Komm Susser Tod 2 1a

[21:25] <Minaplo> [When Sera woke up and opened his eyes, he found an entirely unexpected turn of events. He could see a wall- a large cream-coloured wall. A little bit of experimentation- looking at the light blue pillow under his head- confirmed the obvious: his eyes were working.]
[21:33] <Sept> "Shit." Sera froze and closed his eyes again. He had to think this through carefully. What are you supposed to do when you get your eyesight back? Avoid looking at vivid colors for a day?-
[21:35] <Sept> Looking at out-of-focus things definitely wouldn't help with the strain. First order of business: locate glasses. He carefully opened his eyes to look around.
[21:47] <Minaplo> [The glasses had been placed optimistically on a bedside table (which was a wall fixture) on the left-hand side of the bed, next to a lamp that had been built into the table itself, fused seamlessly into the surface.-
[21:47] <Minaplo> [As he turned to look at them, a sudden smell filled his nostrils. A whirling mix of steel, cement, smoke…-
[21:54] <Minaplo> [Tsubaki was standing next to the table, her long white hair luminous and bright, clashing with the red jacket and peacock hat that she wore over a buttoned-up white jacket and ruffled skirt, separated by a thin strip of pale flesh from a pair red-and-white alternating thigh high socks.-
[21:55] <Minaplo> [She bent down, and picked up the glasses, holding them up about five centimetres from her face. Unlike everything else, she was perfectly in focus.]
[21:58] * Sept reached toward her and the glasses, but hesitated, staring at her expressionlessly. "…"
[22:02] <Minaplo> [She turned them around so that they faced Sera, and began to peer at him through them, focusing on the left lens first, then shifting the glasses to the left so she could stare at him through the right.]
[22:11] <Sept> "Could you give me my glasses?" he tried.
[22:12] <Minaplo> ["Why do you want me to give you the glasses?"]
[22:13] <Sept> "I'd like to see better."
[22:14] <Minaplo> ["Why these glasses?" Said Tsubaki, lowering them. "Why not a different item?"]
[22:17] <Sept> "Bec-" He hesitated again.-
[22:17] <Sept> "Those glasses are mine."
[22:18] <Minaplo> ["Are they the only item that can improve your sight? Would not a different pair exactly the same perform the same role?"]
[22:18] <Sept> "No."
[22:18] <Minaplo> ["Why not?"]
[22:20] <Sept> "They are mine," he repeated. "I've had them for a long time. They're not just for my eyes."
[22:21] <Minaplo> ["What are their other purposes?"]
[22:23] <Sept> "I got them from Ginevre. They're proof that there are plans of mine that work. Please give them to me."
[22:24] <Minaplo> ["Do you have to wear them?" Asked Tsubaki. "You could have them without having to use them to improve your sight. They are fragile. They could break easily."]
[22:28] <Sept> "I would prefer to wear them. What are you trying to do?"
[22:31] <Minaplo> ["Proposal." Said Tsubaki. She suddenly bent down by the bedside, her face about 15cm from his own. "Our place in your space can be used to improve your eyesight so you will not need to use these anymore. It benefits you."]
[22:37] <Sept> "In exchange for what?"
[22:38] <Minaplo> ["A favour."]
[22:39] <Sept> "Careful," he said, probably to her. "What kind?"
[22:41] <Minaplo> ["A favour decided on by all of us." Said Tsubaki. "Right now there are many possibilities."]
[22:46] * Sept shook his head. "Only the blindness has hindered me so far. I don't need that."
[22:50] <Minaplo> ["We healed your sightlessness."]
[09:12] <Sept> "You did?"
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[09:20] <Minaplo> ["Yes."]
[09:27] <Sept> "How do I know you aren't just taking advantage of that coincidence?"
[09:32] <Minaplo> ["I could remove your sight." Said Tsubaki. "Then return it to you."]
06[09:36] * Sept tilted his head. "That wasn't part of our agreement. You having the power to cripple parts of me as you wished."
[09:37] <Minaplo> ["I can take back what I give." Said Tsubaki.]
[09:40] <Sept> "But you can 'give' me what you want when I'm unconscious."
[09:52] <Minaplo> ["You did not want your vision returned?"]
[09:57] <Sept> "Of course I did. And I'm grateful for you returning it. -And- if you want this to be a lasting agreement, I'll have to know you won't turn on me for something stupid."
[09:58] <Minaplo> ["Define actions that would constitute 'turning on you'. Define actions that would constitute 'something stupid'."]
[10:05] <Sept> "Nevermind. How about some simple rules? Can we agree you'll only intervene with my consent, unless I'm incapable of communicating with you and I would otherwise die?"
[10:09] <Minaplo> ["Unacceptable." Said Tsubaki. She was still only a few inches away from him. "That would permit you to refuse our intervention in a situation where you would otherwise die, so long as you could communicate with us. We must be permitted to intervene regardless of consent should your life be threatened."]
[10:14] <Sept> "You're worried you might not survive if I was to be brought back?"
[10:15] <Minaplo> ["It is possible." Said Tsubaki. "And we cannot overlook the possibility of you deliberately arranging for such circumstances in an attempt to remove us."]
[10:21] <Sept> "In those cases, then, you'd have to make a better case for any favours you'd ask of me."
[10:22] <Minaplo> ["Define 'better case'."]
[10:27] <Sept> "If I could survive without you, I might not be grateful enough to repay you just from the goodness of my heart. Would you insist on these 'favours' then?"
[10:31] <Minaplo> ["We are unable to force you to fulfil them." Said Tsubaki. "But we -are- able to bring about situations that would make you disinclined to ignore them."]
[10:32] <Sept> "Like making me blind?"
[10:36] <Minaplo> ["Define 'making you blind'."]
[10:37] <Sept> "Removing my eyesight."
[10:38] <Minaplo> ["It is also our eyesight." Said Tsubaki. "Yours and ours. We will not take what is yours, but we can deny you what you would strive for, and we can take back what we have given."]
[10:42] <Sept> "Right."-
[10:42] <Sept> "Now, can I have my glasses back?"
[10:51] <Minaplo> ["Not yet." She folded the glasses up and placed them into the coat. "Allow us to review our new contract. If we consider your life to be in a state of endangerment, we are empowered to intervene as we see fit, so long as our intervention improves your chances to survive. In exchange for our intervention, and our continued assistance, we see fit to request that you perform us favours,
[10:51] <Minaplo> defined as an action or transaction that we desire to see you perform. Since the favours will be decided by consensus, they will necessarily strive to achieve mutual benefit. We are unable to enforce you to fulfil these favours, but you have been made aware that nonfulfillment may rouse us to remove our support or boons and deny you the fulfillment of your own goals. Do you agree on these
[10:51] <Minaplo> terms?"]
[10:55] <Sept> "So far. How does your body exist? Can others perceive you?"
[10:57] <Minaplo> ["Does wheter that question go answered or unanswered impact on the possibility of us sealing the new contract?"]
[11:05] <Sept> "Fine. I agree on those terms. Your cooperation with this kind of everyday stuff will only affect my willingness to work with you."
[11:06] <Minaplo> ["Define 'everyday stuff'."]
[11:07] <Sept> "The questions I just asked you. I'd like to understand what's actually going on in this room right now."
[11:08] <Minaplo> ["Then I will answer your questions."-
[11:22] <Minaplo> ["The form you see me using to manipulate these surroundings is a projection of your own space." Said Tsubaki. "It is a construct formed from your own energy, shaped by your mind, but given form through the realisation of my will in the material."-
[11:22] <Minaplo> ["I can be seen by others, unless I cannot, which is also a possibility I may engage whenever I feel. For now, I wish only your eyes to be on me."]
06[11:31] * Sept nodded, slowly. "Maybe you could give me a warning if you decide to show yourself to others, then."-
[11:33] <Sept> "So the glasses," Sera glanced at the surreally foggy object in her crystal clear hands. "They'd just be floating right now?"
[11:35] <Sept> <Sera recalled*>
[11:42] <Minaplo> ["Yes, except when I choose for them to be unseen. Since they are in my space, I may decide that."]
[11:45] <Sept> "I'm a bit intimidated by all this, I'll admit. At least you have slightly more of a stake in my health than the others."
[11:47] <Minaplo> [She placed a hand on his cheek. It was warm, pleasant and soft.-
[11:51] <Minaplo> ["Let us seal our new contract and reach consensus within each other's space."]
06[11:52] * Sept placed a hand on hers, gently.-
[11:53] <Sept> "I have no idea what you mean. I just want my glasses."
[11:56] <Minaplo> ["We negotiated a new contract. We must seal it."]
[12:06] <Sept> "We 'must'?"
[12:07] <Minaplo> ["We must. We have negotiated on the terms. We have both stated that we agree on them. Sealing the contract is the final step to make it binding."]
06[12:08] * Sept shifted uncomfortably. "And how do we do that..?"
[12:20] <Minaplo> ["We must establish a mutually agreed-on act or gesture that will signify a sealed contract for us. Proposal: a sharing of the lips and mouth."]
[12:28] <Sept> "Did we not… already establish one? We used a hug."
[12:31] <Minaplo> ["That was an expedient choice that we did not mutually agree upon. We can establish that as our mutually agreed-on act or gesture if you value the precedent."]
[12:35] <Sept> "I value the… pre-established meaning of the kiss more. It's usually an." Sera paused for a moment before crossing this line. "An intimate romantic gesture."
[12:37] <Minaplo> ["Is that problematic for our arrangement?"]
[12:43] <Sept> "Yeah. It is, whether or not anyone else sees you. On- On that scale, a hug would be somewhere between a kiss and a handshake. Considering the shared 'space', a hug might be. The appropriate gesture."-
06[12:43] * Sept shook his head.
[12:46] <Minaplo> ["Then an embrace it is." She held out her other arm.]
06[12:51] * Sept took a breath, nodded and leaned in to embrace her.
[12:56] <Minaplo> [They hugged.-
[12:57] <Minaplo> [Sera felt a sudden current of warmth run through his body, from the tips of his fingers and eyes all the way to his toes. A second later, Tsubaki pulled away, reached into her coat and took out the pair of glasses.]
[13:04] <Sept> "Um…" He felt like there was something he was supposed to say. Instead, he just raised a hand slightly in front of him for his glasses, palm up.
[13:05] <Minaplo> ["A favour first."]
06[13:06] * Sept exhaled. "Yes..?"
[13:12] <Minaplo> ["This is not a formal favour. It is a favour to me specifically and not to us. I request that you offer a name that I find appealing. I will use this name from now on for ease of communication."]
[13:15] <Sept> "..ah." He lowered his hand again, resting it in his lap as he looked elsewhere for an answer.-
[13:28] <Sept> "C-Cadenza? It's a thing where a…" He tried to formulate the rest of his sentence with his hands.
[13:30] <Minaplo> ["Define 'Cadenza'."]
[13:35] <Sept> "Like a solo in music." He found her eyes again. "A phrase or phrases, musical, for a single performer, out of the group of musicians. With the secondary meaning of… a showcase of that performer's ability, I suppose."-
[13:36] <Sept> "More or less. Does that make sense?"
[13:38] <Minaplo> ["You are naming me in a sense that highlights my role to you as a singular voice out of a concert of many." Said… Cadenza?]
[13:40] <Sept> "That was… my intention, yes." He nodded to her. "I should hope it'd prove to be fitting. If that is acceptable."
[13:40] <Minaplo> ["Try another name."]
[13:42] <Sept> "You'd prefer something simpler?"
[13:44] <Minaplo> ["I would prefer to choose one option out of many rather than one option out of one."]
[13:54] <Sept> "Well," Sera slowly said.-
[13:54] <Sept> *CLIFFHANGER PAUSE*
[13:55] <Minaplo> *You're an idiot*
[13:56] <Sept> *;)*


(13:18:52) Sept: "Mm. Francesca is a nice name. Even though, I guess- It meant 'French' at some point, but… you can't escape that kind of stuff unless you just pick a completely nonsense name. Or Ash, something broken down to… to grow new things." Sera's expression was difficult. "You see I don't understand what you're looking for, other than a simple designation."
(13:36:30) Minaplo: ["Do you assign aesthetic value to sounds?"]
(13:39:51) Sept: "Hm. With names, only to a certain point. I don't think names are ever… impressive, as long as they fit into the few standards."
(13:40:09) Minaplo: ["Define these 'few standards'."]
(13:43:09) Sept: "N… no. I couldn't."
(13:55:18) Minaplo: ["If you cannot define the 'few standards', how do you know if a name fits into those standards?"]
(13:58:31) Sept: "I know. They're partly subjective, but. There's a lot of things in human society that relies on arbitrary, unwritten agreements or rules."
(13:59:13) Minaplo: [Francesca(?) was silent for a moment. Then-
(13:59:19) Minaplo: ["Try another name."]
(15:01:04) Sept: "Picky. Fine…" And so it continued, as Sera explained and explained again random tidbits of Earth's cultures as he knew them.
(15:12:31) Minaplo: [This took longer than perhaps he had hoped. An hour and a half and some ninety names later, Tsubaki swept her hand once through the air. "I have made a decision."]
(15:15:46) Sept: "…you've what?"
(15:17:01) Minaplo: ["I have chosen a name."]
(15:17:48) Sept: "Ah. Yes?"
(15:19:07) Minaplo: ["Nadiacadenza."]
(15:19:54) Sept: "One name?"
(15:20:04) Minaplo: ["Yes."]
(15:25:08) Sept: "Why not use them separately?"
(15:26:48) Minaplo: ["Separate them into Nadia and Cadenza?"]
(15:28:19) Sept: "Yeah. Did you have a reason? It's not that unheard of."
(15:30:13) Minaplo: ["Combining two into one reflects our relationship of sharing your space and mine."]
(15:36:46) Sept: "That's… acceptable. You're satisfied with that?"
(15:38:02) Minaplo: ["Yes." She smiled.]
(15:41:32) Sept: "Alright, then. Congratulations on your name, Nadiacadenza."
(15:41:51) Minaplo: [She finally held out his glasses.]
(15:47:06) * Sept accepted them, wiped his watery eyes and put them on with a sigh of relief.
(15:47:41) Minaplo: ["From now on, if you wish to speak to me, and I am not with you, saying my name with the intent to speak to me will bring me to your side."]
(15:50:59) Sept: "Right. Will Nadia suffice, also? In a… casual context, or otherwise?"
(15:53:04) Minaplo: ["Nadiacadenza."]
(16:01:39) Sept: "I see."
(16:02:48) Minaplo: ["If 'Nadia' sufficed, I would have chosen Nadia." Said Nadiacadenza. "You may call me Nadia in situations when you are in imminent, defined as a minute or less of warning, danger of physical harm. No other times. Nadiacadenza."]
(16:07:23) Sept: "I can live with that. Others might insist on something else, but that hardly matters, right?"
(16:07:38) Minaplo: ["They will learn to call me Nadiacadenza."]
(16:20:19) * Sept laughed. "Very well. I'm going to make some food now." He hopped off the bed, blanket-clad.
(16:21:34) Minaplo: [Nadiacadenza stepped to the side, taking his place on the bed, pulling herself up onto it- not laying on it, but sitting on it in a sort of lean, her legs tucked daintily beneath her body. She watched him with unblinking, wide eyes as he went for the Mexican chicken stew that the MRE held.]
(16:26:36) * Sept eyed the heater's instructions. "Huh. He was right. Simple enough."
(16:27:45) Minaplo: [The 'mexican chicken stew' looked like about two dozen chunks of grilled chicken immersed in a red… Soup. Sauce? Stew. There were little bits of herb floating along in it.-
(16:27:54) Minaplo: [Presumably it was meant to be eaten with the rice sidedish.]
(16:33:03) Sept: So he'd need water with this… presumably he had some left to drink? He looked around. "So what's your deal with Cassius?"
(16:35:35) Minaplo: [There was a canteen of water, yes.-
(16:35:43) Minaplo: ["Define 'deal' in this circumstance."]
(16:37:55) Sept: "Your relationship. You don't get along?"
(16:43:24) Minaplo: ["Cassius disagrees with our assertion that our actions serve to benefit the greater good." Said Nadiacadenza.]
(16:46:16) Sept: "And these actions include the killing of a bunch of sentient beings." He poured some water into the pot and, for a moment, delighted in the act of reading the soup preparation instructions.
(16:53:16) Minaplo: ["The primary disagreement between us is due to the outcome of a battle, where we fought on the same side against the great Enemy."]
(16:54:22) Sept: "Mhm?"
(17:03:17) Minaplo: ["Is it important that you know?"]
(17:04:23) * Sept mixed the ingredients in with a spoon. "It could help. You'll certainly be more or less working together, now."
(17:11:45) Minaplo: ["We permitted our creator to die in order to strike the Enemy."]
(17:17:40) Sept: "Who was that? Your creator?"
(17:20:00) Minaplo: [Nadiacadenza paused for a moment. "Your language would render it as 'Creator of Mysteries'."]
(17:37:17) Sept: "Ah. They weren't with either of our Seeds, correct?" He tried to get the fire going.
(17:40:29) Minaplo: [A look of acute confusion crossed Nadiacadenza's face.-
(17:40:37) Minaplo: ["No. We permitted our creator to die."]
(17:48:39) * Sept set the heater down again, and looked back at her. He eyed her critically for a few moments before saying, "ah," and returning to finding proper, flameless ways to heat the heater.-
(17:49:35) Sept: "Sorry. I've been living like this for a while."-
(17:50:44) Sept: "What did you accomplish in return..?"
(17:51:35) Minaplo: ["We saved a Friend of the Ancestors, and their world."]
(17:56:36) Sept: "Ah. That sounds fair, as you'd tell it. What's the problem?"
(18:01:12) Minaplo: ["He does not believe our actions led to the best possible outcome."]
(18:06:53) Sept: "Thinks you or he could've done better." Let there be heat. The Spawn of the Solemn Exarch had bent the elements to his will. "But you think it -was- the best course of action?"
(18:13:14) Minaplo: ["He is right in that it was not the best possible outcome." Said Nadiacadenza. "But the probability of us achieving the best possible outcome was weighted against the probability of the actions we took. Since the probability strongly favoured the course of action we took, which still resulted in the achievement of our goals in that situation, then it is believed that we did choose the best
(18:13:14) Minaplo: course of action and would choose to do so again in the same situation."]
(18:18:04) * Sept admired his work, far less hyped about the crappy water-based meal. "That sounds sensible. And since you're both entirely capable of working independently, you haven't cooperated since."
(18:20:16) Minaplo: ["After that battle, we absorbed the light of the Friends that we saved, adding them to our number in order to protect them. Then we were taken back to the Homeworld, since the light of a Friend is too precious to risk in open combat with the great Enemy."]
(18:28:02) Sept: He stood up and turned back to her, a hand at his hip. "What do you mean? You took their souls?"
(18:33:03) Minaplo: ["We let them into our space, and so they became us."]
(18:37:38) Sept: "Does Cassius consider that an adequate way for them to survive?"
(18:39:44) Minaplo: ["It is not something that angers him. Preserving the light of a Friend for a future time is too important."]
(18:45:44) Sept: "I understood this was a much deeper feud between you. You make it sound like you just parted ways after a… well, more than a disagreement. But still."
(18:49:53) Minaplo: ["It is Cassius who has problems with us, not the reverse." Said Nadiacadenza. "But I also said it is only the primary cause of tension, not the only cause. We are incompatible."]
(18:53:55) Sept: "I can appreciate that." The cold was starting to get to him. They'd left some clothes here, too, surely?
(18:54:17) Minaplo: [And deny Nadiacadenza a show?-
(18:54:24) Minaplo: [Yes. They had clothes for him in the corner.]
(19:05:17) * Sept started dressing himself, the stew's questionable aroma filling the room after the more favorable Eau de Paris. He shivered as he put on his shirt, trying to hurry himself along to get warm again.


(15:36:37) Minaplo: [And so Armin headed off his own way. Of course, Armin wasn't a crew member… He'd probably have to vigilante volunteer.]
(15:45:32) * Sept wondered if he was well-known enough to figure out any problems of that sort that might arise. Not that people would probably complain a lot for receiving his help.
(15:50:51) Minaplo: [Where to now?]
(15:53:23) Sept: The Cargo Bays, trying to pay attention to blocked-off passages on the way, get a picture of where the damage is concentrated, if anywhere.
(15:55:18) Minaplo: [The damage tends to be concentrated primarily on areas closer to the centre of the ship. A space just about 200m from the front of the bridge all the way to the bow has been -sliced- off the ship, and all areas even near there are closed off. Any area near the front third of the ship is also blocked off, and various little areas closer to the exterior of the vessel are blocked off too.-
(15:58:14) Minaplo: [Before long he'd arrive at cargo bay 3, where he'd soon be directed towards Officer Watson, a short, somewhat portly red-haired man with a well-trimmed beard and goatee.]
(16:03:24) Sept: "Hey," Sera gave Watson a wave as he approached him. "Work for a courier?"
(16:03:55) Minaplo: [The man turned. "Good. 'Bout time. You know the way to Main Engineering?"]
(16:08:07) Sept: "I'd say so. Could be detours, but I'll get there. What do you have?"
(16:14:43) Minaplo: ["Fifty power reactors taken from power armour." Said Watson. "We've placed 'em in a trolley for you to take. You'll need to slap on a radiation suit."]
(16:19:59) * Sept rubbed his hands and blew on them. He had half a mind to forgo the rad suit, but that probably wouldn't be polite to his roommates. Although… Tsubaki may already have had her share of radiation with the 03 ship core experiments, and would Ayanamis care…? "Yeah, alright. Not dangerous enough to worry about passer-by exposure?"
(16:21:11) Minaplo: ["No, see, the problem is that one of the passages to Main Engineering collapsed a few hours ago and the only path to it now requires going through an area exposed to reactor radiation. The power armour units you're carrying are harmless."]
(16:23:34) Sept: "Oh, I see. That's fine. You got suits here?"
(16:23:41) Minaplo: ["Yeah."]
(16:29:40) * Sept nodded and wasted no more time heading out to grab one of those suits - expecting it to be one of those huge space suit-like things.
(16:30:05) Minaplo: [He was right!]
(16:32:32) Sept: "I swear I've been exposed to a dozen times this much shit by now," he muttered as he pulled it on, struggling to keep his glasses on straight inside the crappy helmet.
(16:36:55) Minaplo: ["Do you wish to be immune to such hazards?" Came a voice at his ear, heralded by a hand on his shoulder and chest. With a whiff of Paris, he finds Nadiacadenza standing next to him, her face and giant luminous eyes scant inches away from his own.]
(16:44:35) * Sept did flinch at the sight of her, but recovered quickly. "They haven't bothered me so far." Then, just grab the trolley and be off on your merry way to Engineering…
(16:50:28) Minaplo: [She followed him as he went.-
(16:51:42) Minaplo: [It wouldn't be long before he, his trolley, and Nadiacadenza reached the unshielded area they had been warned about. The door to the area was locked, and guarded by a tall (was there any other kind?) Iron Guard in red gold with gilded edges.]
(16:54:48) Sept: "Yo. Delivery."
(16:57:19) Minaplo: ["Hm." The Guard stirred. "What's it, and where's it going?"]
(17:01:05) Sept: "Package to Main Engineering."
(17:03:50) Minaplo: ["Well I know it's a package. What's the content of the package?"]
(17:05:29) Sept: "Power cores, if you insist."
(17:05:46) Minaplo: ["Is that some kind of energy drink?"]
(17:07:59) * Sept shrugged, the gesture lost in the suit. "Cores, reactors, energy. Not a drink."
(17:09:33) Minaplo: ["I was fucking with you. Lighten up." He reached back, slamming one of the buttons to open the door. "You can go through."]
(17:13:53) Sept: "Nice. Don't worry, I'm doing great. Have a nice apocalypse." With an effort, he got the trolley moving again and headed in.
(17:15:03) Minaplo: [The door slammed shut behind him.-
(17:16:05) Minaplo: [It was eerily quiet in this part of the ship. There was -no one- here. No passing crew, no work teams… Utterly alone. Even Nadiacadenza had vanished at some point.]
(17:20:09) Sept: Not even a disembodied geiger counter noise. Sera stopped for a moment to appreciate the view before continuing on his way.
(17:26:25) Minaplo: [After a ten minute walk, Sera would find himself at the other end of the section, facing another Iron Guard- this one also in red- who gave him a thumbs up and let him through.-
(17:28:42) Minaplo: [Main Engineering was a massive place. Sera's path led him down a corridor into the main hub, where a long line of parallel consoles arranged length-ways to him ran down the middle of a solid hundred-metre long room. More consoles lined the walls, except where there were gaps for doors. At the very end of the room was a gigantic blast door, about eighty metres wide and a hundred metres
(17:28:43) Minaplo: tall.-
(17:28:59) Minaplo: [Here, he could hear a constant purring hum of the largest engines rhythmically pulsing.-
(17:30:14) Minaplo: [Where to take them? Well, there were hundreds of technicians at work, but he'd easily be able to see the ones in charge- working on a central console built into a raised dias in the middle of the room was Surov, Ritsuko and a tall, slender girl with curly red hair and soft, beautiful features.]
(17:35:27) * Sept would just have to roll up to them at respectful distance and get their attention with his suit still on and cargo left down at the base of the dais. "Hey, science team!"
(17:37:24) Minaplo: [Understandably, Surov and Ritsuko both turn the second he says 'science team'. The redhaired girl is slightly slower to turn.-
(17:39:15) Minaplo: ["Hey, Bibendum." Said Ritsuko. "What's up?"-
(17:39:31) Minaplo: ["A power reactor delivery." Said the redhaired girl in an even tone.]
(17:42:06) Sept: "Spoilers. The girl's right. Where d'you want 'em?"
(17:46:55) Minaplo: ["Take them to Processing. Eleventh door on the right from the reactor-side of the room." Said the girl.]
(17:53:13) Sept: "Eleven-right. Awesome. What's new down here?" He eyed Barzilai and Ritsuko.
(17:55:21) Minaplo: ["We are busy trying to replace the lost reactors with other power sources." Said Surov. "The faster we expand our energy production capacity, the faster the self repair systems will work." He turned back towards his work.-
(17:56:23) Minaplo: ["Yeah, that's basically it." Said Ritsuko with a small smile. "Most of the repair teams are done here… Just us working away now. It's pretty boring really."-
(17:56:38) Minaplo: [The redhaired girl studied Sera's face. She had vivid green eyes, he saw.]
(18:02:48) Sept: "Uh huh. I'll see if I can't get something new for you to theorize about soon." She nodded towards the girl. "New consultant?"
(18:04:06) Minaplo: ["I am Sarasvati." She said. "Chief Engineer of the Dorian Lachapelle."-
(18:04:18) Minaplo: ["She's my daughter, de Pteres." Said Surov, not looking over.]
(18:09:18) Sept: "Daughter." He turned back to look at her, and smirked slowly. "Hahaha, yeah, I see what happened here. Nice to meet you, Sarasvati. I'm Sera de Pteres, your father's muse."
(18:12:06) Minaplo: ["I have heard of you. It is good to meet you. What do you mean by muse?"]
(18:15:35) Sept: "You know. I remind him how the best laid plans of humanity are on my shoulders, and he can't help but try to find an alternative for humanity."
(18:17:08) Minaplo: [Sarasvati stared at him silently for about five seconds, made a single, quick blink, then turned her back on him, going back to work.-
(18:17:17) Minaplo: ["You have somewhere to be, de Pteres. Be there." Said Surov.]
(18:17:59) Sept: "Alright! Good talk, I appreciate it. Eleven-right."
(18:18:39) Minaplo: [Ritsuko gave him a small wave, her expression dry, before she too went back to work.]
(18:22:50) Sept: Sera headed back down the few steps to his trolley and headed for the designated door. "Nadiacadenza."
(18:23:55) Minaplo: [She was there by his side as though she had never left.]
(18:24:08) Sept: "Did she have an AT field just now? Sarasvati?"
(18:25:40) Minaplo: ["Define 'AT Field'."]
(18:29:09) Sept: "Well, a stronger AT field than what the others had. Something like what Ayanamis have? This place is pretty creepy, I just thought she felt weird."
(18:34:25) Minaplo: [Nadiacadenza turned to look at her. "No stronger AT Field than expected of a passive Lilim field."]
(18:37:29) Sept: "Alright. Just imagining things." Nine, ten… eleven.
(18:40:03) Minaplo: [The door opened automatically as he approached. Within were a team of technicians- one of them looked over as he entered. "Whassat for us?"]
(18:42:35) Sept: "Power. Well. Not actual power, just reactors. Want them unloaded here?"
(18:43:24) Minaplo: ["Yeah. Do you mind helping us unload them? You can't take the trolley back until you do, so you might as well."]
(18:45:03) Sept: "Yeah, if you don't mind my irradiated ass there with you."
(18:45:42) Minaplo: ["Pretty sure you walked through decon on the way." Said the techie. "Let's get to it."]
(18:46:53) Sept: "Alright." Sera still didn't bother with taking the suit off, that'd just double the time he'd be spending down here.
(18:52:33) Minaplo: [The work went quickly enough. Within ten minutes he'd be allowed to leave.]
(18:53:36) Minaplo: [Whilst he was on his way out, however, Ritsuko would call out. "Hey, Sera."]
(18:59:32) * Sept rolled to a stop gracefully and faced up towards her wordlessly.
(19:01:14) Minaplo: ["You're friends with Frederic Gosselin, yes?"]
(19:02:33) Sept: "I'd sure hope so!"
(19:04:20) Minaplo: ["That's a crappy reply, but if you haven't been told already, Sophie had his baby yesterday. Think about paying them a visit, ok?"]
(19:04:52) Sept: "Oh, shit. I'll do that, thanks!"
(19:06:20) ยป Join: Suzune (902.721.681.27|enuzuS#902.721.681.27|enuzuS)
(19:06:30) Minaplo: ["Right. Off you go."]
(19:06:48) Sept: "Off I go," he confirmed, and went off.
(19:11:43) Minaplo: [Back all the way to Cargo Bay 3. "Everything go ok?" Asked Watson.]
(19:15:01) * Sept finally got to take off the crappy Helmet of Michelin +1. "Yeah. Busy down there."
(19:19:09) Minaplo: ["You're not wrong. Ok, I've got an easier task for you this time."]
(19:19:56) * Sept folded the crappy rad suit back onto its crappy shelf. "Lay it on me."
(19:21:26) Minaplo: ["We need you to take 500 MREs to Consumables."]
(19:22:13) Sept: "I can't do that in a single run, can I?"
(19:22:44) Minaplo: ["Sure you can, we've got the trolley already loaded up."]
(19:24:37) Sept: "Hmm." Sera figured he probably wouldn't be able to weasel that into several shipments. He gave up. "Alright. I'll go ahead and run it, then."
(19:26:06) Minaplo: ["Trolley's over there."-
(19:26:26) Minaplo: [Watson pointed him in the direction of a well-laden trolley. Actually, it looked like it was nearly overflowing…]
(19:29:54) Sept: A careful job, then. A job for Sera de Pteres, consulting courier.
(19:30:36) Minaplo: [More like insulting courier.]
(19:32:04) Sept: Was that a spoonerism? Regardless, onwards he went.
(19:33:34) Minaplo: [And so of to Consumables. As he opened the door, the pale man on duty looked up and groaned.-
(19:33:36) Minaplo: ["Fuck off."]
(19:36:00) Sept: "Nah, man. Christmas came early, Strine."-
(19:36:23) Sept: "Wait, no, is that in June for you? Fuck if I know. Five hundred Meals, Ready-To-Eat."
(19:36:57) Minaplo: ["Three lies for the price of one." Said the man. "And we don't have christmas in Australia as that would require us to have joy or reasons to celebrate. Ugh. Bring the trolley over then."]
(19:38:07) * Sept did, helpfully offering to help unload the cargo.
(19:39:40) Minaplo: [This process actually took much longer than unloading the power cores. Furthermore, Consumables had lots of MREs already, and Sera ultimately was just adding to this pile.-
(19:40:00) Minaplo: ["We should lose this glut by nighttime." Said the man. "Ok, you done? Fuck off."]
(19:40:55) Sept: "Yeah, alright. I'll catch you in three days. Merry Christmas!"
(19:41:04) Minaplo: ["Fuck off."]
(19:42:06) * Sept grabbed his trolley and headed out to spread more cheer.
(19:42:44) Minaplo: [Back to Cargo Bay 3.-
(19:42:50) Minaplo: ["No problems?" Asked Watson.]
(19:45:08) Sept: "No problems."
(19:45:32) Minaplo: ["Good. We just got another shipment in. 1500 MREs, three trips. Let's get to it, soldier."]
(19:49:24) Sept: "…ah." Sera tried to hide the smile. "Yeah, no problem."

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