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(14:59:59) Sept: This time, he didn't have to lug carts or heavy packages around, at least. Sera descended further in towards the heart of the ship. Had they fixed the radiation leaks yet..?
(15:02:08) Mianplo: [They had, although Duncan the Iron Guard had spent two days outside the door, pranking people by telling them that it hadn't. Victims included Yanmei.-
(15:02:20) Mianplo: [But Duncan was gone now, and the corridor was a lively stream of people going to and fro.]
(15:08:59) * Sept slipped into the stream, following them idly to their destination, trusting Armin to keep pace without blocking the entire corridor.
(15:19:30) Mianplo: [Which he did.-
(15:19:41) Mianplo: [Kept pace without blocking the corridor, that is.-
(15:20:59) Mianplo: [They emerged into the busy, bustling and warm chamber that was Main Engineering. Surov was on his dais in the middle of the room, speaking to a gaggle of technicians. Ritsuko wasn't here today, but Sarasvati was, standing out due to her bright hair and tall form.]
(15:25:55) * Sept approached the dais, trying to get an idea of how interruptible this conference was for either of them.
(15:26:29) Mianplo: [Luckily, Sarasvati didn't seem to be engaged with the conversation.]
(15:31:49) * Sept circled around the school of technicians, then. "Sarasvati? You have a moment?"
(15:35:25) Mianplo: [Sarasvati looked over at him. She had very bright green eyes… "I do. What do you need?"]
(15:40:57) Sept: He knew lots of people with green eyes. Wasn't even a thing. He scratched the back of his good hand. "I want to establish some kind of cooperative relationship. For educational purposes, to start with."
(15:46:40) Mianplo: ["In what field do you want education, de Pteres?"]
(15:53:48) Sept: "Education I've already secured, but… I'm i-interested in our current biomech projects - Eva regen and repair, and how you've connected San- how 03 is working with the ship, specifically. For now."
(15:55:11) Mianplo: ["We feel understanding connections to be a priority." Said Armin seriously.-
(15:57:28) Mianplo: [Sarasvati glanced at him for all of a tenth of a second before looking back at Sera. "Understood. There aren't any barriers that prevent me from explaining those subjects. When would be a convenient time?"]
(16:05:24) Sept: "Well. Now?"
(16:06:53) Mianplo: ["Where would be a convenient location?"]
(16:09:05) Sept: "You've got vacant rooms around here, but I'd rather not let people thi- let me interrupt your workflow, if more important people show up."
(16:09:42) Mianplo: [She cocked her head to the right slightly for a moment.-
(16:10:10) Mianplo: ["Is my office an acceptable location? Unless I'm here on the main floor, it is the first place visitors look if they want to find me."]
(16:10:28) Sept: "That would be fine," he quickly nodded.
(16:11:04) Mianplo: [She stepped back, whispered something to Surov- who gave her a quick nod- before Sarasvati led Sera and Armin away to her office.-
(16:11:56) Mianplo: [In case Sera hadn't been here before, the brief overview: it was spartan, containing a desk, a desktop computer, a large wall computer, and a small hoard of MREs, organised into a neat hill about two feet high.-
(16:12:31) Mianplo: [Also, it was cold. Colder than the rest of the battleship. Going from the positively toasty Main Engineering room to this sub-zero office was a proper shock.]
(16:15:11) Sept: "Is this room… separately cooled?" Sera asked, slightly incredulously.
(16:19:41) Mianplo: ["Yes. Is it uncomfortable for you?"]
(16:23:36) Sept: "Mm, well. Yes. Is it -more- comfortable to you..?"
(16:24:01) Mianplo: ["Yes."]
(16:29:16) * Sept coughed as the cold air irritated his lungs. "Well, I can bear it, then. Don't suppose you have blankets..? Eh, it's fine."
(16:37:25) Mianplo: [Within an instant, she had a handful of thick blankets, two coats and a turtleneck in her hands. Within another instant she was by his side, pushing her gathering of cloth into his face.]
(16:41:22) Sept: "Oh. Thanks." He looked for a spare chair, soon wearing the blankets like a poncho.
(16:52:46) Mianplo: [There was in fact three spare chairs.-
(16:53:02) Mianplo: ["Do you want to eat?" Asked Sarasvati, gesturing at her MRE pile.]
(16:58:53) Sept: "No, thanks. I'm good." He held up a mechanical hand in a dismissive gesture. "Why do you have a mountain of MREs?"
(17:03:17) Mianplo: ["I'm registered as a member of the crew, and so am given a daily ration like everyone else." Said Sarasvati. "I have no need of food, so they haven't been eaten. Conversely, there are certain members of the crew, who require more than the average amount of food, so I typically allow them to access my stockpile when necessary."]
(17:05:02) Sept: "Ah. I see."
(17:06:00) Mianplo: ["They are grateful for it." Said Sarasvati. "However, it is easy to be generous with something that you don't need."-
(17:06:11) Mianplo: [She returned to her seat.]
(17:10:08) Sept: "True. I guess it still takes time out of your day to get them." He gave up trying to find a comfortable way to keep his right hand warm and just wrapped the turtleneck all around it, folded over.
(17:11:05) Mianplo: ["Where do you want to begin?"]
(17:15:52) Sept: "…start with the repair process for damaged Evangelion units, I think that's going to be simpler. Where does the line between regeneration and repair capabilities stand, now? Do they limit each other to any extent?"
(17:44:50) Mianplo: ["They do." Said Sarasvati. "The fact that we need to make mechanical and engineering repairs slows the regeneration process. Providing it is not disabled, an Evangelion is capable of regenerating most of its biological form rather quickly. However, it rarely regenerates damaged mechanical implants, which are required for many systems. A relevant example is the Subdermal Defensive Carapace
(17:44:50) Mianplo: Interface (SDCI), a thin layer of sockets and plating beneath the flesh of the Evangelion. Armour is secured to the Eva by connecting with these sockets, which in turn enhance a pilot's abilities to control their unit. Surgically implanting an SDCI into an Eva's fully-formed body is extremely difficult and time-consuming, so the standard method is to enforce 'controlled regeneration'.
(17:44:51) Mianplo: Instead of regenerating the entire limb at once, it regenerates in stages- typically bone first, then non-interfering muscle layers, until the limb is complete. Meanwhile, the implants are attached to the Eva between these regenerative stages. It's much easier and efficient than post-regenerative surgical implantation, but it means that damage an Eva could regenerate in an hour or a day is
(17:44:56) Mianplo: stretched out over entire weeks."]
(17:53:00) * Sept nodded. "How much faster have S2 Organs, uninhibited and otherwise, made the process? Do they help at all?"
(18:05:09) Mianplo: ["They've changed the process." Said Sarasvati. "Before S2 Organs became widespread, we had to cultivate every separate limb from scratch and graft them onto the torso. This allowed us to rebuild a disabled Eva to full capacity in hours, but the process was extremely expensive and inefficient. Eva genetics are very unstable, and mutations were common. On average, we would need to discard
(18:05:09) Mianplo: nine arms before we grew a sufficiently stable limb. The record is ninety-six times, trying to grow a head for EVA-01."-
(18:06:59) Mianplo: ["The current process was developed in response to the S2 Organ's regenerative abilities. It's much more efficient. Mutations still occur, but our ability to exert a level of control over regeneration also allows us to essentially damage mutated tissue over and over until a more stable element replaces it."-
(18:08:11) Mianplo: ["That said, we still try to manufacture 'spare parts', because they have strategic value, but that process has changed too: we now use simplified Evangelion bodies with average S2 Organs to grow the parts, which we then remove from the torso."]
(18:22:18) Sept: "Those experiments would've been hell to organize, yeah. What do you use to stop the regrowth? Acid, surgery, something more insidious..?"
(18:28:53) Mianplo: ["There's a flesh-eating bakelite composite that we use."]
(18:36:00) Sept: "…ah, that shit. You can keep it in a liquid state indefinitely?"
(18:36:30) Mianplo: ["Yes, if required."]
(18:38:03) Sept: "With temperature?"
(18:44:59) Mianplo: ["Yes."]
(19:01:21) Sept: "Ah." Sera shifted in his chair, running his left hand through his uncomfortably short hair. "So the possible ways t-to improve the process would be more intelligent, selective regeneration, or a simplification to the S… DCI, or the plating? You've looked into them?"
(19:04:31) Mianplo: ["We have. So far, progress has been slow- it is difficult to directly control the regeneration. We do have a superior solution that we have been investigating. You have seen an Evangelion berserk on the battlefield. Have you ever noticed that a Berserk Eva will sometimes regenerate damaged armour plating?"]
(19:07:54) Sept: "Wasn't sure, w-would've checked. Specific to certain units or an unlocked organ?"
(19:11:36) Mianplo: ["It's been observed to occur in several units during Berserk. Notably 05, but 04 and 08 have both exhibited the same quality."-
(19:11:57) Mianplo: [Armin leaned down next to Sera. "Cold getting to you?"]
(19:21:54) Sept: "Yes, but that's fine. Does that prove the possibility to change the… the regeneration print of a unit, or is it something else?"
(19:22:16) Mianplo: ["Do you want Sarasvati to warm you up?" Asked Armin, his voice tinged with concern.-
(19:22:33) Mianplo: ["Y-" Sarasvati paused, looking between Sera and Armin curiously.]
(19:28:17) * Sept rubbed his eyes briefly with his cold, still entirely responsive right hand. He looked back up at Sarasvati. "Fine. Fine."-
(19:32:46) Sept: "Explanation," he said, in a bit of a forced formal tone. "Armin finds you attractive and kind. I agree you're- pleasant to look at and, so far, to talk to, temperature notwithstanding."-
(19:35:33) Sept: "Armin believes in a very vocal approach to appreciating anything. I don't. I hope this doesn't-" he looked for the words for a moment, "offend or distract you, one way or another."
(19:37:49) Mianplo: ["I'm not offended." Said Sarasvati with a warm smile. "Do you want me to warm you up?"]
(19:41:45) Sept: "I- don't think other people would find that proper. Especially not Surov. But thank you."
(19:42:39) Mianplo: ["Sera is very concerned with others' opinions." Said Armin, folding his hands over his lap in a ministerial fashion. "He's very sensitive."]
(19:44:51) Sept: "That's not relevant at all."
(19:45:31) Mianplo: ["…"-
(19:47:15) Mianplo: [Sarasvati stared at them both for a second longer. "To continue, yes. As the theory goes, Evangelions regenerate their limbs based on a conscious identity, a mental or metaphysical 'blueprint' of their body stored within the S2 Organ. If we could modify the Evangelion so that they considered their electronic implants to be part of that identity, it would save us a lot of time."-
(19:48:06) Mianplo: ["Have you tried developing the Evas to have biological analogues of the implants?" Said Armin quietly. "Instead of metal armour, it could just be a bony carapace."-
(19:48:22) Mianplo: ["The idea has occurred to us. That seems to be one of the key elements behind a Dysangelion's design, at any rate."]
(19:53:32) * Sept tries to rub his hands together for the hundredth time before reconsidering. "Implementing concepts like ablatives would require work. Without study of Dysangelion designs. Yes?"
(19:54:21) Mianplo: ["That's correct. Ultimately the concept is possible, but all of our technology is designed around specific mechanical components."]
(20:03:55) Sept: "Less room to work with, no fallback mechanisms. But then we've got things like Lances that c-can flawlessly integrate themselves into whatever."
(20:08:16) Mianplo: [Armin gave Sarasvati a wink and a thumbs up.-


(13:00:52) Minaplo: [Sarasvati barely paused. "This is true. What are you suggesting?"]
(13:12:19) Sept: "Did anyone ever complete a deep analysis of our personal armor sets..? Maybe they work in a similar fashion, and they're much more expendable…"
(13:13:08) Minaplo: ["We tried, but they had a habit of vanishing."]
(13:20:07) Sept: "Ah. Maybe I'll- try that again, th-then. If they have features specifically against tampering, that means they're self-sufficient to an extent..? AT field?"
(13:26:12) Minaplo: ["They're not actually physical objects." Said Armin. "Think of them as… Ethereal parts of your body twisted into a specific shape."]
(13:27:35) Sept: "Reliant on the continued existence of our bodies?"
(13:41:07) Minaplo: ["Yeah."]
(13:52:58) Sept: "The space they came from was disconnected, much like with Lance forging. Armin, d'you think it'd be too invasive to try normally?"
(13:57:21) Minaplo: ["Try what normally?" Asked Armin.]
(14:00:14) Sept: "Mm. Assist in creating or forcibly creating a soulbound artifact for someone else. Or some-thing- else."
(14:06:43) Minaplo: ["Well. That sounds like a question you should put to Ezekiel first."]
(14:09:04) * Sept nodded. "And look into AT theory on the way. Yeah."
(14:09:28) Minaplo: ["Mind you, he might not actually tell you anything."]
(14:12:00) Sept: "Why n- oh, yeah. Grumpy. At least we got him to cooperate so far."
(14:13:01) Minaplo: ["He's got his code." Said Armin. "And he keeps to it pretty strictly."-
(14:13:27) Minaplo: ["Yes." Said Sarasvati. "I've observed that when I queried him over the one promised technology he intended to give us."]
(14:15:22) Sept: "The- what?"
(14:17:09) Minaplo: ["Ezekiel informed Chancellor Zhang that he could create for her a single article of technology known to him in order to aid her in her struggle, within reason."]
(14:20:50) Sept: "Oh. Oh! Did she make a decision?"
(14:22:06) Minaplo: ["She wanted to discuss it with her advisors first." Said Sarasvati.]
(14:37:28) * Sept nodded twice. "That could be a great help… So it's between adjusting regeneration prints, soulbound armor or copious amounts of superglue."
(14:40:43) Minaplo: ["Chancellor Zhang's own suggestion was for a type of small gem that could be fused non-invasively into the body." Said Sarasvati. "On death, the soul would be transferred into the gem, which could then be retrieved safely. The gem can be mass-produced in countless numbers, so the idea is appealing as a method to combat the Eternity Drive."]
(14:45:56) Sept: "Wouldn't we need huge cloning facilities to support that?"
(14:46:16) Minaplo: ["No, the gems are very small."]
(14:48:52) Sept: "But the g-gem itself would only store the soul. If we have nothing to put the soul in, is there a use?" By now, Sera was visibly shivering.
(14:49:09) Minaplo: [Sarasvati and Armin glanced at each other.-
(14:49:34) Minaplo: ["Yes." Said Sarasvati slowly. "It keeps the soul from automatically flowing into the Eternity Drive. That's the purpose."]
(14:52:17) Sept: "I see that, but- well, no. I think I always expect things to end too quickly. If we're to keep fighting, it's useful. Sure."
(14:52:47) Minaplo: ["Well we're not going to stop fighting, are we?" Said Armin sagely.]
(14:53:14) Sept: "Well, we -could-," Sera insisted sagely.
(14:55:03) Minaplo: ["Sure, but you could also deliberately starve yourself to death. It is literally a choice you have, but it's not one most people are going to make." Said Armin.]
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(15:01:09) * Sept grumbled over half of Armin's line. "But. Do you have any documentation on what we discussed that I c-could have, for finer details?"
(15:01:57) Minaplo: ["To clarify, your ultimate point here was whether it is possible to forge a suit of metaphysical armour for an Evangelion unit?" Asked Sarasvati.]
(15:06:30) Sept: "Yeah. For us, at least. Even if it isn't, I want to try."
(15:12:31) Minaplo: ["I have documentation."]
(15:17:23) Sept: "I'd appreciate it if I could have copies, then."
(15:17:46) Minaplo: ["Do you have a datapad?"]
(15:19:19) * Sept shook his head. "Not s-standard issue here."
(15:20:43) Minaplo: ["I can give one to you." Said Sarasvati, standing up.-
(15:20:59) Minaplo: ["You're still cold. I would be a poor host if I didn't make sure you were properly comfortable."]
(15:24:28) * Sept got up from his chair, carefully. "Well," he said hesitantly. "It's fine. We can pick this up again once I've exhausted this avenue."
(15:25:47) Minaplo: [She nodded, and led him back out into Engineering.]
(15:29:53) * Sept gasped in relief and pain as the warm air made his fingers sting. He coughed to perfectly cover up his reaction and followed.
(15:34:18) Minaplo: [Sarasvati entered a nearby storage room and emerged a few minutes later, a datapad held in her hand. The pointer finger on her right hand was aligned along one of the data ports, and Sera could barely see the small connector between them.-
(15:34:29) Minaplo: [She finished in a few seconds and held the pad out to Sera with a smile.]
(15:39:34) * Sept smiled back and accepted the data pad. "Thank you. You've been very helpful. I hope I can, too, but history says otherwise," he shrugged.
(15:39:49) Minaplo: [Sarasvati held her arms out for a hug.]
(15:41:55) * Sept looked confused. "We didn't- oh. Oh." -That- kind of hug. He took a step towards her and accepted it as firmly as he could while still holding the pad in his right hand.
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(15:48:05) Minaplo: [And so Sarasvati hugged him. It was a firm, warm, secure embrace. It went on for a few seconds before she released him, beaming.]
(15:54:23) Sept: "Thank you, again."
(15:55:25) Minaplo: ["Is there anything else you need?"]
(16:01:41) Sept: "I don't think so. I'll find someone here again if I need something."
(16:03:13) Minaplo: [She nodded. "Goodbye, Sera de Pteres. Have a good day."]
(16:05:28) Sept: "Au revoir." He turned to leave, avoiding eye contact with Armin. He was sure he could feel his smug, shipping expression right by him.
(16:11:43) Minaplo: [Armin's expression was serene as he stepped in for his own hug. Unlike that perpetual damp rag Sera, Armin was plenty enthusiastic: he wrapped his arms around Sarasvati, squeezed, then with a laugh, picked her up and swung her around wildly. Sarasvati squealed with laughter, a loud and happy sound that pretty much attracted every eye in the room.-
(16:11:54) Minaplo: ["De Pteres!" Shouted Surov. "What are you doing?"]
(16:17:24) * Sept spun on his heels to face him and took another step backwards the way he'd been going. "I'm doing alright, Barzilai, how are you?" he shouted back, not sounding nearly as light-hearted as the words.
(16:18:10) Minaplo: ["Get here!" Said Surov, one of his mechadendrites gesturing forcefully at the ground. "Ansgar, put her down!"-
(16:25:04) Minaplo: [Armin dutifully put Sarasvati back onto the ground, taking a step back and holding his hands up innocently. "Forgive me, sir."-
(16:26:50) Minaplo: [Sarasvati took a moment to collect herself, her raucous laughter replaced by lighter chuckles into a closed fist before they disappeared completely. "Fun! I didn't know you were going to do that…"-
(16:27:53) Minaplo: [Surov fixed Sera and Armin both with steely glares.]
(16:30:32) Sept: "-What-?" Sera lowered the data pad down to his side, leaving his skeletal hand free for gesturing. "I don't -agree- with his actions, but I'll stand by them regardless."
(16:32:29) Minaplo: ["What are you doing in Main Engineering, de Pteres?"]
(16:35:36) Sept: "Gathering data. Making myself useful."
(16:35:49) Minaplo: ["Oh, then are you looking for work?"]
(16:39:22) Sept: "I -have- a designated post. You've got openings?"
(16:39:45) Minaplo: ["We do."]
(16:40:09) Sept: "…you're being serious?"
(16:41:11) Minaplo: ["We always have openings! We're in an emergency situation on Mars!"]
(16:42:49) * Sept dropped his hostile posture, looking confused again. "Then, what is it you need help with?"
(16:43:42) Minaplo: ["Lots of things. Why don't I assign a job to you? Military equipment is being repaired in Workshop 11."]
(16:48:26) Sept: "If you just need the muscle, I can part with Armin."
(16:48:45) Minaplo: [Speaking of which-
(16:49:30) Minaplo: ["I'm sorry my father scolded you." Said Sarasvati gently. "Let me speak to him later about it."-
(16:50:50) Minaplo: ["It's fine." Said Armin, taking one of Sarasvati's hands into both of his own. He raised her hand and lightly kissed her knuckles, his eyes sparkling. "All the scoldings in the world couldn't diminish what I won by hearing your laughter."-
(16:51:22) Minaplo: [Sarasvati stared at him for a second, then let out yet another loud outburst of overwhelming laughter. Armin grinned in response.-
(16:51:47) Minaplo: ["Nnnnnno." Said Surov silkily, looking back at Sera. "He won't be needed. Workshop 11, it's right over there. You should take a toolkit."]
(16:57:35) Sept: "Alright? I have nothing else assigned for today, so I'm all yours," he laughed to himself, half sincere, half contemptuous.
(16:58:46) Minaplo: [Surov promptly turned on his heel, leaving Sera staring at a mass of mechadendrites, one of which seemed to almost hiss at him. Surov was fully sincere and fully contemptuous.]
(17:00:55) Sept: "Armin! You're free for today. I'm checking out this lions' den."
(17:02:19) Minaplo: ["Bye, Sera!" Said Armin over his shoulder. Sarasvati was still helplessly laughing.]
(17:06:25) Sept: Even if this trip would be a complete waste of his time, at least those two'd be having fun. That was an easy justification for Sera to make.
(17:08:42) Minaplo: [The toolkits were fairly easy to find, as well. Now all that was left was to enter Workshop 11.]
(17:09:59) Sept: And Surov's "right over there" wasn't that simple to follow, what with mechadendrites pointing in literally every direction at any given time. Surely they'd be at least sequentially numbered, though?
(17:12:58) Minaplo: [Evens on one side, odds on the other. Workshop 11 was not -too- hard to find at any rate.]
(17:16:05) Sept: Bravely going, then, Sera opened the door to the workshop after that little odyssey.
(17:18:58) Minaplo: [The large blast doors slid open, revealing a mechanical workshop. Large machines worked busily, creating some items, melting or recycling others…-
(17:22:22) Minaplo: [The room was bustling, but not with technicians. The first thing Sera would see and hear was an Iron Guard, tall and imposing, clad in soot-black armour marked with a silvery cog emblem on his shoulder pads. A servo-arm and small school of mechadendrites swarmed around him. He was standing over a table, on which a dismantled suit of Stormtrooper power armour lay. A small pile of twisted,
(17:22:23) Minaplo: bent and broken wrenches sat on the ground to the Guard's left. The Tech Guard was holding in his huge hands one of the gauntlet frames of the Stormtrooper armour. As he held it up, the mechadendrites went into action, swarming over the piece, dismantling parts of it and replacing others.-
(17:22:27) Minaplo: ["I AM REPAIRING THE ARMOUR!"]
(17:25:40) * Sept stepped in, taking the visual and aural cacophony in. "D'you need… help, here?"
(17:30:25) Minaplo: ["YES! YOU! YOU ARE NOW HELPING! COME INSIDE!"]
(17:38:51) Sept: So it was essentially just another Armin. He could work with this.-
(17:39:22) * Sept closed the blast doors and headed inwards. "What do you need?" he asked, willing himself not to raise his voice.
(17:39:46) Minaplo: ["WIELD MY WRENCHES!"-
(17:40:03) Minaplo: [… It was going to be an experience, alright.]

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