Jean Baptiste Vimes
Name: Jean-Baptiste Vimes
Position: S2 Security Officer; UEF Presidential Security Chief
Sex: Male
Age: 42 (Born 1976)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: EFS Dorian Lachapelle

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Light brown
Height: 5'11"
Build: Slim

Personal Details
""So, I figure you probably need some kind of bodyguard… It's gotta be better than prisoner watch."

Jean-Baptiste Vimes, born 1976, is a member of NERV's Section Two security force. He has a wife- Zoe Vimes, an art professor- to whom he's been married for seventeen years. He has four children- a teenage son, Jules (age 16), two daughters, Nina (age 14) and Elina (Age 9), and a baby boy named Samuel (Age 3). He's lived in Paris-2 for ten years; before that, he and his life lived in Rheims, which is where he was born.

Before Vimes was sourced by S2, he was a Lieutenant in the French National Police's Command and Management Corps, and was charged with detective work. His quality record caught the eye of S2 and Jeanne Simon, and he was tapped and offered a well-paying job working for the S2 Counter-Espionage and Protection branch. In this role, he acted as a protector and monitor of VIPs (his permanent assignment was to Zhang Yanmei).

Vimes Statsheet

Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
35 50 40 45 45 35 55 40 30
Awareness+20, Blather, Carouse, Climb, Command, CL (France, Police), Concealment+20, Deceive, Disguise, Dodge+20, Drive (Auto), Evaluate, Inquiry+20, Interrogation, Logic, Scrutiny+10, Search, Silent Move+10, Shadowing
Arms Master, Blind Fighting, Crack Shot, Deadeye Shot, Die Hard, Disarm, This Gun is Mine, Hard Target, Hardy, Hip Shooting, Iron Jaw, Jaded, Mighty Shot, Nerves of Steel, Paranoia, Quick Draw, Resistance (Fear), Takedown, Talented (Awareness), True Grit, Unremarkable, Unshakeable Faith, Guardian, Sacrifice, Die Hard
24 2 3 Frags, 3 Flashbangs, 3 Smoke 1 Maspistol, 1 Masgun, 1 Bolt Pistol 1 Carapace set, 1 Barzilite Suit
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