Lillian Durand
Name: Lillian Durand
Position: Student of Saint Louis
Sex: Female
Age: 17 (Born 2000)
Nationality: French
Place of Residence: Paris-2 11e Arrondissement

Physical Details
Hair colour: Auburn
Eye colour: Brown
Height: 5'6"
Build: Slim

School Details
Class: 12-C
Average Grade: A-
Best Subject: French (A)
Worst Subject: Home Economics (B-)
Club(s): NERV Fan Club, Chess Club, Roleplaying Games Club (Club Leader), French Comics Club

Personal Details
"Well, look. You got hit by a ghoul. You got diseased and are now wasting away. If you -wanted- to resist disease you shouldn't have dumped constitution! … Don't look at me like that! You know I can't resist the puppy dog eyes…"

The perky, engaging Lillian Durand, aka the 'Adventure Queen', is a fairly well-known fixture in Saint Louis. The beloved leader of the school's geeky contingent, Lillian is an aspiring writer- a talent she uses in the roleplaying game sessions she runs. She is also, intriguingly enough, known for being an excellent mediator of disagreement due to her low opinion of the various petty disputes that can wrack a schoolyard. This is helped along by a reputation for being very fair, if stern, although those close to her know that she's far too soft to keep that stern facade up for too long.

Unfortunately, the path of writing can be a difficult path. Although fairly outgoing, Lillian is wracked with insecurity and doubt when it comes to anything she produces, and refuses to show almost anyone else out of a sense of shame and hate for the product. The perfectionist streak has been slowly growing out into her other areas- each setback she suffers becomes yet weightier than the others. Those people who she does allow to read her work recognise her talent… And also recognise the sign of faith and loyalty such an action is.

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