Leon Freeman
Name: Leon Freeman
Position: Diplomatic Evangelion-Military Attache to Paris-2 representing the United States
Sex: Male
Age: 46 (Born 1971)
Nationality: American
Place of Residence: US Embassy, Paris-2 (8e Arrondissement)

Physical Details
Hair colour: Black/w grey
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'11" (180.6cm)
Build: Solid

Personal Details
"The allocation of the Evangelions is a curious thing. Three in Paris-2, one in Berlin-2 and one in Tokyo-2. The United States was producing parts for 05 and 06, but where will they go? Please understand, I'm not trying to be greedy, but there are hundreds of millions of people in the US that are completely vulnerable right now."

Leon Freeman is an American diplomat, part of the US Embassy in Paris-2. His role is a very new one in the history of diplomacy; Mr. Freeman is the American Evangelion Attache, which simply put means that, should an issue be raised regarding France's Evangelions somehow involving America (or vice versa), Mr. Freeman is the 'official channel' through which questions are asked and information is passed.

An intelligent, capable individual, Mr. Freeman's priorities for now are rather simple: ensure that the United States gains Evangelions as soon as possible. Until that happens, the entirety of the US is open to attack from Angels (or perhaps, other Evangelions, although he doubts such an attack would occur).

Mr. Freeman approached Zhang Yanmei after the press conference in the wake of Gazardiel's attack, mostly due to her composure throughout the entire proceedings and her rather diplomatic tact.

Ch.   Rating  Bonus
WS:     25    2                
BS:     25    2        
S:      30    3                
T:      30    3        
Ag:     30    3                
Int:    35    3        
Per:    30    3                
WP:     30    3        
Fel:    35    3 

Wounds: 9

==Basic Skills==
Charm, Inquiry

==Advanced Skills==
Scholastic lore (US Government), Scholastic Lore (International politics), Speak Language (English), Literacy, Speak Language (French)

Peer (US Government), Foresight
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