In The Sunlight Of The First Day Of School

[20:41] <Samuel‘Martin> [[SESSION 3: Neon Genesis Evangelion. Date: 18th of February, 2015. Episode Title: In the Sunlight of the First Day of School.-
[20:43] <Samuel`Martin> [The first day of school- a Wednesday, and an utterly gorgeous wednesday at that. There’s not a cloud in the sky; it's bright and the sun is shining. The cold, chilly winter air is merely cool and refreshing. Today, all over Paris-2, and indeed over much of France, school children are making their day to the first day of their school year.-
[20:44] <Samuel‘Martin> [Saint Louis stood open, ready for business! Its population was somewhat sparse compared to how it had been, with large chunks of the student population having moved away or otherwise transferred away. Yet nevertheless, the air was full of the sound of happy- or at least noisy- children and teenagers as they met old friends or made new ones.]
[20:49] * Yanmei soberly peered out a window as the car she was riding in pulled up to the front gates of Saint Louis. School… classes and homework, ugh. Why had their break been so painfully short?
[20:49] <Sept> This was it. An ultimate test of his skills. Sera flitted about, using everything he’d learned during his years on the street, making his way through the streets, and the school yard, quickly without attracting undue attention. He was moving with the flow, yet separated from it.-
[20:49] <Sept> In other words, he was, for all intents and purposes, just walking to the school at a brisk pace.
[20:53] <Samuel‘Martin> [The car- a modified A310 Renault- was, of course, owned and driven by the ever lovely Marianne, who had decided to take her precious charge to school. There was a 2-minute pickup and dropoff zone, where Marianne pulled in. It would’ve been a lot busier at one point. "So… We're here!" Said Marianne, her voice falsely cheery. "You're gonna be ok?"-
[20:53] <Samuel‘Martin> [Sept was of course not alone. At this side- or maybe a little behind- walked miss Freya Solheim, who seemed altogether much more pleasant. She, at least, wasn’t 'flitting'.]
[20:55] * Aline walked to school demurely and plainly… basically an essence of calm and serenity amidst the noise of the school before her. Uniform neatly pulled together. Books (she checked ahead and got the requisite books already. At least, the ones she knew about. She was more than a bit… off. After that first big triumphant battle the off spells were more and more common. At least she made
[20:55] * Aline sure to write those emails to Shinji when she was feeling up! That was under her control, at least. Yes, control. Control would keep her day from getting any worse. Control and… A slight glance. Francoise Adair's book of modern Mechanics and Electromagnetism. …3rd edition. 2015 print date. Thoroughly new. Yes. Take respite in the cold laws of the universe, even if your actions served
[20:55] * Aline to rewrite them ever so slowly… (needless to say Aline was lost in thought.)
[20:56] <Yanmei> "It's just school. Nothing to worry about!" Yanmei dutifully gathered her leather school bag before shoving the door open and stepping out into fresh air. "Thank you for the lift. I'll see you at home tonight!"
[20:57] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Hey, wait up." Said Marianne quickly, beckoning Yanmei back towards the car.]
[20:59] <Yanmei> "Hm?" She leaned back toward one of the open windows, stooping slightly so that they could talk.
[21:01] <Samuel`Martin> ["I’ll cook you your favourite tonight, ok?" Said Marianne warmly, reaching over (and actually unbuckling to do so) and straightening Yanmei's collar and tie ever so slightly. "We can talk about how much school sucks over a delicious meal~"]
[21:04] <Yanmei> "That sounds great!" Although she flushes a little in embarassment at the tie-straightening, squirming slightly. She wasn't a little kid!
[21:04] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Okay, good." She said, grinning warmly. "See you later, Yanmei! Look after the other pilots, ok?" She said with a wink- before heading off, finally.]
[21:06] <Samuel`Martin> [Homeroom would begin at the wonderful time of 7:30. Until then, the students were expected to gather in the main plaza.]
[21:07] * Yanmei watched her start off, taking a moment to ajust her uniform once more, loosening her tie ever so slightly and tugging at her blazer. She was neatly put together this morning… but she couldn’t help but wish that her skirt be shorter than the school's standard length. Maybe she could roll it at the waistband later on…
[21:09] * Aline wasn't even thinking about her skirt. Any thoughts related to her looks had been dealt with accordingly! Clothes: Aligned. Books: In place. Slight pout that cries out for affection from within the gloaming shadowland of her mood: Properly produced to specifications.
[21:10] * Sept settled for strategically waiting until most of the students had gone ahead to the plaza before joining them, keeping a healthy distance and view to several escape routes.
[21:11] * Yanmei joined the others in the plaza, naturally, ees open for those she recognized. There probably weren't many of them left…
[21:12] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Morning, Blanc." Came a cool, proper voice. It was everyone’s favourite student, Alexandre Fontaine! "Good to see you arrive on time. You always were the fairly punctual of the pair." He was fully decked out in uniform, glasses glinting slightly in the sun. He looked, honestly, fairly handsome.-
[21:12] <Samuel‘Martin> ["So, what do you think, Sept? This isn’t too bad, is it?" Asked Freya, peering out. She slowed as he did.]
[21:15] <Sept> "It's… manageable, Freya. I don't t-think I'll be able to concentrate nearly as well as, you know. But. I'll survive."
[21:16] * Aline just… eyed at him, the pout immediately (if briefly) subsuming into a completely flat expression. ':|' made manifest. "Don't talk to me." …As if the expression wasn't enough, it was delivered in a low (for her) monotone that clearly showed how little she wanted to even say -that- much.
[21:18] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Oh, now now." Alexandre goes for ultimate glory- he reaches out and ruffles Aline’s hair. "It's far too early for grudges!"-
[21:18] <Samuel‘Martin> ["I hope you survive. It’s bad form if you die in anything but a full-on Angel fight." Said Freya lightly. "What class did you get?"]
[21:20] <Aline> /me somehow became even
[21:21] <Samuel‘Martin> [Meanwhile, Yanmei- who had, like the other pilots, mostly evaded the ~public notice~, would find herself being greeted. "Ah, good morning, miss Zhang. Back again, I see." The sleepy, friendly face of the history teacher, Samuel Martin.]
[21:23] * Aline somehow became even more deadpan at that, starting to raise a hand to clamp down on Alexandre’s - obviously not making purchase, but making the motion very, very exaggerated. "I said. Don't. Grudges go away when the target of them stops being offensive. Not at some arbitrary time of day." …Was this the voice of an Angel-killer?… Maybe.
[21:23] <Sept> "10…C? With a Martin for homeroom. Doesn't tell me anything. Where will you be?"
[21:23] <Yanmei> "Good morning, sir!" It was back to that cheerful, pleasant persona instantly, almost reflexively. "It's good to be back. I think we'll be sharing homeroom together this year, yes?"
[21:25] <Samuel‘Martin> [Alexandre just beams. There’s a hint of cruel amusement in his eternally cheerful grin. "We'll see about that, Miss Blanc~. Considering your attitude, maybe the time of day is all it takes." He took a step back and melted off into the crowd.-
[21:26] <Samuel‘Martin> ["I’m in 12-B." Said Freya, with a grin. "That makes you an underclassman, so you have to do everything~ I~ say~"-
[21:28] <Samuel‘Martin> "Ah, yes. I noticed!" Said Mr. Martin. "Yes. The classes are somewhat, er, smaller this year, but I think you’ll find it to be a fun bunch nevertheless. How were your holidays? I hear you've been… Keeping busy."
[21:29] * Aline fixed her hair, and decided to instead move closer to the Freyacluster. She wasn't Freya's effective child like Sept was, but… She figured protecting him might lead to blanket protection. Prudent and economical, and she had to do -something- to keep from doing something embarassing…
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[21:31] <Yanmei> "Well, that’s one way of putting it," she said brightly. "I suppose you've read about it? But what have you been doing on your days off. I trust you've been enjoying yourself?" She walked with him, toward the building, and probably the classroom as well
[21:32] <Sept> "Everything? Oh, okay. Hello, Aline." It didn't take many steps for Sera to notice his fellow pilot's approach. There were eyes on anything and everything even vaguely approaching him.
[21:33] <Samuel‘Martin> They were certainly heading towards somewhere. "Oh, nothing interesting. Boring, fussy adult stuff. Meeting old friends, doing paperwork, planning the curriculum, that sort of thing. No heroics for me." He smiled at her wryly and winked.
[21:33] <Samuel`Martin> ["Everything! Ah, it’s Aline! How's it going?"]
[21:35] * Aline waved her hand slightly. "Could be better. I'm just standing here so I don't… do something stupid. It's been getting worse." She did not stop to consider if Freya knew what 'it' was.
[21:35] <Yanmei> "We didn't do anything that great," said Yanmei modestly. "We just did as we were trained and told, that's all. Aline Blanc and Sere de Pteres will be joining us this year as well, and I'm sure they will say the same if asked."
[21:37] <Samuel‘Martin> "Mmm, yes. They’re in 10-C as well, you know." Said Mr. Martin. "Curious that, isn't it? I guess it's something of an honour… And look at you, being all modest." He shook his head with quiet amusement. "Will you come help me set up for homeroom?"
[21:39] <Yanmei> "Of course, sir! Just tell me what I can do."
[21:40] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Ah… Mmm. Having trouble already, Aline?" Said Freya sympathetically.]
[21:41] * Samuel`Martin led Yanmei along! Before long they’d reached 10-C. The room was wide, spacious and clean. And mostly empty except for one student, who was busy sorting books on the desk. "If you could just go around and make sure all the windows and blinds are open, I'd appreciate it."
[21:41] <Aline> "Yeah… Alexandre. And those off-days again. I almost want to kick him in the shins or something when I'm beaming and happy, just to prove him wrong about one of his little off-handed comments." She… then sighed. "Even when he 'compliments' me, he insults Yanmei. What a child." …Says the 15-year-old.
[21:42] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya giggles slightly. "Oh, those two. You should’ve seen them during the tour…"]
[21:43] <Yanmei> "Certainly. Good morning!" she added, bobbing her head slightly toward the student with the books in greeting as she headed toward the windows.
[21:43] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Mmm?" The student turned around. Blonde hair, blue eyes, a curious expression coupled with certain features… Wait, he looked kind of familiar!-
[21:44] <Samuel`Martin> ["Oh! It’s- you-!" He said in surprise, staring with wide, wide eyes.]
[21:44] * Aline frowned. "No… Really, then I would've actually gone through with that kicking thing and then gotten in trouble and maybe suspended for the first day and that'd piss off Sophie and that'd piss off the NERV heads and and everyone would be pissed and he'd just make that stupid smug glare!" Pout mode: Resume. She needed it now, to feel… something. Wounded? "I don't even know why he
[21:44] * Aline pisses me off so much, his hate is directed at -her-, not me!"
[21:46] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya smiled still. But unlike Alexandre’s, it was a serene, here-big-sis-will-make-this-better smile. "Ah, he's just a kid, really. He has his own problems too- he just picks a pretty horrid way to vent them. Say- if you're gonna look out for Yanmei, can you look out for hopeless here?" She pushed Sept forward slightly.]
[21:46] <Yanmei> "Me?" She stared a moment, trying to figure out where she had seen him. "Do I…?"
[21:47] <Samuel‘Martin> ["You’re the size seven-and-a-half girl!" Said the boy. "In the shoe shop…"]
[21:50] * Aline …paused at that. Took serious pause. "…I don't even know where to start?" She… tried to be gentle with her words. "All I know is that he gets nervous around lots of people and sorta… clings to you. Totally honest I don't really know him that well."
[21:50] <Yanmei> "Ah. Ah… the shoe boy." There's a note of condescending amusement in her voice. "I didn't realize you went to school here too. Let's try to get along this year, shall we?"
[21:50] <Samuel‘Martin> [The boy nodded.-
[21:51] <Samuel`Martin> "Ah. I see you’ve met one of your classmates. This is Isaiah, Yanmei. Isaiah Gabriel-Wei." Said Samuel, looking over.
[21:54] <Sept> "I'm fine, really. Just… if you could. I don't know. Get people's attention? I'm sure you're great at school things and you'll probably do that anyways, but it'd help me a lot?" Counterpout.
[21:54] <Yanmei> "Gabriel-Wei," she nodded at the boy, before going at the blinds, as requested. "It's a pleasure to meet you. Again."
[21:55] <Samuel‘Martin> ["…" Isaiah looked over at Samuel, who simply nodded back. "It’s- it's a pleasure to meet you again. Too. Again." He said happily.-
[21:56] * Aline tilted her head. "…Get their attention?… I thought just being around them was bad enough? Unless…" Unbidden, ideas of mad chases through the hallways trying to divert a flock of Sept-fangirls crossed her mind. But were discarded when she didn't think they'd have a reason to chase her. "…Er, no, nevermind. Just uh. Give me a signal or something."
[21:57] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya peered at them both. "I’m sure everything will go just as planned. Whatever you guys might be planning. I know I can trust you both!" She said! Clearly she was trying to instill confidence… Slowly, she started to head off, toward the centre of the plaza.]
[22:02] <Sept> "…Thanks. Let's do our best, Freya. And Aline."
[22:03] <Samuel‘Martin> [Ding ding ding! The 7:30 bell started to ring, and like a hivemind the student body started to move. Freya waved at them both before disappearing into the mess.]
[22:03] <Aline> "Yeah." …it wasn’t clear if she honestly believed that, but it was more enthusiastic than before. And in the end, she too had to wander off~
[22:06] * Sept lagged behind sufficiently before joining the student stream.
[22:09] <Samuel‘Martin> [Before long, the students would start filling into classes- all the public places simply emptying! The pilots would hopefully find themselves within 10-C. The windows open, sunlight streaming in…-
[22:09] <Samuel`Martin> [There were 14 students in 10-C, including the pilots. A fairly small class, even for a home room.-
[22:11] <Samuel`Martin> "Well! Well well." Samuel Martin- Mr Samuel Martin, that is- stood out at the frontof the group, the whiteboard behind him. "What a wonderful day it is! And a lovely day to start back at school. For all of those new, I say- welcome. To all the others, I say- welcome back. I am Mr. Martin, and I take history. Let’s all try to become friends."
[22:15] * Yanmei is somewhere in the center of the seating arrangements. Far enough away to send a few texts under a more oblivious teacher's nose without them noticing during class, but not so far as to escape detection from them entirely. There would be times, she was sure, when she would have to answer questions and look good.
[22:16] * Sept had a seat at the edge of the class, by the windows, where he could both distract himself by looking outside as well as see most of the class. He would alternate between slowly increasing fidgeting and calming down when looking outside.
[22:18] * Aline ended up, of course, sitting next to Yanmei on the window side, keeping eyes on both the charge that may well need her as he fidgeted… and the charge that really didn't need her, right to her side. Or… whatever it was she thought of her. She still had no clue.
[22:23] <Yanmei> A smile for Aline as she takes her seat! This was great! They could probably whisper all sorts of stuff to each other.
[22:25] <Samuel‘Martin> [All in all, plenty of room and spare desks. There’re about 50 desks in total. Isaiah sits quite far to the back, whilst Aline's free side is graced by a rather cute-looking blonde-haired, grey eyed boy. "Good morning!" He says cheerily. Sept is mostly left alone, although to his potential obliviousness, he's seated only two seats away from Alexandre, who gives him a polite nod.-
[22:26] <Samuel‘Martin> "Now then… I feel it’s good to go over the roll, as we must, but also ensure that everyone's introduced as well. So we'll go alphabetically. Mr. Malachi Ansel?"
[22:27] <Samuel‘Martin> [A black-haired boy stands up and walks slowly to the front. His tie looks a little loose. "Yo!" He says. Literally, in English. "Malachi Ansel. Fifteen years old, like everyone here. Born in the United States of America, so that’s what you can hear." His accent is definitely American. "I hope this year's an entertaining one, yeah?" He turns and gives a nod to the teacher, before heading over and sitting back down (behind Sept.)]
[22:27] * Aline smiled - as much as she could. "Ah, hello." The lack of triggers for further melancholia or rage? A -definite plus-.
[22:30] <Samuel‘Martin> "Thank you, Malachi." Mr. Martin writes something down on his role. "Miss Aline Blanc?"
[22:30] <Samuel`Martin> [-("Wait, -the- Aline Blanc?") ("Oh snap! A pilot? Where?") The cute boy’s eyes widen rather noticeably.]
[22:32] * Aline blushed. "J-just a moment then." Directed at the boy who said hello. …She then moved to the front of the room. "A… Aline Blanc, Fifteen years old, Parisian. Both Parises, actually." She paused, and blushed deeply. "…Yes, I am who you think I am." Then she suddenly fast-walked back into her chair!
[22:34] <Samuel‘Martin> [("An… An actual pilot?! Here…?!") ("Hey, she really is kinda cute after all!") ("Why didn’t we see her before?") The boy sort of doesn't-but-does stare at Aline. He doesn't want to stare but FAMOUS PERSON.]
[22:35] <Yanmei> "Hee hee. Didn't take long for you to win them all over, huh?" Yanmei grinned.
[22:36] <Samuel‘Martin> "Amelia Chevalier?" "Absent." Said a red-headed boy, standing up. He’s scowling slightly. "Dunno when she'll be back. She's in hospital." He says hotly, stepping up to the front- he is next, after all. "Edgar Chevalier. Fifteen. Born in Orleans, now live in Paris-2 with my dad and my twin sister. I enjoy physical education." He says. He peers at Aline… Narrowing his gaze… Before sitting back down.]
[22:36] * Aline just kept going. She was liable to attain beet-red status eventually! "J-j-just reputation, nothing more."
[22:38] <Samuel‘Martin> "Elena Clement?"
[22:39] <Samuel`Martin> [A pretty girl with black hair walks up to the front. Her uniform is essentially super-textbook. "Good morning! My name’s Elena Clement. I am fifteen years old, and my dad works for NERV." She says with a proud grin before heading back to her seat, her cheeks flushed slightly.]
[22:39] <Samuel‘Martin> "Sera de Pteres?"
[22:40] <Samuel`Martin> [("Wait, what?") ("Sera de- as in, -the pilot-? No shit? That can’t be random odds!") ("Where is he? Where-?")]
[22:40] * Sept welped. Wasn't it still a long time before he got to P- OH NO I KNEW I SHOULD'VE GOTTEN RID OF THE DE STUPID STUPID IDIOT.-
[22:42] * Aline faceburied ever-so-slightly at the chatter, muttering just loudly enough for both of her neighbors to hear. "I hope they don't keep doing that…" Though meanwhile, !CAUTION! instincts had her suddenly lock eyes on Sept in a sort of pleading 'don't do something stupid don't do something stupid this is me trying to control your actions with my mind don't do something stupid' look.
[22:43] * Yanmei is searching around for Sept as well, although her expression was a bit more encouraging. Vaguely amused too? She was smiling, in any case…
[22:44] * Sept considered trying to ignore the events, but soon noticed Aline's stare. The stare that bore the borrowed authority of Freya Solheim. Hesitantly, Sera got up and walked to the front of the class, managing to maintain a relatively normal gait.-
[22:48] <Sept> "H-" the words were caught. He cleared his throat, and tried again. Somewhat subtly diverting his gaze toward the windows and out. "H-hello, everyone. I'm Sera. Uh, yeah." And he walked back, his paleness in something of a contrast to the previous redness of Blanc. He tried his very best not to look around and notice all the -eyes-.
[22:49] <Samuel‘Martin> [Sera receives a dry thumbs up from Alexandre. Otherwise… ("… Wait, that’s it?") ("Huh, he's… I guess he must be shy!")]
[22:50] * Aline seemed almost disappointed that blushy-faced embarassment was not the norm with the students with NERV connections. But she didn't show it. Musn't derail the poor boy's mood.
[22:51] <Samuel‘Martin> "Lillian Durand?"
[22:52] <Samuel`Martin> ["Good morning! Good mooorning!" Said an… Undeniably cheerful girl with cute pink glasses. Little did mere mortals know they were looking upon the ADVENTURE QUEEN. "My name’s Lillian, but you can all call me Lilly. I've been here a few years now, and- well, I'll leave it for the last periods~"]
[22:53] * Aline felt a sudden suffusion of noodliness. Namely, those little noodles with that dots that are like '?' so. That last comment. So cryptic!
[22:54] <Samuel‘Martin> "Viviane Fournier."
[22:56] <Samuel`Martin> [A willowy, rather short girl with long brown hair walked out to the front. She reddened slightly, but put on her game face. "Viviane Fournier. I… Well, I like music. In fact I’ll be part of the performing orchestra for Saint Louis this year. I hope to see some of you there. Hehe." She sits back down.]
[22:57] <Samuel‘Martin> "Patrice Gosselin?"
[22:58] <Samuel`Martin> ["Heh heh." A black-haired boy walked up to the front. The name would be familiar to the pilots. And Sept would’ve seen the boy before! "Patrice Gosselin! And I just wanna say how utterly -psyched- I am to have the pilots- the very own Eva pilots of Paris-2- here in this class! I'm thinking of forming a NERV Fan club- who's with me?!"]
[22:58] <Samuel‘Martin> [("Hear, hear!") ("… What?") The boy… Eventually sat back down.]
[23:00] * Sept stared at Patrice, first vaguely comforted by a familiar face, his face quickly turning into "I TRUSTED YOU D:" as he mentioned the club.
[23:00] <Yanmei> "…" It takes a moment for this news - and a bewildered reaction - to set in. Good god, what?
[23:02] * Aline …blinked. Then blinked again. Then again again. "…Words… …" …My, that desk had an exquisite wood grain.
[23:05] <Samuel`Martin> "Ah, wait, I’ve… Yes. Alexandre Fontaine?"
[23:07] <Samuel‘Martin> [Alexandre gets to the floor, flashing that smile around. "Ah… Alexandre. Alexandre Fontaine. Son of the commander of NERV, as some of you no doubt know. But that’s not really important. What's important is that I'm running for student council president this year! Your support will be key in ushering in a new era of student prosperity!"]
[23:07] <Samuel‘Martin> [("Oh man, he’s back…") ("… Alex~ <3") ("Student council president!?") The boy then sits down, smirking a little.]
[23:07] * Yanmei smirked at this. Nothing more.
[23:08] * Aline stared further. What kind of wood even is this?… She hadn't really a clue. Whatever it was it was definitely stylish. Even if it was fake. Or was it? She even tapped it a little. Tap tap. Nice resonance.
[23:08] <Samuel‘Martin> "Isaiah? Isaiah Gabriel-Wei."
[23:08] <Samuel`Martin> [Isaiah gets to the front, looking around. He seems… Really, really nervous, and he blushes fitfully before speaking. Alexandre smirks even more, and a dark light comes into his eyes.-
[23:09] <Samuel`Martin> ["Isaiah. Isaiah Gabriel-Wei. I, um." He looks over at the teacher, who nods. "I was born in Changsha. That’s… That's in China. I've lived lots in other places in China, though, before I had to come here. My dad works for NERV. I like numbers." He shuffles off and sits back down, staring at his desk firmly.]
[23:12] * Samuel‘Martin smiles encouragingly at the boy, before looking at the role. "Angelina d’Olesse?"
[23:13] * Sept managed to climb high enough from his swamp of self-pity to notice that not everyone could handle the situation flawlessly. He cheered up a little.
[23:14] * Yanmei kept her smirk a little longer as Isaiah did his round in front of the class. Interesting, interesting…
[23:14] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Ah, hi." A girl with strawberry blonde hair stands up, and waves at the students. "My name’s Angelina d'Olesse. When I leave school, I want to become a poet! … Kind of a hard dream, huh?" She said self-consciously. "I help out in the library, so I hope to see you there."]
[23:15] <Samuel‘Martin> "Emile Olivier!"
[23:16] <Samuel`Martin> [The blonde boy next to Aline stands up and walks out to the front. He blushes, ever so slightly. "Hiii. My name’s Emile. I live with my uncle, since both of my parents…" … "Anyway, I like to read comics! Especially old ones from before Second Impact. And… I like drawing, so that shouldn't be too surprising." He sits down.]
[23:17] <Samuel‘Martin> [("Aw, he’s an orphan…?") ("Comics…? I… Man, really?")]
[23:17] * Aline peeeered. Interesting. Then peeeeered over at Yanmei. Interesting? Surely she had enough of wood grains.
[23:18] <Samuel‘Martin> "Niles Windsor-Yamato."
[23:19] <Samuel`Martin> [A boy stands. Regally stands, s faint yellow scarf sitting around his neck. He has black hair, and his features, along with his name, peg him as undeniably Japanese. "Good morning, everyone." He says. Alexandre glowers at him frostily. "I hope you all had a good break? My name’s Niles. Niles Windsor-Yamato. I hope we can all get along, especially as I'm running for Student Council President this year." He says. His voice is… Rather lovely…]
[23:21] <Samuel‘Martin> [("Oh you -bastard-.") Mumbles Alexandre to himself. Other students just… Sort of stare. A bishounen sparkle would not be out of place as Niles sits down.]
[23:23] <Yanmei> "Not… not bad." She glanced at Aline, trying to get some insight into her own appraisal.
[23:23] <Sept> …while others seemed to have been born for it. Sera’s mood was reset, even if Niles' presence was impressive.
[23:24] * Aline shrugged a little. "…Pretty, but he's involved in that junk too." Her mind did, though, start whirling. "Though maybe he could be a weapon…"
[23:24] <Samuel‘Martin> "Zhang Yanmei."
[23:30] * Yanmei stood, tossed her hair a bit, and strolled up to the front of the class with a sweet smile. Compared to a room full od journalists, this was nothing, and even the former hadn’t really tested her as much as she had expected. "Good morning! I am Zhang Yanmei, and I am originally from Beijing. I hope that we can all get along this year."-
[23:33] <Yanmei> Her gaze slid from student to student, warm and bright. "I hadn't anticipated announcing this so soon, but since there's a precedent… I would also like to announce my intention to run for Student Council President. Please vote for me, won't you?" Another smile - one that lingers in Alexandre's direction just a touch longer than usual - and then she was on her way back to her seat with long, confident strides.
[23:34] <Samuel‘Martin> [("… Goddamnit.") ("… I see.") ("… Wow, she actually is really cute! Cuter than I thought~") ("She should win by default, right?")]
[23:36] * Aline sighed. "…Gggghhhk." Those weren’t words.
[23:37] <Samuel‘Martin> "Well. Now that we’re all introduced, and the role's been taken, I think it's time for you all to start moving off to class, yes? Chop chop!"
[23:41] <Samuel‘Martin> [The first class for today, for all of the pilots and 10-C… As well as roughly half of the rest of the 10s, was two periods of mathematics.]
[23:43] <Yanmei> *sigh* Math. Yanmei prepared herself for an hour or so of boredom as she collected her things. "Couldn’t we start the day with something more fun?" she muttered.
[23:44] <Samuel‘Martin> [Of course not. Mathematics was taken by an older woman, a Ms. Delacour. Precise and rather eagle-eyed, she clamped down hard on any disobedience or out-of-line activities, especially talking. Of course, being the first day she mostly spent the time outlining what they’d be going over this semester. Which was beautiful, beautiful maths.]
[23:45] * Aline shrugged… but seemed to have a bit more of an edge to her words now. "Math, droll as it might be, is the root of science. Doing silly school popularity stuff is period after that." …she made sure to say so quietly.
[23:47] <Samuel‘Martin> [After two periods- roughly two hours, including homeroom time- the students would have a short, 20 minute break. Not even enough for Septy-sept to go find Freya! After that, it was back into class- this time for a single period of French, taken by a Mr. Abney, who was all in all, a fairly young and mild teacher.-
[23:47] <Samuel`Martin> [After that, the 2nd period was given over to a very extended lunch break for the first day back.]
[23:47] <Samuel`Martin> [The 4th*]
[23:48] <Sept> The break was spent mostly -flitting- within eyeshot of Aline and Yanmei.
[23:50] * Yanmei eyed Sept with a curious frown, wondering why he didn’t just come over…
[23:52] * Aline lingered around, a bit frustrated that Sept continued to just flit. At least she wasn't feeling so -down-… but she was still annoyed at a lot of the -shenanigans- that had gone down.
[23:52] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Heeeey." Aline would find Freya at her shoulder! "Man, classes were -intense-! I had no idea… How’re you going, Aline?"]
[23:52] <Samuel‘Martin> [Despite Sept’s flitting, he'd eventually receive… A tap on the shoulder.]
[23:54] <Samuel‘Martin> [And on Yanmei’s part, she'd soon hear someone calling her name. "Zhang Yanmei?" Came a curious, notable voice from nearby.]
[23:54] <Sept> This time, there were no welps, or even gasps. Overall, Sera's behavior seemed to have returned mostly to normal for the time being. Except for the flitting, of course. "Fre… Oh?"
[23:55] <Yanmei> "Yes?" A pleasant smile, as she turned around.
[23:56] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Yo." It was the boy from earlier, the American- Malachi. "How’s it going, pilot?" He offers Sept a box- inside lay… "Want a cookie? They're pretty good."]
[23:56] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Ah, Zhang Yanmei." It’s Niles, slowly adjusting his tie. "Enjoying your time in school so far?"]
[23:57] * Aline turned about slightly to look at Freya. "…Okay…ish. Class was okay. Better than dealing with those people and the stupid class president stuff and the cults of personality. Schoolwork's just schoolwork, you know?"
[23:59] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya just chuckles. "Take it easy, Aline. Throw that attitude around and you’re just gonna burn yourself out." She said lightly. "Take it from me, ok? There has to be something for all the pretty boys after all." She nudges Aline playfully. "Speaking of boys, how was Sept? Was he… Ok?"
[23:59] <Samuel‘Martin> ]
[23:59] <Yanmei> "Oh yes, of course. This isn’t my first year at this school, so most things are familiar to me? But it certainly is good to be back in the swing of things, Mr. Windsor-Yamato."
[00:00] <Sept> "Hello,-" Sera assumed a thinking pose. He'd been one of the first ones, hadn't he? "Anl… Ah, Ansel. Hello, Malachi." The boy smiled, rewarding himself with a cookie. "Thank you. And it's Sera. If you don't mind."
[00:01] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Sure thing. Sera, then!" Malachi nods. "You doin’ okay, Sera? You looked a bit shaky up there."-
[00:01] * Aline rolled her shoulders around a bit. "So far. He keeps… wandering. And eyeing the windows. I have to do those weird mindcontrol stare things to get him in line if he's doing too much. But really it was only in homeroom that it was really bad." She gave a small knowing look. "Public speaking. Roll-call."
[00:03] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Into the swing. Indeed. Anyway, I shouldn’t dawdle." Says Niles loftily. "I merely came over here to express my commendation at the level of courage it took to throw your name into the Presidential challenge. With that in mind, do understand that that makes us… Rivals." He offers her his hand to shake. "Let it be a noble conflict."-
[00:04] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Ah… Of course." Freya sighed a little. "Still. He shouldn’t have to do that too often, so he should be okay most of the time. What about Yanmei? She doing ok?"]
[00:06] <Aline> "More than. She eats this stuff up. I don't get it." …As if on cue, she overheard Niles. "But no, totally fine, or at least looks totally fine."
[00:07] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya nodded happily. "Ah, well. It’s probably good for her in some way. If she wants to shine, let her shine, right?" She beams. "Oh yeah. I was told that the clubs are gonna open up stalls in the 5th and 6 periods, and we're gonna be able to go around and apply! I don't know what clubs are out there, but I've heard word of a really fun, intriguing club…."]
[00:08] * Yanmei shook his hand, of course. "Noble through and through. Let the best person win?" she smiled. "I have the distinct feeling that this isn't your first political campaign, is it, Mr. Rival?"
[00:09] * Aline heeeadtilted. "Intriguing?"
[00:10] <Samuel‘Martin> ["It isn’t, no. But it -is- the first campaign where I am competing against someone besides Alexandre whose name is worth the paper its printed upon." Said Niles. "Do have a good day now, won't you?" He bows slightly and starts to head off.]
[00:10] <Sept> "Present tense? Good, yeah. I'm just not good with uh. Groups. I've managed by myself most of my life and people say it's just a matter of getting used to it, but… I don't think it's that easy. I think everyone just isn't meant to be part of things like these."
[00:10] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Oh yes." Said Freya, beaming. "It’s called the NERV Fan club…"]
[00:10] <Sept> "…overshare? Tell me if I am."
[00:12] * Aline instant-twitched at that mention, actually. "I uh. I…" She looked a bit deer-in-headlights at that. "I'm not completely sure how it'd go over. Don't the people who are the subject of the fandom usually not join… the fanclub?"
[00:12] * Yanmei bobbed her head in parting, a smile still on her lips. That last remark made her unsure if she should like the guy or not.
[00:12] <Samuel‘Martin> "Hah! No worries, Sera. You’re allowed to have your foibles or whatever. I have some weird hobbies, for example." He holds out the box of cookies. "Listen. Do you want these? I'm not really into them, but they shouldn't be wasted." He keeps one cookie though.]
[00:13] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya giggled. "That would be pretty weird. Still, I think I’ll take a look once or twice, just to see how many boys are gushing over you and Yanmei~" … Presumably she'd already have dealt with all the girls gushing over Sept. "Speaking of. Hey! Yaaaaanmei~!"]
[00:15] <Yanmei> "Yes?" Hearing her name again, and then recognizing where it was coming from, she trotted over to say hello. "Good morning, Solheim. Or… it's afternoon now, isn't it?"
[00:16] * Aline craned her head the other way. "I'll ask on her behalf. I'm sure she's more interested in playing politics anyway… But at least one visit can't hurt, right?" …Oh shit, did she just say that right when Yanmei walked over?
[00:17] <Samuel‘Martin> ["That’s right. And Freya will be just fine, Yanmei." She smiles.]
[00:18] * Yanmei stared blankly at Aline for a beat or two. Not really expected. "…is there a problem?"
[00:19] * Aline folded her arms nervously behind her back. "L-like what exactly?"
[00:19] <Sept> "Are you sure? If you insist, Malachi. So. Do you have any plans for school?"
[00:19] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya eyed the two girls apprehensively.-
[00:20] <Yanmei> "You tell me, hm?" She folded her arms in front expectantly.
[00:20] <Samuel`Martin> ["Noot really." Malachi hands the box over to Sept. "Learn about people, learn about life, maybe become a journalist after this is over! I write for the student newsletter, you know. I’d ask you for an interview, but…" He smiles. "I bet you're -sick- of that shit, right?"]
[00:22] * Aline was sweating bullets. Bullets!… Or maybe low-caliber KE-Penetrator rail darts scaled up fo- GAH. Bad training, go away! "Well I just… all this… school president stuff… is kinda weird… is… all. Yeah."
[00:26] <Yanmei> "Oh that?" she shrugged lightly, dropping her arms. "Just a silly little election? It doesn't mean much. As long as I can get the better of a certain someone." She smiled, and this time it seemed genuine. "You worry too much, Blanc."
[00:27] * Aline sighed. "…Sorry, then. They all are taking it so seriously! I forget that you put on shows like that…" Poor girl might be too literal.
[00:31] <Sept> "Yeah. That… yeah." Comfort cookie. "Truth is. I don't even remember much of that conference. They say I did alright, but I really only have their word for it. Although, I don't really have any problem with interviews themselves, so I'm sure if you needed to know something -that I'm allowed to tell anyways- I wouldn't mind?"
[00:32] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Yeah?" Malachi perked up. "That’s great! Tell you what. I'll give you a call at some point, ok? Why don't we exchange phone numbers?"]
[00:33] <Yanmei> "They are being pretty serious, huh?" Yanmei peered around the room with a little smile. "I don't know. I can't do what I really wanted to do this year, so I thought I'd try this sort of stuff for a change. And anyway, did you see Alexandre's face when that Windsor-Yamato kid said he was running too?" She shook her head. "It might have had a tiny influence on me. Just a little~"
[00:33] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Ahaha. Continuing your campaign against Alexandre, huh?" Said Freya.]
[00:35] * Aline shook her head. "Not really. That was still when I was sorta off. The wood-grain on the desks is really quite remarkable though. I can’t tell if it's fake, but if it is it's even more impressive for that." Briiiief pause. "That is to say I didn't want to look at him in case I got some kind of thought to lash out at him and then make a scene so I just stared at the desk."
[00:39] <Sept> "Hm. Sure!" Numbers were exchanged. If only Isaiah were there.
[00:40] <Samuel‘Martin> [Funny. "Sweet. Alright, I’m gonna wander for a bit. See you around though, bro." Said Malachi, patting Sera reassuringly on the shoulder. Social Link get?! … Then he's off into the crowd.]
[00:40] <Yanmei> "It's not that I have anything personal against him? Wherever would you get -that- idea?" She grinned. "And… so much self-control, Aline. Say. If you really want to lash out at him, you could always help me out with my campaign! Civilized and constructive?"
[00:40] <Samuel‘Martin> ["My eye sees all, Yanmei~" Says Freya cheerfully.]
[00:42] <Sept> "See you, Malachi." Sera continued his own wandering in an opposite direction, cookies in hand."Bro"?
[00:44] * Aline shook her head. "He’s the one with something personal. It's not like S2 - the only people -really paying attention- - cares, and I doubt the students are that observant!" She reclined a bit against a wall. "But no. I don't think it's that constructive, and by lash out I really do mean trying to get out of a melancholy hate-the-world spiral by trying to beat him up or yank on his
[00:44] * Aline hair or splash coffee on him or something. I can't do this… social manipulation stuff you do. I am thankful, really thankful, that all my questions at the conference were all science or adult-social-stuff - that's what I can take." She looked… maybe like she was pushing out beyond confusion, trying to piece it together?
[00:48] <Samuel‘Martin> [And so Sept would wander off… And wander off…-
[00:49] <Samuel`Martin> [Wait, hang on. ("de Pteeeeeres!") ("Hey, de Pteres!") ("Seraaaa de Ptereeeees!") … People were calling for him.]
[00:49] <Yanmei> "Oh. Oh, well…" Yanmei shrugged, trying to keep things light. "There’s always a spot for you if you change your mind? I could use an intelligence officer too, by the way." she winked at Freya, briefly. "But yeah. It's… it's no big deal, you know?"
[00:51] <Aline> "All the same, I think I'll decline for now. Probably gonna load my time up with other things anyway."
[00:52] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Oh yeah!" Freya smirks. "I was just talking to Aline about this- heard of this NERV Fan club, Yanyan?"]
[00:54] * Sept took a careful glance toward the voices, muscles tensed. Shit was prehistoric in his brain right now.
[00:54] <Samuel`Martin> [Girls.-
[00:54] <Yanmei> "Yan-? …uh, someone mentioned it in class before, right? It’s a little weird…"
[00:54] <Samuel‘Martin> [And a few boys. But mostly girls. Thirty plus. Approaching him. In a -group-. "Hey! De Pteres!" "We want a cookie, de Pteres! Give us some!" "de Pteeeeeeres! <3"]
[00:57] * Aline nodded. "Yeah, they did. I was telling her that it would just be awkward if one of us actually joined. I was going to visit just to check, though. If they start getting creepy I’m backing off though!"
[00:58] <Yanmei> "A good idea." Yanmei nodded. "Going in incognito? They might act more naturally if you do."
[01:00] * Aline gave Yanmei a weird look. "…What do you want me to do, dye my hair and wear a big coat?" Sarcastic, thankfully. "Nah, nah, I can't really hide like that. Besides, I want to see if they'll get too creepy - and going in 'plainclothes' isn't going to give me anything on that."
[01:00] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Ooh, maybe you should dye it red." Said Freya. "Match your plugsuit!"]
[01:01] * Yanmei snorted with laughter. Tried to cover it up with a discrete cough.
[01:02] <Aline> "That’s not helping! I like it white. It's different!… And I don't think normal red hair needs to…" She lost her train of thought - it was obvious with how her words just died - but Aline tried to recover! "…Gah! I shouldn't even be considering that!"
[01:02] <Sept> Ignoring? No. Camouflage? Hardly. Stash the loot? Too crowded. Only one choice.
[01:03] * Sept runs like the wind.
[01:03] <Samuel‘Martin> ["H-He’s running away!" "Go after him!" People are starting to chase Sept!-
[01:03] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya starts to giggle, patting Aline on the should- … "…" She stares at Sept. And the gang after him. "… Wha…?"]
[01:04] <Yanmei> "Oh… oh dear. He’s in trouble already!"
[01:05] * Aline slow-head-turn. Instead of a scare-chord-ridden DRAMATIC turn, this is more of a slow, rumbly 'no… way…' turn. "Looks like we have to intervene."
[01:07] * Yanmei appropriately takes off after the crowd!
[01:08] * Aline looked at Freya. "We'll never catch up with him if we merge with the crowd. Have you scouted out the school layout any? We'll need to…" Ting~ Glasses glint. "…Head them off."
[01:09] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Scouted it out? I haven’t! But I think I get the layout." She starts running in a direction… Not that of the crowd! And tries to collect Yanmei on the way.]
[01:10] * Aline follows, of course! Trust the keeper of the street orphan kid type person to be able to navigate winding twisty corridor mazes at the drop of the hat. Aline knew nothing of social maneuvering, but she was first-rate in tactics.
[01:10] * Yanmei is easy to grab, having not gotten all that far yet. "What the-?!"
[01:11] <Samuel‘Martin> ["C’mon! If we go this way, we might be able to head him off…" She starts running!]
[01:11] * Sept needs the closest set of consecutive turns to lose the crowd. He disregards any further planning for now and tries his luck with the first corner he comes across!
[01:11] <Aline> "Yeah! It's a cunning plan!"
[01:13] <Yanmei> "If you say so?" She casts one worried look back at the crowd, before putting her attention into going… wherever they were going!
[01:14] <Samuel‘Martin> [Sept turns the corner- and proceeds to run into two people in the corridor! "Wha?!" "Aaah!" … Someone is knocked over- red hair reveals the face of Edgar Chevalier- the other person - the bespectacled Alexandre Fontaine- is not. Sept nearly falls, but catches himself. "Hey, what’s going on?" Asks Alexandre, who instinctively runs along with Sept as best he can.]
[01:16] <Samuel‘Martin> [Meanwhile, Yanmei, Aline and Freya start running down a corridor! Freya seems a little faster than the others…-
[01:18] <Sept> "I’m so sorry, uh, Edgar! YES." Sera is on fire. "Hello Alexandre I told them this would happen but they never listen WHY ME"
[01:19] <Samuel‘Martin> [There are a few branching paths off, but all the girls realise that they need to take the third left to head off the group.]
[01:19] * Aline races with speed and grace~ Keep up the pace~ We’ll put that mob in its place~
[01:20] <Samuel‘Martin> ["B-Bastard!" Curses Edgar as the horde turns the corner. "N-N-nooooooo-" His voice is quickly drowned out. "…" Alexandre looks over his shoulder as he runs. "de Pteres, what did you -do-?!" He cries out in horror.]
[01:20] * Yanmei is also hustling, albeit with less rhyming!
[01:23] <Sept> "I made friends like everyone wanted and it’s Pandora's box and the Piper of Hamelin all in one and I TOLD THEM!"
[01:24] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Uh-" Alexandre takes a sudden sharp left, reaching out to drag Sept along. "This waaay! I know a spot oh -god- what happened to Edgar-!?"-
[01:24] <Samuel`Martin> [Aline, Yanmei and Freya turn the corner… And see Alexandre making his maneuver directly ahead. They can hear the crowd as well.]
[01:29] <Yanmei> "We made it- what’s he doing here?!"
[01:30] * Aline briefly heard something about a 'oh god what happened to Edgar'… and two and two were put together. Did they -trample- the poor kid? She couldn't take that without protest!… But being trampled sucks… so instead? Aline took a deep breath… And screamed at the top of her lungs! "ALL OF YOU STOP RIGHT NOW!". …Eardrums were torn asunder. Asunder.
[01:35] <Samuel‘Martin> [MEANWHILE. Back at the main cafeteria area…-
[01:36] <Samuel`Martin> ["Waha. Wahahaha. Wahahahahahhahahaha." A young, impish Malachi Ansel is -crying with mirth-. He takes a bite from his cookie. "Wahahahahahaha. Oh God that worked -so amazingly well- I had no idea…"]
[01:53] <Yanmei> "She said to STOP. THIS. NOW!" Backing up Aline, Yanmei steps into view with a Marianne-like GLARE of sternness.
[01:54] * Aline was… actually shocked at how well Yanmei did that.
[01:56] <Samuel`Martin> ["That’s right! You better stop right -now-!" Said Freya sternly, jumping out after her. The group didn't seem to hear Aline, but the ones at the front certainly heard Yanmei. They halted instinctively… And were immediately knocked into from the ones behind, causing a sort of semi-stampede that soon threatened to engulf Yanmei and Aline!]
[02:03] * Aline panicked, and seemed to have that rare but precious moment of perfect awareness - she could dodge this. Maybe even easily. But Yanmei… "Nn… Yanmei, hang on!" …And in a move that would briefly evoke images of sporting brutality, Aline suddenly turned and went into a full body-check on Yanmei! Only, though, to shift in mid-impact to grab onto the girl and try to tug her along
[02:03] * Aline with the momentum to safety!
[02:05] <Yanmei> No time to retort to that, as she and Aline went flying! She did let out a wordless exclamation of surprise in spite of herself.
[02:06] <Samuel‘Martin> [Fortunately, Yanmei and Aline are both extricated from the mess… Lucky them!]
[02:06] * Sept catches a brief glimpse of the girls’ predicament and considers going to the rescue. But Fontaine is already moving, and pulls Sera in a different direction.
[02:07] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Hff… Hff…" Sept is pulled aside, and Alexandre runs down the corridor, before throwing open a door and pushing the boy in, following in after. Looks like a school room.-
[02:08] <Samuel`Martin> [The mob has, at this point, fallen into chaos and dismay! With Sept out of sight, their impetus to chase is gone, and people’ve stumbled or been knocked over…]
[02:10] * Aline caught her breath with slow gasps, still protectively clutching onto Yanmei. She probably landed on her fellow pilot, and they both definitely are now in a bit of a heap. "…Okay… that… worked, I guess." She didn't quite move yet. It kinda ached too much!
[02:12] <Yanmei> "Y-yeah… oof…" Yanmei panted. She squirmed a little, trying to get free and to assess the damage. "Freya… you alive?"
[02:12] * Sept shakily walks to a far wall, leans, slides down to a sitting position, and sits there. The already-forgotten cookies elude his shaking grasp for way too long.
[02:12] <Samuel‘Martin> ["I… I’m ok!" Freya had been knocked over, but had landed harmlessly. "You guys ok?"-
[02:13] * Aline experimentally reached out to the side and… okay, that's the floor. Then she rolled about onto the floor and sort of sat awkwardly. "Bit sore. Otherwise fine."
[02:13] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Hff… Hff." Alexandre bends over, clutching his knees. "Y… Hey, you alright?"]
[02:14] * Yanmei is free to sit up now, and does. "I’m ok too… thanks to you, Aline."
[02:14] * Aline nodded quickly. "Right! Don't think they would've stopped without you joining in, though."
[02:15] * Sept doesn't answer, just stares at the door. And nibbles.
[02:16] <Samuel‘Martin> [Alexandre sort of slumps onto the floor himself, taking deep breaths. "…" He looks at Sept. "… You’re shaken up, huh?"]
[02:16] <Yanmei> "C-come on. It was another group effort?" she tried to dust off her blazer. "I wonder where the heck the teachers are now."
[02:17] <Samuel‘Martin> [The mob is starting to disperse now. But one person stands up- and stands a head taller than the crowd. One person is willing to ask the special, special question.-
[02:17] <Samuel`Martin> ["WHAT THE HELL, GUYS?! C’MON?!" Yells Edgar furiously. His face is deep red.]
[02:19] <Samuel‘Martin> ["… What?" Speaking of teachers. Mr. Martin turns a corner- Isaiah is at his side- and he approaches. "… What happened? What’s all this commotion about?"-
[02:19] <Aline> "…If I knew…" Shrruuuuug. "They should really get some kind of demerit or punishment. You're lucky you didn't asphyxiate from the pressure on your lungs that'd have made them pop!" Physics: Because knowing how horribly you could have died is so heartening.
[02:20] <Samuel‘Martin> [Isaiah peers out, curiously. Maybe a little perplexed. He looks down at Yanmei. "I heard your voice. Are you alright? It was really loud…"]
[02:23] <Yanmei> "Who, me?" Still brushing and adjusting her clothes. "We were just telling some people to quit running in the hallways? Did you run and get a teacher? That’s so sweet." She smiled at him, and then calmly waved away his concern. "Everyone's fine, though, even if things did get hairy."
[02:25] <Samuel‘Martin> [Isaiah blushed slightly as Samuel walked over to ask some of the mobsters what happened. His frown seemed to grow deeper as he spoke.]
[02:27] * Aline nodded. "It was a human stampede! We’re all lucky that nobody got hospitalized over it." This time, she actually stood up and wagged her finger accusatorily. Maybe this fame thing has a use? "You should be ashamed of yourselves!"
[02:28] <Samuel‘Martin> [("Wha-") Some of the people Aline’s chastising are starting to look very sorry indeed by now. "Y'damn right you should be ashamed of yourselves!" Grumbles Edgar, who approaches the pilots, rubbing his face.]
[02:30] <Sept> "…shaken up? SHAKEN UP?! I give away -my- time and I'm thrown into nightmare after nightmare! What kind of sick reward is this?" For a moment, Sera looked like he might attack Fontaine, before introducing his fist to a wall. The hand continued shaking. "Whose fault is it? Tell me. Please?"
[02:32] * Aline eyed Edgar… "Anything that needs the nurse? I still have a bit of energy in me so I could run and get them…?"
[02:32] <Samuel‘Martin> ["…" Alexandre gets to his feet. He looks pretty shaken. "You want someone to blame? I… I don’t really know who to blame." He said, walking over near Sept. "Hey, w-why don't we go get you a drink or something, and you can settle down and we can chill, yeah? You… You seem pretty fired up."]
[02:33] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Hmmf." Edgar rubs his cheek. "Nothing too bad. Next time I won’t be taken so off-guard."]
[02:36] <Aline> "Ah. Alright then." A bit nonplussed, but if he says he's fine (and isn't bleeding nor showing the symptoms of a concussion or explosive lung damage) then who is Aline to judge? "Anyway, I think we should all do whatever it is we need to do to settle down and then I guess uh. Whatever happens next happens?"
[02:38] <Yanmei> "Like there's going to be a next time?" Yanmei stretched tiredly. "People had better learn a lesson from this. Ah-" she glanced to Freya. "Aren't you going to search for you-know-who?"
[02:38] * Sept looks at Alexandre. Wouldn't it just be simpler to call it a day and find Freya? No, she was with the crowd when he last saw her. "If the way is clear… y-yeah, I'll take you up on that."
[02:39] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Y-yeah, okay." Says Alexandre, who opens the door. He’ll lead Sept out, and left- -away- from the ex-mob.]
[02:42] <Samuel‘Martin> [Freya looks over at Yanmei. "…" She nods. "Yeah, I… I should do that." She gets to her feet, a little shakily. Where did the boy go? She starts looking about.]
[02:43] <Samuel`Martin> ["It was Malachi." Said Isaiah quietly, to Yanmei.]
[02:44] * Yanmei smiled to herself. Freya looked so concerned! She -knew- they had that sort of relationship. "-eh?" Isaiah interrupted her romantic thoughts. "What do you mean?"
[02:45] * Aline quirked a brow. "What does he mean about what?"
[02:46] <Samuel`Martin> ["Malachi. He’s this boy." Said Isaiah, a little hesitatingly. "He likes to cause trouble, so he told people that Sera had cookies. I dunno why so many people wanted cookies, though. But they chased him."]
[02:48] <Yanmei> "Is that so?" she said pleasantly. She draped a casual arm around the timid boy. "Well, then! Perhaps I should have a talk with this Malachi? You'll lead me to where his right now, won't you?"
[02:50] * Aline tip-tapped her fingers together. "…Fangirls. I could smell it." Not really. Or could she? It was Mystery. "So I'm a bit surprised he had the wits to do it and that the rest of the school played along but…" She closed her eyes and began to do a lecture-style clue-assembly. "Must have used his fame as the starting catalyst…" Taptap. "…Then used the already-strong excitement
[02:50] * Aline from finding out that a famous figure was in school with them, and likely one they thought was cute to begin with…" All that tapping almost looked like an attempt to suppress pointing motions. "…And then simply capitalized on the existing emotional state by appealing to their base desire for delicious cookies - and the associated cuteness symbology." Aaand she rounded it out with a soft
[02:50] * Aline little grin. "Quite elementary."
[02:52] <Samuel‘Martin> ["Huh, well-" Isaiah blushed a little deeper as Yanmei put an arm around him. He did, however, stare at Aline in a ’… What?' way- a look of amazement and straight-up incomprehension. "Oh, alright! I'll take you to him." Said Isaiah, leading Yanmei off towards the cafeteria. And Aline too, if she wanted to.]
[02:54] * Aline would trail along, actually, looking very confused at Isaiah not getting it. It was quite elementary! She just said that. …Right?
[02:57] * Yanmei followed too. There was an… unpleasantness in her eyes, despite the smile.

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