John Brown

Name: John Brown
Aliases: Robert Frond, Maxwell Redcliffe, Alex Namatjira, Quincy Lourdes, Mark Dicey, David White, Nick Lamington, Anthony Adams, Bryan Smith, James Mackerel, Sara Anderson, others, 'The Beast with Ten Thousand Heads'
Position: Leader(?) of the Eureka Resistance
Sex: Male… Presumably
Age: 35-50? (Born somewhere in the '70s or 80s, maybe)
Nationality: Australian
Place of Residence: Australia… Possibly

Physical Details
Hair colour: Brown…?
Eye colour: Brown?
Height: Somewhere between five and eight feet
Build: Either slim, muscular, slightly pudgy or average

Personal Details
""Well mate, looks like you got me right and proper. Gets you a shiny medal, eh?"
Guerrilla March

Not much is known about John Brown's early life. In fact, not much is known about John Brown at all, and this is how he likes it. People are sure he exists, although whether John Brown is his real name is up for debate, as is his location, his appearance, and his gender. The general agreed upon 'facts' conclude that he is a middle-aged Indigenous Australian who rose to 'fame' during the Indonesian Wars and the Chinese Peacekeeping Operation.

The first real mention of 'a' John Brown occurred early during the Indonesian War, when what remained of the ADF in Western Australia realised that the Indonesian advance down the coast had stalled majorly at some point. Some investigation revealed that several guerrilla groups had risen up to resist the Indonesian invasion. When the ADF tried to contact the guerrillas in order to coordinate attacks, the go-between was a man named John Brown, who admitted to being the leader of one of the movements and was helping to coordinate the other eleven or so movements spread throughout the northwest coast of Australia.

The Indonesian forces tried their best to quell John Brown and his allies. Each guerrilla group had its own specialization, and after repeated battles the Indonesians began forming counter-strategies. They launched a massive punitive attack on John Brown and his affiliates, which failed miserably when the guerrilla groups all changed their strategies at once, often strategies favoured by the other groups. Indonesian forces, having expected one thing and been given entirely another, suffered heavy casualties. These actions and more gave the ADF time to evacuate Perth with much of its materiel and supplies except for a small rearguard group designed to give any attacker hell. The Indonesian invasion was delayed in its goal by up to a year, and tens of thousands of soldiers died in the Australian heat, bereft of the replenishment of supply that they'd hoped to gain in Perth.

ADF reports at the time theorize that considering their coordination and fluidity, the twelve guerrilla groups were not just basic affiliates, but actually twelve groups with twelve different leaders… Who all happened to be John Brown in different guises.

It was during the Chinese Peacekeeping Operation that Brown earned international infamy at the Battle of the Mines. The Chinese 'peacekeepers' were there primarily to safeguard the Australian agricultural land and supplies they'd 'acquired' as part of the Valentine's Day treaty. The Chinese essentially turned large swathes of Australia into a fiefdom, occupying it, overriding local authority even in the cities, and launching brutal raids against suspected malcontents. Brown, thus, waged an insurgency against the Chinese occupiers.

After months of raids that mostly infuriated the Chinese leadership. After a concerted information-gathering campaign, they traced Brown back to a network of old and semi-used mines in outback Queensland, near the town of Mount Isa. A massive counter-strike was launched. Several Chinese divisions, in a force of 60,000- about 85% of the entire occupation force in Australia at the time- converged on the mines, with heavy vehicle and logistical support, and aided by recruitment of local pathfinders. Chinese military doctrine called for the recruitment of reliable local pathfinders and spies whenever possible, and so far the Australian pathfinders had been loyal, highly skilled and quite well-paid.

The counter-insurgency force arrived at the mines and laid siege. However, a protracted siege was deemed too expensive (and could allow for the insurgency to escape), and so the commander consulted with the pathfinders, who said that the mines were very deep, but considered very stable since the local residents had maintained them as impromptu bomb shelters after Impact. With that in mind, the Chinese forces launched an all out assault, splitting their forces in half, with one half charging down the fourteen or so mine entrances and the other half remaining topside to prevent any obvious ambushes.

They encountered fierce resistance immediately, and the strength of the resistance convinced the commander that they'd struck gold, since the resistance forces were clearly trying to delay them. He urged his forces to press harder, hoping to capture 'John Brown' himself. Before long the first report came in by one of his units, declaring that they'd captured a man who fit the description given to them of a 'John Brown'. The Chinese command was jubilant for roughly two minutes, which is when the -second- unit chimed in, also saying they'd captured a John Brown. In fact, within fifteen minutes every single separate detachment had reported in, each of them happily proclaiming to have captured John Brown.

Sensing a trap, the commander immediately ordered the 'Browns' executed, and the forces to retreat. The first detachment that did this was promptly trapped beneath a collapsed mine shaft. It turns out that the mine was both a mine and in fact actually -mined- with makeshift explosives, each section tied to a different Brown. Worse, the collapsing of the shaft suggested that the mines were nowhere near as stable as the pathfinders had said.

This had not actually been the pathfinders' fault- the mines had been weakened considerably through the innocuous removal of certain deep structural constructions, but it -looked- as though the pathfinders were in on it. It's not entirely certain what happened next: some say the Chinese tried to round up the pathfinders. Others said the pathfinders quickly overpowered their escort. Some even said that John Brown himself was even with the Pathfinders, explaining to them just how 'properly fucked' they were and what they should do about it. Whatever the actual turn of events, the outcome was the same- a sudden fight broke out at the rear of the Chinese forces, which, notably, involved a manned, possibly hijacked tank wildly shooting at -something- in the vicinity of their supply depot, including their stores of weapons, bullets, petrol, food…

The resulting chaos killed many in the Chinese rear and, worse, scuppered most of their supplies. Even then, it seems the pathfinders had the good sense to trash whatever vehicles they could, pile into a remaining few and flee.

After several hours, the Chinese and 'John Brown' negotiated a compromise. A humiliating one: the Browns were allowed to flee, whilst the Chinese soldiers were allowed to leave their mined mines.

Stranded in the middle of the outback with a military force four times that of the local population, the Chinese rapidly exceeded the local carrying capacity. Just like the Indonesians before them, the Chinese found themselves stranded in the middle of an unforgiving, hungry, thirsty wasteland with nowhere near enough supplies and nowhere near enough speed. With most of the Chinese military tied up in the invasions of Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand and Burma, it took an embarrassingly long time to send airdrops to the counter-insurgency force, by which point their discipline had collapsed and thousands had started to perish of heatstroke and thirst… Not helped by constant raids by John Brown, now sporting a few new shiny Chinese vehicles. By the time the occupation force returned to Brisbane, their effective combat capacity had been reduced to roughly 6,000 men- 10% of what they'd started with.

The battle had lasting impacts in Australia, not least of which a 'renegotiation' between the Chinese and the provisional Australian government regarding powers. Chinese influence was vastly curtailed- whilst they still controlled most of the agriculture, their ability to act on the cities or undertake raids was practically null. The Battle of the Mines was a rankling sore for the Chinese, and still is, with the government posting massive bounties for him and trying to catch or kill him as best they can. So far he has been reported captured or killed over nineteen times, and each time it hasn't 'stuck'. At one point there was even word that Liu Lin herself was going to be attached to a task force to bring him down, but she politely refused, expressing admiration for his skill and urging the government to come to a settlement with him.

After the battle, the surviving Chinese soldiers, many of whom had 'encountered' John Brown, began referring to him by a curious epithet reflecting his duplicity and anonymity: 'The Beast with Ten Thousand Heads', with ten thousand being symbolically conflated with endlessness in Chinese culture. It's a name that seems to have stuck, even amongst the Australian population.

Some inexperienced commanders who have faced John Brown have often made the repeated error in thinking that his strength lies in infiltration attacks. Although he is capable of them, it's not his priority: John Brown's main weapon is information, specifically in having lots of good information and insuring his enemy is utterly immersed in misinformation, diversion, distraction and lies. To this end, his core forces are extremely rigorously trained not only in various combat skills, but also in leadership, which assists in his forces fighting as an informal, fluid unit. Brown has won many victories in presenting himself as a target for an enemy trying to 'cut off the head', only for them to realize once the deed has been done that another leader instantly steps into the gap… Often also calling himself John Brown.

It is unknown what John Brown is doing these days. It is also unknown how much participation he had during the LN War. There are many tales. Some say he became an Iron Guard. Some say he has been spending his time pacifying Guard clans in outback Australia and now has an army of 150, ready to bring death and destruction to any he wishes. No one truly knows for sure.

Character Details

Name: John Brown Gender: Male
Background: Impact Survivor Career: Operations Director
Rank: Colonel Experience: 34.000

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Vital Statistics


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 32 3 -
Ballistic Skill 32 3 -
Strength 31 3 -
Toughness 40 4 Impact Hero (3)
Agility 62 6 Expert, Take Charge (5)
Intelligence 66 6 Expert, Degree in Asskicking (5)
Perception 61 6 Expert, Wary (5)
Willpower 60 6 Expert, Impact Hero (3)
Fellowship 63 6 Expert, Impact Hero (3)

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Wounds: 24 Fate Total: 5
Insanity: 20/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100

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Asset Effect
Cynic You gain Scrutiny+10 and gain +20 to tests to tests against Charm and Deceive.
Mad Skill Whenever you gain Insanity, you may spend Fate to add half your Insanity to all tests made by a single characteristic. This lasts for 5 rounds, and at the end of these rounds you roll on the Trauma Table, with a bonus equal to half your Insanity.
Military Nut Begin play with CL (War)T and SL (Tactics)T.
Paranoia You gain the Paranoia talent.
Unremarkable You gain the Unremarkable talent.

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OD Assets

OD Assets
OD Assets Effect
Beast with Ten Thousand Heads John Brown does not have HQ units; any armies he controls benefit from his bonuses until the units are destroyed. If Brown is Supreme Commander, he is not neutralised unless every Army he commands is completely destroyed or routed. Finally, Hordes under John Brown's command benefit from both his bonuses and the bonuses of any individual leaders attached to the Horde at the same time.
Got me Right and Proper By spending Fate as a free action, John Brown may reveal that he isn't actually John Brown, but rather a convincing decoy. John Brown disappears, replaced with a generic Australian Commander. If he wishes, he may replace another Australian Commander anywhere within 10km. He may use this ability in reaction to being attacked or killed, but any damage done is dealt to the decoy that replaces him. If he is out of Fates, he may burn a Fate instead to avoid death, reappearing elsewhere but suffering no other adverse effects.
Trickery, Deceit and Mind Games Ranged attacks against units under Brown's command, Horde and Independent Character alike, treat that target as though they were one range step farther away than they really are (Point Blank becomes Short Range, Short Range becomes Normal and so on). Furthermore, Brown may choose one horde army under his command. At the start of the mission, a copy of this army is generated. Both versions provide vision, and whenever a Horde in this army attacks, it may attack from either position. The first time the Horde takes Magnitude damage (from any source), select either the Horde or its copy to 'erase'. In exchange, the Magnitude damage is negated.

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OD Tactic

Name: Twenty Thousand Eyes
XP Cost: Offensive
Action: Full Action Skill Test: Deceive-20
Sustain Action: N/A Sustain Test: N/A
One enemy Horde within your FBdm/km range of a Horde under your command
Select one enemy Horde and test as above, opposed by the Horde's Awareness. On a success, you gain access to the Horde's line of sight, full details about their abilities and may, until the start of your next turn, control that unit.
Special Notes and Effects
If this tactic benefits from Tactician's Foundation, it counts your IB as half for the purposes of selecting multiple Hordes.

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Drawback Effect
Enemy (Chinese) Gains the Enemy talent, where X is the Chinese.
Damaged Goods Start with 10 Insanity.
Ego Disconnect Whenever you take Ego damage, you take one point extra for every dice rolled.

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Traits Effect
Impact Hero +3 to Toughness, Willpower and Fellowship.
Resourceful You add 2 Degrees of Success instead of 1 when spending Fate to add DoS to a test.
Flashbacks Whenever you are Stunned, you instead suffer the effects of a Hallucinogen Grenade.
Trauma You begin with 10 Insanity.

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Coherency Effect Tested Characteristic Ego Threshold
Coherency Explanation List down your Coherency effects here. List successful attempts to resist here too. And the Tested Characteristic you used to resist it. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Instability Effect Ego Threshold
Instability Explanation List down your Instability effects here. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Disorder Effect Insanity Threshold
Disorder Explanation List down your Disorder effects here. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Starting Skills

Common Lore (War(T), 2I)
Scholastic Lore (Tactics(T))
Speak Language (English)

Starting Talents

Melee General
Pistol General
Cut Synch

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Basic Skills

Skill Name Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Acrobatics Agi - - - -
Athletics Str - - - -
Awareness Per X X X -
Carouse Tou X X - Talented (10)
Charm Fel X X X Talented (10)
Chem Use Int - - - -
Command Fel X X X Skill Exemplar, Talented (10)
Commerce Int X X X -
Deceive Fel X X X Talented (10)
Demolitions Fel - - - -
Disguise Fel X X X Skill Exemplar
Dodge Agi X - - -
Inquiry Fel X X - Talented (10)
Intimidate Fel X X X -
Literacy Fel X - - -
Logic Int X X X Talented (10)
Medicae Int X X - -
Parry WS - - - -
Scrutiny Per X X X Cynic (+20 vs. Charm/Deceive)
Security Int X - - -
Sleight of Hand Agi X X - -
Stealth Agi X X X -
Survival Per X X X -
Tech Use Int - - - -

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Specialist Skills

Skill Name Specialisation Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Common Lore War Int X - - Talented (+10)
- Second Impact Int X - - -
Navigate Surface Int X X - -
- - Int - - - -
Operate - Agi - - - -
- - Agi - - - -
Scholastic Lore Tactics Int X X X Talented (+10), Skill Exemplar
- - Int - - - -
Speak Language English Int X - - -
- - Int - - - -
Trade - Int - - - -

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Weapon Proficiencies

Name Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General X - -
Melee Prog - - -
Basic Bolt - - -
Basic Fusion - - -
Basic General X - -
Basic Maser - - -
Basic Positron - - -
Heavy Bolt - - -
Heavy Fusion - - -
Heavy General - - -
Heavy Maser - - -
Heavy Positron - - -
Pistol Bolt - - -
Pistol Fusion - - -
Pistol General X - -
Pistol Maser - - -
Pistol Positron - - -

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Basic Combat Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect

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Proficiency and Skill Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect

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Melee Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect

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Ranged Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect

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Physical Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Step Aside - Gain an extra Reaction once per round, that may be used only to Dodge.

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OD Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Absolute Order - Spend or Burn Fate to force subordinate to follow orders exactly. If the subordinate refuses, they lose a Fate and you have yours refunded.
Advanced Analysis - You may test Intelligence or Tech Use before making MAGI test. Add +10 to the MAGI test result on success, and +5 per degree of success. You may use a Follower's Intelligence or Tech Use in your place.
Battlefield Command - Full Action. Select one Horde under your command. For this round only they count as having one more Squad than they actually do for all intents and purposes except providing magnitude to-hit bonuses.
Cut Synch - Cut pilot synch by 1-5d10, pilot takes +20 to feedback, but must test WP or only take half actions on their next turn..
Delegate - Free use of Fate-required OD action once per session.
Favoured Tactics Lightning Feint May feint as a reaction action.
Favoured Tactics Terrain Mastery Reduce the penalties suffered from battling in difficult environments by 10.
Feedback Tampering - Select IB amount of pilots per round. Should pilots take insanity or ego damage, immediately incur feedback and can only take half actions next turn, but reduce damage taken by OD's IB amount to minimum of 1. Alternatively, OD spends a fate point and pilot takes automatic feedback and is stunned for 1 round, but insanity/ego damage is halved.
Foster Teamwork - Select two pilots for special training in TM. OD chooses one talent the pilots meet prerequisites for but do not possess and spends fate at start of next battle; for next 10 rounds the pilots can use talent
Just as Planned - Reduce Foresight's requirement time to 1 minute. Can spend a fate point to retroactively take an action in the last ten minutes that would just now come into play.
N2 Strike 4 Deploy N2 warhead that appears next turn. May be taken multiple times. Rules for N2 Warhead damage may be found in the E-Scale Weapons section. Only a Supreme Commander may use N2 Strikes in Combat Missions.
Last Resort - When using the N2 Strike talent, deal an extra 4 damage (even if the normal damage would be 0) for every Fate Point burnt by a party member (for whatever reason) thus far during that session, as well as for every allied Evangelion defeated or otherwise unwillingly removed from play.
Like a Boss Degree in Asskicking +5 to Intelligence, can use intelligence in place of other characteristics when rolling Opposed tests vs any human target.
Like a Boss Take Charge Gain a +5 to Ag. Your initiative is always 1 higher than the highest initiative rolled by a fellow player. If this is somehow in competition with another person, highest Agility Score wins.
Like a Boss Wary Gain a +5 to Per. You are never surprised, and in addition gain the Step Aside Talent.
Logistics - Increase TP Resource Points from successful battles by 1.
Plan A Remote Care May use Remote Care without spending Fate
Plan A Surefire Ejection May use Surefire Ejection without spending Fate
Precision Targeting - Add IB to single Evangelion attack. Half action
Promote Assistant Martin Barrington You can use Cut Synch, Remote Care, Precision Targeting or Surefire Ejection without using fates or actions a number of times per day equal to FB. Furthermore, select one Follower. They now gain +20 Characteristic Points, +3 Skill slots, +2 Talents, +3 Wounds, and Touched by the Fates (1).
Remote Care - Half Action: spend fate to remove blood loss, stunning or 1 level of fatigue from pilot
Surefire Ejection - Spend fate to force Entry Plug to eject, with +40 on Entry Plug ejection roll
Synchronised Maneuver - The Operations Director may, on their turn, spend a Fate Point. For the next round, the Evangelions under the OD's command ignore their usual places on the initiative table. Instead, they may all act on the Operation Director's initiative instead, in whatever order they prefer. The Operations Director must spend this round performing a Full Action as he or she coordinates the units. Note that the OD may exclude Evas from the action at their discretion.
Tactical Genius - Spend fate to allow pilot to reroll failed test or to add 1 degree of success to test
Tactical Exemplar - When using the Tactical Genius talent, the OD may test Scholastic Lore (Tactics). On a success, the pilot may choose whether to take the roll or to discard it, in which case the OD regains the spent Fate Point. When using Tactical Genius to add degrees of success to a pilot's roll, the OD may test SL (Tactics) and add an extra degree of success per every 3 degrees of success on the SL test.
Tactical Legend - The Operations Director may use the Tactical Genius talent once per round for free.
When Suddenly - If OD's location not verified for 10 minutes, can spend fate to appear within several metres of pilot

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Mental Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Brilliance - Once per session, test Intelligence in place of any other characteristic
Decadence - Double TB for purposes of passing out from intoxicant-related fatigue
Fearless - +10 to resist fear, count insanity as +20 for purposes of fear immunity.
Foresight - Spend 10 minutes to add +10 to Intelligence test
Jaded - No insanity from gore
Nerves of Steel - Reroll WP tests to resist or recover from Pinning
Total Recall - Perfect memory
True Grit - Halve Critical Damage, round down

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Interpersonal Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Air of Authority - When using the Command action, you may issue commands to a number of people equal to 100 times your Fellowship Bonus. Only NPCs are affected, and any NPCs not under your command will only obey the order if you achieve an extra degree of success. You gain a +10 to Command tests in Social Conflicts. Your Followers also have +10 Loyalty when in your presence.
Contact TBA Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid
Contact TBA Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid
Contact TBA Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid
Double Agent - Burn Fate and designate NPC. NPC is revealed to be working for you the entire time. The GM may veto your choice, in which case your Fate is not burnt.
Follower Martin Barrington Gain a Follower.
Follower Archy Hamilton Gain a Follower.
Follower Zoe Chang Gain a Follower.
Follower Emily Unaipon Gain a Follower.
Entourage Thunderbolt Bushrangers Gain an Entourage
Entourage Wallabadah Light Horse Gain an Entourage
Inspirational - When using the 'Inspire' use of the Command Skill, you may increase the bonus by +5 per 3 degrees of success. Furthermore, in Social Conflicts, any fellow allies participating in the Conflict increase their Vigour by +10.
Into the Jaws of Hell - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes take a +20 to their Break, Fear, and Pinning tests, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
Iron Discipline - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes may reroll failed Break, Fear, and Pinning tests, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
IOU Military Owed a single favour from a specific group
IOU Political Owed a single favour from a specific group
IOU R&D Owed a single favour from a specific group
Master Orator - When using the Charm or Intimidate action, you may affect a number of people equal to 100 times your Fellowship Bonus. When in a Social Conflict with multiple opponents, including crowds, you sap 1d10 Willpower instead of 1d5 against all foes if you used Charm or Intimidate for your Opposed Skill Test. Such is your charisma that all Followers gain a permanent +10 to Loyalty.
Peer Australians +10 to interpersonal tests with a specific group
You Owe Me - Can reuse an expended IOU

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Retinue Traits

Name Sub-Class Effect
Elite Retinue TBA TBA
Retinue Loadout TBA TBA
Retinue Loadout TBA TBA
Retinue Loadout TBA TBA
Retinue Loadout TBA TBA
Retinue Loadout TBA TBA
Retinue Loadout TBA TBA

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Assault Coordination
Coordinated Attack
Dig In
Fire for Effect
Fire Support
Furious Charge
Lightning Strike
Tactical Spacing
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Offensive Tactics

Butts and Bayonets
Coordinate Volleys
Fanatical Fury
Massive Damage
Shoot the Big Ones
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Defensive Tactics

Defensive Formation
Hold the Line
Repel Attackers
Stiffen Backs
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Support Tactics

Example to Others
Get Moving
Harbingers of Dread
Master Tactician
Tactician's Foundation
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Starting Stats


Starting Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 32 3 -
Ballistic Skill 32 3 -
Strength 31 3 -
Toughness 37 3 -
Agility 37 3 -
Intelligence 41 4 -
Perception 36 3 -
Willpower 37 3 -
Fellowship 40 4 -

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Wounds: 14 Fate Total: 5
Insanity: 20/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100

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Experience Table

Income Expenditure Reason Remaining Total Expenditure

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