Juno Winter Lorenz

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Name: Juno Winter-Lorenz
Position: General, Federal German Army
Sex: Female
Age: 31 (Born 1987)
Nationality: German
Place of Residence: Bremen, Germany

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'9"
Build: Wiry

Personal Details
Juno's Theme
Juno's Theme (Battle)

"If you're here to fight for democracy and freedom in Europe, then be warned: I can't promise you victory, or heroism, glory, prestige… Or promise you a noble fight to match your cause. I cannot even promise you survival. What I can promise you is a life of dirt and mud, and that any victories won will be paid with blood and iron… I can promise you despair, sorrow, loss and terror. I can promise you woe, destruction, ruin and decay. The worst I can promise you is death; and death will have his day. If this doesn't dissuade you, then step forth."

Juno Winter-Lorenz was born on the 6th of June, 1987, in Frankfurt, the only child of Keel Lorenz and Jeanne Winter. Her father, Keel, was a well-respected professor, political scientist and liberal philosopher who had come from an old and privileged background; her mother- a French woman named Jeanne was a bold, even fearless investor and entrepreneur, who ran a highly successful automotive company. Both of her parents had a deep interest in politics, and had actually met in a salon-style soiree, where they had found common cause as supporters of the European Union. They became quick friends and soon learned that they had enough similarities to enjoy one another's company, but enough differences to compliment the other. They married in 1985 and lived happily in Frankfurt.

This, then, was the climate in which Juno was raised: a cosmopolitan climate steeped in politics and idealism, with honest, open parents who encouraged her to speak her mind, identify strongly with what she thought was just, and to do the right thing in all cases. in fact, Juno matured into a strong-willed, driven young woman, with a firm belief in liberty and equality, justice for the downtrodden and binding the hands of power and privilege, hands that could be so easily wielded against the weak. From her father she learned of politics and philosophy; from her mother she learned of organization, planning, courage and prudence. She grew up believing in the ideal of a free and great human republic, one transcending petty lines of nationalism; for her and her parents both, the European Union was seen as the potential spark to light that fire.

Although their wealth and their location inland kept them safe from most of the ravages of Second Impact, the greater psychological and cultural ramifications caused major damage to the Winter-Lorenz household. Europe went to war with Russia, preventing Soviet expansion into central Europe but being unable to free the conquered peoples of Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Finland; governments in Europe and beyond near-universally shifted toward totalitarianism and authoritarianism; and the European Union dismally collapsed in 2004. The hopes of the family, their great visions of the future, seemed to fade ever-distant with each new day and each new report of bad news.

The family itself, after a shaky few years, began to prosper and used their resources for the benefit of Germany. Keel Lorenz was elected to the Bundestag as the representative of one of Frankfurt's two seats, whilst Jeanne Winter expanded her businesses and played a key role in establishing pan-European industrial alliances, designed to act as investment and resource pools that governments and private entrepreneurs both could use in order to fund the development of industry and economy. They were also instrumental in gathering support to help codify the Central Democratic Alliance, which they hoped would eventually grow to become a new European Union.

All of this helped cement the Winter-Lorenzes as two of 'New' Europe's Founding Parents, which naturally drew the attention of a different family who had gained influence in post-Impact Europe: the Caines. It was around this time that Lorenz became aware of SEELE and gained an inkling of the organisation's intent. He was even invited to join, but he refused. Nonetheless, he knew a partnership with the Caines could be beneficial in some ways… But Lorenz needed a way to secure a partnership with the Caines whilst at the same time leaving his options open to work with those who might be able to weaken or subvert SEELE.

It was at this time that Juno entered the scene. Even at sixteen years old she was fiercely intelligent, joyously fearless and intensely charismatic. Her father turned to her for suggestions, and Juno proposed one that was useful, if not one she herself wanted: an arranged marriage between her and Ezra Caine. The Winter-Lorenzes knew enough by now to know of the division between the 'Frankfurt Caines' and the 'Hamburg Caines'. This marriage, although archaic, would open ways for the two families to make deals, whilst ultimately allying themselves with the preferable Frankfurt Caines. And besides, considering their location and backgrounds, the Winter-Lorenzes and the Frankfurt Caines very much moved in the same circles, giving the proposal an intuitive twist.

Ezra Caine, of course, was part of the NeoSpartan programme, and would be up until 2007; thus Juno pursued her own path. The decay of liberty and the threats democracy faced had nurtured in Juno a fierce and militant flame; this led her to join the military. At the age of 17 she signed up to join the German Military as an officer cadet.

The Bundeswehr's training programme for officers was intensive: officers were expected, in the finest traditions of the German Army, to develop a bold, self-reliant style of leadership marked by decisiveness, initiative and inventiveness. However, to also foster well-roundedness the cadets were expected to take university-level study in a civilian programme. Juno chose political science, and left for Hamburg to study.

These were eventful years for Juno; her natural fit for the principles of the Bundeswehr soon ensured she became notable to her superiors, especially one- Augustus Harken, one of the most respected generals in Germany, who had been instrumental in defeating the Soviet Union in Poland. At the same time, Ezra Caine sent news that he'd fallen in love with someone, and asked to cancel their engagement plans. After some consultation with her parents about what this meant for her plans, Juno agreed, with not a little amount of relief. In 2009, she was marked for 'advanced' training, and was deployed on cadet placement with the European 4th Peacekeeping Expeditionary Army, at the behest of CO, Harken. For the next two years, Juno campaign with the 4th Army in South America and Africa, fighting warlords and (although they didn't realise it fully at the time) the nascent Liberated Nations. Juno performed exceptionally, often proving more adept than generals three times her age. She developed a personal friendship with Harken, who seemed to take her under his wing. Juno was thrilled to be 'apprenticed' so what amounted to a living legend.

When Juno graduated in 2012, she entered service as a commissioned officer; thanks to both her record and referrals from multiple staff officers, she was marked for the most challenging missions and given an accelerated progression through ranks.

In the years since 2012, Juno participated in many campaigns, most of them relatively small-scale quelling of rebellions and warlords. The regularity of these began to intensify in 2015 with the unveiling of the Evangelions and the war with the Angels; as resources were pulled from the world's most devastated regions, the number of rebels and warlords exploded. It was around this time that Juno realised something.

More and more, she was fighting Liberated Nation forces, and many of them were led by officers from nations like Korea, Vietnam, Ukraine, Belarus, Russia, Finland, Ireland, Spain and a dozen other countries who had been affected by the rash of totalitarianism. The French acquisition of Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco only enflamed the situation, driving tens of thousands into the ranks of the LN.

What a problem the authoritarians in France, Russia and China had caused! Although very proud of her record, Juno grew bitter and angry that her loyal soldiers were being forced to clean up the messes of tyrants; she found it hard to not sympathise with the enemy's officers, even though it didn't prevent her from executing her duty.

That duty carried her through the LN War, from which she emerged as a decorated general, and the youngest general in Germany. It was an incredible achievement.

Within two weeks of the end of the war, Juno was behind bars. With the war over, her duty to defeat the LN had come to an end; now, she could focus on defeating the tyrants who nestled like parasites in the cause of liberty. At a post-war summit in Munich, Juno devised a sophisticated conspiracy to assassinate the tyrannical heads of several nations, including Russia, the United States, and France. Her plan was foiled at the last minute; in desperation, Juno rushed the summit with a primitive firebomb, which she threw at Mortimer Mazarin and Leonid Kuzmin. The attempt failed, and Juno was arrested. She was a disgrace to the army and to the country, and it proved a great scandal in Germany, with intense scrutiny placed on her parents.

However, now Germany is at war with those very same nations and more; and excellent leaders are needed. The German government hastily pardoned Juno's conspiracies, and fully reinstated her into the military. She now works with Ezra Caine, coordinating the European front in order to bring a swift finish to the Federation's tyrants.

This war has a deeply personal element for Juno, considering her ideals. But more than that, as the daughter of a French woman, and a woman herself raised on a diet of romantic, bittersweet tales of the Paris Commune, the Liberal Revolutions of 1848, the June Rebellion and the French Revolution. Germany may be the beating heart of European liberty, but France may well be its nursery, and to see it sullied by a dictator like Mazarin is deeply disgusting to her. It has enflamed her natural passions til they became the fierce fury of a crusader.

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