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Special Qualities

Name Subname Effect
Melee Craftsmanship Qualities
1. Poor WS Tests with this weapon take a -10 penalty. Unless it is immune, it is instantly destroyed by Power Field weapons.
2. Average Per normal. Don't bother noting this on the weapon entry.
3. Good WS Tests with this weapon take a +5 bonus.
4. Best WS Tests with this weapon take a +10 bonus and improves its Handling.
Ranged Craftsmanship Qualities
1. Poor Weapon gains the Unreliable or Overheats quality (if Energy); if it already has one of these qualities, then it instead jams or overheats on any failed attack test.
2. Average Per normal. Don't bother noting this on the weapon entry.
3. Good Weapon gains the Reliable quality; if it has the Unreliable quality, it instead loses it.
4. Best BS tests with this weapon take a +10 bonus. Weapon gains the Reliable quality; if it has the Unreliable quality, it instead loses it.
Design Qualities
Compact Compact ranged weapons are are treated as Pistols instead of Basic weapons for all intents and purposes. Compact melee weapons can be used in a grapple. Compact Weapons may be Readied as a Free Action, so long as you're drawing it and not storing it. Compact melee weapons may not parry two-handed melee weapons. Attempts to detect a compact weapon take a -20 penalty.
Concealed Concealed weapons are either designed to be hidden or easy to hide based on their size. Attempts to detect the weapon take a -20 penalty.
Bayonet Bayonets can be affixed to the end of a Basic non-Manual ranged weapon as a half action. You can now make melee attacks with the bayonet whilst wielding the gun, and furthermore it gains the Redoubtable quality.
Glove Gloves are worn over a hand, and modify that hand's Unarmed Attack instead of having its own statline.
Power Power Weapons gain a +20 bonus to confirm Righteous Fury. One-handed Power weapons, when wielded two-handed, may reroll all damage die one extra time, taking the highest total result (not the result of each die).
Light Blade Light Blades may always be readied as a Free Action, and you may use your AB in place of SB when attacking with them.
Shield X This weapon is a shield. It adds X AP to the equipped arm as well as to your body. Furthermore, when you use the Guard Mode action, penalties to hit you increase by 10.
Smoke Creates a dense cloud of smoke in all hit spots. Lasts for 1d5 rounds.
Unarmed Attacks made with this weapon against enemies possessing weapons without this quality take a -20 to hit, and cannot parry attacks made by said weapons. However, if this weapon hits and deals damage after soak equal or greater to the target's TB, the target gains a level of fatigue. Unarmed attacks use either SB or AB depending on the user's discretion.
Attack Pattern Qualities
Blast X Blast weapons explode on impact, dealing an attack to all targets within a radius of X Metres. When you fail your BS test with a Blast Weapon, they scatter.
Line This Weapon fires in a straight line, hitting everything between the user and the end range of the attack. If the attack is blocked or negated in some way it is terminated.
Scatter When fired at Point Blank Range, this weapon scores an extra hit for every two Degrees of Success, and inflicts +2 damage. However, when fired at ranges longer than Short, it takes a -10 penalty to hit and deals -2 damage.
Spray You attack everything within a 30 degree cone, up to the range listed on your weapon profile. Everything takes a single automatic hit (when applied to multi-hit attacks like a Burst, roll as normal, but the targets still take at least one hit). On single-hit Spray weapons, the weapon jams on a damage roll of 9.
Positive Qualities
Accurate When aimed, the weapon grants an extra +10 to hit. Basic weapons also deal an extra 1d10 damage and gain the Proven (PB) Quality if it hits with +2 degrees or more.
Balanced Parry tests, or attempts to Feint or resist Feint, made with this weapon take a +10 bonus. Handling modifiers improve this into Poised and degrade this into normal (no effect).
Bane X When this weapon strikes a creature belonging to the listed category, it gains the Felling (4) Quality and ignores half its Natural Armour trait value or ignores 3 AP of it, whichever reduces the soak by more.
Poised Parry tests, or attempts to Feint or resist Feint, made with this weapon take a +10 bonus. Attempts to parry this weapon take a -20 penalty. Handling modifiers cannot improve this quality, and degrade it into Balanced.
Brutal When this weapon deals Critical Damage, (not including Righteous Fury) it deals +2 damage.
Cleaving If a Cleaving weapon scores 2 degrees of success on a hit dealing critical damage, the wielder can make an immediate Standard Attack against anyone within range. This attack also possesses the Cleaving quality. If an attack dealt by a Cleaving weapon completely tears off a limb, the weapon can strike again regardless of Degrees of Success.
Concussive Targets who take damage from this weapon equal to their TB (after soak) must test Toughness, with a -5 penalty per degree of success on the hit. On a failure, they lose an unspent reaction and are knocked prone.
Cracking X Targets struck by this attack reduce AP on the struck location by X. Cracking effect stack, but only up to a max equal to half the location's total AP (rounded up). This persists until the armour is repaired or, if the armour is part of the target's body, until they benefit from healing.
Crippling Non-Machine Independent Characters that suffer damage from this weapon must test Toughness or gain the Crippling Quality. This Quality only triggers once against a specific target per turn.
Defensive Parry tests made with this weapon take a +15 bonus, but attack tests with it take a -10 penalty.
Devastating X This weapon deals X extra hits when attacking Swarms.
Disabling Attacks by this weapon can be set to a non-lethal setting. Instead, every time they inflict critical damage, they cause one level of fatigue and stun the enemy for a number of rounds equal to the amount of critical damage dealt.
Felling X This weapon treats the target's Unnatural Toughness TB as being X lower for the purposes of soaking the attack.
Flame Targets of a Flame Attack must test Agility when hit or be set on fire.
Flexible Enemies cannot parry attacks made with this quality.
Precise Precise Weapons add a +10 bonus to hit after an aim action.
Proven(X) X Proven always comes with a number in parentheses. Any damage die rolled cannot roll lower than this number and default to it instead.
Rapid Fire The weapon can be fired on semi or full auto as a Half Action.
Reliable Reliable Weapons only jam on attack rolls of 100. Reliable spray weapons never jam.
Redoubtable Enemies gain no to-hit bonuses for charging someone who bears a weapon with the Redoubtable quality. Redoubtable weapon wielders gain a +10 bonus to hit against a target who charged them until the end of their next action.
Savage This weapon rerolls all damage die twice and takes the highest total result (not the result of each die).
Slayer Attacks with this quality automatically confirm Righteous Fury.
Snapshot This weapon may be half-aimed as a Reaction.
Snare X On a hit, the enemy must test Agility with a penalty equal to the number in parentheses. On a failure, they are Immobilised until they succeed on a Strength or Acrobatics test on their own round as a Half Action. Only applies once to an enemy per round, even with multiple attacks.
Storm Attacks made with this weapon deal double the normal amount of hits. So for example, a Scatter attack would deal two extra hits per two Degrees of Success, whilst a Full Auto Attack would deal two extra hits per Degree of Success. The total number of hits may not (for Burst) exceed your normal Burst limits.
Tearing This weapon rerolls all damage die once and takes the highest total result (not the result of each die).
Toxic X If a Toxic weapon hits and deals damage to a target after TB and AP, the target must test Toughness, with a penalty equal to X. On a failure, the target takes 1d10 additional damage of the same type as the attack.
Unbreakable This weapon is considered unbreakable by any mundane method.
Unstoppable If an Unstoppable weapon's Penetration is greater than the AP of the enemy they hit, they ignore 1 point of their target's TB, +1 for every two points of Pen higher than AP (to a max of 4)
Vengeful X This weapon reduces the Fury threshold by X. For example, if the weapon is a 1d10 weapon with Vengeful (-1), then the weapon furies on a roll of 9 or 10; if it's a 1d5 weapon with Vengeful (-2), then it furies on a roll of 3, 4 or 5.
Negative Qualities
Awkward X So long as you are wielding this weapon, you take X penalty to Agility tests.
Brittle Whenever the wielder fails an attack test with this weapon with DoF equal or higher than their attack characteristic bonus, the weapon breaks.
Inaccurate This weapon may never benefit from the Aim action.
Longshot This weapon takes a -10 penalty to hit targets which are closer than Close Range (30m). Attacks aimed at targets within Point Blank Range take a -30 penalty instead.
Overheats This weapon overheats on an attack roll of 91 or higher. The wielder suffers a single hit equal to the weapon's damage profile with a Penetration of 0 to the wielding arm, which can be avoided if the wielder drops the weapon as a Free. The weapon must spend a round cooling down and cannot be fired again until the round after. Weapons that overheat do not jam, and any mechanism that would cause it to jam cause it to overheat instead.
Primitive This weapon does not halve armour with the 'Primitive' Quality's AP.
Unreliable This weapon jams on a roll of 91-100.
Stationary This heavy weapon requires a Full Action to brace instead of a half, and must be 'un-braced' as a Full Action before it can be moved again.
Unbalanced Parry tests, or attempts to Feint or resist Feint, made with this weapon take a -10 penalty. Lightning Attacks take a -20 penalty on top of the usual penalty. Handling modifiers improve this into normal (no effect) and degrade this into Unwieldy.
Unwieldy This weapon may not parry or make Lightning Attacks, and takes a -20 penalty to using or resisting Feint. Handling modifiers improve this into Unbalanced and cannot degrade the weapon.

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