanishing as his eyes widened.]
[03:28] * Aline nodded quickly. "Keep it down!" And… she pointed to the smoking man. "Suspicious guy. Have you seen him before?"
[03:28] <Evangeline> ["Hm?"-
[03:28] <Evangeline> [Aline would find, as she pointed back… There wasn't anyone there.]
[03:33] * Aline shuddered. "…Ah… n-n-nevermind, I guess he… just…. had somewhere… to go ah sorry to bother you." Not good not good not good. She… decided to head off home. Her mind raced through scenarios, thinking of how she would defend herself. She didn't have a knife, she didn't really have anything small to use like a weapon… So, taking a moment, she'd open her backpack and fish
[03:33] * Aline out her (ridiculously gigantic) math textbook. If someone was going to take her away, she was -at least- going to clock them on the head first!
[03:34] <Evangeline> [Aline would remain unmolested on her journey home! It was a quiet, cold night after all…]
[03:38] * Aline would be dearly happy for that!… And locking her door. And putting her backpack up against it. And sort of drowning her paranoia in another soda while she sat there, trying to figure out if she was just imagining things or if they really -were- after her. She'd have to keep a bit quieter to the Uninvolved, though. Stupid, stupid, stupid!

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