Kaiden Peters

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Name: Kaiden Maxwell Peters
Position: Major General, US Army
Sex: Male
Age: 36 (Born 1982)
Nationality: American
Place of Residence: Richmond, Virginia, USA

Physical Details
Hair colour: Light Brown
Eye colour: Light Blue
Height: 5'9"
Build: Well-built and toned

Personal Details
"I don't even know. Seriously, don't get me started. I used to be a Lieutenant once, and by once I mean all of two damn years ago. Here I was, minding my own business just fightin' my war, you know, fightin' in Malta, have you seen it? Luckiest hunk of rock you ever saw, considering Impact wiped out Puerto Rico, which I'd say would be 'bout ten times larger. So anyway, I'm there, and then there's fightin' with the LN, and it's not going well, then Raphael Guillory's in there, and everything's on fire, and the enemy's in chaos, and then it's all 'Kaiden Peters, American War Hero' this and 'Rock of Malta' that, and I'm getting medals and little crosses and some Maltese gentleman's trying to give me some kinda crusader tabard, still got it somewhere, hell if I know what I'm gonna do with it, I'm not even Catholic. Anyway, after that everything went like a cat on a hot tin roof, and I'm getting told "Son, we're so impressed with your real fightin' spirit that we're gonna make you a real officer". So I'm getting kicked upstairs, and next thing I know some Children of Adam are trying to storm the Geofront and plant positron torpedoes inside. Can you believe that? Two dozen Angels try to get in and fail, and these sons of bitches try to blow the whole damn thing up. Anyway, so I'm assigned to the Expeditionary Forces in Paris-2, y'know, on account of my record I suppose, so of course when all that goes down, it's Captain Peters who gets sent right in with the President herself! Crazy, I tell you, what sort of President risks her life like that? Anyway, you're lucky you're new, because holee shit, the things that were down there. I dunno why they call 'em Angels, 'cause one of them I saw was a big goddamned red bastard with giant wings, and I don't know what they think but to me that looked a hell of a lot like the devil. Had a giant axe, too, saw some poor bastards get split right in half with it. Anyway, our boys get right stuck in there, and we win, obviously, because if we hadn't then we'd all be dead, wouldn't we? So then after all of that, Miss President herself calls me, and she's all laid up 'cause she tried to take some Angelspawn on- she's a real sweetheart, that one, you know? And so she's like "You've got a mighty fine head on your shoulders, Peters. I'm keeping an eye on you." And then in a week I'm being promoted, again, skipping like four or five ranks to go right up to Major General, because apparently we just didn't have any on hand or something. I don't know. Anyway, Miss President wanted me to take command of a special force attached to her own flagship, and so there I was, suddenly commanding 2,000 devil dogs like it's not even a thing. And here I am now, being told, if you're lucky, you might even end up commanding an army group soon. An army group! Me! I didn't even want to be in the army! I'm on a military scholarship program! I was gonna be an engineer!"

Major General Kaiden Peters is in charge of the ground force continent assigned to the Liberty Bell, primarily made up of 2,000 US Marines as well as some AC Suits. Peters' rise through the ranks has been nothing short of meteoric, and has taken many people by surprise, not least of all himself. His rise is a reflection on his uncanny ability to find himself in the middle of decisive battles, his own natural ability, and the many problems faced by the modern US military.

Peters was born Richmond, Virginia, in 1982. He was the the eldest child of four, his parents moderately successful pastry chefs who made and sold handmade, customised delights for parties and events. His parents were happy, easygoing people, and Peters himself was raised in a gentle way, with the boundaries limited to whatever wouldn't harm himself or others but otherwise pretty loose. Even these boundaries were pushed, however; Peters was a naturally intelligent and curious child and was constantly going wherever he wasn't supposed to go.

Peters grew up into a fine young man, graduating with excellent marks from high school in 2000. He intended to apply to MIT, hoping to become an engineer of some sort, but Second Impact derailed those plans. Like most prospective university students, any hope of attending immediately more or less dried up, but unlike most the US government acknowledged that Peters' intended career would be a practical one, with some use after military service. Instead of being conscripted into the service, he was placed on a indefinitely deferred military scholarship. He was sent to West Point to be trained as an officer, and emerged with excellent marks four years later. From that point on, Peters' career was involved mostly with putting down warlords and rogue states until the outbreak of the LN War in 2015. His unit was dispatched to Europe to take part in the trans-Mediterranean conflicts that marked the early stages of the conflict.

It would be here that Peters would first distinguish himself, during the bitter Battle of Malta. The LN forces had made a strong push through the capital of Valletta, overwhelming much of Peters' unit. He desperately tried to keep his forces together, and was saved in great part due to the intervention of Raphael Guillory and a squad of elite NERV commandos. Their intervention was intended to retrieve a lost Eva pilot, but nevertheless managed to throw the LN offensive into total disarray. Not missing an opportunity, Peters spend the next hour or so rallying what remained of his unit, before leading a counter-attack that hit the still-vulnerable LN forces right where they were weakest. The attack ground the LN offensive to a halt, and allowed for followup UN attacks to drive the LN off the island far more quickly than had been anticipated.

The action saw Peters widely praised as a hero. He personally felt that his role- important though it was- had been blown way out of proportion, and was mostly embarrassed by the attention. Nevertheless, it caught the eye of his superiors, who quickly began promoting him in order to replace some of his superiors. Within a month or so he'd been made Captain of his company.

This was the start of Peters' rapid rise. Peters himself viewed Malta as something of a mess, personally reviewing the UN defense plan and finding it unsatisfactory. In the months after he became obsessed with ensuring that he wouldn't fall into the same trap. He studied defensive formations, the best way to maximize survivability depending on terrain, how to predict where an attack would go… This focus would serve him greatly in the coming months as his forces were thrown into steadily deadlier and more brutal conflicts. Each time, Peters would test his strategies, take what worked and improve them whilst discarding what didn't. His laser focus helped hone his defensive tactics greatly, and his unit became distinguished for its low casualty rate and its sheer immovability. This brought yet more attention onto Peters and cemented his status as the rising star of the US Army.

After the LN War, Peters was assigned to lead the American continent of the Paris-2 Expeditionary Force.

The other great incident of Peters' career would come later, after the LN War. When the Children of Adam launched their assault on the Geofront, Peters was there with President Linden. He led American forces to help reinforce the beleaguered NERV defenders, ultimately contributing to their salvation and by extension the salvation of humanity. This brought him into direct contact with Minerva Linden, who was impressed enough with his conduct to assign him to lead her specialised forces on the Liberty Bell… With an accompanying promotion to Major General.

Peters is a conscientious officer whose close attention to detail and diligent planning serves him well. His warm attitude sees him well-liked by his colleagues and his men, who know that he'll protect them and keep them strong. They have total faith in him and his abilities.


Weapon Skill Ballistic Skill Strength Toughness Agility Intelligence Perception Willpower Fellowship
20 35 30 30 40 50 35 40 50
Athletics, Awareness, Charm, Command+10, Dodge+10, Literacy, Logic, Tech Use+10
Scholastic Lore (Tactics+20), Speak Language (English)
Characteristic Boost (BS, Intelligence, Fellowship), Extra Skill (1), Extra Talent (1), Tactician, Touched by the Fates (1)
Tactician/Engineer (+10 to Hit, +1 Damage, +2 to AP, +4 if in cover)
Melee (General), Basic (General, Maser), Pistol (General)
Rapid Reaction
Jaded, Resistance (Fear)
Air of Authority, Forward you Dogs, Iron Discipline, Radiant Presence
Hunker Down, Soak Fire, Wingman
Temporary Reinforcement
Battlefield Command
Coordinate Volleys
Defensive Formation, Fortify, Hold the Line, Stiffen Backs
Tactician's Foundation
9 85 Fed. Light Power Armour (w/Inspirational Panoply), Long Mas (w/RDLS), Masgun, Maspistol

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