Lena Meyer Molotov
Name: Lena Meyer-Molotov
Position: Student of Saint Louis
Sex: Female
Age: 17 (Born 2000)
Nationality: French-Russian
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Outer Suburbs

Physical Details
Hair colour: Red
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Build: Healthy

School Details
Class: 12-B
Average Grade: B
Best Subject: Drama (A-)
Worst Subject: Mathematics (C+)
Club(s): Drama Club, Art Club, Music Club

Personal Details
"You want to learn how to use the flute, de Pteres? Hm! Then I will show you, since Vivi asked me to do so. But let yourself be warned, de Pteres. I do not care how many monsters you stab to death in your giant death robot. When I teach you how to play the flute, I am the master and you are the apprentice and no death robot skills will change that -here-!"

Creative, cunning, highly focused and wonderfully expressive, Lena Meyer-Molotov is dedicated to one goal: Supremacy, especially when it comes to supremacy in acting, art and music. Friends are those who will help her on her path to supremacy- and be richly rewarded, of course, when she rules the artistic world!. And rivals are those who make life interesting by trying excel at her disciplines- and be crushed beneath her mighty, mighty treads!

Or, at least so she thinks. In reality, Lena is not quite as intense about the rivalries she develops as she likes to make out. Although a somewhat selfish and self-centred girl, she isn't so cruel as to 'crush' rivals beneath her treads. Rather, she often finds herself lending assistance or friendship to her 'rivals', who often rarely realise that they actually -are- her rivals. They more honestly see her as a friend, even though she'd enthusiastically rebuff such claims.

None can however deny that she does possess an impressive artistic talent, whether it be for music, acting or art.

Lena lives with her father, an ex-first Soviet Russian military officer who fled to France shortly after the fall of the USSR, where he married Lena's mother, who was a musician at the time. Unfortunately, the pair split up at some point in 2008, and rarely see each other; Lena visits her mother on every second weekend.

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