Character Creation

Starting Character

A starting character begins with 25 in all nine Characteristics. The breakdown of these is below:

Weapon Skill Determines your skill at hitting with melee weaponry, as well as parrying.
Ballistic Skill Determined your skill with ranged weaponry.
Strength Determines your physical strength, carrying capacity, and adds Strength Bonus to melee damage.
Toughness Determines your resilience, carrying capacity, and Toughness Bonus reduces damage.
Agility Determines your speed and grace, your initiative, and is used for many skills related to movement, carefulness and stealth.
Intelligence Determines your character's intellect and memory abilities, and is used for many skills related to knowledge and problem-solving.
Perception Determines your character's awareness and their sensory acuity, and is used for many skills related to extracting information from the environment.
Willpower Determines your character's ability to control their own actions and resist fear and compulsion.
Fellowship Determines your character's ability to interact with others, either as a leader or as an equal, and is used for many social skills.

From here, a Character then chooses a Background, Occupation and Role. This determines a character's starting skills, talents, equipment, abilities and also provides characteristic modifiers. After that, a character then generates their characteristics, purchases assets and drawbacks, then makes Experience purchases. After that,t hey work with the GM to generate their Quirk, which is a trait unique to them. Finally, they settle on a name, gender, nationality and religion.

Background, Calling and Role

Choosing your Background, Calling and Role is the most important and defining element of character generation, as it forms the meat of a character's skill set and determines how that character grows.

Note: If a Character gains the same Aptitude twice for any reason during this stage, they may replace the second Aptitude with any one of the nine Characteristic Aptitudes.
Note: If a Character gains the same skill twice for any reason during this stage, they gain an extra rank in that skill.
Note: If a Character gains the same talent twice for any reason during this stage, they gain an extra rank in that talent, if it is a talent with multiple ranks; otherwise, they exchange it in for 200 XP.


Background Characteristic Modifiers: Two of the following: +5 Agility, +5 Perception, +5 Strength
Fate Points: 2
Starting Wounds: 9+TB
Background Aptitudes: Agility or Perception or Strength
Background Skills: Athletics or Commerce or Survival, Navigate (Any One), Linguist (Any two), Literacy
Background Talents: Heightened Senses or Unremarkable
Background Traits: Peer (Itinerant 1)
Unique Background Assets
Name Subname Effect
Familiarity - Choose one environment (eg. Ocean, desert, forest, ice etc). In this environment you take a +20 to Survival tests and reduce the DTV of Difficult Terrain by 2.

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Calling Aptitudes: Knowledge or Tech
Calling Skills: Commerce or Medical, Logic, Lore (Pick two)
Calling Talents: Brilliance or Scholar
Calling Traits: Peer (Academia, 1)
Unique Calling Assets
Name Subname Effect
Learned - On Character Creation, select one of the following assets below.
- Doctorate You gain any three Lores. Finally, select one of these lores to be your Thesis Lore; you reduce overall penalties to skill tests with this skill by -20.
- Educator Once per Campaign Turn, you may select either yourself or an ally. If your chosen individual chooses to study a Skill as part of their Personal Actions this turn, then they gain +2 Successes.

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"'Yes, but it may be pushed to excess. When it comes to beating the subjects in the dissecting-rooms with a stick, it is certainly taking rather a bizarre shape.'

'Beating the subjects!'

'Yes, to verify how far bruises may be produced after death. I saw him at it with my own eyes.'

'And yet you say he is not a medical student?'

'No. Heaven knows what the objects of his studies are. But here we are, and you must form your own impressions about him.' As he spoke, we turned down a narrow lane and passed through a small side-door which opened into a wing of the great hospital. It was familiar ground to me, and I needed no guiding as we ascended the bleak stone staircase and made our way down the long corridor with its vista of whitewashed wall and dun-coloured doors. Near the farther end a low arched passage branched away from it and led to the chemical laboratory.

This was a lofty chamber, lined and littered with countless bottles. Broad, low tables were scattered about, which bristled with retorts, test-tubes, and little Bunsen lamps with their blue flickering flames. There was only one student in the room, who was bending over a distant table absorbed in his work. At the sound of our steps he glanced round and sprang to his feet with a cry of pleasure. 'I've found it! I've found it,' he shouted to my companion, running towards us with a test-tube in his hand. 'I have found a re-agent which is precipitated by haemoglobin, and by nothing else.' Had he discovered a gold mine, greater delight could not have shone upon his features.

'Dr Watson, Mr Sherlock Holmes,' said Stamford, introducing us."
- A Study in Scarlet by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Class Characteristic Gains: One of the following: +5 Ballistic Skill, +5 Perception
Class Wound Bonus: +2 Wounds
Class Aptitudes: Five of the following: Ballistic Skill, Perception, Fieldcraft, Offense, Knowledge, Social
Class Skills: Awareness, Scrutiny, Stealth or Survival
Class Talents: Heightened Senses, Ranged Training
Class Traits: -
Unique Class Assets
Name Subname Effect
Usual Suspects - You gain 'Usual Suspect' levels against individuals you meet, in certain conditions. The first level just requires a successful Scrutiny test against them, but every level after that requires knowing more and varied information about them. Each level you possess grants a +5 bonus to Perception and Perception-based skill tests against them.
- Level 4+ At the start of each Campaign Turn, you may choose three individuals with Usual Suspect levels of 4 or higher. Twice per campaign turn per individual, you can make a Scrutiny test with a -20 penalty (you add Suspects bonus to this). On a success, you gain some limited information about what they might plausibly be doing at the moment.
- Level 7+ Once per Campaign Turn, so long as no one is aware of your current location and has not been for at least an hour, you can spend a Fate Point to appear within 100m of anyone with a Usual Suspects level of 7 or higher.

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