Jeanne Simon
Name: Jeanne Simon
Position: Head of NERV Department of Security Intelligence (AKA Section 2)
Sex: Female
Age: 33 (Born 1984)
Nationality: French-English
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Orange-red
Eye colour: brown
Height: 5'10" (177.8cm)
Build: Slim

Personal Details
"One of the most important tasks of Section 2 is to protect the pilots. Some people might think that's unnecessary- who would hurt the pilots, the last, greatest hope for humanity? Well, not everyone cares about the good of humanity. That's why NERV exists."

Jeanne Simon- head of NERV's Department of Security Intelligence- is many things. She's intelligent, secretive, and highly resourceful. But more than anything, she's careful. She is not the sort of person who takes risks with the security of NERV or its employees. Jeanne can, at will, bring up records on anyone living in Paris-2 or anyone who has ever been through the city. She can, at will, bring up a list of how many people have passed by NERV sensitive areas and who those people are. And she can easily tell you the daily routines and favourite haunts, friends and activities of those who work for NERV, including the pilots.

Jeanne's highly cautious (perhaps paranoid) actions and utter disregard for privacy might seem extreme and intrusive to others. However, much like Commander Fontaine, Jeanne believes the extreme situation justifies extreme action. The pilots are valuable- beyond valuable, in fact. They are almost irreplaceable, and their deaths or kidnapping would rob NERV of its ability to combat the Angels- leading to the very destruction of the human race.

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