Lilly Norling
Name: Lilly Norling
Callsign: Honey Badger
Position: First Lieutenant and leader of Varangian Squad
Sex: Female
Age: 19 (Born 1998)
Nationality: Swedish
Place of Residence: Paris-2 Geofront

Physical Details
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Height: 5'7"
Build: Athletic

Personal Details
"This is Honey Badger, moving in for the kill! Timber Wolf, on my six!"
Lilly's theme

Lilly Norling has always wanted to be a soldier. The only child to a single father, from a young age Lilly was expected to help her father hunt, and it was a task in which she excelled. It gave her a sense of confidence, an active life style- and, of course, skill with firearms. Her father, understandably, did not think much of her ambitions. Nevertheless, when Lilly's great uncle- an instructor at the new Gustavus Military Academy- promised her a scholarship to the academy, her father acquiesced, even though it worried him.

Lilly was an excellent student, and her scores and aptitude caught the eye of greater powers- ones that believed she was, in fact, destined for something greater. She was assigned to the Varangian Project, a secret HIC project designed to build on the flaws and strengths of both the Solace and the T-RIDEN-T series. The result was the E-Destroyer-V, a smaller, faster model over the T-RIDEN-T, bearing more advanced weaponry and enhanced piloting capabilities. Lilly was chosen as the squad leader for First Squad.

Lilly is intelligent, but most people remember her most defining quality traits- her ferocity, confidence and tenacity. Lilly seems to be genuinely unable to back away from a challenge no matter what it is, instead charging into the fray- and the only way she's walking out is if she's victorious. It was these qualities and other that earned her the call-sign of 'Honey Badger'.

Strategic Data

Lilly pilots the EDV-1, a dark blue model. It is fast but nevertheless has certain defensive advantages over older models. The armour and body is durable and makes extensive use of ablatives.

Lilly's primary weapon is a unique bolter model called the Burst Bolter. Compared to a standard bolter its accuracy is poor- but it's capable of a higher rate of fire than that of a regular Bolter, allowing Lilly to remain mobile whilst shooting.

Her primary tactic is something called the 'War Dance'. The Burst Bolter is most effective at close range, but Lilly cannot allow herself to be bogged down in close combat. Instead she focuses on movement and taking pot shots until the enemy is in close range, at which point she opens with a full spread of shots whilst Matthias supports from afar.

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