Codename: Ireul
ID: Thirteenth Angel
First Detected: Paris-2
Date of Attack: 8th of March, 2016
Status: Defeated

"This is going to make you excited."

A highly unorthodox Angel, Ireul attacked NERV's power grid as a pre-emptive disabling attack to allow Malchediel to approach undetected and attack Paris-2 without hindrance from surface defenses. It was an Angel that could evolve extremely rapidly to match any situation, allowing it to travel via electricity and hack NERV's MAGI Supercomputer array.

An hour into the attack, Ireul reactivated NERV's systems and tried to take control of the three MAGI Supercomputers in order to force a self destruct. Two out of three Supercomputers fell to the attack, but the third, Shiva, was guarded by a firewall created by Dr. Luna Riel. Upon hitting the firewall, Ireul was forced to adapt to overcome said firewall; however, the only way it could do so would be to essentially make itself vulnerable to a kill-switch program embedded in said firewall, leading to its demise.

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