Koumei Livovich Zima

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Igor Esaulov

Full Name: Koumei Livovich Zima
Position: Chief of Marines
Gender: Non-binary (they/them pronouns)
Date of Birth/Age: 2019/28
Place of Residence: Novgorod, Russia, Earth/FSS Valletta

Physical Details
Hair Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Amber
Height: 6'0
Handedness: Right

Personal Notes

NNotes from Starfleet dossier
Koumei Livovich Zima, nicknamed "Wolfshark" by Marine company. Born, 2021 in Novgorod, Russia. Parents were ardent Federationist politicians; their name comes from an uncommon practice of merging syllables from Kourosh Rustami and Zhang Yanmei's given names (Kou/Mei). Joined the Starfleet Marines in 2038 as a private. In 2040, an incident developed caused from unstable mining practices in the Rhineland System, resulting in a fusion reactor overload. Zima rescued miners during the calamity, but lost their left eye; requested bionic replacement instead of bodyshaping, and was granted permission. Was inducted into the Marine Officer Training School on Arda in 2042, making them a 'Mustang', an enlisted soldier who rises to a commissioned rank. Served with high distinction since, was promoted to Lieutenant in 2046.

Psychological profile outlines a fierce loyalty to friends and comrades, and an ingrained sense of duty toward the Federation. Is considered to possess a warm nature and amiable way off-duty. Service in high-stress situations is admirable, but the immense drive to prioritise saving lives might pose a problem.

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