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(15:06:04) Sept: Everything had returned largely to normal on the Dorian Lachapelle. This included Sera's outfit - he was now back in one of the standard-issue uniforms they handed out to everyone. Taking the stairs down one step at a time with his arms slightly spread, Sera made his way to Deck B. Sections… there, 01.-
(15:06:36) Sept: A futile effort to straighten his already tidy uniform, and he pushed the button by the door.
(15:09:28) Yanmei: There was a rather long pause. Then the little light beneath the buzzer went green, and he was allowed entry.
(15:12:36) Sept: Once the door opened, Sera instinctively knocked on the door frame as he entered. "Hey..?"
(15:17:42) Yanmei: Yanmei was there with her back to the door, shrugging into a uniform jacket. Her roommates had apparently cleared out, leaving nothing behind but rumpled piles of blankets atop plain mattresses and scattered bits of personal belongings here and there. -
(15:19:18) Yanmei: After a moment she turned and faced Sera, hands on her hips, a frown on her face. "Well well well."
(15:20:35) Sept: "Your dorm really isn't any nicer, huh."-
(15:21:31) * Sept smiled with a bit of a laugh. "Don't start with that. I'm sorry about the thing."
(15:27:14) Yanmei: "The 'getting escorted out of my wedding reception' thing," she emphasized angrily. "Asuka and Alex told me everything. Just what the hell, Sera?"
(15:35:05) * Sept closed his eyes for a moment and took a breath, starting over in a more serious tone. "I had a good night, sat down with the Neo party. Conversation drifted into politics before she snapped. I could've changed the subject then."-
(15:36:40) Sept: "Eve was already on edge because of Aline. She blames me for it, which is fine and valid and good. But this isn't… on me," he finished making his case.
(15:45:40) Yanmei: "I'm not thrilled with her either. Security ended up taking her away for a word too?" She folded her arms. "What's this politics stuff, though? Alex said you were talking about Mary Caine when she lost it."
(15:49:17) Sept: "Mnh. I argued we shouldn't execute her on sight, in the utopian world where we have an alternative."
(15:53:32) Yanmei: "That woman is responsible for countless deaths and for holding the souls of millions of people hostage. Why wouldn't people want to execute her on sight?"
(16:00:15) Sept: "Guess we're having this discussion now," he said. "Leaving all possible personal feelings about this aside, yeah? I -think- we don't want to execute her because she made it this far for a reason. She isn't just executing Jeremiah's will blindly. -People- want to execute her because they don't know why she's doing it."
(16:07:53) Yanmei: "But you know better. That's the implication here, right?" Yanmei sighed. "People want to execute her because her actions have been so awful that her motivations have stopped mattering to them. Not that she's been broadcasting them to begin with…"
(16:15:27) * Sept rubbed his other arm with one hand. "I know it's unlikely, -yes-, but. We can't be bloodthirsty conquerors this time. I don't just want you to note I formally object."-
(16:15:55) Sept: "It sounds terrible beyond anything, but what I mean is it's not personal."
(16:31:19) Yanmei: "What does she want?" She was glaring at him. "Her, personally. Not Jeremiah. Why is attacking and subduing us key to getting it?"
(16:34:32) Sept: "I'd be forced to give up, for one."
(16:39:25) Yanmei: "So she either wants her own version of instrumentality that's independent from anyone else's or she wants to prevent it altogether. What's her vision? Did she come right out and tell you?"
(16:44:24) Sept: "She told me. It's still Mary, and making me believe I'd be stopping bloodshed by surrendering is beyond easy, but. She said she didn't give a shit about Instrumentality, that she rather wanted humanity to ascend from the ashes of Angels, essentially."
(16:47:13) Yanmei: "…I don't follow?"
(16:56:19) * Sept crossed his arms and carefully stepped over one of the mattresses, inspecting the odds and ends strewn about. "It's not that different from Elisha's plan, just… I'm having Archivist help me with filling out details. We can sacrifice Adam to- empower the Evangelions, and being in control over them, we'd achieve sufficient power. Power to overthrow Lilith, and so on."
(17:00:11) Yanmei: The mattress he had selected had several magical girl manga volumes stacked next to it, as well as a few combs, brushes and an extra shirt hastily left behind on the mattress itself. -
(17:04:26) Yanmei: "That's… not ideal, though? Not compared to the idea of sending Adam off someplace else to produce a strong species."
(17:07:22) * Sept bent down and picked up the topmost manga book, turning it over in his hands. Had Go been here..?-
(17:09:07) Sept: "D'accord. Too anthrop- humanity-centric, whatever. We're in the right, don't worry."
(17:11:38) * Yanmei exhaled loudly and sat down on the edge of her own mattress. "Geez. If you had told me this stuff before, I wouldn't have wasted so much time on that asshole von Brandt? Also if you want to borrow that, you'll have to ask Rei first."
(17:12:33) Sept: "Are they -all- into this stuff?"
(17:15:22) * Yanmei considered that and shrugged. "Dunno? It seems like it's been getting more popular among everyone on board. Even on the Bridge…"
(17:17:06) * Sept glanced up at Yanmei, setting the book back down. "Got you to stop frowning, by the way."
(17:20:37) Yanmei: "Don't gloat about it? I'm still annoyed at both you and Eve."
(17:29:33) Sept: "You think I should've just brought up Aline at some point, somehow? A public apology, a service… It didn't seem like the right thing to do."
(17:32:59) Yanmei: "…" -
(17:38:17) Yanmei: Yanmei was frowning again now. "That stuff's not really your responsiblity? But, let me ask you a question."
(17:38:46) Sept: "Yeah?"
(17:43:32) Yanmei: "The things that happened to Blanc and the Dorian happened because we didn't anticipate Caine's attack on us right after we defeated Metatron. I think the only way you, personally, could be held responsible is if you knew it was coming and didn't tell anyone. And you didn't, right?"
(17:49:08) * Sept sighed. "I hoped she'd have the decency not to -do- it."
(17:50:07) Yanmei: "Wh-" Yanmei stared blankly. "What?"
(17:55:58) Sept: "I -wasn't sure-. If I'd convinced you, what would've happened?"
(18:03:37) Yanmei: "What do you think would've happened?! We would have put together a better plan to cover our ship and to protect our crew! We wouldn't have let Fatima abduct 00! We wouldn't have ended up stranded on Mars, listening helplessly to how badly the war effort's going for our allies!"
(18:06:29) Sept: "We-!" Sera stopped himself, closing one hand in a fist and recomposing himself. "Not one of those things was possible, Yanmei."
(18:09:59) Yanmei: "Explain yourself! Right now!"
(18:18:24) Sept: "No, -you- explain yourself. What are the resources, the eyes and hands you would've rather had on the Dorian than on Metatron? How long would you have played chicken with Mary and delayed the operation? Maybe we should've overpowered the D-EVA..?"
(18:37:11) Yanmei: "We would not have delayed it, and the opportunities to protect ourselves were sprinkled during operation itself. The D-EVA, as you might recall, was not indestructable. It went down during the final battle? Right before it berserked? That, right there, was our opportunity to destroy or more efficiently disable it. We also missed our opportunity to escape by jaunt right after the Evas
(18:37:11) Yanmei: emerged from the singularity egg. You wouldn't have heard it, but people were cheering. Celebrating. Caine's attack took place when the battleship completely off guard with that. Finally, we would have taken extra precautions with admitting civilians to Asgard. The people who leaked its whereabouts to Caine were latecomers who could have been taken to another facility altogether. Zeruel
(18:37:12) Yanmei: could have also been on standby in a location closer to Asgard, or even better, covering the Dorian itself." -
(18:40:28) Yanmei: "There are lots of things we should have done - little strategies that wouldn't have taken much." She balled her hands in anger. "Our worst sin is that we trusted Caine and her forces -at all-."
(18:48:58) * Sept took his glasses off and rubbed the bridge of his nose, looking like he was admitting defeat. "Then, I hesitated. I can blame her for it, and everyone who let her get her hands on me in the first place. We can go around and around."
(18:55:52) Yanmei: "Don't hold back any more information on her. Please…"
(19:04:45) * Sept sighed. "That's everything I learned back then. Of -course- she wouldn't have told me anything out of pure hubris. You know that."
(19:10:34) * Yanmei studied him for a moment. "You're absolutely sure?"
(19:16:05) Sept: "William, Eternity Drive and plans, the Damocles, yeah. Then she let me go as I pleased. And she went to such lengths to involve me in all of it, and stop us from getting anything out of William. It doesn't -end- here."
(19:24:04) Yanmei: Yanmei's eyes narrowed. "No, it probably doesn't. I'm going to investigate further. And this -" she waved her arm about in Sera's general direction, "this mistake you made in not telling us about her before? Yeah, -this- isn't going to be neatly forgotten about after this conversation either. You're going to do something. Not for me, but for the refugees and the other people who were hurt
(19:24:04) Yanmei: by that mistake."
(19:29:49) * Sept raised a hand in front of him in a disarming gesture, but the edge in his tone had returned. "You can't be serious."
(19:37:07) * Yanmei looked him dead in the eye. "I'm very serious."
(19:43:42) Sept: "I wouldn't still be here if I wasn't ready to do anything. But if I need to work around the periphery of your Federation…"
(19:50:13) Yanmei: "This isn't an order from the Chancellor of the Federation! In fact, if it -was- left to the Federation, you'd probably be getting processed by our judicial system right now."
(19:51:35) Sept: "Right, right. What is it?"
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(19:55:48) Yanmei: "We'll talk again after the battle at the Geofront. I still need to hash out the details with other people. I'll lay out the details for you then."
(20:01:17) Sept: "…that's fine." A glance around the room again, trying to find the way back from the tension. "Is that it for now?"
(20:02:38) Yanmei: "…yeah. Yeah, I think so."
(20:04:45) Sept: "In that case, I'd like to ask you a favor."
(20:05:34) Yanmei: "Yeah?"
(20:05:47) Sept: "Blue was very proud of your dress. Can I see it?"
(20:06:48) * Yanmei blinked. -
(20:11:37) Yanmei: After a moment she got up and walked over to a door, opening it. It was a closet with luggage stacked inside. She pulled something out from amongst the suitcases, and with a little difficulty, walked it back over to the mattress where Sera sat. It was a very long white box, and when she flipped the cover off the coveted dress was resting neatly inside.
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(20:15:27) Sept: "The fruit of all his shifty little detours." He sat down by it to run his hand along the edge of the fabric, try it between his fingers. "Well. It's a damn piece of work."
(20:19:41) Yanmei: "I know, right? And talk about a surprise. I was getting ready, and suddenly there it was on the doorstep?"
(20:21:38) * Sept nodded, replaced the cover for the box and got back up. "You can always count on him for something stupid like that. But thanks, anyway. And…"-
(20:22:36) Sept: "We're making progress. Even if we're lost without her right now, we can find a way. You'll know I've given up when the world finally ends. Right? That's what we need the Federation for."
(20:26:35) Yanmei: "Yeah." Yanmei stared down at the box cover, not quite frowning, but certainly sobered. Her expression was difficult to read. "Thanks for that. It helps to hear it out loud every now and then?"
(20:29:23) Sept: "It helps to -say- it out loud. I'll get back to you about the atonement thing."
(20:32:22) Yanmei: "Good. Thanks. Enjoy your last day on Mars, ok?"
(20:34:15) Sept: "Hah. I had enough fun at your reception for a couple days. Probably gonna just be working. I'll see you around for the brief." And he headed for the door.

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