Katsuragi S Showdown

[06:43] <AdEvaGM> [[Session 57: NEON GENESIS EVANGELION. Date: 3rd of August, 2017. Episode Title: Katsuragi's Showdown.-
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[06:45] <AdEvaGM> [A few minutes before the battle was to begin- the final throwdown, the epic showdown…-
[06:45] <AdEvaGM> [Marianne was still conferring with her officers by the bridge, William at her side, giving the pilots a bit of a chance to talk beforehand.]
[06:49] * Yanmei was primping again, hands in her hair, smirking a little bit. "So it's all come down to this."
[06:50] * Sept was sitting at the edge of a table, staring holes into the floor. "Yeah. It's her show, after all."
[06:51] * Aline was looking relatively calm on the /surface/, though she was stroking her own hair as well - not primping like Yanmei, but more of a tic-like gesture. "Even so, we should perform."
[06:55] <Yanmei> "We'll be fine as long as we don't let it end like the last battle? Our performance up until then was pretty decent. De Pteres, are you all right?"
[06:57] <Sept> "Yes. The simulation still doesn't feel any better, but I make do. Is Shinji still the main threat?"
[07:01] <Yanmei> "Yes. Actually, the last time I fought the guy? I spent most of the match running from him. Be prepared to move around a lot and take ranged shots at him. Sho probably needs to be dealt with up close, though. I wouldn't be surprised if Misato put those two together to throw us off."
[07:02] * Aline "Mm."ed softly. "…Yeah. If nothing else, 'berserker' EVAs are very powerful, so 05 won't be any different."
[07:07] <AdEvaGM> [Marianne looked over. "Ok, guys. I'm ready for you now."]
[07:09] * Yanmei stepped forward with one last hair-toss. "Yes, Colonel. What's the news for today?"
[07:09] * Aline simply walked forwards, though she did spare a glance at Yanmei's gesture. "Hmmm~"
[07:10] <AdEvaGM> [Marianne clapped Yanmei on the shoulder. "You're in charge! I'm not allowed to help you this time."]
[07:10] <Yanmei> "… …what."
[07:11] * Sept blinked, and looked at Marianne and the sous-lieutenant in turn. "I see," he said, with something of a positive note in his voice at the end.
[07:13] * Aline smiled. "Looks like you get to test your mettle~"
[07:13] <AdEvaGM> ["That's right. It was what the MAGI chose to 'make things interesting'." Said Marianne happily. "No OD help, so Aline's right. It's all up to you to show us what you can do." Marianne winked. "If you win this one, I'll make sure to put a good word in for you regarding that promotion you and Asuka are so hot on…"]
[07:15] <Yanmei> Yanmei's eyes flared up. An advantage against stupid dumbface Asuka… "Let's beat those Tokyo kids into the dirt!"
[07:18] <Sept> "Definitely. And be ready for anything. Even if Misato isn't directly in control…"
[07:19] <Yanmei> "I've already mentioned how to deal with Sho and Shinji… anyone have insight into Akagi? She's pretty annoying at any range."
[07:20] <Sept> "Focus on neutralising her field, if we can. She has plenty of techniques to fall back on if gunplay doesn't cut it."
[07:20] * Aline pondered that, but. "Well, she's designated AT-Tac like me, so neutralizing her and /distracting/ her will be one good way to mess with her. Basically, get her overwhelmed and she won't be as annoying, yeah."
[07:21] <AdEvaGM> ["Good luck." Said Marianne happily, sliding past. "I'll be in the commentary box, cheering you on from there."-
[07:22] <AdEvaGM> ["I shan't be going with the Colonel. I'll remain here." Said William, flashing them all a bright smile. "Do well! I'll treat you all to dinner if we win, alright?"]
[07:23] * Aline clapped her hands. "Dinner~"
[07:24] <Yanmei> "Heehee, how generous~ Hold down the fort, okay?"
[07:24] <AdEvaGM> ["Your wish is my command, sir." He saluted cheerfully.]
[07:25] <Sept> "Appreciated." Sera hopped down from his seat. "Let's go."
[07:26] <Yanmei> "Let's." Yanmei turned for her own sim-plug.
[07:27] * Aline simply whistled a single note and made off to hers!
[07:28] <AdEvaGM> [Meanwhile, in the commentary box…-
[07:29] <AdEvaGM> ["Wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwelcome to the final Thunderdome match, ladies and gentlemen!" Boomed Julien in his usual fearless way. "Paris-2 versus Tokyo! Three wins apiece- the winner here takes the trophy! I'm psyched! Are -you- psyched, Guillory?!"]
[07:31] <Raphael> "Of course, sir." Raphael says, hands folded primly on the desk and looking anything but.
[07:35] <AdEvaGM> ["You don't -sound- psyched. Maybe that'll change when our lovely Directors reach the box~"]
[07:35] <Raphael> "… I'm sorry?"
[07:36] <AdEvaGM> ["Because this battle is special- no OD assistance to the pilots- the Directors will be sitting in with us!"]
[07:40] <Raphael> "…" Raphael's jaw moves almost imperceptibly as he swallows, but his expression remains otherwise carefully motionless. "I see. I'm sure their professional insight will provide useful commentary for those at home."
[07:42] <AdEvaGM> ["I'm sure." Says Julien, grinning. "And the field is clearing… The Evas have visualised!"-
[07:42] <AdEvaGM> [The six Evas appeared now, on opposite sides of the field…-
[07:42] <AdEvaGM> ["And GO!"]
[07:46] * Yanmei wasted no time, snapping a quick shot off at EVA-05 as soon as the word left Julien's mouth.
[07:47] <AdEvaGM> [The bolt shot barely did much damage, bouncing off of EVA-05's stocky frame…-
[07:48] <AdEvaGM> [In the commentary box, of course, the doors to the side opened; Marianne and Misato entered, both wearing full military dress. "I'm here~" Said Misato cheerfully.-
[07:48] <AdEvaGM> ["Morning, everyone!" Said Marianne. "Is it as fun watching as it is participating?"]
[07:59] <Raphael> "Colonel, Major, good afternoon to you both." Raphael said, his tone all distance and professional courtesy. "We're pleased to have you in the commentary box."
[08:01] <AdEvaGM> [Misato sat down next to Raphael- shooting him a lovely smile. Marianne sat down opposite her.-
[08:02] <AdEvaGM> ["We've just seen Zhang Yanmei score first blood- barely." Said Julien happily.]
[08:06] <Sept> "Let them come. They'll have to make the first move."
[08:06] * Raphael doesn't smile as such - he's too busy attempting to remain Professional for that - but he does seem to be a little brighter just for seeing her. "A glancing blow to the armour, really."
[08:13] <Yanmei> "Damn straight." Yanmei drifted east as her companions joined her in a strategic retreat to the edge of the battlefield, eyes on the advancing enemy EVAs.
[08:15] <AdEvaGM> ["It'll take more than that pocket pistol to take down 05." Said Misato sweetly- as Tsubaki fired a focused AT Beam across the arena, streaking unerringly at Aline…]
[08:19] <Aline> …which Aline reacted to with stunning ease, spreading the wings of her own EVA outwards to simply blunt it with overwhelming AT force. But then she focused, raising her longarm and pointing it straight at Tsubaki…!
[08:19] <AdEvaGM> [Who quickly sidestepped, her AT Field not yet restored.-
[08:20] <AdEvaGM> ["Interesting how the Tacticians are trading blows already." Said Marianne. "They're really the only ones with the capacity right now."]
[08:23] <Raphael> "The others seem set on waiting one another out. Although it's interesting to note that Pilot Ikari and Pilot Sho Ayanami are maintaining an extremely tight formation in comparison to the Parisian team."
[08:29] <AdEvaGM> [Indeed, they'd just sped off after Yanmei, although they kept her distance…-
[08:29] <AdEvaGM> ["Of course~ I trained my group to fight in a formation, to rely on each other's strengths." Said Misato happily.-
[08:29] <AdEvaGM> ["The Paris team doesn't need a tight formation to rely on each other." Said Marianne.]
[08:30] <Yanmei> 04's AT-Field suddenly flickered, reacting to and weakening Sho's while compromising its own integrity. Yanmei grimaced in her plug, expectant and alert.
[08:35] <Raphael> "Both strategies have their own strengths." Raphael said mildly.
[08:35] <AdEvaGM> [… Thok!-
[08:35] <AdEvaGM> [Yanmei would feel the -jostle- as EVA-04 was violently tugged towards the Tokyo team…]
[08:36] <Sept> "Yanmei, you alright there for a bit longer?" Sera took careful aim at Sangouki across the battlefield and pulled the trigger.
[08:38] <AdEvaGM> ["K-Kah…" Was the sharp cry across the comms. EVA-03 saw a leg be violently ripped off from the combined rail volley…-
[08:38] <AdEvaGM> ["Oh! Real blood there- 03 gets violently dismembered by a cunning volley!" Said Julien enthusiastically.
[08:38] <AdEvaGM> ]
[08:41] <Raphael> "There's no need to sound quite so excited by it, Mr. Lafabre."
[08:50] <Yanmei> "Don't worry about me." A short motion, and Yanmei was suddenly brandishing a second sword, which she slammed into poor Sho repeatedly. "I can be dangerous in close range combat too? - shut up, Otis - Just please finish her quickly!"
[08:55] <AdEvaGM> [The attacks ripped into Sho as though her armour were nothing but paper, splintering the shield and tearing away another leg. Sho didn't scream out- she gritted her teeth and bore it.-
[08:55] <AdEvaGM> ["…" Misato seemed to sweat a little.]
[09:02] * Aline just added to the pain, it seemed, because now she was training her aim onto Sho, and fired another devestating shot!
[09:08] <Raphael> "Things seem to be swinging away from Tokyo-2." Raphael said, adjusting his position a little. "But all things considered, I believe it would be foolish to count them out yet."
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[09:12] <AdEvaGM> [She barely had time to raise her free arm- which splintered through the middle, letting out a growl- that somewhere transformed into the words- "SHOOT HER, AKAGI!"-
[09:12] <AdEvaGM> [… And a split second later, a maser shot struck EVA-04 in the left eye, burning it out-
[09:13] <AdEvaGM> [And the rest was ripped clearly from the head as Sho landed violently, foot smashing the head beneath- tottering, about to fall- only for Shinji to steady her.-
[09:13] <AdEvaGM> [EVA-04 stood for a second, then crumpled.-
[09:13] <AdEvaGM> [Misato blushed slightly for a second, looking at Raphael- then up at the screen, clearly brightening. "Aha! Ahahaha-ha-ahem. Good show."-
[09:14] <AdEvaGM> ["… Quite." Said Marianne, barely audible over Julien's whoops of "WHAT A KILLA!"]
[09:22] * Raphael does not look over at Misato, but the corner of his lip twitches at her outburst. "A sudden turnaround for the Tokyo team. They're still in a precarious situation, but with their team leader and prime attacker out of action Paris-2 has been dealt a serious blow."
[09:23] * Yanmei to her credit, didn't scream her way through the immense head trauma. By the time it was over, she was sort of slumped in her plug, dazed and confused.
[09:36] <AdEvaGM> [Yanmei down, Shinji and Sho flew west, towards Aline and Sera- they landed, neutralisation waves hitting into Aline…]
[09:37] * Aline responded instantly to the neutralization - and the opening - by sending out a flurry of maser shots back towards their source - Sho!
[09:47] <Sept> Inching backwards slightly in the face of that charge, Sera allowed his rifle to join in on EVA-00's fun.
[09:47] <AdEvaGM> ["Ah-agh-"-
[09:47] <AdEvaGM> [A final cry of pain as the shots demolished EVA-13 completely, sending a cartwheeling torso into the earth.-
[09:51] <AdEvaGM> ["Sho? Oh no…" Shinji crouched, then began to sprint at Sera, leaping through the air, a carefully-calculated front-flip falling claw hurtling towards him- followed by a ripping uppercut from ground to head, ripping through virtual bitumen as it went.]
[09:54] * Sept shrugged the blow aside with his shield and used the momentum to tackle Shinji away from him. 05's AT Field stopped him dead in his tracks, however.
[09:56] <Aline> (*03's)
[09:58] * Aline grinned a little at Sho dropping, and decided to focus on the last not-Shinji target. "Don't worry, Shinji-kun, I'm saving you for last." …She said, as a massive cross erupted through 03, almost as if in retaliation for lowering Sera's field.
[10:11] <AdEvaGM> ["-!" Tsubaki let out a sharp cry of pain- and reacted immediately, her wings glowing brightly for a second as she fired an AT Ray at Aline- followed immediately b Shinji leaping to the side, throwing another pinwheel strike at Aline…]
[10:14] * Aline managed to dodge the beam, only to barrel straight into the strike, her AT Field flickering loosely, blocking only one of the hits… "Feisty, I see! But again, don't worry, you'll get your chance at me sooner rather than later. Maybe even after battle… <3" …meanwhile, while she was bantering, Aline sent another cross at Tsubaki…
[10:15] <AdEvaGM> ["Ah, oh my, what's this? Battle flirtations~?" Murmured Julien, over Shinji's mumbled protestations.]
[10:16] * Raphael glances a way from the monitor, looking a little uncomfortable.
[10:19] <AdEvaGM> [A cry of pain as Tsubaki finally crumples, EVA-03 collapsing. Misato smiles a little, apparently in acceptance…]
[10:22] * Sept emptied the last of his railgun's magazine into 05's back futilely, and went for his blade…
[10:24] <AdEvaGM> ["Gah! Misato-san! Makoto mis-programmed the simulator!" Cries Shinji.-
[10:24] <AdEvaGM> ["Huh? What do you mean?!"-
[10:24] <AdEvaGM> ["My plug's full of flies biting my back…"]
[10:25] * Raphael does look back around at that, first at the screen and then at Misato… and let's out a short, honest laugh that even seems to take him by surprise.
[10:28] <AdEvaGM> [Misato lets out a snort as well- Marianne simply coughs.]
[10:30] * Aline was pretty amused by that, backing off. "That's multiple tonnes of simulated railgun ammunition, dear." But yet, 00 hopped away, as if waiting for something…
[10:43] <Sept> Something, even if not that something, hopped in to replace her, lunging at EVA-05's face with a knife.
[10:45] <AdEvaGM> [Shinji smacked it aside…!]
[10:45] * Aline fired off a shot, though it was destined to meet his AT Field… but she was still focusing. "Just a little longer…!"
[10:46] <AdEvaGM> [And now Shinji counter-attacked, making for a swing to Sera's abs- only to swing about, catch him in the head with an elbow, and finish it with an uppercut. "H-ah!"]
[11:01] * Sept staggered back, arcs of electricity flashing across the cracked parts of 01's plating and skull. But even as recalibrations were ongoing with the unit's optics, Sera was launching himself back at Shinji with a flurry of blows.
[11:06] * Aline pumped off another shot, though she was not having a whole lot of luck. "Nnnn…"
[11:06] <AdEvaGM> [Field, and-!-
[11:07] <AdEvaGM> [Shinji parried each blow from Sera, before moving in, pinning his blade to the side and lashing out with his claw, grabbing 01's head- and tearing it clean off. With a squeeze, it exploded, allowing Shinji to gently nudge 01 over. Then he turned to stare at Aline.-
[11:07] <AdEvaGM> ["Oh shit." Cursed Marianne.]
[11:18] <Raphael> "…" Raphael doesn't curse, but the momentary widening of his eyes is enough to show his clear surprise. "Pilot de Pteres and EVA-01 have been eliminated by Pilot Shinji Ikari of Team Tokyo, continuing a remarkable recovery. Pilot Blanc of Paris-2 is the only other enemy standing in his way."
[11:20] <AdEvaGM> [EVA-03 leaps into the air, hurtling towards EVA-00, unleashing a pinwheel slash at her once more- "Now it's just you and me…"]
[11:21] * Aline actually managed to resist, surprisingly, dodging and blocking with her field… before rearing back for a massive BITE into his EVA's head. "Yes it is~"
[11:25] <AdEvaGM> [Shinji let out a cry of pain, shaking his head as his optics momentarily went dead…]
[11:26] * Aline then poured out a stream of maser shots, noticing Shinji's reserved position. "Almost…!"
[11:30] <AdEvaGM> ["…Hyyah!"-
[11:30] <AdEvaGM> [The claw lashed out, ripping through 00's front plates and punching out the back, entry plug fragments in hand, a beheaded virtual Aline gripped in the fist.-
[11:34] <AdEvaGM> ["Uh-" Marianne's eyes widened. As did Misato's.-
[11:34] <AdEvaGM> ["… A Tokyo win! A tokyo win out of nowhere! JAPAN WINS!" Shouts out Julien, rising to his chair.-
[11:35] <AdEvaGM> [Perhaps a child being born on this day would, in fact, look back and attribute his blessed life to this one day…]
[11:37] * Aline for her part /reeled/ from the strike, knocked straight back into unsimulated reality… but yet, once she stopped crying out and wincing, she was smiling serenely.
[11:41] * Raphael reaches across the desk, significantly more reserved as he exchanges a quick handshake and a few words of congratulations on a battle well fought with Marianne, before turning to do the same with Misato. "Major Katsuragi…" He says, a little more gently, and even if he's still trying to keep up that professionalism she would be able to see the happiness in his look.
[11:46] <AdEvaGM> [Misato seems surprised, even a little shocked as she shakes Raphael's hand energetically. "W-Well! A victory for Tokyo- I… Well, I'm glad it went so well."]
[11:48] <Raphael> "You and your team definitely earned it, ma'am." Raphael says seriously, although there's the faint hint of a smile there now.
[11:51] <AdEvaGM> ["Th…"-
[11:51] <AdEvaGM> ["That said." She grins. "If they think that this is the end of their training regimen… They can think again."-
[11:51] <AdEvaGM> ["Dammit." Mutters Shinji.]
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