Instructor Meredith Windsor

Name: Meredith Windsor
Occupation: Instructor/secretary to the Head of Transmutation Studies at St Evelyn's
Age: 42
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 140lb

Physical Description:
A lean, wiry lady who has dyed her hair black and wears it in plaits that are drawn up into a quaint updo. She's not particularly pretty; she has a narrow face and her forehead seems a bit too large, as if her hairline has begun to recede. Her thin, painted lips are often drawn together in a sour expression, as she storms down the school's hallways, barking orders and reprimands. Still, she has an elegant, if not old fashioned presence during her calmer moments, and her makeup is for the most part, perfectly applied, and her hands are soft, well manicured, and perfumed from applying exotic cremes and oils to them. Her robes are plain, austere, but certainly well cared for. For their lack of color, the fabric that composes them are rather rich. While she is hardly flamboyant, it's clear that she still takes care of herself.

Once an idealistic young tutor who traveled through Paxia teaching the basics of education to bright-eyed youths of wealthy families, Windsor soon had her innocence crushed under the reality of her station. Spoiled children, unreasonable parents, and a transient lifestyle soured her on the idea of continuing as an educator. She got her big break at St. Evelyns 19 years ago, when there was a change in the school's administration - and thusly a change in some of the people who would be teaching there. She had some grasp of magic, but certainly not enough to teach anything but the beginners courses… fortunately, even that wasn't in her job description. It was a change, but she would be working under the Head of Transmutation Studies as a private secretary. During her first week on the job, she arrived cheerfully and was… ordered off to a classroom by the Head. After all, someone needed to teach it, and it wasn't going to be the person with all-important research to complete that day.

Her first few years were awkward but managable. It wasn't long before she learned the politics of the school, what "research" her supervisor was constantly doing to keep herself busy, an how to form a niche for herself. But it was clear that she didn't get much joy out of this position. Her stern countenance and stern words earned her a reputation among the students as one who did not tolerate anything in the way of failure.

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