Invasion Of Germany Debriefing

Invasion of Germany

Turning Points Turning Points
Control Paris. Success.
Control Berlin. Failure.
Control Hamburg. Failure.
Control Cologne. Success.
Control Essen. Failure.
Control Vienna. Failure.
Control Prague. Failure.
Special TP (Ceasefire) Success.
Force Germany to an Honourable Peace Table.

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Force Allocation


Supreme Commander
Marianne2.png?dl=0 Marianne Amatore-DeForest
Status Fine

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EVA-04.png?dl=0 EVA-04 EVA-01.png?dl=0 EVA-01 EVA-07%20trans.png?dl=0 EVA-07
Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status Undamaged
Yan1.png?dl=0 Zhang Yanmei sera_n_50.png Sera de Pteres Simonides.png?dl=0 Elene/Sophia Simonides
Class Dervish Skirmisher Class Pointman Class Dervish/AT Tactician
Status Fine Status Fine Status Fine

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Peacecraft%20page%20pog.png?dl=0 "Julien", G-Defiant Peacecraft Titan%20Pog%20-%20Copy.png?raw=1 "Svarog" - -
Status Undamaged Status Undamaged Status -
Raffy%20Kun%20Pog.png?dl=0 Raphael Guillory Hugues%20Page%20Pog.png?dl=0 Hugues Monette - -
Class Sniper/OD Class Pointman Class -
Status Fine Status Fine Status -

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UEF Battlegroup
Lachapelle2.png?raw=1 FNS Dorian Lachapelle
Type Achaemenes-Class, Xerxes Pattern
Mag 100/100
Retinue Marianne Amatore-DeForest
Arm 1 Positron Torpedoes
Arm 3 Positron Turret
Spec 1 Capital Weapons (Impact Cannons)
Spec 2 Capital Weapons (Positron Impact Cannons)
Spec 3 Mutable
Spec 4 Mutable

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Situation Report

Special Circumstances

Special Circumstances
Fog of War is active for this mission.
The identity of the enemy Supreme Commander is Sarah Holt Caine.
We can expect many powerful enemies, including starships and Evangelions.
The prevailing wind is in a north-easterly direction.
Turns 3, 6 and 9 are Night Turns; these turns will be in Darkness.
Battlefronts. This battle is (now) linked to the Air and Western Front victories for the purpose of Advantages.

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Enemy Force Estimate: 2
Rhineland Group Fortresses Eastern Group -
Commander Sarah Holt-Caine Commander Unknown Commander - Commander -
Est. Size 9 Est. Size 3 Est. Size - Est. Size -
Evangelions Dysangelion Joan, DEVA-01, Dysangelion Scholastica Evangelions - Evangelions - Composition -
Superheavies Ezra Caine, Aksel Heiden, Philippe Joffre Superheavies - Superheavies - Composition -
Capital Ships UNS Sword of Damocles Capital Ships - Capital Ships - Composition -
Superheavy Hordes Unicorn Company, Red Arrows Superheavy Hordes - Superheavy Hordes - Composition -
Other - Other 1 Tasmania-Class Superfortress (Berlin), 1 Eva Base (Hamburg), 1 Fortress (Cologne) Other - Composition -
Role Defense Role Defense Role - Role -

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Force Germany to an Honourable Peace Table. The Negotations on the Rhine Event will fire in Turn 8.
200 XP and 3 CP from Turning Points.
4 CP From Logistics.

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Tactical Data

Actor Dialogue

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Resource Report

Actor Dialogue
Hannelore2.png?raw=1 "We gained 7 CP from this battle, with no major damage to our forces- so that's 7 CP we can spend on whatever we want."

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Upgrade Advice

Actor Dialogue
Surov2.png?dl=0 "Our Evangelions performed adequately in this conflict, but even cursory analyses demonstrate that we are at a disadvantage in the field of Evangelion biology. I recommend narrowing that disadvantage as quickly as possible."

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Pilot Status

Actor Dialogue
Tenma2.png?raw=1 "No physical injuries, and the twins suffered some mild mental and spiritual damage, but nothing they can't walk off."

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