Junior Detective/Cyborg Timothy Watson
Name: Timothy Roger Watson
Occupation: Junior Detective for the Paxian Police Department
Age: 23
Birthday: 6th of Manarest
Height: 5'10
Weight: 154lb
Physical Description:
Timothy is tall and athletic, and also a cyborg. He used to have glasses, but not anymore. His body is metallic and artificial in many ways, but his mind remains human.

A recent graduate from the academy, Timothy is a sharply clever young man with a critical analytical eye. He is highly ambitious, and is already planning his ascent up the police hierarchy.

His relationship with Walter was at first somewhat strained, but improved over time as Timothy grew to realise that Walter might lack Timothy's flair, but he had the experience and other skills to make up for it. The two now share a sense of trust for each other.

Watson was critically injured during the raid on Oskar Falkenhausen's laboratory. From there, he was rushed to the labs of Diana Lucerne, who worked on rebuilding him so that he might survive./

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