Isaiah And Sera

(11:24:19) Sept: The synch event had been traumatic, physically and mentally. Sera didn't remember more than bits and pieces of the next day - glimpses of people performing checkups. They'd had to sedate him more than once, it seemed. So now that they'd begrudgingly released him, he started his daily routine again, dreading what kind of retaliation he'd come up with. He'd crossed several lines back there, and Joshua had been quiet since the last few sedations.
(11:27:00) Sept: He kept thinking he'd caught a glimpse of blonde hair disappearing behind a corner as he made his way toward the cafeteria for some kind of lunch.
(11:29:36) Minaplo: ["De Pteres, De Pteres." Came a voice over the PA Speaker. "Please make your way to the Officer Conference Room on Level 1A-5. I repeat: De Pteres…"]
(11:34:40) Sept: "Yeah, yeah." he muttered to himself. He was close enough, now, and picked up a sandwich before heading for whatever meeting they were holding.
(11:45:15) Minaplo: [It took him about ten minutes, accounting for elevators.-
(11:45:56) Minaplo: [The Officer Conference Room was longer than it was wide, with sloped rooms giving it a vaguely polygonic look. Down the middle was a table, the edge made of wood and the centre made of computerised glass.-
(11:46:02) Minaplo: [It was dark. The lights were dimmed.-
(11:47:14) Minaplo: [At the far end of the table was Vercingetorix, clad head-to-toe in his sealed dark red armour and helmet, his cloak draped around him, deepening the shadows.-
(11:47:28) Minaplo: [Sitting to his right, looking a little uncomfortable, was Isaiah Gabriel-Wei.]
(11:50:48) * Sept stood still in the doorway for a few moments, staring at each of them before proceeding to close the door behind him and sit down opposite them. "I fucking hate that uniform of yours. So. What'd you think?"
(11:51:15) Minaplo: ["This is not a uniform, and you are a reckless idiot, but that seems to work for you alright, so well done."]
(11:51:30) Sept: "Thank you."
(11:53:49) Minaplo: ["Did you find what you are looking for?"]
(11:56:25) Sept: "No. But that's alright, I suppose."
(11:57:29) Minaplo: ["What did you find?"]
(12:01:21) Sept: "…"-
(12:03:22) Sept: "A few compelling arguments to help you. Another war."
(12:05:38) Minaplo: ["Ah, good."]
(12:14:33) Sept: "Sure. Not much has changed yet. But at least I have 01. Why are you here, Isaiah?"
(12:18:16) Minaplo: [Isaiah's eyebrows rose a little. "Vercingetorix came back to speak to Tsubaki. I came because I wanted to speak to a few people. V here suggested I should, at the least, speak or listen to you, so here I am."]
(12:24:22) Sept: "How're things in Paris, then?"
(12:26:22) Minaplo: [Vercingetorix got to his feet. "I will leave the pair of you to it." He said, walking out, his cloak swishing behind him.-
(12:26:46) Minaplo: [Isaiah followed Vercingetorix with his gaze, before turning back to Sera. "Wouldn't know. We were reposted to the Battleship, which is off the coast of America right now."]
(12:28:24) Sept: "I see. Everyone doing okay there?"
(12:31:00) Minaplo: ["Considering the circumstances, they're doing alright." Said Isaiah coolly. "Except for a few people. Shinji Ikari's falling apart, for example."]
(12:33:21) Sept: "How?"
(12:36:10) Minaplo: ["Hallucinations, trauma from the weakening of his barrier, exposure to mental and spiritual danger- he sees people… Differently, now. And whatever it is, it's making him completely unwilling to pilot Unit 05. Apparently he sees the unit for how it sees itself, and the result is… Not something he ought to see."]
(12:39:30) Sept: "-Huh-."-
(12:39:31) Sept: "Have you run any tests on the ability? I assumed it was unique to either Caretaker or a strong libido effect, but if Shinji's capable of it, maybe he can be useful in other ways?"
(12:41:57) Minaplo: ["No, we haven't run any tests, because he's a complete emotional wreck and we can barely trust him to not kill himself."]
(12:51:42) Sept: "I understand. But you can see how this could benefit you if he pulls through, right? Paris only ever got a fraction of the data they got through Bellamy."
(12:52:40) Minaplo: ["It isn't the same thing. What'll work with Isabelle won't work with Shinji."]
(12:57:17) Sept: "And with the data from her experiments, it'd take a lot less iteration to figure out what does work. I'm more afraid of a suicidal Evangelion than I am of anything that could happen investigating that path."
(12:59:19) Minaplo: ["A suicidal Evangelion? Shinji isn't piloting. Weren't you listening?"]
(13:01:24) Sept: "You'd… just let him retire, then?" Genuine confusion in his voice.
(13:01:33) Minaplo: ["I would."]
(13:04:14) Sept: A shiver ran down Sera's spine. "I… I don't… understand? He's one of our strongest fighters," he said, a little weakly.
(13:05:20) Minaplo: ["Oh, yes. I'm aware." Said Isaiah softly. "And you are aware, and lots of others are aware as well. I went to visit him yesterday."-
(13:06:36) Minaplo: ["I tried to persuade him, to calm down. He refused. I told him that if he wanted to save us, to protect Aline and the others, he would pilot. He refused. I told him that if he ever, ever wanted to help his sister he would get into that entry plug and he refused and refused and refused until he was nothing but a sobbing mess in front of me, clawing at his own arms and throat."-
(13:08:03) Minaplo: ["Do you think I want him to give up? Of course I don't. But between me and Aline I'm not sure there's anyone who can make him get back in. The only person who can make that choice is Shinji, and he's really not up for it. So yes, for now, I am willing to let him retire, because it's not like it'd actually hurt since he's not doing a damn thing anyway."]
(13:14:57) Sept: "Fuck," Sera said. "So you think he'd have the same reaction even if we gave him a way to help without piloting?"
(13:16:29) Minaplo: ["No. I think if we gave him a way to help that did not involve Evangelions, or him having to look at one on a semi-regular basis, he would be willing to help. Gently, though."]
(13:21:47) Sept: "Mm," he nodded.
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(13:27:53) Minaplo: ["Any ideas?"]
(13:35:04) Sept: "I guess you'd have to get him comfortable with his visions first. It seemed to come pretty naturally to Isabelle after a time. Have him describe them to Aline, talk through them? If it confirms it's the same phenomenon as with Isabelle, just being active on the ship could help you. Find a spy or two, with any luck."
(13:35:53) Minaplo: ["Not unreasonable."]
(13:41:02) Sept: "Mmm. So we'll have to deal without one of our heavier assault units, then. At least I'm back up for it. Do we have a plan for Michael, yet?"
(13:42:33) Minaplo: ["Wellesley is coordinating a stand in Boston. A handful of fast spotter units- Rei and a few others- to screen a large group of artillery units. Positron cannons, AT Fields and the like. Mostly Ayanamis from the other bases, but they've also brought in Pilot Wales."]
(13:43:51) Sept: "And everyone else?"
(13:44:45) Minaplo: ["Everyone else who?"]
(13:47:53) Sept: "Is everyone taking part in this? We're trusting it to go for Boston first?"
(13:49:58) Minaplo: ["It's been heading towards the city steadily ever since it thrashed us, so yeah."-
(13:50:48) Minaplo: ["Let's see. Weiss is part of the firing team, Yanmei and I are in reserve, EVA-00 hasn't been repaired yet and Asuka's too injured to pilot."]
(13:56:51) Sept: "Alright. Sounds good."
(14:00:18) Minaplo: ["Think it'll work?"]
(14:01:56) Sept: "Of course."
(14:03:16) Minaplo: ["You're more confident than a lot of people about it."]
(14:06:04) Sept: "It's a matter of taste, I guess. Polite as it may be, we still have to stop it. So we're going to fight it anyway."
(14:06:30) Minaplo: ["Of course. No one intends to wave the white flag."]
(14:09:18) Sept: "Yeah. So some people prefer to start the fight assuming victory is impossible. They'll come through."
(14:12:15) Minaplo: ["Hoping Shinji will be like that?" He asked dryly.]
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(14:15:42) Sept: "Yeah, I do. I believe in you."
(14:16:51) Minaplo: ["Me?"]
(14:18:04) Sept: "The pilots, dolt."
(14:20:26) Minaplo: [Isaiah's eyebrows rose a little. "I guess I'm not used to hearing that from you either way."]
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(14:26:02) Sept: "Surely it shouldn't be a surprise. My record in -trying- to keep that family safe is no secret."
(14:27:08) Minaplo: ["I suppose I'm more surprised by you including the Ayanamis as part of it."]
(14:31:46) Sept: "Fair distinction. That was more recent."
(14:33:03) Minaplo: ["So you do accept them, then?"]
(14:33:42) Sept: "Yeah."
(14:37:07) Minaplo: ["Good." Said Isaiah coolly.-
(14:37:27) Minaplo: ["Vercingetorix told me that you arrived at his base in the company of Dysangelion pilots."]
(14:39:51) Sept: "He didn't lie."
(14:40:03) Minaplo: ["Tell me about them."]
(14:43:14) * Sept was taken off guard by that. "What's your interest?"
(14:44:16) Minaplo: ["The Yanmei knockoff attacked us in Melbourne, tried to kill us. Definitely killed plenty of people nearby. We barely fought her off."]
(14:45:47) Sept: "With a damaged Evangelion?"
(14:46:47) Minaplo: ["Indeed."]
(14:49:30) Sept: "That's really impressive. What did you want to know?"
(14:50:13) Minaplo: ["Who are they? How many are there? What do they want with you?"]
(14:55:20) Sept: "I can't say if there are any more, but… the three inhabiting the Paris pilots' bodies are the ones I know. I don't think there were more than three units at that time, but it's likely there'd be backup pilots."
(14:56:12) Minaplo: ["As in spare bodies?"]
(15:01:25) Sept: "I can only theorise as to how a replacement would work, so… I don't know. The Eternity Drive wouldn't catch them. There are large risks to relying on one soul, but you wouldn't lose their unique combat capabilities."
(15:04:04) Minaplo: ["Alright. So there's a Yanmei knockoff, a Blanc knockoff, and-"-
(15:04:13) Minaplo: ["Vercingetorix said they were female. Who's the third?"]
(15:06:40) Sept: "Me? I said it was the three of us."
(15:07:04) Minaplo: ["…" Isaiah tilted his head. "I… She didn't. She didn't."]
(15:07:58) Sept: "Think -very carefully- about what you're going to say."
(15:08:46) Minaplo: ["Caine made a female you. Why would she do that?"]
(15:14:17) Sept: "Hmph. Any number of complications or efficiency reasons, related to cloning or Dys piloting. Or it was specifically targeted toward me for the additional layer of implicit egotism. Which she should know I'm better than? But maybe you could still consider it a nice gesture."
(15:14:49) Minaplo: ["…Did you speak to her?"]
(15:15:23) Sept: "I spent time with all of them."
(15:15:45) Minaplo: ["You didn't find her attractive, did you?"]
(15:19:27) Sept: "Of course not. I'm as much a clone myself. You can't exploit my self-image that easily."
(15:29:50) Minaplo: ["I… Suppose not."-
(15:30:04) Minaplo: ["And their names?"]
(15:50:08) * Sept took a deep breath. "The one that looks like Aline is Scholastica. She's often frustrated about not having the chance or being allowed to use her field's capabilities at their full potential, and so tends to look down on her colleagues as inferior and be reckless in combat when she can find an excuse to show off what she can do. She knows everyone else has that same potential, but doesn't know how to help them reach it, since it's so natural to her."-
(15:50:13) Sept: "Joan you've met. She takes great pleasure in inflicting pain, but that's not the root of it. It's just the most physical manifestation of power she has access to. She wants to be recognised as the leader, to have that power as well, but doesn't know how to deal with orders from above she disagrees with. Everything is some kind of power play to her, and that paranoia sometimes drives her into a corner."-
(15:50:23) Sept: "And Agatha… Agatha is worth your trust more than I am."
(15:50:45) Minaplo: ["… Is that so?"]
(15:53:31) Sept: "Yes."
(15:54:23) Minaplo: ["Please, elaborate."]
(15:55:07) Sept: "I'm not sure if I can. It's very un-scientific."
(15:55:45) Minaplo: ["You, unscientific? Please, go on."]
(16:09:22) Sept: "She went out of her way to help me, to share information and find perspective. She didn't have to. It didn't help Mary, it didn't really even help Elisha's plan. Just let me have a moment of peace."
(16:10:18) Minaplo: ["I see. Maybe you two are made for each other."]
(16:12:35) Sept: "Hey, fuck you. That's incredibly offensive."
(16:13:23) Minaplo: ["Maybe you two are literally made for each other." Said Isaiah slowly. "As in, she was designed to befriend you."]
(16:24:59) Sept: "That's exactly what I meant! You know how many -months- of sleep I've lost over dwelling on shit like that? How much Aline and everyone's no doubt had to deal with? The only time anything like that matters is when you start getting in the way of the real war. And then you can't hesitate to get rid of people in your way. It's -only reasonable- to enjoy whatever you've got before that."
(16:30:07) Minaplo: ["…"-
(16:30:38) Minaplo: ["Fine. Do you know if they have any weaknesses?"]
(16:32:44) * Sept took a moment to think (and cool off). "Mm. No. Maybe try to talk with them?"
(16:34:35) Minaplo: ["Yeah, no, I'm not sure that's going to work."]
(16:41:32) Sept: "Don't know much about their conditioning, but there's always a chance," he said in a casual tone. "Imagine if we could work with them, how much easier it could be to find final solutions."
(16:42:27) Minaplo: ["You know Yanmei destroyed one before we arrived at Asgard?"]
(16:43:01) Sept: "I heard."
(16:43:23) Minaplo: ["What's the chance that that destruction'd stick?"]
(16:48:25) Sept: "As I said, even if you assume they work on the same limitations as Evangelions and pilots, there's no way a loss like that would hurt their plans."
(16:49:29) Minaplo: ["Then in that case, assuming they 'can' work with us, it wouldn't be a huge mistake if I at least inflicted massive damage on them anyway. Good to know."-
(16:51:57) Minaplo: ["Would you yourself prefer that I captured them, then?"]
(17:11:31) Sept: "They're still pretty dangerous. I'm not really sure if we have the proper facilities for that. If you can, great, but I may be able to investigate this by myself, too."
(17:12:01) Minaplo: ["Oh, they might be dangerous, but I'm fairly confident I could handle them by myself."]
(17:15:09) Sept: "How so?"
(17:15:50) Minaplo: ["Dysangelions." He waved his hand. "The pilots are dangerous on foot, maybe, but a Dysangelion isn't a match for a truly liberated Evangelion."]
(17:26:30) Sept: "Fair enough," he said, questioning why he was the one Gendo accused of underestimating his enemies. "The problem is that capturing them would probably involve keeping them neutralised, and that's not exactly conducive to building trust."
(17:27:42) Minaplo: ["I was figuring we could brainwash them into trusting us, that seems to work out alright."]
(17:49:53) * Sept slammed a fist on the table, other hand in front of him, palm upward in frustrated appeal. "Jesus christ, where do you get your morals? Why don't we do that to Shinji, then?!"
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(17:51:38) Minaplo: ["I was being sarcastic, you moron."]
(17:58:05) * Sept cleared his throat, cheeks reddened. "Wrong crowd," he said.
(17:58:44) Minaplo: ["You know, no, I apologise. That statement sounded more absurd in my head."]
(18:07:01) Sept: "There's not a single one of us whose head hasn't been messed with, some more fundamentally than others. Apology accepted."
(18:07:50) Minaplo: ["I actually have a theory. I spoke to V about it and he agrees."]
(18:08:27) Sept: "Really."
(18:08:58) Minaplo: ["Really. Have you seen the Dys pilots in armour? Their proper head-to-toe armour with the robes and the crests."]
(18:13:08) Sept: "Yeah."
(18:14:52) Minaplo: ["Didn't it look pretty similar to the Spectre? She fits the pattern."]
(18:22:38) Sept: "Sure. You're saying she was one of the earlier Solomons in the field?"
(18:25:07) Minaplo: ["A Solomon?"]
(18:25:54) Sept: "What they're called."
(18:26:03) Minaplo: ["Ah."-
(18:26:08) Minaplo: ["… Why Solomon?"]
(18:27:16) Sept: "I do not care."
(18:28:24) Minaplo: ["Hmph."-
(18:29:06) Minaplo: ["I don't really know if she's early or not. V knows that she might be a special case, because- right, you know they use Angel souls?"]
(18:31:40) Sept: "Yeah, they're more Angelic in nature than Ayanamis, which is why it would be helpful to find ways to work with them."
(18:32:35) Minaplo: ["Alright, how do you figure that, exactly?"]
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(18:38:48) Sept: "I don't know enough to argue the physics of it, but I'd definitely say the Ayanamis are more human. The Solomons retain memories and knowledge that I haven't seen the Ayanamis exhibit. And can Ayanamis burn through a mountain as precisely as we did to Vercingetorix's base?"
(18:42:31) Minaplo: ["I… Of course the Ayanamis are more human. They have Lilim souls and mostly human bodies. I'm not arguing that. What I'm arguing is this: what, exactly, can they do that we already can't do? Give Chiisana a go and she'll burn a hole through a mountain, sure. Or is this just about numbers?"]
(18:45:48) Sept: "Yeah, what I -meant- was with their perspective we can avoid fucking this conflict up, since otherwise we may just be grasping at straws trying to understand their hierarchies and motives."
(18:47:33) Minaplo: ["Fucking -which- conflict, exactly?"]
(18:49:35) Sept: "This is the one between Lilith and Adam. Still possible to do a half-decent job of not exterminating each other."
(18:53:07) Minaplo: ["So you want their perspective to understand the hierarchies and motives of the Angels?"]
(18:56:04) Sept: "I'm not our expert on the matter, but it wouldn't hurt to have it available to us. Not a priority, I guess, just an idea."
(18:57:08) Minaplo: ["There's an Emissary back on the battleship representing the Warmaster. He probably has information. There's also V's Angel? Not saying you're wrong, but we have alternatives if there is no peaceful solution to the clone Angel warriors bred to kill us."]
(18:58:55) Sept: "Agreed."
(18:59:04) Minaplo: ["Now, as I was saying."-
(18:59:38) Minaplo: ["V says that the Spectre, if she is a Solomon, might be a special case, because he has half of her soul already."]
(19:02:45) Sept: "Mhm?"
(19:09:04) Minaplo: ["V says that the Dysangelions and their pilots are either remotely synchronised, or they just did what V did with the Ayanamis and split the soul both ways. If that's the case, it's possible she's just a Solomon without a Dys."]
(19:10:02) Sept: "Right. So the others would likely work the same way. That's helpful."
(19:10:32) Minaplo: [Isaiah nodded.-
(19:13:08) Minaplo: ["Do you know much about which souls were used?"]
(19:13:53) Sept: "Not really."
(19:16:03) Minaplo: ["I can offer data on a few of them. Mostly thanks to Yanmei and V."]
(19:16:27) Sept: "Go ahead."
(19:17:05) Minaplo: ["Joan is Malchediel. Which is probably why she was the one to pursue us, actually. She's never particularly liked us after we killed her the first time."]
(19:20:19) Sept: "Alright."
(19:32:39) Minaplo: ["The Aline knockoff- Scholastica, you said? We're unsure, but judging from her hate-on for Aline and her M.O, V thinks she might be Qaphsiel."]
(19:35:12) Sept: "Fits," he shrugged.
(19:37:00) Minaplo: ["Your gender-swap was using a time field, so V thinks it might be Samandiriel. Although it's not a sure thing, but it's a suggestion at least. We'd need to know more."]
(19:38:01) Sept: "Yeah, it's a start. I'll try to ask if I run into them."
(19:39:50) Minaplo: [He nodded.-
(19:40:03) Minaplo: ["The Spectre is Ramliel."]
(19:41:22) Sept: "Ah, yeah, no doubt about that."

(12:35:46) Minaplo: ["How much do they remember of their past lives? Do you know?"]
(12:54:52) Sept: "Not exactly. I think they remember the important things. Either way, they prioritise their current situation's perspective. Which is good for their sanity, whether it's voluntary or not."
(13:04:55) Minaplo: [Isaiah nodded, wordlessly. A minute or so passed.-
(13:05:06) Minaplo: ["They say you've managed to re-synchronize."]
(13:08:14) Sept: "Mm. Old junk I… that Elisha used. Apparently my field's stabilised, as well. But I wouldn't count on it lasting."
(13:10:10) Minaplo: ["What did you actually do?"]
(13:25:22) Sept: "LCL'd, reattached the souls. I did it because it circumvents a few key stages of synch where he could refuse the connection. It worked, with some side effects."
(13:34:35) Minaplo: ["Side effects?"]
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(13:45:24) * Sept tapped a finger on the table, irritated. "I had to make a few unexpected concessions. Like giving up trying to separate 'myself' from Elisha."
(13:46:18) Minaplo: [Isaiah rubbed his chin, leaning back in his seat. "Understandable. What's in it for you?"]
(13:50:33) Sept: "Fuck-all. But I'd regret doing otherwise. It's the 'reasonable' thing to do."
(13:58:42) Minaplo: ["Mm." Isaiah murmured, nodding in seeming agreement.-
(13:58:49) Minaplo: ["Were there other side effects or problems?"]
(14:04:51) Sept: "What I said about the stabilisation. And we can't actually test it in field conditions, so there could be any number of undiscovered issues with 01 or me. We can only theorise about the consequences of putting someone as stable as me into a perfect synch. 01 went berserk for a while as I was working out the situation. Him, or Joshua."
(14:06:36) Minaplo: ["Perhaps it was a traumatic event for you all."]
(14:10:45) Sept: "Well, yeah, so is that how it's gonna be each time I synch and de-synch? I had to be out for a day in optimal medical conditions. What if I can't return to a base after a battle?"
(14:14:00) Minaplo: ["You could stay synchronized."]
(14:17:21) Sept: "Well, we'll have to see if I can keep the synch under control. The prototype plug defies limiters by definition."
(14:18:19) Minaplo: ["We could always think about prepping a Master Model, just for you, if you're worried."]
(14:20:28) Sept: "A… you're joking again."
(14:20:55) Minaplo: ["You could always share your plug with Roku."]
(14:26:17) Sept: "This is my face. There is no laughter here. The laughter is absent."
(14:30:36) Minaplo: <Kyuu*>
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(14:32:27) Minaplo: ["You could really help her out, though. Being able to bond with you might help her develop as a person."]
(14:33:10) Sept: "Or kill her."
(14:34:26) Minaplo: [Isaiah gave Sera a dark look.]
(14:41:46) Sept: "Yeah, keep this up and I'll think you're serious. See what happens when I get to influence people."
(14:48:32) Minaplo: ["…"-
(14:57:18) Minaplo: ["Well, so long as you're willing to do it and you can control Unit-01 at least most of the time, I don't see any problem."]
(15:10:05) Sept: "Sure. Speaking of which, how is it you were able to avoid getting killed by the berserk Evangelion during your escape from the Synfront? The reports on that were suspect. Did you have help? The Ayanamis, maybe?"
(15:11:33) Minaplo: ["…"-
(15:12:06) Minaplo: [Isaiah looked away. There was a sudden glassy look to his eyes, and his face was- it wasn't calm. It was emotionless, blank, and that isn't the same thing.-
(15:12:12) Minaplo: ["She wasn't berserk."]
(15:16:36) Sept: "So, what does it take to force an incomplete, untested Eva to move? The Ayanamis weren't killed, were they? They did something to the Eva."
(15:21:26) Minaplo: ["You really want to know?"]
(15:24:40) Sept: "Hmph. -Yes-."
(15:25:41) Minaplo: ["Fine. This is what happened."-
(15:26:33) Minaplo: ["The battle against Evangelion Unit-22 put me into a coma. During that coma, Yanmei used the Libido Effect to try and place a part of EVA-08 into my AT Field. It succeeded, and I began to heal by drawing energy from the Eva."-
(15:26:52) Minaplo: ["And then one day, my father came in, and I woke up, properly, and then he put a handgun to his head and killed himself."-
(15:28:20) Minaplo: ["It's my mother in that thing. You know that? My mother. My father dying would've been enough to send her rampaging, easy. But it wasn't her who went berserk. I did."-
(15:33:04) Minaplo: ["You know how the Ayanamis can spread AT Fields? Their souls allow them to draw power from Lilith's Disciples. It was a lot like that- except my AT Field came from the Evangelion. So I broke out, but I was piloting the Evangelion with my mind at the same time."-
(15:33:22) Minaplo: ["Ran into Stormtroopers and killed them. Ran into the two Ayanamis there."-
(15:34:09) Minaplo: [His voice broke, just for a second, before that unnatural mask of nothing returned. "They tried to stop me, so I killed them, too. I made Yanmei take Elizabeth and enter the Eva. an E-Destroyer tried to attack me on the way. I crushed the entire thing with a thought."-
(15:34:44) Minaplo: ["I made my way to the command centre, tried to find Mary Caine, to kill her. But she has an AT Field, too. She's leeching off the Eternity Drive. I couldn't break through it."-
(15:35:21) Minaplo: ["That knockoff Joan attacked me, and I couldn't handle both Caine and Joan at the same time. I escaped. I used the Dirac Sea to jaunt away. It went wrong, and we crashed in Australia."]
(15:40:31) * Sept was quiet for a while, examining Isaiah. "Is the Eva on the battleship, or did you bring it with you?"
(15:41:15) Minaplo: ["On the battleship."-
(15:41:30) Minaplo: ["I can bring her here if I want, though. All it'd take is a second."]
(15:43:47) Sept: "I can tell." The intonation suggested a word was missing from the end, probably a descriptor for Isaiah. "Sorry about your dad."
(15:48:27) Minaplo: [Isaiah hung his head.-
(15:49:29) Minaplo: [The mask broke, and Isaiah took a shuddering, deep breath, broken by a single sob. He coughed, rubbing at his eyes before looking back up, some of the tears still there, little threats of a dam barely being held back, a torrent waiting behind.-
(15:50:28) Minaplo: ["It's hard to not give up sometimes. It's not like I don't know what Shinji's thinking. But I've gone beyond the point of giving up. I have to keep fighting."]
(15:55:12) * Sept crossed his arms on the table. "And everyone feels that. -Everyone-. You've… done well, so far, alright? I'm glad to hear you've not gone entirely docile yet."
(15:58:05) Minaplo: ["Mm. I'm not going to stop. You don't have to worry about that."-
(15:58:15) Minaplo: ["I… Guess I should thank you for understanding."]
(16:00:26) Sept: "Save your gratitude. You might not plan on stopping, but how far are you ready to go? Anything for her, right?"
(16:00:56) Minaplo: ["Absolutely anything." Said Isaiah fervently.-
(16:01:20) Minaplo: ["Even without that, I promised Caine I'd stick a knife into her, and it's bad form to break promises like that."]
(16:05:59) Sept: "Hmph. A lot of people could make that promise to their enemies. And Ayanamis come back after you off them."
(16:07:42) Minaplo: ["That doesn't make their lives worth less for it."]
(16:09:02) Sept: "Absolutely not. But it does ease your conscience."
(16:09:35) Minaplo: ["No. It doesn't." Said Isaiah, firmly.-
(16:10:21) Minaplo: ["It was a betrayal. It was wrong. I could've knocked them out. I could've done a hundred different things. But I just killed them."-
(16:11:49) Minaplo: ["The Ayanamis have always trusted me. Like a big brother. And I -want- to be their big brother, to give them someone to rely on. But I just killed them. And if I killed -them- for getting in my way, who else would I kill? Marianne? Misato? Raphael?"-
(16:12:10) Minaplo: ["So no. My conscience won't be eased until I meet them again. And I apologise for what I did. And I repent to them."]
(16:16:57) Sept: "And you could never do that with someone else. Whatever keeps you sane, really. As long as you let them know you won't be threatened into submission."
(16:19:14) Minaplo: ["I think they know that by now."]
(16:20:06) Sept: "Keep at it. You never know."
(16:51:54) Minaplo: ["Mm."-
(16:52:02) Minaplo: ["… So Joshua, then. What's he doing?"]
(17:02:23) * Sept looked away, gauging how to approach this. "Recovering and/or biding his time. So to speak. As I said, this kind of desynch hits all the same nerves… Tried to kill some of the medical staff, but it must've been pretty half-hearted. Exhausted, sedated and confused, it'd take more of a reason to keep me going."
(17:09:37) Minaplo: ["Do you think… Shinji would be able to see him?"]
(17:27:49) Sept: "Highly probable, and would prove little. Isabelle could detect Elisha when he was accompanying the," Short pause. "third model. The interesting question, though, would be if he'd be able to hear him."
(17:28:45) Minaplo: ["I suppose we'll find out soon enough."-
(17:29:19) Minaplo: [Isaiah fell silent, his eyes going a little out of focus, vaguely directed at something behind Sera's shoulder.]
(17:30:20) Sept: "What? Stop. What do you think you're doing?"
(17:33:48) Minaplo: ["… Hm?" Isaiah focused on Sera again.]
(17:35:33) * Sept looked at him for a moment, before glancing behind himself.
(17:35:43) Minaplo: [Nothing there.]
(17:37:35) Sept: "…ngh. Nevermind."
(17:37:58) Minaplo: ["You alright?"]
(17:41:46) Sept: "Of course. On edge," he muttered. "What did you mean, we'll find out?"
(17:42:23) Minaplo: ["You're going to have to speak to Shinji eventually."]
(17:43:11) Sept: "Right. Maybe I'll join you at the battleship after we're finished with Michael."
(17:44:24) Minaplo: ["Alright." Said Isaiah, getting to his feet. "I've got what I came for. Do you need anything?"]
(17:51:13) Sept: "Mm. I'm good, thanks. Tell everyone I said hi."
(17:54:31) Minaplo: ["Alright. See you."-
(17:54:54) Minaplo: [And Isaiah walked past- only to freeze, stare at something above Sera's head- then shake his own head and leave.]
(17:59:24) * Sept sighed and slumped down in his chair, wishing for a moment's reprieve from AT-fielded freaks for a moment.

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