Katsuragi Misato

Name: Katsuragi Misato
Position: Chief of the Navy of the Federation, Adeptus General AE-07, CO of Enterprise Battle Group
Sex: Female
Age: 32 (Born 1986)
Nationality: Japanese
Place of Residence: Tokyo-2

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'4"
Build: Slender

Personal Details
"It doesn't get easier. But you get harder, if you get me. You learn to put everything in a box of stone for a bit and let something else take over, and when it's done and the world's saved you open the box and spend an hour in a hot tub if it was a good result, and an hour in the shower if it was bad."
"And if you're not sure which it was?"
"Then you thank your lucky stars that you're not in the shower."
(Misato's Theme)

Adeptus General Katsuragi Misato is the CO of AE-07, the Enterprise Brigade. She also serves as the Chief of the Navy of the Federation, in charge of organising and directing its fleets. Before this, however, she served as the Operations Director for NERV Japan, based out of Tokyo-2. She is generally considered a tough, intelligent and strong-willed commander, and has a reputation for achieving her objectives despite weathering massive odds.

Katsuragi was born on the 8th of December, 1986, in Tokyo, the daughter of Dr. Katsuragi Hideaki and Tachibana Kotono. Her father, Hideaki, was a highly qualified scientist, and would go down in history as the man who 'discovered' S2 Energy. Although her father was a diligent worker and a respected professional, when it came to his family life he seemed to be torn between wanting a family, but finding the actual effort of investing in maintaining it on an emotional level to be far too hard. Faced with this challenge, he simply buried himself in work. It was not unusual for Misato to only see her father for a few minutes a day, and in many cases he'd spend months overseas on projects or the like, leaving Misato and Kotono behind. Kotono found this especially hard, since she'd given up a promising academic career in order to be the housewife to Hideaki, only for it to have all been in vain. There was little joy to be found in the Katsuragi household during Misato's youth.

In her father's absence, Misato was driven by the duty to support her mother as best she could. Misato became the epitome of the model student and daughter. At home she did her chores unfailingly, treated her mother with respect and discreetly covered up her mother's occasional indiscretions, such as one-night stands or brief affairs; at school she was popular, class president and consistently at the top of her grades. She dominated the exams and could often outplay most of the boys at any sport they could name- soccer, baseball, basketball… Perfect Misato was a school idol even by the time she was 13. Even at that early age she had the boys' eyes, and received many offers. She rebuffed them all.

When her mother decided to divorce Katsuragi in mid-1999, Misato totally supported her mother's decision. The development took Katsuragi Hideaki completely off-guard- he'd apparently been ignorant even to the obvious disintegration of his marriage. Stunned and shaken by the development, Katsuragi quietly acquiesced to the situation and left, finding nothing but scorn from either ex-wife or daughter.

2000 was a momentous year for Misato. In February, her father began a project in Antarctica. Then in August, something unusual happened- Misato was invited or, more accurately, summoned by her father. Through whatever processes her father had access to, Misato would soon find herself on her way to Antarctica to be a part of her father's project. She had no idea why, and indeed for the rest of the project had no role or duty outside of whatever she found for herself. She spent some time with her father, of course- and began seeing a new side of him, one that she found confronting to her and her view of the world.

Before she had time to come to terms with her feelings, disaster struck. This was no ordinary project, however. This was the ill-fated Katsuragi Expedition, and beneath the snow and ice and rock of Antarctica they found the body and seed of Adam, mother of the Angels. It was their attempts to understand and control this being that brought about the apocalypse- Second Impact. Although the event was utterly devastating, Hideaki and his team managed to nearly destroy Adam's body, preventing the worst of the cataclysm but causing the destruction of Antarctica and much of the world. During the chaos, Misato herself was injured by shrapnel, and would've died if Hideaki had not placed her inside the one escape pod they had. This escape pod was custom-made, with life support systems and extremely experimental soul-shielding capabilities… And had been made for Hideaki's sake. He had sacrificed himself to save his daughter, leaving behind his cross necklace as the only memento she had of the father she really didn't know.

For weeks and months, Misato was sealed inside the escape pod as it bobbed along the Southern Ocean, pushed away from where Antarctica had once been by the newly-forming currents and other pressures. She was kept alive physically by the life support systems, and her psyche was shielded somewhat from the after-effects of Impact. Nonetheless, the area around Antarctica was starting to coalesce into the permanent sea of Anti-AT energy known as the Dead Sea, and this phenomenon had strong effects on Misato during her isolation. Hallucinations, trips through her own psyche, the visions of the dead, secrets she hadn't wanted known, truths she hadn't wanted to confront- a constant never-ending psychological barrage. Even though she was alone, Misato never felt as though she was- she felt as though a great and powerful presence had stripped her and her psyche bare, leaving nothing hidden, even from her. It was deeply traumatic.

Misato was eventually found in mid-January by an investigation team sent to observe the maelstrom around Antarctica. Her pod had a powerful distress signal, which had narrowed the odds considerably. However, the time of isolation and psychological scrutiny deeply affected her; she didn't speak a word and was completely disengaged from the outside world. Any attempts to ascertain what had happened from her accounts failed, and instead for the first few years official reports had relied on piecing together records stored inside the life pod. She was taken back to Japan to be quarantined, debriefed and observed by Seele. Remarkably, she had very small levels of S2 contamination, due again to that life pod.

This situation continued for four years.

By the end of that time, Misato's destiny, if it wasn't already, was inextricably bound to that of the organisation which managed her, Gehirn. From 2005 onwards, they would begin rehabilitating her in earnest, preparing her for reintegration into society, just as they began preparing her to inherit her father's legacy- and his responsibility. Misato didn't need much convincing. Her confusion about her father, her terror at seeing the form of Adam unleashed, and the psychological torture she'd experienced in the months afterward had galvanized her conviction. If something like that might happen again, then Misato would work to prevent it- to protect the world, perhaps, but also out of some form of vengeance.

She attended university in Kyoto, where she met Akagi Ritsuko and Kaji Ryoji. The latter was particularly noteworthy- Kaji would prove to be many things to Misato. Her first sexual encounter, her first romance, and the first real friend of her choosing ever since Impact. Gone was the perfect model student of her childhood; the new Misato was flighty, irreverent, hedonistic to an extent. She skipped classes, developed a drinking habit and spent a great deal of time with Kaji (although it must be noted that none of these things really prevented her from continually dominating the grades in her classes, much to the irritation of Akagi). Her relationship with Kaji, whilst enjoyable and pleasant, was not to last. As things became more involved, she saw more of her father in him; confused and repelled by these findings, and terrified of the ramifications of a connection, she pulled away, breaking up with him. For years she'd claim he was cheating on her, although this was a lie Kaji made up to allow Misato to save face (something she never forgave him for).

As Misato matured, her education became more practical. If she was going to inherit the legacy of her father and help lead the fight against Adam's children, she would need experience. Already being given intensive military training, Gehirn pulled some strings and has her assigned to the Japanese Strategic Maritime Self-Defense Forces (JSMSDF). With Japan's post-Impact shipbuilding programme hitting its stride, the addition of a new officer amongst hundreds was easily overlooked. She served as an officer aboard the aircraft carrier Amagi for several years, where she helped coordinate air strikes against land-based insurgency movements all over the world. She served admirably (despite some personality complaints) and reached the rank of Commander.

Of course, the time came when NERV had moved from the establishment phase and into the operational, with the Evangelions being completed and armed. Misato was finally assigned to NERV's Japan branch in 2014 as Tokyo-2's Operations Director, with command over EVA-03.

Over the next four years, Misato would play many roles in the Angelic War. She often lent her expertise and ideas to her other ODs, and played a key role in designing Operation Longshot- the plan to slay Qaphsiel. During the LN war, she committed her forces against that of General Van de Maar's 4th Superheavy Regiment, which was sweeping through the Pacific Ocean, inflicting an important defeat on him at Guangzhou-2 (although the battle itself would see EVA-03 disabled and Akagi Tsubaki nearly killed due to the insubordination of Ikari Shinji, who could not bring himself to kill another human being). Although unable to completely destroy the 4th Regiment, it would no longer play any major role for the rest of the war. During the Battle with Ramliel, Misato took command of the Geofront and coordinated a large Eva force against Ramliel's angelspawn bombardment, securing a hard-fought victory. During the Children of Adam Insurgency, Misato fought on the front lines defending the Dorian Lachapelle from cultists and Angelspawn, being injured in the process. She would also risk her life to secure a radiation leak during the Damocles Ambush after the defeat of Metatron.

And, of course, she won Thunderdome.

It was during this time that she met Raphael Guillory, a French commander attached to the Paris Expeditionary Force. Seemingly random chance brought the two together (primarily friends-of-friends and Guillory's friendship and relationship with Ayanami Rei). Their flirtatious, teasing relationship belied a strong attraction and even a kind of mutual understanding, as rare as that is for someone like Misato. On Christmas 2016, the relationship became something more, taking stumbling steps into a true romance. Although hesitant and cautious and not without problems and bumps, the two care deeply for each other and are generally healthy for one another.

Misato is many things. She can be flirtatious, teasing, playful, shameless, relaxed and fun to be around, but she can also be rude, insensitive, insecure, immature, overly involved in the affairs of others, and flighty. But when the duty needs to be done, Misato is there, being stern, unyielding, determined and able. Despite what she may think, she's highly respected and considered to be one of the Federation's most redoubtable leaders.

Misato also lives with Pen-Pen, a hot springs (Impact Feral) penguin taken in for observation by Gehirn some time after Misato was. They intended to dispose of the creature; when Misato requested to have him, Gehirn basically shrugged its shoulders and went with it.

Misato's quite the car fanatic, and on rare occasions where she's not busy, she can often be found tooling around with the inner workings of her Renault A380. She's a talented driver, although her 'daring' maneuvers often shave years off the lifespan of her passengers.

Misato is still very well-known in naval military circles, and amongst the Japanese maritime forces is known for what has been dubbed "Katsuragi's Axiom", which was coined after watching a heavily battered aircraft, against all odds, complete its mission and miraculously return to its carrier following a critical mission: A burning fighter jet limping home is fine, so long as its payload is spent and the decisive battle won. It exemplifies her approach to battles well- often pushing herself and her forces to the utter limit and beyond in exchange for achieving a total victory that doesn't seem possible.

Character Details

Character Details
Name Misato Katsuragi Gender Female
Background Impact Survivor Career Operations Director
XP Total 34,000 Rank Colonel
Kit: Shocktrooper

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Vital Statistics


Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 26 2 -
Ballistic Skill 50 5 Trained
Strength 33 3 -
Toughness 50 5 Expert
Agility 58 5 Expert
Intelligence 65 6 Expert, Degree
Perception 55 5 Expert
Willpower 65 6 Expert, Oldest
Fellowship 70 7 Expert, Linguist


Wounds: 27 Fate Total: 5
Insanity: 27/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100

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Asset Effect
Driven You gain a conditional Fate Point which may only be spent in dire situations or against bad odds.
Egghead (SL Tactics) Gain Scholastic Lore (Tactics) and Talented (Scholastic Lore (Tactics)).
High Endurance Whenever you take Fatigue, you may make a Toughness Test. On a success you reduce the amount of Fatigue taken by 1.
Innovative You gain a conditional Fate Point which may only be spent as part of an unorthodox plan or an intriguing use of a skill.
Sexy Voice Gain a +10 to Social Tests with males.

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OD Assets

OD Assets
OD Assets Horde Effect Independent Character Effect
Bitter End Hordes under your command (including all of them if Supreme Commander) count as having the True Grit talent. All Independent Characters (inc. all of them if Supreme Commander) under Misato's command ignore the first instance of Critical Damage they take per mission, instead resetting their wounds to zero.
Desperate Defense Spend a Fate Point as a Full Action. Until the start of your next turn, all Hordes under your command (including all of them if Supreme Commander) increase their AP by your IB/2. Spend a Fate Point as a Full Action. All Independent Characters (inc. all of them if Supreme Commander) instead increase their AP by your IB/2.
Victory from Adversity Spend a Fate Point as a Full Action once per battle. All Hordes under your command (including all of them if Supreme Commander) gain the Fanatics trait for a number of rounds equal to your IB/2. Spend a Fate Point as a Full Action once per battle. All independent characters (inc. all of them if Supreme Commander) under your command gain a permanent modifier that lasts until the end of the battle: they gain Unnatural Strength and Toughness (1) if they've taken more wounds to a single location than the unit's TB*2, and if they've taken Critical Damage, they gain Unnatural Strength and Toughness (2) instead.

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Value of a Miracle (Misato Katsuragi)

Action Cost Skill Test Sustain Cost Extra Restrictions
Reaction Command-20 - Targeted Horde has just been attacked by an enemy
Horde, Defensive
The Horde halves all magnitude damage taken from enemy attacks until the start of your next turn, including the one that just hit it. So long as it is under this effect, the Horde may not be destroyed (Mag becomes 1 instead). For every consecutive turn in which this Horde is targeted by Value of a Miracle, the penalty to activate the tactic increases by -20.
Special Notes and Effects
Horde Trait Bonus. You gain +5 bonuses to the test for each of the following your horde possesses: Battle-Hardened, Stubborn
Talent Bonus. You gain +5 bonuses to the test for each of the following your horde possesses: Iron Jaw
Stance Bonus. You gain a +10 bonus to the test if the Horde is benefitting from the Defensive Stance tactic.

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Drawback Effect
Damaged Goods You begin with 10 Insanity Points.
Depressive At the beginning of each session, make a Willpower test. On a failure, you gain a level of Fatigue that cannot be removed for several hours.
Short Fuse Whenever you are confronted or otherwise stressed or agitated, you must pass a Willpower Test or fly into a rage, taking it out on the environment and/or people around you.

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Trait Effect
Just Try Me Whenever you take Insanity Points, you reduce the amount taken by your WPB to a minimum of 1.
Resourceful Whenever you expend Fate to add Degrees of Success to a test, you add 2 DoS instead of 1.
Loss You must succeed on a difficult (-10) Willpower Test or physically try to intervene if another human being's (that isn't an active enemy's) life is in danger. This becomes a -30 penalty if the person is someone you knows individually.
Trauma You begin with 10 Insanity Points.

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Coherency Effect Tested Characteristic Ego Threshold
Coherency Explanation List down your Coherency effects here. List successful attempts to resist here too. And the Tested Characteristic you used to resist it. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Instability Effect Ego Threshold
Instability Explanation List down your Instability effects here. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Disorder Effect Insanity Threshold
Disorder Explanation List down your Disorder effects here. And the Threshold at which you gained them.

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Starting Skills

Charm (SP)
Common Lore (Second Impact) (Background)
Deceive (SP)
Speak Language (English, Japanese)
Tech Use

Starting Talents

Melee General
Pistol General
Cut Synch
Skill Proficiency*2 (Charm, Deceive)

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Basic Skills

Skill Name Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Acrobatics Agi X X X -
Athletics Str X X - -
Awareness Per - - - -
Carouse Tou X X - -
Charm Fel X X X Talented (10)
Chem Use Int - - - -
Command Fel X X X Talented (10)
Commerce Int - - - -
Deceive Fel X X X Talented (10)
Demolitions Fel - - - -
Disguise Fel - - - -
Dodge Agi - - - -
Inquiry Fel X X X -
Intimidate Fel X - - -
Literacy Fel X - - -
Logic Int X X X Talented (10)
Medicae Int - - - -
Parry WS - - - -
Scrutiny Per X X X -
Security Int - - - -
Sleight of Hand Agi X X X -
Stealth Agi X X X -
Survival Per - - - -
Tech Use Int X - - -

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Specialist Skills

Skill Name Specialisation Characteristic Proficient Trained Mastery Bonuses
Common Lore Second Impact Int X - - -
- - Int - - - -
Navigate - Int - - - -
- - Int - - - -
Operate Land Civilian Agi X X X -
- - Agi - - - -
Scholastic Lore Tactics Int X X X Talented (10)
- Evangelions Int X X - -
Speak Language Japanese Int X - - -
- English Int X - - -
Trade - Int - - - -

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Weapon Proficiencies

Weapon Class Weapon Type Proficient Specialized Mastery
Melee General General X - -
- Prog X - -
Basic Bolt X - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -
Heavy Bolt X - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -
Pistol Bolt X - -
- Fusion X - -
- General X - -
- Maser X - -
- Positron X - -

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Basic Combat Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Quick Draw - Use the Ready action as a Free Action.

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Proficiency and Skill Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect

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Melee Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Unarmed Warrior - Unarmed Attacks deal 1d10+SB-2 damage, and no longer Unarmed.

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Ranged Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Barrage - +1 Degrees of Success with Ranged attacks.
Covering Fire - Any enemies subjected to suppressive fire, even if these enemies are immune to Pinning or Fear, take a -10 penalty to BS so long as they are within the field of fire and Suppressive Fire is sustained.
Gun Drill Bolter Drill +1 to max Semi/Full auto hits with Bolt Weapons.
Heavy Suppression - Enemies hit by the Suppressive Fire action whilst this talent is in use take a -10 penalty to pass their Willpower test versus Pinning.
Rapid Reload - Weapon reload times are reduced by half.

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Physical Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Decadence - When consuming drugs or alcohol, you do not pass out unless you fail a number of Toughness tests equal to double your TB.
Sound Constitution 10 Increase your Wounds by 1 per purchase of this talent.
True Grit - Halve Critical Damage taken, rounding down. Minimum of 1 Critical Damage taken.

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OD Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Absolute Order - Half Action. Spend or Burn Fate to force subordinate to follow orders exactly. If the subordinate refuses, they lose a Fate and you have yours refunded. You may also use this to automatically force a Horde to rally.
Advanced Analysis - You may test Intelligence or Tech Use before making MAGI test. Add +10 to the MAGI test result on success, and +5 per degree of success. You may use a Follower's Intelligence or Tech Use in your place.
Battlefield Command - Full Action. Select one Horde under your command. For this round only they count as having one more Squad than they actually do for all intents and purposes except for enemies gaining to-hit bonuses against them.
Cut Synch - Cut pilot synch by 1-5d10; until the start of your next turn the pilot takes +20 to feedback, but must test WP or only take half actions on their next turn..
Delegate - Free use of Fate-required OD action once per session.
Favoured Tactics Flyswatter All subordinates reduce penalties to hit due to size by 10.
- Focused Charge All subordinates gain a +10 bonus to any attempts to Charge an enemy.
Feedback Tampering - As a Free you may select IB amount of pilots per round. Should the pilots take insanity or ego damage (from a source besides high Synch Ratio), they automatically incur feedback and can only take half actions next turn, but reduce damage taken by your IB, to a minimum of 1. Alternatively, you may spend a fate point; the pilot automatically fails their Feedback test and is stunned for 1 round, but insanity/ego damage is halved.
Just as Planned - Reduce Foresight's requirement time to 1 minute. Can spend a fate point to retroactively take an action in the last ten minutes that would just now come into play.
Last Resort - When using N2 Strike talent, deal extra 4 damage per fate burned by any ally, as well as for every Evangelion defeated.
Like a Boss Degree in Asskicking Gain a +5 to Int. You may test Intelligence whenever you roll an opposed test against any human target, regardless of the characteristic normally rolled.
- Oldest one in the Book Gain a +5 to WP. Any bonus you would get to a command test against an individual is similarly added to any Scrutiny test, in addition to any normal bonuses that would apply.
- Linguist Gain a +5 to Fel, You gain a number of languages equal to your IB or FB.
Logistics - Character may test Commerce or SL (Administration) after a Mission to earn +1 RP, +1 per 3 DoS. May use Follower Commerce. Only the Supreme Commander may use Logistics in a Combat Mission.
Plan A Absolute Order May use Absolute Order without spending Fate
Plan A Remote Care May use Surefire Ejection without spending Fate
Precision Targeting - Half Action. Select one allied unit. For their next attack, they add your IB/2 to their weapon's Penetration. When used with multiple-hit attacks, this bonus counts for all hits.
Promote Assistant Hyuga Makoto You can use Cut Synch, Remote Care, Precision Targeting or Surefire Ejection without using fates or actions a number of times per day equal to FB. Furthermore, select one Follower. They now gain +20 Characteristic Points, +3 Skill slots, +2 Talents, +3 Wounds, and a single Fate Point.
Remote Care - Half Action: spend fate to remove blood loss, stunning or 1 level of fatigue from pilot
Surefire Ejection - Spend fate as a reaction to force Entry Plug to eject, with +40 on Entry Plug ejection roll.
Synchronised Maneuver - You increase your Cohesion Pool by your IB/2.
Tactical Genius - Spend fate to allow subordinate to reroll a test, taking the preferred result; or to add 1 degree of success to test.
Tactical Exemplar - The Operations Director may use the Tactical Genius talent once per round for free.
Tactical Legend - When using Tactical Genius talent you may test SL Tactics. On Success, Pilot may choose whether or not to take the result. If no, then fate is returned. When adding DoS, may test SL Tactics and add +1 per 3 DoS.
The Plan - Select one Formation and a Squad before the battle. One time per battle, you may activate this Formation on that Squad as a Free Action, with the Cohesion costs halved.
Vigilance - You and all Subordinates gain +2 Initiative and a +10 bonus to Awareness tests.
When Suddenly - If OD's location not verified for 10 minutes, can spend fate to appear within several metres of pilot. May dispatch Follower in OD's place.

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Support Talents

Talent Name Talent Sub-Title Effect
Able Assistant - Whenever this character uses the 'Assistance' action on another character making a skill check, the character making the skill check reduces the difficulty level by an extra degree of success.
Combat Formation - When this character is present in a squad, all members of the squad gain a +1 to their Initiative rolls. Furthermore, the character may choose to use their IB in place of their AB when rolling Initiative. No one may benefit from more than one source of Combat Formation at the same time.
Lend a Hand - This character may spend a Full Action to grant an adjacent character a +10 to any actions that character takes until the start of the assisting character's next turn. This includes Reactions.
Low Profile - Enemies tend to overlook you in the heat of battle. So long as an enemy has a valid target besides you, it will not attack the you. This talent does not apply if you inflicted the most damage to an enemy for that round, nor does it apply if you inflicted critical damage.

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Mental Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Brilliance - One test per session, test Intelligence In place of another Characteristic.
Fearless - +10 bonus against Fear, and count Insanity as being +20 points higher for determining Fear immunity.
Foresight - Spend 10 minutes in contemplation to add +10 to a single Intelligence test.
Insanely Faithful - Roll on the Shock Table twice and take the preferred result.
Jaded - Unaffected by mundane horrors such as death, violence or the sight of blood.
Light Sleeper - You are always assumed to be awake for the purposes of being Surprised, making Awareness tests or waking up in a hurry, even when asleep.
Nerves of Steel - Reroll Willpower tests to resist or recover from Pinning and take the preferred result. Furthermore, take a +20 bonus to your Opposed Test to resist uses of the Intimidate skill. This applies to Social Conflicts.
Paranoia - Gain a +2 bonus to Initiative, and your character makes automatic Awareness tests.
Total Recall - Automatically remember facts, can test to retrieve more obscure or esoteric facts
Unshakeable Faith - Reroll failed Fear tests and take the preferred result.

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Interpersonal Talents

Name Sub-Class Effect
Air of Authority - When using the Command action, you may issue commands to a number of people equal to 100 times your Fellowship Bonus. Only NPCs are affected, and any NPCs not under your command will only obey the order if you achieve an extra degree of success. You gain a +10 to Command tests in Social Conflicts. Your Followers also have +10 Loyalty when in your presence.
Beyond Reproach - When interacting with others, you may spend a Fate Point. Any negative modifiers to their disposition towards you due to your reputation, second-hand knowledge or the like is ignored for the rest of the session.
Charm Offensive - Select a number between 1 and your Fellowship Bonus. For a number of minutes equal to ten times your FB, you are treated as having Unnatural Fellowship (X), where X is the number you chose. At the end of the allotted time period, however, you take levels of fatigue equal to X.
Clues from the Crowd - Once per day, you may reroll a test made to gather information from a group of people and take the preferred result.
Cold Hearted - Any use of the Charm skill against you gives you a +20 to the Opposed Test to resist the skill in addition to other modifiers. This applies to Social Conflicts.
Contact TBA Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid
Contact TBA Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid
Contact TBA Grants PC a contact to use for information and aid
Demagogue - When in a social conflict with multiple opponents, including crowds, you 1d10 Willpower instead of 1d5 against all foes if you used Charm or Intimidate for your Opposed Skill Test.
Devoted - Triggered when you're hit with a ranged attack. If you are a AB metres away from a Follower (Follower's AB), then the Follower may test Agility or Acrobatics to throw themselves in front of the bullet. On a success, the ranged attack resolves entirely against the Follower instead. There is no limit as to how many Followers may do this per round.
Double Agent - Burn Fate and designate NPC. NPC is revealed to be working for you the entire time. The GM may veto your choice, in which case your Fate is not burnt.
Eloquent - In a Social Conflict, if you use Charm or Inquiry in the Opposed Test, and then pass the test, then any Vigour spent that turn is placed back into their reserve. You do not need to win the Opposed Test, merely manage to pass.
Follower Hyuga Makoto Gain a Follower.
Follower Ibuki Maya Gain a Follower.
Follower Aoba Shigeru Gain a Follower.
Follower Kirihara Misaki Gain a Follower.
Follower Akagi Ritsuko Gain a Follower.
Follower Ruslan Pavlichenko Gain a Follower.
Follower Maksym Pavlichenko Gain a Follower.
Forward, you Dogs - You may test Command as a half action on your turn. On a success, all allies within vocal range of you who are suffering from mental effects (Fear, Pinning, Frenzy, and others) may take an immediate free Willpower test to shake off the effects. For every degree of success on your Command test, those allies gain a +5 bonus to their Willpower test.
Galvanising Presence - When using the 'Terrify' special use of the Command skill, its affects apply to all nearby allies. Furthermore, the Character counts as having Fear (2) for the purposes of all Terrify tests.
Great Leader - You may command Armies or horde groups in Strategic Combat, granting your Horde Leader Bonus to all hordes in said Army.
Inspirational - When using the 'Inspire' use of the Command Skill, you may increase the bonus by +5 per 3 degrees of success. Furthermore, in Social Conflicts, any fellow allies participating in the Conflict increase their Vigour by +10.
Into the Jaws of Hell - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes take a +20 to their Break, Fear, and Pinning tests, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
Iron Discipline - Your Followers, subordinates and any attached Hordes may reroll failed Break, Fear, and Pinning tests and take the preferred result, so long as you are within visual or audial contact with them.
IOU Military Owed a single favour from a specific group
IOU Political Owed a single favour from a specific group
IOU R&D Owed a single favour from a specific group
Master Orator - When using the Charm or Intimidate action, you may affect a number of people equal to 100 times your Fellowship Bonus. When in a Social Conflict with multiple opponents, including crowds, you sap 1d10 Willpower instead of 1d5 against all foes if you used Charm or Intimidate for your Opposed Skill Test. Such is your charisma that all Followers gain a permanent +10 to Loyalty.
Networking - You may spend a Fate Point once per session; for the rest of the session, you treat your contacts and your followers' Peer and Good Reputation talents as though they were your own talents.
Peer UEF +10 to interpersonal tests with a specific group
Radiant Presence - All within 20m (not enemies) of you take a +10 to tests made to resist fear or intimidation.
Veiled Threats - In a Social Conflict, if tou win the Opposed Test, for every extra Degree of Success you win by, the loser takes an additional 1d5 Willpower damage. Note that for this talent to take effect, then your contribution during the Verbal Contact stage must contain at least one veiled threat or loaded phrase.

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Retinue Traits

Name Sub-Class Effect
Elite Retinue USS Enterprise TBA

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Offensive Formations

Assault Coordination
Fire for Effect
Monstrous Charge
Tank Buster
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Defensive Formations

Enflame Elan
Get Down
Hold Ground
Tactical Spacing
Tooth and Nail
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Support Formations

Cautious Retreat
Tactical Reassessment
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Offensive Tactics

Coordinate Volleys
Offensive Stance
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Defensive Tactics

Defensive Stance
Go to Ground
Hold the Line
Repel Attackers
Stiffen Backs
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Support Tactics

Example to Others
Master Tactician
Mobile Stance
Watchful Stance
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Starting Stats


Starting Characteristics
Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 26 2 -
Ballistic Skill 35 3 -
Strength 33 3 -
Toughness 30 3 -
Agility 38 3 -
Intelligence 40 4 -
Perception 35 3 -
Willpower 40 4 -
Fellowship 45 4 -

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Wounds: 17 Fate Total: 5
Insanity: 20/100 Ego Barrier: 100/100

Experience Table

Income Expenditure Reason Remaining Total Expenditure

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