Isidor Rurikovich

Name: Isidor Pavlovich Rurikovich
Position: Second Lieutenant, NERV Special Operations Service
Sex: Male
Age: 39 (b. 1979)
Nationality: Russian
Place of Residence: Paris-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Dark grey
Height: 5'10"
Build: Rake-thin

Personal Details
Isidor's Theme
"Ethics and freedom are inextricably tied, and the base to -both- is thus: 'A person is not to be harmed'. That is where the line of freedom is ultimately drawn, and that is where ethics is born. Everything else is just decoration."

A thin, pale man hailing from Vladivostok, in Eastern Russia, Isidor is immediately distinctive. Tall with long legs, clever fingers and a clean, coolly handsome face, he joined Raphael Guillory's forces in an unorthodox way- being confronted, wounded and taken prisoner by Guillory during the Valletta Operation- all in a dangerous gambit to defect.

Isidor's youth was one of contrasts. His father was well off, managing a company that handled imports of Japanese goods into Russia, particularly cars; his mother, however, was the daughter of an old-fashioned fiercely patriotic metalworker, neither of them particularly wealthy. His early years were spent alternatively at his father's high-tech house in the city and his grandfather's rustic property in a rural Siberian village. His father taught him theoretical things- mathematics and business sense. His mother and grandfather taught him practical ones- how to ride a horse, how to recognise metals and to shape them.

Of course, this peculiar alloy is what ultimately led Isidor down his path. Interest in metal and swords saw his father sign him up for a sword-fighting tuition, and his grandfather's nationalist attitude engendered in Isidor an affection for the military, which led his father to suggest he take a military scholarship. Ever a calm, quiet and reasonable child Isidor was always willing to listen to them all, and so he did, becoming an officer cadet in 1997 and a second lieutenant by 2000. His tutors and instructors wrote a basic summary in his profile: 'Cool under fire, listens to orders, disciplined, sure of his own actions, sharp tongue, little patience for stupidity'. It would be a profile he would live up to in many ways.

The Second Impact threw much of the world into chaos- Russia, however, managed to escape merely with nationwide upheaval. A bloodless coup saw the government fall into the hands of a military eager to resurrect the glories of the Soviet era; Isidor, throughout all of this, stuck to the safe option of merely taking orders. It was thus that he was assigned to the Red Army force that was to march into the Ukraine and beyond.

It was here that Isidor's confidence, sharp tongue and little patience for stupidity got him into trouble. More than a few atrocities were committed by Red Army forces- Isidor may have been a soldier, but he was no monster. When his commanding officer orchestrated the brutal sacking of an entire town, Isidor immediately reported the action to High Command, along with witnesses, photographs and a recording of the officer admitting to the action.

The charge was dismissed due to lack of evidence. Isidor deserted a week later, taking nearly 60,000 dollars' worth of equipment and money with him. He never looked back.

For the next five years, Isidor worked odd jobs throughout Europe. Some of them were the most rudimentary you can think of- courier work, milkman, he once worked six months in a fast food burger joint in Stuttgart. No job ever lasted very long, either due to it simply drying up or, less commonly, due to disagreements between Isidor and his superiors. For example, he left that burger chain job after publicly denouncing his boss for sexual harassment of fellow employees- whilst his victims' parents were in the vicinity.

Some jobs were not so simple. Although he never became an out an out criminal, Isidor spent a great deal of time on the nebulous border between legal and illegal. He flourished, working within the black markets that sprang up all over the place in the years immediately after post-Impact, trading in food, rationed goods, luxuries. He even became a bodyguard of some individuals- individuals who may not be criminals, but may have done illegal things nevertheless.

It was ultimately this side of him that led him on the road to his current occupation, for Isidor eventually found himself as part of the private security detail employed by what would eventually become the Eigenhart Initiative. And when they left Europe for Africa, he went with them, and stayed with them. When the Eigenhart Initiative built the Liberated Nations, Isidor was there as one of its majors. He was assigned to the 2nd Superheavy Regiment- Colonel Linden's regiment- and acted as a bodyguard and aide-de-camp of sorts for her.

This came to a sudden end when he had the misfortune to call Silas Caine a 'rotten slimy carcass son of a rotten slimy carcass father'. When accused of treason, Isidor made sure to stress that he had not, in fact, been referring to Azariah Caine.

For insinuating that Silas Caine was a rotten slimy carcass born out of wedlock, he was demoted to Lieutenant and assigned to the 92nd Infantry Regiment, 19th Berber Division, one of the many infantry forces the LN possessed. The 92nd was special, however. It possessed a special sobriquet: 'The Meatgrinder'. Whenever there was a dangerous task, the 92nd was sent to take it. Whenever an impossible objective had to be held, the 92nd would be the last to leave. They possessed the highest casualty rating in the entire force, not including regiments wiped out to a man. The common fanatical LN foot soldier considered it an honour to be deployed to the heroic 92nd. Isidor recognized that he'd been sent to die.

It was here that Isidor would break with the LN. The 92nd had been dispatched to Malta- a veritable fortress in the Mediterranean. Although they took extravagant losses they managed to gain a significant foothold on the island- and even captured an Evangelion pilot. Ayanami Shi, shot down whilst riding in an aircraft over Sicily.

When a UN strike team deployed to the island to retrieve her, Isidor engaged them and, although he did not pull his punches, he nevertheless tried not to kill them, hoping to be wounded and taken prisoner. His plan was a success, and within months he had been signed onto NERV's payroll as part of Raphael Guillory's motley force.

Character Details

Character Details
Name Isidor Rurikovich Gender Male
Background Veteran Career Dervish
XP Total 18400 Rank 6

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Vital Statistics


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 45 4 Intermediate, Veteran (+5)
Ballistic Skill 45 4 Intermediate
Strength 50 5 Intermediate, Veteran (+5)
Toughness 45 4 Intermediate
Agility 50 5 Intermediate, Experienced (+5)
Intelligence 40 4 Intermediate
Perception 30 3 -
Willpower 30 3 -
Fellowship 40 4 Intermediate

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Wounds: 23 Fate Total: 3
Insanity: 0/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100

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Asset Effect
Cynic Gain the Scrutiny skill and +20 to Scrutiny tests to resist Charm or Deceive.
Driven Gain one conditional Fate Point to be used when facing a superior foe or exceptionally bad odds.
Gifted Toughness characteristic advances by one category faster than before.
Troublemaker Gain the Stealth and Security skills. Authority figures take a -20 penalty to Charm or Command tests against you if attempting to make you do something.

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Asset Effect
Disgraced (Soviet Union) Choose one group. You gain the Enemy (Group, 3) talent.
Short Fuse Whenever you are confronted or otherwise stressed or agitated, you must pass a Willpower Test or fly into a rage, taking it out on the environment and/or people around you.

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Trait Subname Effect
Experienced Agility Increase Agility by +5.

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Injury Effect Cause Incident

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Decoherency Effect Tested Characteristic Ego Threshold

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Instability Effect Ego Threshold

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Disorders Effect Insanity Threshold

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Basic Skills

Skill Name Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Acrobatics Agi X X - -
Athletics Str X X - -
Awareness Per X X X -
Carouse Tou - - - -
Charm Fel X X - -
Chem Use Int - - - -
Command Fel X X X Talented
Commerce Int - - - -
Deceive Fel X X - -
Demolitions Int - - - -
Disguise Fel - - - -
Dodge Agi X X X -
Inquiry Fel - - - -
Intimidate Str - - - -
Literacy Int X - - -
Logic Int X X - -
Medicae Int - - - -
Parry WS X X X -
Scrutiny Per X X - Cynical
Security Int X - - -
Sleight of Hand Agi - - - -
Stealth Agi X X - -
Survival Per - - - -
Tech Use Int - - - -

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Specialist Skills

Skill Name Specialisation Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Common Lore Second Impact Int X - - -
- Soviet Union Int X - - -
- War Int X - - -
Navigate - Int - - - -
- - Int - - - -
Operate Ground Military Agi X - - -
- - Agi - - - -
Scholastic Lore Tactics Int X X X -
- - Int - - - -
Speak Language English Int X - - -
- Russian Int X - - -
Trade Armorer Int X - - -

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Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon Class Weapon Type Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General General X X X
- Prog X - -
Basic Bolt X - -
- Flame - - -
- Fusion - - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -
Heavy Bolt - - -
- Flame - - -
- Fusion - - -
- General - - -
- Maser - - -
- Positron - - -
Pistol Bolt X - -
- Flame - - -
- Fusion - - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -

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Basic Combat Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Ambidextrous - Do not take -20 penalty to hit when making attacks with your off hand. If used with the Two Weapon Wielder talent, reduce the to-hit penalty with both weapons to -10.
Arms Master - Take a -10 penalty when wielding weapons without Proficiency instead of -20.
Commission Positron Sword 1 P or E-Scale weapon now always free. May take 4 RP of upgrades for weapon, and may allocate 1 Commissioned upgrade to any weapon
- Positron Pistol 1 P or E-Scale weapon now always free. May take 4 RP of upgrades for weapon, and may allocate 1 Commissioned upgrade to any weapon
Two Weapon Wielder Ballistic When armed with two guns, you may spend a Full Action to make an attack with both, at a -20 penalty. When used with the Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) talent, lets you attack with a gun and a melee weapon at the same time.
Two Weapon Wielder Melee When armed with two melee weapons, you may spend a Full Action to make an attack with both, at a -20 penalty. When used with the Two Weapon Wielder (Melee) talent, lets you attack with a gun and a melee weapon at the same time.
Quick Draw - Use the Ready action as a Free Action.

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Proficiency and Skill Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Talented Command Gain a +10 to tests made using this skill.

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Melee Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Assassin Strike - Free. After making melee attack, may make Acrobatics test. On a success, you may make a free Half Move action.
Battlemaster - Once per Round. Reroll attack made with melee weapon.
Berserk Charge - Charge. +10 bonus to charge, total +20.
Blade Dancer - Reduce the penalty for dual-wielding Balanced melee weapons by -10. If taken in conjunction with Ambidextrous, the penalty is reduced to 0.
Combat Master - So long as you are not helpless or immobile, you deny enemies the Ganging Up bonus against you and enemy hordes take a -20 penalty to attack you in melee combat.
Counter-Attack - This talent permits use of the Counter-Attack Action.
Crushing Blow - Extra melee damage equal to WSB/2.
Double Team - Increase Gang-Up bonus by +10.
Furious Assault - All Out Attack. Expend Reaction when making All-Out attack to deal a second attack. May not be used in conjunction with another reaction-expending attack talent.
Irresistible Force - Charge. Expend a reaction to perform a Swift or Lightning Attack when making a Charge attack. May not be used in conjunction with another reaction-expending attack talent.
Lightning Attack - This talent permits use of the Lightning Attack Action.
Precision Melee Touché, Fast, Cleaving, Crippling, Overwhelm, Finesse Whenever you select this talent, choose one of the abilities below. You may only apply a single Precision Melee effect at any one time.
- Touché Standard or Called Shot Melee attack. This attack cannot by Parried so long as the attack succeeds by two degrees of success.
- Cleaving Standard or Called Shot Melee attack. Attack gains +2 Penetration.
Street Fighting - +2 Critical Damage with a knife or unarmed attack.
Sure Strike - You may reroll a single melee hit location roll per turn and take the preferred result.
Swift Attack - This talent permits use of the Swift Attack Action.
Unarmed Warrior - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB-2 damage, and no longer Unarmed.
Unarmed Master - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB damage, and no longer Primitive.
Whirlwind of Death - On dealing a melee attack against a Horde that deals damage, you deal extra Magnitude Damage equal to your Weapon Skill Bonus. You may not use this talent twice in one turn unless you attack two different Hordes. Full Action: Make a single melee attack against all adjacent enemies, up to an amount equal to your WSB.

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Ranged Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Assault Shooter - May fire Basic/Heavy weapons in melee. Heavy weapons have -20 penalty, basic have 0, and pistols count as having the Point Blank bonus.
Crack Shot - +2 critical damage from ranged attacks.
Hip Shooter - May move Full Move or Run and fire single shot with one Pistol or Carbine. However, apply -20 Penalty to BS if firing as part of a Run action, -40 if used with Sprint.
Rapid Reload - Weapon reload times are reduced by a half action.

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Physical Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Catfall - Whenever you fall, test Agility or Acrobatics as a Free. On a success, and for every DoS, you reduce the distance fallen by an amount equal to your AB for the purposes of determining falling damage.
Drop Trained - Falling, 10dm or above. Always land on your feet, and treat distance as 1/3rd for purpose of falling damage.
Hard Target - Whenever you Charge or Run, enemy attacks against you take a -20 penalty (for a total of -40 if you Ran).
Leap Up - You may stand up from the Prone position as a Free Action.
Sound Constitution 9 Increase your Wounds by 1 per purchase of this talent.
Step Aside - Gain an extra Reaction once per round, that may be used only to Dodge.

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Mental Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Hotblooded - +10 to Feedback tests, and may roll twice on the Shock Table and take the preferred result after failing a Fear test.
Jaded - Unaffected by mundane horrors such as death, violence or the sight of blood.
Nerves of Steel - Reroll WP tests to resist or recover from Pinning. Furthermore, take a +20 bonus to your Opposed Test to resist uses of the Intimidate skill. This applies to Social Conflicts.
Resistance Cold +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.
- Fear +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.
- Heat +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.
- Poison +10 to tests to resist the chosen object.

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Interpersonal Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Air of Authority - When using the Command action, you may issue commands to a number of people equal to 100 times your Fellowship Bonus. Only NPCs are affected, and any NPCs not under your command will only obey the order if you achieve an extra degree of success. You gain a +10 to Command tests in Social Conflicts. Your Followers also have +10 Loyalty when in your presence.
Forward, you Dogs - You may test Command as a half action on your turn. On a success, all allies within vocal range of you who are suffering from mental effects (Fear, Pinning, Frenzy, and others) may take an immediate free Willpower test to shake off the effects. For every degree of success on your Command test, those allies gain a +5 bonus to their Willpower test.
Galvanising Presence - When using the 'Terrify' special use of the Command skill, its affects apply to all nearby allies. Furthermore, the Character counts as having Fear (2) for the purposes of all Terrify tests.
Inspirational - When using the 'Inspire' use of the Command Skill, you may increase the bonus by +5 per 3 degrees of success. Furthermore, in Social Conflicts, any fellow allies participating in the Conflict increase their Vigour by +10.
Into the Jaws of Hell - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes take a +20 to their Break, Fear, and Pinning tests, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
Iron Discipline - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes may reroll failed Break, Fear, and Pinning tests, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
Radiant Presence - All within 20m (not enemies) of you take a +10 to tests made to resist fear or intimidation.

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Support Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Hunker Down - As a free action, select a number of allies within audio and visual range up to your IB. All enemies firing at these allies from a position where the allies are treated as being in cover take a -10 penalty to hit.

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Offensive Tactics

Butts and Bayonets
Momentous Assault
Offensive Stance
Rip and Tear
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Defensive Tactics

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Support Tactics

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Melee Weapons

Ranged Weapons




Starting Stats


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 35 3 Veteran (+5)
Ballistic Skill 35 3 -
Strength 40 4 Veteran (+5)
Toughness 35 3 -
Agility 40 4 Experienced (+5)
Intelligence 30 3 -
Perception 30 3 -
Willpower 30 3 -
Fellowship 30 3 -

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Wounds: 13 Fate Total: 3
Insanity: 0/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100

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Starting Skills and talents

From Background

Common Lore (War, 2I, Soviet Union)
Speak Language (English, Russian)

From Assets


From Career


Starting Talents

Weapon Training (Melee)
Pistol Training (General)

Experience Table

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