Isil Break Rules
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Isil Breaks

When an Isil Break triggers, you roll a 1d100 on the following chart. You add +10*MR to the result, and for every spell you are sustaining, you add +10.

Roll Effect Name Effect
1-25 Fizzle The effect fizzles out harmlessly, with the effects being whatever the spell intended, but on a far weaker scale. For example, a searing fireball becomes a puff of harmless flame; a shining light becomes a handful of sparkles; instead of summoning a bloodthirsty hellhound, you summon an adorable, confused puppy.
26-50 Misdirection The spell is cast, but the focus is disrupted, sending the spell haywire. Roll a 1d10 to determine a new target. On a roll of 1, the spell hits you; on a roll of 2, 3 or 4 it hits the closest ally in range; on a roll of 5 or 6 it strikes the environment (Blast spells use scatter dice, rolling 1d10*MR to determine distance; Cone spells roll Scatter Dice and fire in that direction); on a roll of 7, 8 or 9 it strikes a random enemy (not your target), and on a roll of 10 it strikes your intended target. If the result is non applicable (ie. A 3 when you have no allies), treat it as a 5 or 6.
51-75 Misshapen As Misdirection. However, you roll to determine a new target separately for each Effect Element of your spell.
76-90 Burnout As Misdirection. However, you take a -10 penalty to all Casting tests for 1d5 rounds.
91-100 Isil Surge As Burnout. However, the spell increases its MR by 1d5, and the entire area's Isil Flow is reduced by 1 step for 1d5 rounds.
101-110 Backlash The spell is cast, but now you are the target. If you were already the target, then you take 1d10 damage which ignores TB or AP and reduce your MR by 1d2+1 for 1d5 rounds.
111-120 Physical Overload As Misdirection. However, you then test Willpower. On a failure, you are stunned for 1d5 rounds and disturb all nearby with awful screams of agony.
121-130 Isil Concussion The Isil forms around you before exploding outwards. You are knocked unconscious for 1d5 rounds. Anyone within 3d10m of you must take a -10 Toughness test or be stunned for 1 round.
131-150 Wild Force The Isil flowing through you is unable to be shut off! You take a -10 penalty to all Casting tests for 1d5 rounds, and all Casting failures trigger Isil Breaks. However, for the next 1d5 rounds, your power keeps exploding constantly of its own volition. Every round, repeat the spell that triggered Wild Force, using the rules for Misdirection.
151+ Catastrophic Failure The Isil has manifested in a highly dangerous way. Roll on one of the Catastrophic Tables, corresponding to whichever Sphere was used for your Spell. If your Spell drew from multiple spheres, one Sphere is chosen at random.
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