Kayoko Hyuga

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Full Name: Kayoko Ayanami-Hyuga
Position: Federation Starfleet Captain, in command of FSS Valletta
Gender: Female
Date of Birth|Age: May 2, 2022 | 26
Place of Residence: Melbourne, Australia | FSS Valletta

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black (Originally pale blue)
Eye colour: Blue (Originally red)
Height: 5'7"
Handedness: Right

"Silk and Steel" (Tempest - Beethoven/Michiru Oshima)

Personal Details
When the War of Founding ended, the assumption by many who had passing familiarity with the Ayanamis was that Rei would obviously be the first one to marry and become a mother. This proved to be half-accurate: She and Alphonse Wellesley did indeed marry quite quickly after the war, but stability and practicality meant it was her sister Chiisana who was first to start a family. In 2022, the first of the new generation Ayanamis were born in a hospital in Bahrain; a pair of identical twin sisters named Kayoko and Emiko.

The new family dynamic didn't last long. The August Incident happened the year after the pair were born, and with that came Chiisana's ascension as the first of the new Evangelions. Then in 2025 the girls' father, Makoto Hyuga, took up the position of Director of Starfleet Intelligence. Makoto and Chiisana would have two more children over the next ten years, but as all four grew up they often found their time with them limited by duty and distance. During longer periods of separation, they tended to leave the children in the capable care of Julianna Ayanami.

Enter Kayoko, the firstborn of the twins (As she made sure to assert at every opportunity). She was a fierce, bright child, and extended time as the self-viewed "leader" of her siblings meant she had grown into independence and self-reliance very early in life. Even at a young age she rarely asked for anything she could do under her own power - one of the rare exceptions came at age 10, when she asked Makoto to use his links with the Defectors to find give her extra-curricular training in languages, and later a foundational course in linguistics.

A natural overachiever, Kayoko excelled in most areas of her schooling - Physical pursuits were something of an exception, as while Emiko and her other siblings took to them with great enthusiasm, Kayoko mostly wrote them off as "boring" despite some apparent talent. This did not please her mother, but Kayoko mollified her by joining the Youth Cadets instead. Though socially competent, her natural inclinations did not make her a social butterfly - instead she frequently allowed Emiko to plot their course.

These years also saw a growing dissatisfaction within Kayoko regarding how she was viewed as both an Ayanami and a twin: Though the Ayanamis were rendered human by Gestalt, there is a stubborn belief - particularly amongst Neogens - that sees the Ayanamis as still being genetically "advantaged", especially given the universally successful trajectories of the original ten sisters following Gestalt. This served to ensure Kayoko had a sizeable portion of her peers who considered her scholastic successes unearned, at least by the standards of "normal" people. That she was socially advantaged did not escape her notice, though, and this saw a deepening of her aversion to leaning on or drawing attention to her family name. Meanwhile, though she loved her sister dearly, she described hating the sense of being viewed as a "matched set" by those around her, and put considerable effort into establishing her own identity clearly separate from Emiko.

All these growing pains saw her find an unlikely mentor in her aunt Hachi, who refused to give her anything she had not carefully earned. Their close ties saw Kayoko frequently use her vacations to spend time among the Guardians.

Despite the misgivings of her parents, the moment she finished high-school Kayoko left the family home to attend Melbourne Starfleet Academy with a focus on tactics, psychology and linguistics, a complicated course load that she completed over four gruelling years. She took pains to hide her famous parentage from her classmates, using the Hyuga name alone and even going so far as to seek state-licensed transmutation to permanently alter her distinctive hair and eye colour.

After graduating she served multiple rotations as a junior officer on board several vessels, accruing multiple recommendations and a reputation as a rising talent. Even so, she was surprised to be given the opportunity to command a ship of her own in 2047, considering both her young age and relative lack of experience. She could have viewed it as the validation she'd been seeking, a meritocratic structure recognizing her self-made talents, separate from her privileged family name… but instead she's plagued by the nagging certainty that Makoto and Chiisana pulled strings in her favour. They denied this, of course, but she felt vindicated the moment she saw the name of her posting.

Relations between Kayoko and her parents have been frosty ever since. Even so, she has thrown her full force into her new position, determined to prove that her rise was more than just nepotism.

Psychological profiling describes Kayoko as a gifted social operator, with a knack for assessing the motivational levers of those around her. A childhood spent in circles of power ensures she knows how to manage social graces, although this is often serves as a pleasant veneer over a methodical, steel-trap mind. Deeply self-disciplined, she is driven and goal-oriented, and shares her mother's unwillingness to swerve from a goal once she's decided upon it. Also rather prideful, her dossier notes a concerning penchant for patiently nursing grudges against those who slight or doubt her and paying them off in vindictive fashion. She is a talented problem solver, though there are occasional reports of her becoming too occupied with the "big picture" of social and military puzzles at the expense of mindfulness for the feelings of the pieces involved.


Name Kayoko Hyuga
Origin Ayanami (Chiisana)
Combat Role Captain
Civil Role Counselor
Aptitudes Ballistic Skill, Intelligence, Perception, Willpower, Fellowship, AT Field, Resolution, Social
Experience 5400

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Scores and Vitals

Scores and Vitals

Characteristic Scores

Name Value Bonus Modifiers
Weapon Skill 25 2 -
Ballistic Skill 30 3 -
Strength 25 2 -
Toughness 30 3 -
Agility 30 3 -
Intelligence 40 4 -
Perception 40 4 -
Willpower 50 5 Inter. (+10)
Fellowship 60 6 Inter. (+10)
AT Field 65 6 Simple (+5)

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Wounds 16
Fate Points 2
Fatigue Threshold 3

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Trait Subname Effect
AT Field - You possess an AT Field and can use it as normal.
Peer Ayanamis, 3 You are gifted at mingling with a particular group of people. Social and interaction tests with this group take a +10 bonus per rank in this trait.

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Crew Level

(for captains only)
Crew Type Subname Effect
Evangelion -
2 Spenta Class You know all Tier 1 and 2 AT Field talents. Your Evangelion counts as having an AT Field score of 100, and Scores of 55 in everything else if needed.
Warfare -
2 Drilled Veterans You know all Tier 1 and Tier 2 Ranged talents. You count as having Rank 3 in the Point Defense skill.
Marines -
1 Starfleet Marines The Boarding action deals 1d10+2 Explosive damage, plus ship's Strength.
Navigation -
2 Pathfinders You can make a Full Move action as a Free Action at the start of your turn, and gain +10 to Dodge and Ram tests. Furthermore, you know the Sacrifice action.
Technical -
1 Basic Technical No effect.

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In good times, Kayoko is her mother's daughter. When committed to a course of action she is unnaturally tenacious, bouncing back from harm or failure through sheer willpower.
In bad times, Kayoko can over commit herself to a puzzle or problem she's decided she can "solve" even if circumstances shift.

In good times, this can give her a natural talent for working out how to motivate or manipulate a person in a specific direction, or to guess at likely courses of action a person might take.
In bad times she can be extremely overconfident in her own reads, sometimes to the point of missing contrary evidence.

In good times this can allow her to think and plan on a substantial scale, incorporating a large amount of variables without getting bogged down.
In bad times, this can lead her to lack empathy and compassion when it comes to maneuvering said variables to a desired result.
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Basic Skills

Skill Name Score Known (+0) Trained (+10) Experienced (+20) Master (+30)
Acrobatics Agi - - - -
Athletics Str - - - -
Awareness Per X X - -
Charm Fel X X - -
Command Fel X X - -
Commerce Int - - - -
Deceive Fel X X - -
Demolitions Int - - - -
Disguise Fel - - - -
Dodge Agi X - - -
Endurance Tou - - - -
Fortitude Will X X - -
Inquiry Fel X X - -
Intimidate Str X - - -
Literacy Int X - - -
Logic Int X - - -
Medical Int - - - -
Parry WS - - - -
Point Defense BS - - - -
Scrutiny Per X X X -
Security Int - - - -
Sleight of Hand Agi - - - -
Stealth Agi - - - -
Survival Per - - - -
Tech Use Int - - - -

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Advanced Skills

Skill Name Specialisation Characteristic Known (+0) Trained (+10) Experienced (+20) Master (+30)
Linguist Twiceborn Int X - - -
- English Int X - - -
- Japanese Int X
- Seer Int X - - -
Lore New World Int X - - -
- Tactics Int X - - -
- Linguistics Int X - - -
Navigate Void Per X - - -
Operate - Agi - - - -
Trade - Varies - - - -

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Combat Role Unique Talents

Name Subname Effect
Simurgh Analysis - So long as you are in your Starship, you can, as a Free Action at the start of your turn, select one enemy on the battlefield and test Awareness. On a success, you learn their Wounds, AP, and Characteristic scores, and know it for the rest of the battle.
Tactical Genius - You may spend a Fate Point to either allow a subordinate to reroll a test, taking their preferred result; or to add 1 degree of success to the test, although you can only do this once per test.
Plan B - Whenever you use Tactical Genius and the subordinate's test fails anyway, you regain your Fate Point.
Precision Targeting - So long as you are in your Starship, you can, as a Half Action, designate one enemy; all attacks against that enemy gain +1 Damage and Penetration until the start of your next turn.

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Civil Role Unique Talents

Name Subname Effect
Shrewdness - You gain a conditional Fate Point, which you can only spend in social interactions with another character, such as during a discussion or negotiation.

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Generic Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Ranged Training - You may use Ranged weapons without taking the -20 nonproficient penalty.
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Ranged Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Covering Fire - Any enemies subjected to suppressive fire from you, even if these enemies are immune to Pinning or Fear, take a -10 penalty to WS and BS so long as they are within the field of fire and Suppressive Fire is sustained.
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Interpersonal Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Eloquent - You may reroll Charm, Inquiry and Deceive tests and take the preferred result.
Veiled Threats - You may use Fellowship in place of Strength when making Intimidate skill tests.
Tier Two
Tier Three

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Mental Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Combat Formation - You may swap your Initiative with one other ally at the start of combat. Furthermore, the character may choose to use their IB in place of their AB when rolling Initiative.
Grounded Mind - You take a +10 to tests made to resist Confusion and Fear. Whenever you fail a test to resist Confusion or Fear, you may reroll twice on the relevant result table and take the preferred result.
Tier Two
Tier Three

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AT Field Talents

Name Subname Effect
Tier One
Innate Basic - You can use Tier 1 Innate AT Field abilities.
Dirac Basic - You can use Tier 1 Dirac AT Field abilities.
Kinetic Basic - You can use Tier 1 Kinetic AT Field abilities.
Psychic Basic - You can use Tier 1 Psychic AT Field abilities.
Radiance Basic - You can use Tier 1 Radiance AT Field abilities.
Tier Two
Innate Intermediate - You can use Tier 2 Innate AT Field abilities.
Dirac Intermediate - You can use Tier 2 Dirac AT Field abilities.
Psychic Intermediate - You can use Tier 2 Psychic AT Field abilities.
Tier Three
Innate Master - You can use Tier 3 Innate AT Field abilities.
Psychic Master - You can use Tier 3 Psychic AT Field abilities.

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Free Equipment

Defector Translation Band, Fine Spices

Other Equipment

Original Scores and Vitals

Experience Log

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