Instructor Francis Gladstone

Francis Gladstone
Occupation: Instructor at St. Evelyn's
Age: 36
Birthday: 18th of Iest
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140

Appearance: Francis has a narrow face, with great green sparkling eyes, and wavy auburn hair that is clipped short. His body frame is quite thin, and unlike many of his academic co-workers, has spent enough time outdoors to develop a tan that comes and goes with the seasons.

Background: The sort of child who was never able to sit still for very long, Francis Gladstone was a both a source of endless joy and exasperation to his two parents, both of whom owned and ran a successful shipping company. School was an excellent way to get him to use his boundless energy for more constructive purposes, and to get some breathing space for themselves for at least a few years, so at the appropriate age they shipped him off to an academy a few cities close to where they lived, one that was not unlike St. Evelyn's in purpose or atmosphere.

Francis' teachers were less pleased with his behavior. He was disruptive in class, often without meaning to be, with his endless chatter. He was very good at making friends, and was a bright student who enjoyed experimenting. He graduated from his academy with high marks, and then slid into a new profession as he followed his love of learning and magic - teaching. Although he's relatively new to the profession, he has already gained a goofball reputation among the students at St. Evelyn's, his new home away from home~

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