Komm Susser Tod 2 2

(13:49:50) Minaplo: [END OF EVANGELION. Date: 11th of May, 2018. Location: Peace Vallis, Aeolis Quadrangle, Mars. "Komm Susser Tod" 2.2-
(13:53:07) Minaplo: [The hospital wing was a rush of people. Early in the piece, the hospital wing has been designated as the medical centre for the most critical of cases first and foremost, due to the proximity of equipment.-
(13:58:17) Minaplo: [And right now, it was full: fresh patients sat in beds, many of them groaning in pain, some screaming, all of them sporting pulse burns, some even missing limbs. Doctors and medics scurried about…-
(13:59:29) Minaplo: ["Ignatenko!" Shouted Tenma. "Biogel to patient in bed eight!"-
(13:59:57) Minaplo: ["The biogel, there is none on hand!"-
(14:00:07) Minaplo: ["No- we couldn't have used that much already?"-
(14:00:18) Minaplo: [The medic gave Tenma a helpless shrug.-
(14:02:05) Minaplo: ["Never enough biogel." Said Clement dully, trying his best to stabilise a patient, who had been blinded from a stray pulse flash through the bridge of the nose. "That's just a staple of the job."-
(14:04:11) Minaplo: ["Damnit." Tenma turned on his heel. "Switz! Head to the other centres, tell them we need as much gel as they can spare. Douro, send word to the bridge, aks if the Bell has any to spare." Tenma looked around quickly. "Damn- Ignatenko!"-
(14:04:16) Minaplo: ["Yes, doctor?"-
(14:04:23) Minaplo: ["Where the hell is Dr. Paget?"-
(14:04:29) Minaplo: ["No idea."-
(14:04:55) Minaplo: ["She's one of the best doctors we have for this sort of injury." Said Tenma. "Does anyone know?"-
(14:05:03) Minaplo: ["She never came in." Said Clement. "Or I didn't see her."-
(14:05:25) Minaplo: [Tenma let out a sigh. "Ignatenko, find her. Start with her quarters, then head to Supply and Logistics."-
(14:06:08) Minaplo: ["Is no easy job." Grumbled Ignatenko, who practically ran for the door.-
(14:06:50) Minaplo: [It took Ignatenko about five minutes to reach Dr. Paget's quarters.-
(14:07:14) Minaplo: [He hit the doorchime. He hit it again. No answer. Since the door wasn't locked, he shrugged and opened it.-
(14:07:22) Minaplo: ["Docto- Doctor Paget! You are needed!"-
(14:07:48) Minaplo: [She was inside after all- lying in bed, facing away from the door.-
(14:08:17) Minaplo: ["Ugh, sleepyhead doctor! There are people dying!" Ignatenko slammed his hand on the doorframe several times. "Get up! Doctor!"-
(14:08:25) Minaplo: [Nothing.-
(14:08:52) Minaplo: [A flash of anger crossed Ignatenko's face. He stormed across the room. "I said get up, doctor!" He shouted, grabbing her shoulder-
(14:09:18) Minaplo: [He pulled it back a second later. Doctor Paget was lying still- her face and skin pale. She wasn't breathing.-
(14:09:36) Minaplo: [An open bottle of medication sat on the floor next to her mattress.-
(14:09:44) Minaplo: ["No- doctor… No!"-
(14:09:47) Minaplo: […-
(14:11:23) Minaplo: [It was the first real 'conference meeting' the leadership had had since Mars-fall. And it was a depressing one to say the least.-
(14:13:44) Minaplo: [Sitting around the table were a group of people. Yanmei, Sera, Raphael, Frederic, Surov, Sarasvati, Vercingetorix, Linden, Mazarin, Leon Thomas, and Ginevre Fontaine. -Standing- around the table were Lucille and Tsukino Haruki- standing behind Yanmei- and, at the opposite end of the table, Doctor Tenma.-
(14:14:31) Minaplo: ["She died in her sleep." Said Tenma quietly. "Judging from the medicine, and her access, I… Have strong reason to believe that it was a suicide."-
(14:14:52) Minaplo: ["Our fifth." Said Thomas darkly. "Fifth suicide so far."-
(14:15:26) Minaplo: ["We also lost six people to the Stormtrooper ambush as well. A further eight are crippled permanently, and another six are too injured to work." Said Tenma.-
(14:16:10) Minaplo: ["Witness reports suggest that the ambush was conducted by plainclothes individuals." Said Thomas. "It seems they've started dumping their power armour and using infiltration tactics to harass our work teams."]
(14:19:35) * Raphael 's face is still ashen from the announcement of Dr. Paget's suicide, and he's clearly struggling to keep composure as he keeps his eyes on his hands to buy himself time to gather himself.
(14:24:50) * Sept shook his head nearly imperceptibly at the news. He saw it fit to stay quiet for a moment, as well, keeping his hands steepled in front of him, hiding his mouth.
(14:29:10) Yanmei: "Our security isn't the best right now?" Yanmei murmured, dealing with the parts of it that she could manage right now. She'd been quiet so far, sitting with her jaw clenched, hands balled beneath the table. "But that's no excuse. We have to think of what we can do to keep our workers from getting hurt."
(14:30:17) Minaplo: ["Wellesley is leading a counter-attack as we speak." Said Thomas. "But the main problem is sussing out the fuckers from regular Feds."-
(14:31:06) Minaplo: ["We could bring forward the cordoned off areas." Suggested Frederic. "That would give us a greater buffer in which to intercept attacks, but it would mean slowing our repairs."]
(14:33:30) Raphael: "Imposing further security checkpoints might also be necessary." Raphael says, looking up from the table. He looks a little better, if still rather pale and worn. "We're on the back foot, though. Neither our forces nor our situation are suited to counter-infiltration tactics."
(14:39:50) Sept: "But right now, we have limited 'safe zones' from hostiles in places that require security access - perhaps dorms, engineering, the bridge, correct?"
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(14:48:12) Minaplo: ["Correct." Said Thomas.]
(14:49:14) Sept: "Imposing a curfew and then shutting down heating in unsafe sectors could smoke out at least plainclothes infiltrators. Work slows down, again, and unless we do it without advance warning -and- do a thorough sweep with our forces, they might not even suffer any losses."
(14:51:00) * Raphael nods slowly. "I would agree with that, yes."
(14:51:29) Yanmei: "Not fond of the heating thing. What about trapped survivors from our own crew?"
(14:54:37) * Sept looked up at her for a moment before turning back towards the center of the table. "Do we have any clue of how many of those we have?"
(14:55:39) Minaplo: ["Only the broadest estimates." Said Thomas. "Anywhere between a hundred to four hundred."]
(14:59:41) Raphael: "… I do not enjoy saying this, but eliminating the stormtrooper cells may be a more pressing concern. We can't sustain ongoing losses from attacks like this, not given the state of our security or morale." Raphael says, giving Yanmei a steady look.
(15:01:42) Sept: "And hostile forces will keep muddling data from pings. Can we afford to go any more aggressive with our exploration? Actively search for both survivors and trooper cells with AT-equipped squads?"
(15:04:30) Yanmei: "We've lost enough people. I want to look into other ideas that don't end up killing potential rescuees." She was glaring back, toying with something around her neck. A shiny red stone. "It's not one or the other. There are other methods we can use. Scanning them for any UN or Federation equipment, for example. Even if they've dumped the power suits, it doesn't mean they've dumped all of
(15:04:30) Yanmei: their weapons or tools."
(15:05:19) * Raphael watches a moment longer before nodding once. "… understood, ma'am."
(15:05:39) Minaplo: ["Chancellor?" Sarasvati.]
(15:06:52) * Yanmei eyed her a little warily. "Yes, Sarasvati?"
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(15:11:29) Minaplo: ["The pulse weaponry they use contains accelerators and power clips based on New World technology. If I could have some time to analyse some examples of their weaponry, I might be able to isolate an element unique to it that can be detected through electronic means, such as through a reprogrammed auspex."]
(15:12:49) Yanmei: "How much time would you need?"
(15:15:07) Minaplo: ["At least five hours."]
(15:17:03) Yanmei: "What does everyone think?"
(15:18:55) Sept: "Sounds good to me. Any actions in the meantime? Could still widen the buffer temporarily as we start to seek them out. They might see it as a sign of weakness, if we're lucky."
(15:26:05) Yanmei: "Can we afford the manual work slow-down that a wider buffer would result in? Like, is the self-repair running quickly enough yet to compensate for it?"
(15:28:03) * Raphael can't answer that, but for what it's worth he's still nodding approvingly at the plan.
(15:29:53) Minaplo: ["No." Said Surov. "But if we relocated the displaced work teams to other repair efforts we could mitigate some loss of efficiency. Many work teams are understaffed."-
(15:38:43) Minaplo: ["I request we be permitted to draft extra workers from the refugee population on the Liberty Bell." Said Surov.]
(15:44:02) Yanmei: "We will ask for volunteers," said Yanmei carefully. "Many of them are traumatized or have small children to look after? For those who do come, we'll keep them away from the debris-clearing and front-line repair work to keep them out of those ambushes."
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(15:49:00) Sept: "Giving them special treatment could be taken the wrong way, volunteers or not."
(15:54:59) Yanmei: "But they're not trained for high-pressure situations like that? They're civilians. What are they supposed to do if fighting breaks out?"
(15:55:52) Minaplo: ["Run." Said Surov.]
(15:57:23) * Sept turned away from Yanmei for input, again. "What's the record? Have our Feds fared any better in these ambushes?"
(16:01:54) Raphael: "They have." Raphael nods. "A combination of equipment and training, largely. We take a few Stormtroopers each time and our casualties are lower, though still higher than theirs."
(16:03:15) * Sept nodded. "Justified, then. Any uproar later on can be dealt with, if we still have Stormtroopers left to worry about."
(16:08:04) Yanmei: "Considering that everyone knows what happened at Asgard, I think they'll cut the volunteers a little slack for not milling around within shooting range of the enemy," said Yanmei dryly. "As for further protecting our own troops until we can reliably scan for equipment… I'm tempted to make use of some of the Ayanamis' abilities."
(16:08:58) Minaplo: ["Go on." Said Ginevre.]
(16:11:35) Yanmei: "They - or some of them, at least - can keep in contact with each other telepathically, correct?"
(16:12:11) Minaplo: ["Yes."]
(16:17:02) Yanmei: "Could they extend that to multiple people for a long period of time? Like, say, maintaining connections with multiple repair, clearing or scouting crews? Because if they could, they could also detect infiltrators by process of elimination. Anyone not linked to them would be considered suspect." She frowned again, drumming her fingers on the table. -
(16:17:58) Yanmei: "Of course, a plan like that depends on whether or not the Ayanamis can do it… and also whether or not the workers would put up with it."
(16:18:37) Minaplo: ["It is possible. Chiisana, San and Go could all do it." Said Ginevre.-
(16:19:15) Minaplo: ["An ESP IFF." Said Sarasvati, giving Yanmei a sudden, radiant smile. Her teeth were very white and even. "Impressive."]
(16:20:47) Yanmei: "Thanks…" she looked vaguely unnerved.
(16:22:39) * Raphael eyes Sarasvati carefully for a moment before looking back to Yanmei. "I think the work crews will put up with a great deal if it serves to keep them alive, for what it's worth. It's hardly even a hypothetical anymore."
(16:25:31) Minaplo: ["There is reason to believe that telepathic networks such as this actually improve efficienty." Said Ginevre. "The network encourages teamwork and co-operation to a degree beyond the usually reached. There is merit in using these telepathic networks even beyond just identifying infiltrators."]
(16:29:53) Yanmei: "Hmm. We'll try it out, then? It'll only be for a few hours. If it works out, we'll keep it in mind for other applications."
(16:36:14) Sept: "Pretty exciting," Sera noted, nodding along to the conversation idly.
(16:41:01) Minaplo: ["Chancellor." Linden.]
(16:41:17) Yanmei: "Yes?"
(16:41:57) Minaplo: ["If you declare this matter settled, may we proceed to brief the room on the situation back on Earth?"]
(16:42:46) Yanmei: "Yes. Please proceed?"
(16:43:39) Minaplo: ["Are there any questions from the group before we proceed?" Asked Ginevre.]
(16:44:41) * Raphael joins a few others in shaking his head.
(16:45:08) * Sept just leaned back.
(16:45:45) * Yanmei also shook her head.
(16:47:47) Minaplo: [There were shakes of the head from the rest of the group, except for Surov, who just stayed still.-
(16:55:38) Minaplo: [Linden nodded. "Very well. Reports indicate that, as noted, the New World Army and its UN allies have launched full scale invasions of France and the USSR, with both invasions being launched from Germany. Further invasion forces are en route to the United States, China and French Africa. In Europe, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic have all declared for the New
(16:55:39) Minaplo: World, whilst Italy, Norway, Sweden, New Yugoslavia, Roma-Bulgaria and Greece have remained neutral."-
(16:58:05) Minaplo: ["The main decisive element at play are Superheavy units." Said Linden. "The New World forces have large E-Destroyer corps, whilst the Federation states are forced to rely on their Dreadnought corps, which, whilst they pack a heavy artillery punch, aren't able to handle E-Destroyers in close range combat. We've managed to rustle up a few obselete Thruster units- some Solaces here, a T-RIDEN-T
(16:58:05) Minaplo: there… Apparently your old ride is doing fairly well, Raphael." Said Linden with a small smile at him.-
(16:58:30) Minaplo: ["There have yet to be reports of any Eva or Dysangelion activity on the battlefield yet, nor any sign of their battleship."-
(17:00:40) Minaplo: ["However, at best guess, without support, then our states in Europe will be defeated in probably four weeks."-
(17:03:43) Minaplo: ["Brazil is remaining neutral thus far." Said Mazarin. "Brazil is the only state that could probably resist a full invasion force by itself. It has its own sizeable Superheavy corps, drawn from Thruster units and E-Destroyer plans, and as we all know, it has the Evangelion, as well as a fully-operating base."-
(17:04:34) Minaplo: ["And we know the Brazilian Eva is fully combat ready." Said Linden. "It has a pilot, it has weapons, it has access to an alarming amount of ex-LN scientists…"-
(17:04:49) Minaplo: ["Either way, that is the overview as it stands." Said Linden. "The floor is yours, Chancellor."]
(17:20:56) Yanmei: "Thank you. Before we were stranded here, the general idea was that making a good show in Europe would mean winning the support of nations there and around the world that would have otherwise remained neutral or sided with the larger World Order. I believe that we can still make that happen if we return to Earth within the week. However, losing the Dorian's weapons is a pretty massive
(17:20:56) Yanmei: blow? And the loss of our own troops in the crash is also a huge problem."
(17:24:40) Minaplo: ["Yanme- er, Chancellor?" Vercingetorix.]
(17:24:55) Yanmei: "Yes?"
(17:30:13) Minaplo: ["Raphael and I have been looking into the viability of using small strike teams to attack the New World forces in sensitive areas." He said. "Like knocking out leaders, or cutting off supplies, or catching attack forces between us and defending forces…"]
(17:32:19) * Yanmei perked up a bit. "Have you? Which areas have you been looking to strike in?"
(17:34:27) Minaplo: ["A-All of them. Um. Mostly a focus on… France and Russia."]
(17:37:46) Sept: "I'm sure the crew would be relieved if the Dorian was relegated to a figurehead and support position for a while. I assume that's still where you'd be organising the raids?"
(17:41:47) Raphael: "Correct." Raphael nods. "We can't afford long-term deployment, but our SOS teams specialize in the sort of tactics Vercingetorix is suggesting. With his capability to Jaunt us to and from Earth we can launch our attacks from relative safety and potentially secure further supplies and materiel to return back to Mars on top of our other objectives."
(17:44:50) Yanmei: "That would be extremely helpful on many levels? Do you require Eva support, or would that be a little too conspicuous?"
(17:46:53) Minaplo: ["These would just be using small special operations forces." Said V. "Soldiers in power armour. We haven't looked at anything bigger."]
(17:47:23) Sept: "Would these then be more difficult to trace than Eva-scale jaunts..?"
(17:53:05) Minaplo: ["Yeah." Said V. "More to the point, jaunt-tracing only tells you where something is going, not where it's coming from. So only if we jaunt away is it a problem. Jaunting in is fine. And that's why I want to keep it small. Because if we bring in D-Titans and Evas, we're going to attract a lot of attention, but if we send in tiny strike teams, then they'll probably mistake the strike teams
(17:53:05) Minaplo: for being local forces, instead of, y'know, the crazy notion that their day's being ruined by Martians."]
(17:54:20) Sept: "Neat."
(17:57:36) Yanmei: "Indeed." Yanmei smiled faintly. "I think this is an excellent effort? That said, we'll need more volunteers from the Bell than I'd originally anticipated if we're sending some of our own people out to fight."
(17:59:54) Minaplo: ["Why not use some of the Wizard's Iron Guard?" Suggested Frederic.]
(18:04:06) Yanmei: "Let's send them out with the strike teams!" said Yanmei hastily.
(18:04:23) Sept: So his shadow was still around. Sera glanced at Ginevre at that memory, before catching himself and turning back to the conversation.
(18:07:45) Minaplo: ["I'll pass it on." Said Linden. "It's probably best to send them to separate battlefields, though, to reduce suspicion."-
(18:09:02) Minaplo: ["Chancellor." Ginevre, who eyed Sera momentarily before looking at Yanmei.]
(18:09:17) Yanmei: "Yes?"
(18:10:10) Minaplo: ["We also have a full audit of our current Eva-scale forces available to us right now. Shall I announce it to the group?"]
(18:10:54) Yanmei: "Please do?"
(18:14:51) Minaplo: ["Evangelion-wise, we have seven combat-ready units." Said Ginevre. "01, 03, 04, 05, 08, 13 and 21."-
(18:16:32) Minaplo: ["Of these, 03 is required to power the Battleship. 05 is Ikari Shinji's unit, 08 is Gabriel-Wei's, and for safety purposes, Ikari is barred from piloting his own unit. 13's pilot, Sho, is still recovering from her Metatron-induced injury during the Egg attack. And 21's pilot, William Weiss-Xylander, has yet to wake from his coma. So out of these, we have three units we can deploy: 01, 04
(18:16:32) Minaplo: and either 05 or 08."-
(18:18:56) Minaplo: ["Superheavy-wise, we have a total of 20 units: the six D-Titans of Eagle Squad, the five D-Titans of SOS Squad, the six E-Destroyers Customs of Fox Squad, the two E-Destroyer-Varangian Customs, and finally the prototype G-Defiant Peacecraft, which was recovered from the Battle of Asgard."-
(18:19:09) Minaplo: ["And finally, we also have one Angel, Zeruel."-
(18:20:35) Minaplo: ["Of these, one of the pilots of Fox Squad- Kensuke Aida- has his right arm cut off by Solomon Joan, and will be unable to pilot until we can afford to expend resources on a bionic replacement. Of the two Varangians, one is Lilly Norling. And finally, the G-Defiant Peacecraft has some curious issues… Surov?"-
(18:21:53) Minaplo: ["I examined it." Said Surov. "Zhang, do you care to hear its capabilities?"]
(18:22:27) Yanmei: "Yes, certainly?"
(18:22:43) * Raphael shifts a little at the mention of the Peacecraft, but he remains silent for now.
(18:26:14) Minaplo: ["The G-Defiant takes liberally from both D-Titan design and that of the E-Destroyer. It uses advanced motive systems based on E-Destroyer designs, whilst much of its muscular working is based on D-Titan synthmuscle. However…" He paused. "To equate it, capability-wise, with either, would be an insult. We downloaded the onboard data specifications, and if they are true- and considering
(18:26:14) Minaplo: what I saw of the battle recordings, I have no reason to doubt them- then the G-Defiant is a unit outfitted with technology that would, in normal circumstances, not enter mass production for another two decades. Even with the current state of the global military-industrial complex, it is still easily ten years ahead of even the most advanced Custom designs."-
(18:27:07) Minaplo: ["And if I may interject, Chancellor, it would want to be." Said Sarasvati. "The budget expended on the Peacecraft was immense. 55.4% of the entirety of Thruster Unity's budget was spent on this one prototype. They could have produced another twenty D-Titans with the resources they spent."-
(18:27:26) Minaplo: [Frederic let out a low whistle.-
(18:32:43) Minaplo: ["The basic overview. It possesses high speed, high maneuverability, advanced flight, underwater and void capabilities, unusually rugged structural integrity and a sophisticated AI. More notably, it is colloquially riddled with unique technology. I admit I actually did not recognise its armour plating at first." He said this with a mix of admiration and surprise. "But it is stronger than
(18:32:43) Minaplo: any conventional armour plating I've seen- the records refer to it as 'Suzanium Alloy', and apparently it requires to be hand-forged by an Evangelion unit using AT Field mechanics. It also possesses a unique armory: a pair of small hand-held positron beam emitters, essentially positron -swords-, as well as an advanced positron battle rifle. I have yet to review the entire armory."-
(18:34:53) Minaplo: ["It is also currently unusable. Stresses in the battle of Asgard have damaged much of its motive systems. I have maintenance teams working to replace the parts. However, it seems most of this stress did not come from enemy action: it comes programmed with a special anti-Evangelion function that drastically increases its capabilities for a short time before the stress destroys half of its
(18:34:53) Minaplo: components. However, judging from the battle records, this enabled it to hold off a Dysangelion for a time."-
(18:35:12) Minaplo: ["The unit is currently keyed to a single pilot- Suzanne Sartre- but I am working to enable other pilots to use it as well."-
(18:36:07) Minaplo: [Ginevre leaned over to Yanmei. "As an aside, I've been forwarded several reports from those who fought at Asgard requesting that Sartre be given suitable honours for her service. I'll leave that in your hands."]
(18:37:37) Sept: "H… Sorry for jumping in, but how did Sartre end up as the sole authorized pilot to this machine?"
(18:38:54) Minaplo: ["It seems the director of the project was friendly with her." Said Surov. "Since the G-Defiant was not expected to be deployed to the battlefield, he allowed her to act as a test pilot. During the battle, he placed her inside the machine to protect her from the ground forces invading Asgard."]
(18:39:30) * Raphael is staring at his hands again, his expression unreadable.
(18:42:20) Sept: "Ah. Understandable." Sera leaned back again, satisfied with the answer.
(18:42:35) * Yanmei scrutinized Raphael. Surely, he must have been so proud…? "Well, I don't see why she -shouldn't- be honored. We'll sort it out at a later date. As for the G-Defiant… how much would it cost to repair it? More than we have available?"
(18:43:39) Minaplo: ["The problem is not cost but time." Said Surov. "I need time to replicate the construction process. Estimate… Two to five weeks before the unit will be combat ready."]
(18:48:28) Yanmei: "I suppose the person who designed it is gone." Yanmei said, frowning. "If he or she was around, we might be able to speed it up a bit, right?"
(18:50:39) Minaplo: ["Yes."]
(18:51:00) Minaplo: ["That said." Surov continued. "There are still -some- of the team left. Robert Langley, for one."]
(18:52:47) Yanmei: "Ah…" Awkward. "Well, it may not be enough, but we'll see if we can get him to help? In the meantime, we'll just have to hold out until the repairs are done."
(18:54:31) Minaplo: [A nod.]
(18:58:38) Yanmei: "As for the Evas, are their repairs pretty much impossible now?"
(19:03:37) Minaplo: ["For a great many, yes." Said Surov. "However, we do have one damaged Evangelion that will soon be combat-ready: EVA-09, Ayanami Rei's unit. Repairs have been underway on it ever since it was destroyed by Michael in the Paris-2 battle. Because we already -had- the components and brought them with us, we can complete the repairs with our current resources. Ayanami Rei will be ready to return
(19:03:37) Minaplo: to the battlefield in a week and a half."]
(19:09:34) Raphael: "…" Raphael stares at Surov blankly for a moment before he remembers himself and returns his attention to some inoffensive item in the middle distance.
(19:09:43) Sept: "What do we need to repair any and all units on demand? Do all the Earth bases have sufficient resources stockpiled for that?"
(19:12:20) Minaplo: ["Resources and facilities." Said Surov. "The Battleship is capable of maintaining five Evangelions permanently, including arming them, repairing them, so on and so forth. It is capable of supporting fifteen total for a temporary period."-
(19:14:48) Minaplo: ["Even if we were to, say, take Boston and find every resource we needed to repair the Evangelions- which we won't, by the way- we would still be constrained by the sheer number of units we need to repair and maintain. Even with Boston we would still only be able to repair and maintain ten at a time, which leaves us with, once we take away 03 and 21, the capacity to repair six damaged units
(19:14:48) Minaplo: at once. To be able to support our entire Evangelion corps, we would optimally need three Minifronts and the Battleship, or the Battleship, a Minifront and the Geofront."]
(19:16:39) Yanmei: "It won't be an easy task to find or recapture all of those," Yanmei muttered.
(19:17:56) Sept: "Well, at least we got to properly break the Vatican Treaty once."
(19:18:09) Minaplo: [There was a snort.-
(19:18:26) Minaplo: [Mazarin shook his head, smiling wryly, and gestured to Linden.-
(19:19:27) Minaplo: ["It sounds to me like our best bet would be to get Brazil onto our side, then reinforce France." She said.]
(19:22:43) Yanmei: "But that's not something we can do until we get back. Right?"
(19:23:03) Minaplo: [She nodded.]
(19:24:12) Sept: "And even if those were the obvious positions for her to defend, I doubt it'd be significantly easier to assault the less valuable bases, with the mobility of high-priority strike forces on both sides."
(19:27:39) Minaplo: ["Furthermore, I believe her Dysangelions are being kept in reserve at the moment because she does not know where we are." Said Linden. "The moment we emerge, she'll no longer need them to be looking for us."]
(19:30:19) Yanmei: "Makes sense? So we'll have to time our actual return pretty carefully."
(19:32:17) Minaplo: [A nod.]
(19:33:58) Yanmei: "All right, then. Are there any other questions about this? Or concerns we have yet to raise about our situation here or the situation back on Earth?"
(19:38:11) * Sept just eyed the rest of the table.
(19:39:08) Minaplo: [Nothing from these folks.]
(19:40:25) Raphael: "There's one matter I'd like to raise in private if you can afford the time, Chancellor." Raphael says.
(19:41:43) Yanmei: "Certainly? See me afterward, Guillory. In the meantime, let's adjourn?"
(19:42:25) * Sept laughed. "Same. You're not getting an easy coffee break here, Yanmei."
(19:43:42) * Yanmei smirked. "Like I'm not already used to that?"
(19:44:08) Minaplo: ["Actually, there is one matter I would care to raise." Said Surov. "With you and Guillory alone."]
(19:46:02) Sept: "Interesting logistical problem. I can wait."
(19:46:15) Yanmei: "All right. I'll see you two together, then. Oh." She adopted a straighter, more formal posture. "One more announcement before everyone disperses?"
(19:47:13) Raphael: "Thank you, Pilot de Pteres." Raphael says with a small smile, quickly lapsing back into silence as Yanmei speaks again.
(19:47:35) Minaplo: [They stopped to listen.]
(19:52:29) Yanmei: "So. This is rather personal, but… Pilot Gabriel-Wei and I have been talking a lot recently, and have come to a decision. About marriage. Mainly that we'd like to do it sooner rather than later? With a ceremony." She coughed.
(19:55:49) * Sept raised an eyebrow and smiled. A royal wedding? Convenient.
(19:59:09) Raphael: "… Congratulations, Chancellor." Raphael says, a hint of uncertainty crossing his face before being quickly and forcibly smothered.
(20:00:11) Minaplo: [the room went still for a second. Some of them simply stared. Others squinted at her suspiciously.-
(20:00:44) Minaplo: [A bright smile spread across Sarasvati's face, however. "Congratulations, Chancellor." She said. She leaned forward. "Please make me a bridesmaid."-
(20:00:47) Minaplo: [Surov rolled his eyes.-
(20:00:58) Minaplo: ["When you say 'sooner', how sooner do you mean?" Asked Mazarin.]
(20:04:44) Yanmei: "Either before we leave Mars, or shortly after returning to Earth?" She was beaming as if the entire room had erupted into applause. "Either way, very very soon."
(20:08:40) Minaplo: [The stillness continued for a few seconds, before…-
(20:09:57) Minaplo: [Mazarin stood up. "For marrying such a fine and natural pairing, there is no wrong time. Congratulations, Yanmei."-
(20:11:24) Minaplo: [The others began chiming in too. "Congratulations, Yanmei~~~" Chirped Minerva, whilst Vercingetorix began to clap. "Wow, Yanmei- wait until I tell muh-"-
(20:11:48) Minaplo: ["Huhn. Not only is she my head of state, but now she's getting married." Grumbled Thomas. "And she's not even 18 yet…"-
(20:12:17) Minaplo: [Ginevre stood up, putting a firm hand on Yanmei's shoulder. "Well done." She said quietly.-
(20:12:34) Minaplo: [Frederic had been about to stand up and clap, but he suddenly froze. "Yanmei, wait…"]
(20:14:04) Yanmei: "Thank you everyone!" Was she getting a little misty-eyed? She tossed tossed her hair. "W-what is it, Gosselin?"
(20:14:50) Minaplo: ["This is all really sudden. I'm starting to wonder…" He grinned. "Does this mean Patrice's playmate is on the way soon?!"]
(20:15:43) Yanmei: "No." Her expression went a little flat.
(20:16:12) Minaplo: ["Humph."-
(20:16:41) Minaplo: ["Don't listen to this idiot." Said Thomas. "He's still all fuzzy-wuzzy because of his little brat-"-
(20:16:47) Minaplo: ["Hey, now…"]
(20:18:53) * Yanmei snickered and stood up. "President Mazarin? Will you preside over the wedding?"
(20:20:55) * Sept just sat there, rather surprised at how successfully the mood of the room had been transformed.
(20:22:55) Minaplo: ["Me?" He blinked at her for a few seconds in surprise, then smiled. "On one condition."]
(20:23:20) Yanmei: "Certainly~"
(20:23:57) Minaplo: ["You allow Henriette a role in the ceremony. A bridesmaid, perhaps."]
(20:24:37) Yanmei: "I was already thinking of that," she said with a grin.
(20:25:31) Minaplo: [He bowed slightly. "Ah."-
(20:25:57) Minaplo: [Surov folded his arms. "Zhang. We have things to discuss. Send the happy help off already."]
(20:28:26) Yanmei: "Hmph." Yanmei folded her arms. "All right, all right. Everyone's dismissed? Thank you all again…"
(20:34:14) Minaplo: [And with that, most of the occupants filed out, many of them taking the time to shake Yanmei's hand, hug her, or kiss her on the cheek.]
(20:37:13) * Yanmei smiled and kissed back… met with Surov and Raphael to ask for a minute or two of privacy, and then took a chair next to Sera when the door had finally closed. "So!"
(20:39:20) * Sept leaned back on the chair, probably causing grievous structural damage to the back legs. "So. You get any sleep in this chaos?"
(20:42:25) Yanmei: "Enough to have a weird dream or two? What about you?"
(20:46:35) * Sept laughed. "Yeah, I had my own hospital room and everything. It's nice to feel appreciated like that, when resources are scarce. I -worked-. That was a thing."-
(20:47:25) Sept: "I'm just really glad it's over for now with Metatron."
(20:51:25) * Yanmei settled back into her own chair, although probably not as far. Her eyebrows rose a little as if in mild surprise. "Metatron. It hasn't felt like it since we got here, but… we really accomplished something, didn't we?"
(20:55:43) Sept: "Yeah. Humanity - well, Lilim - are all but ensured to not go extinct. And we might accomplish more. By that rough definition, we're at least a step better than anything she had planned. You should feel good about that."
(21:04:08) Yanmei: "Maybe once I get a little time to breathe I'll feel relieved about it too. There's a lot to worry about right now, even if it's not quite as massive as mass extinction?"
(21:07:28) * Sept nodded. "Sure." He hesitated for a moment before continuing, rearranging his hands in his lap. "So as regards those immediate concerns - not that it's a new concern you should pay attention to - but we. Picked up a hitchhiker before we jaunted here."
(21:10:20) Yanmei: For a moment, sheer panic lit up her eyes as she mentally went through the list of enemies they had faced down during and after the Singularity Egg. "W-who? Or -what-?
(21:11:23) Yanmei: ^"
(21:15:16) * Sept raised his hands up a little in response, instantly regretting using those words. "C-Calm down. The Longinus' spirits wanted a way out where they couldn't just be tossed away, like we'd done with the Lance. So we gave them residence in 01 and, by extension, me, to a limited extent, but one we still have to be aware of, since it's now in -their- interest that I not die, even if I could be rescuscitated. And I'm -reasonably certain- I'm not making this up, okay?"-
(21:15:50) Sept: "That should be obvious since I'm choosing to burden you with this."
(21:22:51) » Quit: Raphael (~ua.moc.tensutpo.dlq.ap.421-761-791-94ap|oaT#ua.moc.tensutpo.dlq.ap.421-761-791-94ap|oaT) (Ping timeout)
(21:23:40) Yanmei: "Well, yeah, but…" she was slowly calming again. A little. She was no longer sitting as stiffly, at least. "You're not burdening me, first of all? But. What do you mean by spiritS? Like, it's more than one? The lance should be like Exaclibur and Armin, right? So shouldn't there be just one? And shouldn't it be, like-" she gestured with her hands, as if she was grasping something. "Like,
(21:23:40) Yanmei: a spear? Like, tangible? How is it inside 01 and you?"
(21:31:57) Sept: "N… No. Well, I don't know the exact limits of their existence, but we have time to figure that out if we want to. But they do operate like a congress, looking for consensus on every course of action, which is partly why we had to - and why we could - make this compromise. Although now they're -represented- by a single spirit because they're the one whose proposal for the agreement I accepted. With me so far?"
(21:34:49) Yanmei: "Y-yeah."
(21:37:35) Sept: "Okay, -now-." He made another disarming gesture with his hands. "Please give me a moment."-
(21:40:20) * Sept looked down and slightly away from her as he said, in a voice not quite as clear as earlier, "Nadiacadenza, show yourself to us, please?" …and held his breath, staying perfectly still, dreading at the infinite ways this could go horribly wrong.
(21:43:21) Minaplo: [Quite suddenly, Yanmei would find herself staring not at Sera, but at… Tsubaki. A Tsubaki wearing a bright red coat and a garishly decorated hat. She was sitting on Sera's lap, her arms lying on his arms, her hands on the back of his hands. She stared at Yanmei unblinkingly.]
(21:44:36) Sept: "Alsopleasegetoffme. Just- moment."
(21:48:01) Minaplo: [She leaned back, swung her legs up so that her heels rested on the conference table. Then she… Stood, as though suddenly propelled forward in a 90 degree angle until she was standing on the table itself.]
(21:49:48) * Yanmei stared up at her, not quite believing what she saw at first. It was slowly sinking in, though. Why not? There were minature lab-made Annihilators, and Armins, and so forth in this world. Why not a PsychoTsubaki lance avatar. "Hello-" she recalled how Sera had just summoned her, "-Nadia, is it?"
(21:50:13) Minaplo: ["Nadiacadenza."]
(21:51:14) Sept: "And Nadiacadenza, this is Yanmei. Great. Okay -now-," Sera said, something of a blush apparent on his face as he raised a finger sternly. "Her appearance being based on a facsimile of Tsubaki instead of say, Malachi or something, is -not- to be taken as my weakness or inability to make decisions under immense pressure in hostile environments, it was the fastest and best way for us to get out of Metatron's egg alive. Understood?"
(21:53:10) Yanmei: "Uh huh." Yanmei didn't look entirely convinced. "Has the real Tsubaki met her yet?"
(21:55:46) Sept: "No- absolutely not, you're the first one to know besides Armin." Sera took a deep breath, trying to manage this. Somehow this was worse than talking about conditioned-or-imagined alter egoes. Somehow. "Does that mean you'd prefer this to be in the open? Relatively speaking."
(22:01:09) Yanmei: "Hmm." Yanmei tilted her head, eyes still on Nadiacadenza. "If it was me, I'd tell maybe a handful of people who'd strictly need to know. Kind of like I do with the hallucinations I get when I'm wearing this thing." She touched the stone pendant again. "I don't know what sort of arrangement you guys have, though?"
(22:02:01) Minaplo: [Nadiacadenza stared- then quite simply, was gone.]
(22:04:23) » Quit: Minaplo (ua.ten.tenii.nyd.241-211-071-421|olpaniM#ua.ten.tenii.nyd.241-211-071-421|olpaniM) (Quit:)
(22:09:08) Sept: "Well the -arrangements- will likely work out on a case by case basis, depending on the ways she will be of use - like fixing my eyes earlier - but I'd agree. I'll keep it to a minimum. But regardless, if I, say, tell Tsubaki, which I feel I should, we can't guarantee it'll stay between those people. -But- I don't see why it'd be a problem among the crew, considering I have Armin around me already."
(22:11:49) Yanmei: "Yeah, freakouts should be minimal. It's not like she's Voriel or anything?" A pause as she considered something, turning back to Sera. "How… long is she staying around for, by the way?"
(22:17:29) Sept: "W-Well. Indefinitely. Their goals align with Elisha's in that they'd like to see both Seeds get through this, so. For now? But not forever."
(22:22:45) Yanmei: "Oh." She frowned deeply, and then leaned back with a sigh. "I'd feel more worried about it if Armin wasn't around to help watch your back? Even still… um. Is she still listening to us now?"
(22:28:04) Sept: "Yeah. I don't know about her perception of the outside world when I'm unconscious, but otherwise she's 'around'. But you don't need to care about that. She's not allowed to act unless I'm in actual danger. We established some… ground rules."
(22:33:31) * Yanmei nodded uncertainly. "Want me to pass this info along to Surov? Or any of our other scientists who are capable of doing some research on it?"
(22:37:58) Sept: "Yeah, you'll probably see more of them, so go ahead. If I run into them, I can elaborate, but the basics should suffice for them for now. The ship's condition is gonna be the focus for us, of course."
(22:39:29) Yanmei: "Yeah…" Yanmei nodded a few more times. "Congratulations on your eyes, by the way."
(22:43:22) Sept: "Ah. Thanks!" Sera was incredibly grateful for the topic change. "At least I don't need a guide anymore, can work, find my way back to the dorm… which I'm apparently sharing with Tsubaki and some Ayanamis?"
(22:45:36) Yanmei: "Oh yeah? How's it working out so far?"
(22:48:01) Sept: "Well, not sure. Only ran into Chiisana earlier today. I'll find out soon, I guess." He tilted his head a bit. "What's your arrangement, then?"
(22:50:02) Yanmei: "I'm in a couples dorm. There's Rei, Wellesley, Asuka, Jerkface, and Isaiah. It hasn't been as trying as I thought it would be?"
(22:52:48) Sept: "Ahh, I see. I didn't realise 'singles' meant anything. But that doesn't sound too bad? You've won all the pillow fights, right?"
(22:58:56) * Yanmei huffed. "Pillows nothing. We fight for real. That said, no matter what Asuka says, any 'losses' I suffered last night were only temporary setbacks and strategic retreats."
(23:02:24) Sept: "Of course. Show her who's Chancellor," Sera grinned. "Well. That's probably enough time out of the both of our days, right?" He got up with a bit of a stretch.
(23:03:41) Yanmei: "All right." Yanmei stood up with him to see him out. "Send Guillory and Surov in next. Should be waiting just outside?"
(23:05:39) Sept: "Yeah, will do. Say hi to your dorm buddies for me? And… congratulations for the marriage plans."
(23:06:35) Yanmei: "Thanks." She smiled warmly at him. "That means a lot."
(23:09:36) Sept: "Right." He glanced a bit sideways. "As did this talk. Even if I had an excuse for it."-
(23:09:41) Sept: "I'll see you around?"
(23:10:24) Yanmei: "Of course! Later!"
(23:10:51) Sept: "Later." And he exited, nodding the two others in.

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